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Becoming Abby Ch. 11

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Note from the Author:

As ever, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that has been reading along with Abby’s adventures. All of the comments, and private messages, are really encouraging. Please don’t hesitate to comment or send me a mail. I always try and respond to each of them.

Once again, I want to say thank you to Garth, for taking the time to pre-read and help with the editing of my writing.



Something running back and forth over my lips brought me back from my slumber. It was warm and soft, and leaving a slight wet trail on each pass. I didn’t open my eyes, but parted my lips slightly. The movement stopped, as if in thought for a moment, then slowly slid between my parted lips stretching my mouth open a little more.

I heard a slight whimper as my lips formed a perfect “O” around the intruding member. Delicate fingers slid into my hair and took a gentle grip as the member slid deeper. My nose touched skin just as the member touch the back of my throat. The fingers tightened in my hair as the member pulled back, then slowly thrust back in to the hilt.

There was no need to open my eyes. I already knew that the member in my mouth was Holly’s. I also knew that it was no strap-on this time. I did my best to keep my body limp, and not let Holly know I was actually awake.

I could feel her excitement as she quickened her pace. She was a good gurl, and didn’t smash my nose with her pelvis each time she thrust. She did pull my hair a little harder than I would have liked. There were whimpers and soft moans as Holly pushed herself closer and closer to the edge. She added a second hand to the top of my head, more to keep her balance than anything else. Then, with one last thrust, my mouth was flooded with her warm seed. There was no choice but to swallow, but even then, there was some that escaped and ran from the corners of my mouth.

Holly was shaking and moaning with her release. Her hands on my head felt like the only thing keeping her on her feet. As she slowly withdrew her softening member from my mouth, I felt this strange sense of emptiness. Almost as if I didn’t want her to pull away. My body wanted the cock filling my mouth. You would think that after what I went through earlier in the evening, I would have had enough cock in my mouth. Or maybe, just maybe, I had been driven to wanting even more.

Cracking my eyes open just enough to see without giving away that I was awake, I watched Holly pull her hips away, then move over to kneel beside me. Leaning in, she licked the cum from my cheek before kissing me softly on the lips.

“I know you are awake, you slut,” she whispered playfully.

I slowly shook my head. “Nope, I’m still sleeping. You assaulted a sleeping slut,” I said trying to hold back a giggle. “I hope there are cameras, so I can use the footage against you in court.”

“You just want footage of me pounding your slut mouth, so you can watch it over and over again,” Holly said, slapping my shoulder.

Opening my eyes, I looked over at her with a smile.

“I was sent to check on you,” she said. “Your mistress was worried that she had pushed you too far.”

My smile widened. “So, I guess that was your way of what? Taking my temperature? You had to use your ‘special’ thermometer on me?”

We both laughed at that.

Holly leaned in and softly kissed me again. “That was me taking a risk. What would Miss M say if she had caught me? Worse, what would Mistress Jo do to me?”

“I guess you want me to keep your secret,” I asked playfully.

“What secret,” Holly asked innocently. “There is no evidence that I did anything other than make sure you were still breathing.”

We were laughing and holding each other close when Mistress walked back into the room. Her robe was open in the front, showing off her beautiful large breasts, and that massive horse cock strapon that was still hanging between her legs.

“Well, I guess you are fine, since Holly didn’t come running back after I asked her to check on you,” Mistress said with a smile.

“Yes, Mistress, I am well,” I answered. “Tired, and a little sore in places I didn’t know I could get sore from sex.”

“Well, we did push you kinda hard tonight,” she said moving closer. “Where does it hurt?”

I put my hand to my throat. “Here mostly, Mistress,” I answered.

She was nodding slowly. “That is to be expected. You are not used to deep-throating, much less deep-throating something so large. We should have started you off smaller, I was just so excited… I’m sorry my pet, that we caused you pain in the wrong way.”

“Pain? What pain?” Jo asked from the doorway.

“Abby is sore in her throat,” Mistress said turning to look at Jo. “Too much stretching, too fast as well.”

“I’m afraid you are going to have to take the blame for that one, M,” Jo said walking over. “But, not to worry. Give her a couple of days, some nice soothing honey tea, and she will be right back to swallowing your horse cock in no time.”

