Şubat 28, 2024

Be Careful What You Wish For

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When I first met Radai, I must say I didn’t like her very much. She seemed arrogant and stuck up. “This is Radai Romanus, she will be helping me teach this class,” Ariel, the pretty young Filipino teacher, had said. I looked at the tall, slim, pale faced blonde and smiled. I didn’t like how she never smiled back, just looked right through me with her grey-blue eyes.

For the next few weeks I only spoke to Radai when I absolutely had to. That all changed one Friday evening when I got this email:

From: radai_rebelle
To: thexkittenxpilar

Pilar, mein Schatz!

How are you? You may have guessed that I like you a lot, and so I will be here for you whatever you need, any time. I looked over the homework Ariel gave you today.. it is very difficult! Do you have any questions? Just email me back or text me on 07XXXXXXXXX.

Have a lovely evening!

Radai xo

I looked over the email three times. Mein Schatz? What did that mean? Google Translate told me it meant “my treasure.” I found myself smiling, and I picked up my phone and texted her. “Its Ariel. Thanks for the email but I’m fine with the homework, already done 😉 how are you? x”

We texted a few times before Radai offered to come and meet me the next day for coffee. I accepted, grateful for the chance to get to know her better, to know exactly what she meant when she said she liked me a lot. I arranged to meet her the next day at the college entrance.

The next day, as I walked to the college, dressed in a black corset that complimented the tanned skin I’d inherited from my Spanish father, and black skinny jeans that accentuated my hips well. My dark brown hair was straightened, and almost reached my waist. When I looked in the mirror, I wondered why I’d made such an effort for Radai. Then I realised I didn’t care.

Slipping on a pair of crimson red shoes that matched the Alice band in my hair, I walked out of the door and headed for the college.

When I got there, Radai was waiting in her car. She looked gorgeous, with her platinum blonde hair bouncing in loose curls around her pale face. She wore a long grey top and black jeans, with black ankle boots. I jumped into her black sports car and smiled. This time, unlike any other, she returned my smile, then pulled me close to her. “Pilar..” she breathed softly as she hugged me, “you look beautiful!”

“You always look beautiful,” I told her. It was true. For a woman in her late forties she looked amazing. She smiled and shook her head, then started the car.

“Where are we going for coffee?” I asked her. She did not answer, just kept bahis firmaları driving. “Radai?!” I cried. “Where are you taking me?”

She turned and looked at me. “It’s alright, Pilar. We’re not going for coffee right now, I want to talk to you first, that’s all,” she said. I trusted her.

A few minutes later, Radai stopped the car in a secluded spot under some trees. I smiled and looked around. “Are you alright?” Radai asked me. I told her I was, and asked why she brought me here.

“I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for being such a bitch to you in German. And that I do like you, and I hope you like me too..” she said. I answered her by taking her in my arms and kissing her cheek.

Suddenly all the resentment I had for Radai turned to raging passion. “Get in the back seat,” I told her. She looked confused, so I clarified things for her by kissing her hard on the lips. “Get in the back seat, Radai. Let me show you how much I like you.”

Radai gasped. “Pilar.. when I said I liked you I didn’t mean..” she couldn’t even convince herself. Her voice trailed off and she slipped into the back seat and lay on her back along the length of the seat. I crawled through and got on top of her. I kissed her again and she responded by filling my mouth with her tongue. I sat up and pulled her into a sitting position, and slowly pulled her top off.

Her body was amazing for a woman of her age, her stomach was flat and toned, she did not have very big boobs but what she had was surprisingly pert. Her nipples were hard now, and poking through her beige lace bra. I removed it, quickly glanced at the label which told me she was only a 34A, then took one of her nipples into my mouth and began sucking it and gently biting it. Radai’s breathing became fast, and I felt her fiddling with the laces at the back of my corset. I sat up again and took it off the easy way – by unhooking the hooks at the front. I was not wearing a bra underneath it, and Radai looked surprised to see my bare 36B breasts. She pulled me down again and kissed me, this time more passionately, biting my lower lip and pulling my hair as she did so.

I kissed her neck, making her sigh and murmur something in German, then started kissing my way down. When I reached her jeans, I unbuttoned and unzipped them. I did not have to tell Radai what to do, she raised her body so that I could easily pull them down. Her beige lace thong came down with them, and I moved back into the front seat. “Take them off completely and sit up,” I told her. She did so, and the sight of Radai sitting completely naked in the back seat with her legs wide open kaçak iddaa took my breath away. I moved between the to front seat and got into a position that allowed me to put my head between Radai’s legs.