Jo looked around the room slowly. “You know what? I never realized just how bad this room is for entertaining. There is no place but the floor to sit down.”

“Forgive me, Mistress,” Holly started looking at the floor. “But, you hardly ever bring anyone but me into this room.”

“Well, that’s true…” Jo answered still looking around. “Still, I think it is time I invest in a leather couch or two for in here.”

While I was taking in everything that was being said around me, my focus was not on the conversation. I was watching that beautiful horse cock sway back and forth between Mistress’s legs each time she moved. My body still felt that strange feeling of emptiness. It was craving to be filled again. Mistress must have noticed my distraction. She swayed her hips a little more, and my eyes followed the movement of her cock.

“Distracted much, my pet,” Mistress asked playfully watching me. “You are sitting there in pain, and yet I can see in your eyes you still want more.”

I couldn’t help my blush as I looked at the floor.

“Well, I want more as well,” Mistress said stepping closer. “But first, would you like to hear what the lawyer had to say?”

The excitement on my face brought a huge smile to Mistress’s lips. “Yes, Mistress, I would very much like to know what he had to say,” I answered.

“Good,” she said holding her hand out to me. “Let’s get you some water, then Jo and I will tell you all about it. You may not realize it, but you were sleeping for over four hours.”

Taking Mistress’s hand, I let her pull me to my feet. I was a little wobbly, but after a few moments I was able to stand on my own. Holly was helping Jo to take off her strap-on harness while I got my balance. Looking to Mistress, I offered her the same help. It was absolutely amazing just how damn heavy that fake horse cock really was. Mistress’s back must be killing her from carrying that thing around. Once the toys were put away, Mistress closed her robe again, and held out her hand with a smile. I smiled back, then gladly took the offered hand. I wasn’t sure I would have been able to walk by myself.

Jo led us to a lounge on the other side of the house. There was a massive fire roaring in the fireplace, and three massive couches positioned in a “U” shape around a low coffee table. The heat from the fire felt good against my cool skin.

“Sit,” Mistress instructed, pointing to a place on the couch.

I sat where she instructed, and as she moved to sit beside me, Holly arrived from a side room with a tray of drinks. There was wine for the two Mistresses and water for Holly and myself. Not realizing how thirsty I was, I drank nearly half the offered glass in one gulp. Not the wisest thing you can do with a sore throat.

“So, we presented your plan to Jo’s lawyer friend,” Mistress started, once I put my glass down. “Of course, as an officer of the court, he had to warn us that what we have planned might backfire.”

“Yes,” Jo continued. “Apparently, if we try and push a lawsuit against Jonathan, we could run into trouble with the federal government, who is already looking to try to find evidence against him.”

Mistress was nodding along. “Not to mention that our plan really is blackmail,” she added.

“However,” Jo said, holding up a finger. “My lawyer, knowing Jonathan as well as he does, thinks our plan has a very good chance of working. He has agreed to write up the contract in a way that states we know Johnathan stole from the company. We do not absolve him of that crime, but will not seek legal action against him so long as he gives up ownership of the company to another acting member.”

“Wait,” I said frowning. “Couldn’t that be seen as blackmail? It sounds like your contract is going to say, sign this, or go to jail.”

“That’s the beauty of it,” Mistress answered with a smile. “Because of the wording the lawyer is going to use, we are never actually making that offer. We are simply saying that the members of Valhalla will not directly seek legal action. There is nothing in the contract saying that we won’t say, aide a federal investigation into his embezzlement and tax evasion.”

I was almost bouncing as a new thought struck me. “The contract for the transfer of the club could be the damning piece of evidence,” I said.

“Wait, what?” Jo said, choking on her wine.

“Abby, how do you think that would work?” Mistress asked.

I looked from one to the other and settled on looking at Mistress. “If the lawyer writes the contract in the right way, for example, something along the lines of Valhalla and its members can prove that you stole three million dollars from the company. The signing this contract means that you, meaning Johnathan, and we, meaning Valhalla and its members, agree that this theft took place and no legal action will be taken by Valhalla or its members, so long as Johnathan agrees to the transfer of Valhalla to another member.”

“I said it once, and I will say it again. You devious little bitch!” Jo exclaimed. “You’re not only going to get him to give the club away, but to confess to stealing the money.”

I was smiling from ear to ear at the praise. Mistress rubbed the back of my hand as Jo jumped up.

“I have to go call the lawyer again and make sure he understands what we want,” Jo said, as she rushed from the room.

“You are one smart cookie, you know that right?” Mistress asked me with a smile.

“I just like to think things though, but thank you for the praise, Mistress,” I said, slipping to my knees. I looked up into the face of my beautiful, smiling Mistress. “Please, tell me how else I might serve you further tonight, Mistress.”

Slowly, she leaned back on the couch. Then, making sure that I was watching, she slowly opened her legs. The light robe she was wearing fell to the outsides of her thighs, and her beautiful moist folds glistened in the firelight. The look in her eyes was all the further instruction that I needed. Keeping my eyes locked on hers, I crawled forward between her legs and slowly leaned down. I watched her eyes until the fullness of her breasts broke our eye contact.

The sweet smell of her excitement filled my nose as I got closer to my prize. Mistress’s body was trembling under my fingers as my lips gently brushed over her mound. I was slow, and teasing, kissing my way lower. My nostrils brushed against her pelvis as I slid my tongue between her lips and flicked her clit. It was as if an electric shock shot through Mistress. Her body jumped at my slightest touch.

“Oh fuck! Abby!” Mistress cried out.

I smiled, and did it again, wrapping my arms under her legs at the same time. Mistress’s hips bucked against my face, trying to force my tongue deeper, but I had the leverage, and pulled back just enough to keep teasing her clit. Her hands found my head, and her fingers tightened in my hair as she tried to pull my head closer. I let her succeed, and my lips wrapped around her little pebble-hard nub. I sucked gently, then held on tight as Mistress’s body bucked wildly.

My whole front, from the neck down was suddenly soaked in Mistress’s juices. Her body still bucked, her hips arching harder up at my face. I sucked on her clit a little more and was rewarded with another shower of her juices. I was always amazed at how much my Mistress could cum. I slid my mouth down a little more and hungrily lapped at the fluid still leaking from those warm depths.

It was so sweet. I could never get enough of it. Each time I made her cum this hard, I would spend as long as I could cleaning up the gushing juices, or trying to bring forth more. As had happened many times before, Mistress would become too sensitive and make me stop before I had my fill. I sat back, licking my lips and smiling up at the look of bliss on Mistress’s face.

“Well, well,” Jo said as she came back into the room. “I’m gone less than five minutes, and Abby gets herself covered in cum. And worst of all, I didn’t get to watch!” She walked over and flopped down on the couch across from Mistress.

“I’m sorry Jo,” Mistress said, trying to compose herself. “My pet was there, and she is so skilled with her tongue, I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by.”

“It’s fine, M,” Jo said, dismissively. “I was actually trying to come up with another way to reward your pet for giving us yet another brilliant idea to use against that ass hole. But, we have worked her rather hard this evening, and if you wanted to call it a night, I will understand.”

Mistress chuckled softly. “I think she is good to go for a little while longer after her nap, though she might need a shower soon.”

“A shower you say?” Jo asked with a wicked grin on her face. “I might have an evil idea of my own for your pet, if you are willing to play along, M.”

“Oh? And what might that be,” Mistress asked.

“I have a collection of ‘larger’ toys for bath and shower time,” Jo answered. “I’m thinking about one of the twelve-inch ones with the suction cup stuck to the wall.”

“And what would you have my pet do with this twelve-inch toy stuck to the wall,” Mistress asked, while playfully stroking my hair.

“Why, she would ride it, of course,” Jo answered with a huge smile. “But, there are rules. Once the toy is inserted, she may not remove it until the end of the shower.”

“That doesn’t sound too difficult,” Mistress responded.

“You think that now,” Jo said. “But, once she starts trying to bend over and wash your legs, things might slip. Then, of course there is the problem most gurls like Abby and Holly have of keeping something that large inside themselves during climax.”

“During climax,” Mistress asked hesitantly.

“Well, yes,” Jo answered again. “This is supposed to be a reward for your pet. So my plan was, that each of us would take a turn being washed by your pet, and reward her in our own way by making her climax while impaled on a large cock. Again, that is if you agree, M.”

“Are you including Holly in your each of us?” Mistress asked, looking over at Holly with a smile.