I began licking her pussy. She tasted sweet as I used my tongue to tease her clit and run up and down her slit before plunging it into her. When I did that, she made a low, guttural noise and her juices flowed freely over my tongue and into my mouth. I realised I had just made my German teaching assistant squirt into my mouth. The thought made me dripping wet, and I removed the rest of my clothes in the front seat before getting into the back with Radai.

When I was back in the back with her, I straddled her. She took my nipple in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and sucked it, making me gasp and moan softly. Suddenly I sat up and opened the car door. I took Radai’s hand and pulled her out of the car. She looked like she was about to object, but, seeing that there was no one else around, she slipped out of the car and we both walked into the clearing and lay, completely naked, on the grass.

I straddled Radai again and she picked up where she left off, moving into a sitting position beneath me and sucking my nipple again. She pinched my other nipple with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other until I was close to cumming. “Lie down again,” I told her in between loud groans of pleasure. I moved and she did as she was told. I sat on her face, and used one hand to hold her blonde head to my pussy and the other to pinch my nipple as she had done just seconds ago. Radai buried her beautiful face in my pussy, licking and sucking loudly and furiously. After a few minutes, a huge orgasm ripped through my body. I lay down on top of Radai and we kissed and explored each other’s bodies with our hands for a while.

“I want you to please me in class,” Radai whispered to me. I was confused.

“What do you mean, mi amor?” I asked her. She looked into my eyes and kissed me on the lips.

“It’s so hot when you speak Spanish,” she told me, “and I meant that I want you to make me cum in class. In German. In front of Ariel..”

I gasped, shocked that my teaching assistant was begging me to pleasure her in the middle of a lesson. Radai licked her lips, that hot little gesture was all I needed to make my decision. “Alright.. I will.”

That Monday, I arrived in German prepared. If my German whore wanted to cum in front of this class, I’d let her. What she should have remembered is that I don’t do things by halves.

When I walked in, Radai looked at me and winked, and pulled out kaçak bahis the chair next to her. I shook my head and sat in my usual seat. About ten minutes into the lesson, just after Ariel had finished explaining how to do our worksheets, I heard Radai talking about “people who don’t keep their promises.” I’d been waiting for a comment like that.

I stood up and picked up my bag. “Ariel,” I called. My teacher turned around, her black bob framing her golden face. “May I talk to Radai outside? It will only take 5 minutes.” Ariel nodded and gestured towards the door, and went back to what she had been doing. Radai followed me out of the door, and into the ladies toilets.

I shoved her into a cubicle, and locked the door. I pulled my favourite toy out of my bag, a huge, foot long black dildo. I lifted Radai’s skirt, rubbed her through her panties until she was wet, then pulled them aside and shoved the dildo into her. She yelped as the full length penetrated her. “Now, I think Ariel will be expecting us back,” I told her, opening the door. Radai could barely walk with the huge toy inside her, and she looked confused. I hadn’t told her that it was remote controlled yet.. she was about to find that out all by herself.

We walked back into class as if nothing had happened. The only indicator would have been Radai’s stiff walk, and luckily no one looked up.

I only had to wait a few minutes for the moment I was waiting for. Ariel was asked a question by a greasy looking boy near the front, and she could not explain why, in this case, the word for “the” was “der” and not “die”, so she asked Radai.

As soon as my lover opened her mouth to speak, I took the remote control from my pocket and turned on the vibrator. I only put it on half speed, but it was enough to make her moan loudly and her eyes roll back in her head. Ariel raised her eyebrows. “Radai?” she asked. She sounded rather concerned, so I turned it off again. Radai assured her that she was fine, and again tried to answer the question. Half way through the first sentence, I whacked the vibrator right up to full speed. This time she screamed and started writhing around in her seat as the huge dildo pounded full force and full speed into her little pussy.

As Ariel walked past to get to her, I stopped her. “It’s fine,” I told her. “Radai is fine. Just.. erm.. learning a little lesson of her own.”

Ariel’s brown eyes widened. “What? Pilar, what is going on?” she cried. “What lesson are you teaching her by making her scream like that?!”

“A very valuable lesson,” I smiled, bringing the remote control out and turning it off. There was a gasp as she realised what it was, and a few laughs from the class. Everyone now knew how slutty and sex-hungry my Radai was. “A lesson everyone should learn.. be careful what you wish for.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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