“If you wouldn’t object,” Jo said. “Your pet is not the only one with a skilled tongue. But, you also have to agree that we are each allowed to use whatever method we choose to pleasure your pet.”

“I see,” Mistress responded and looked back down at me kneeling in front of her. “So long as both of you understand, I have relaxed my rules for tonight only, then, yes I agree.”

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Jo. “Holly, dear, you know the toy I am thinking of. Please fetch it, and take it to the master bath. We will join you shortly.”

“As you wish, Mistress,” Holly said with a knowing smile and a quick curtsy.

“Now what we have to decide, is who goes first,” Jo said, looking back to Mistress. “Abby is your pet, so I suggest that you are the first to shower.”

“Normally, I would agree, but since you have been such a wonderful host, and I am still quivering from my last climax, I would be happy to see you or Holly shower first,” Mistress answered.

“You know, M,” Jo said with a grin. “I took inspiration for my shower from yours. There is enough room for all of us at once.”

“An interesting thought,” Mistress replied with a laugh. “But, do you think Holly could keep her hands to herself if she had more than one naked body to deal with?”

“Hmm, you may be right there,” Jo said. “Fine, we will take turns. I will have Holly go first, that way she will be there to help dry you and I when we are finished with our turns.”

“Agreed,” Mistress answered.

“Now that that is settled, shall we head to the shower,” Jo asked, standing up.

Mistress stood, and held her hand out to me with a smile. Taking the offered hand, I slipped to my feet beside her. Jo turned, and headed across the room, and we followed right behind her. She took a different route than we had going to her playroom. It seemed the master bedroom and bath were on the complete opposite side of the house.

At the end of a hallway was set a double-wide french door, covered in intricate carvings. I would have loved to spend some time looking at those carvings, but Jo opened the one on the right, and ushered us into her lavish master bedroom. The floor was covered in extra-deep carpet. It felt almost as if you were walking across the softest fur.

The bed itself was a work of art. Massive in size, it was much bigger than a normal king-size bed. Six people or more could easily sleep in it and never have to touch each other. The bed frame was made of what looked like solid steel, shaped to mimic a four poster wooden bed frame. Massive steel I-beams made up the four corner posts, and reached all the way to the ceiling. They were connected under the bed by what looked to be heavy box steel tubing. Who ever had designed this bed, didn’t want it to come apart.

There was a large vanity table in one corner of the room, and one entire wall covered in mirrors. Jo walked past it all to another door, this one made of glass, that opened to the master bathroom. Holly was waiting beside an Italian-style shower, that was easily twice the size of the one Mistress and I have at home. There was white tiling with black accents, and all the fixtures looked to be made of copper.

“So, what do you think,” Jo asked, holding out her hand towards the shower.

“That is one massive shower,” Mistress answered. “You said you took inspiration from our shower, but this blows ours out of the water.”

“Well, I have a little more space than you do,” Jo said, while reaching into the shower and turning on the water.

“I thought you would have had a massive tub for soaking in,” Mistress said.

“Oh, I do. It’s outside on the deck,” Jo answered with a smile. “Holly, did you bring the right toy?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Holly answered holding out her hands. She was holding one of the most realistic toys I have ever seen. If it was not for the proportions, I would have sworn it was real. It was twelve inches long, just as Jo had said it was. But, what she hadn’t said was how big the girth was. This thing had to be two inches in circumference . Holly couldn’t even close her fingers around it.

They wanted me to ride that thing while giving each of them a shower? I was a little apprehensive, but I suppose it was fortunate that Mistress and Jo had used such large toys on me earlier today.

Jo took the toy and showed it to Mistress. “Nothing like we used on her earlier today, but I’m sure she will enjoy it all the same.”

Mistress smiled and nodded, and Jo handed me the toy.

“There on that wall,” she said pointing. “You will secure the toy at the right height for yourself. Then on the shelf is some lube you can use.”

Taking the toy, I stepped into the shower and looked at the wall she had indicated. It would be a side wall for one of the three shower heads. Not directly under the flow of water, but not far enough away that I couldn’t help someone wash themselves. The toy was even heavier than it looked, but with the large suction cup on its base, I was sure it would stick without any problems. Selecting a place in about the middle of the wall, I judged the height and stuck the toy to the wall. When I let go, it hardly even sagged from its own weight.

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