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Bath Play

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It was cold outside and she was home without him. She longed for his touch on her skin. The thoughts of him racing through her mind were making her feel lonely and romantic. Gathering all the scented candles she had in the house to carry them to the bathroom and arranged them all around. She turned the knob on the tub faucet and watched as the steaming water began to fill the tub. She took her favorite scented bubble bath, vanilla, and added it to the bath. As the tub filled she lit all the candles and turned off all the lights in the house. The only light left was the flickers coming from the candles and glimmers from the television where she had turned on his favorite music, country.

The tub was almost filled so she slowly began to undress. Pulling her shirt over head her breasts now exposed to the brisk chill in the air. Her nipples instantly harden, standing ready to be felt and squeezed. She brushed her hair from her shoulders and ran her hand down between her waiting breasts gently squeezing them and rolling her nipples between her fingertips. She leaned over the tub and turned the water off and watched the steam rise from the bubbles. Slowly pushing her pj bottoms to the floor she stepped out of them and saw her naked body in the mirror surrounded by the glow of the dancing candle light. She could not help but run her hand over her bald mound and sliding it between her thighs as she stepped güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri into the tub. The warmth was amazing on her skin, much like that of his touch.

She lowered herself into the tub allowing the bubbles to overtake her body. Her knees slightly bent as she laid back. Her breasts floating on the surface just barely exposed to the air above the water. Her hair floating and the bubbles popping all around her head. She closes her eyes to take in this moment of solace. His face appears beneath her eyelids and her heart instantly skips a beat. She wants to feel his strong hands on every inch of her wet body. Her hand begins to caress her ass cheek thinking about him. With each stroke she moves a little further up her thigh and back down the back of her ass. Her pussy lips throbbing and wet from more than just the warm water, begging to be touched.

Her hand wanders up her side and cups her breast squeezing and pushing it up close to her lips. She extends her tongue and licks her hard nipple and pictures his face as she takes it gently into her mouth. She releases a gentle moan that softly echoes in the bathroom. She wants him more with each touch of her hand. As one hand massages her breast the other slowly spreads her legs exposing more of her pussy to the warmth of the water. It crashes against her lips like waves in the ocean. They pulsate, begging for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri more.

She takes her fingertips and tightly squeezes her clit and rolls it over and over. She can feel her juices being released from her hot box. Her legs spread wide as her hand presses and caresses her mound. Her eyes still tightly closed and feeling each sensation she was creating. Her finger on her nipple gives it a tight squeeze and a twist as she pushes her breast back up to her mouth. Her mouth hungry she takes her nipple in sucking it harder and gently biting. Her other hand working over her mound from top to back and teasing both her holes. Her hot, wet, tight box is begging to be filled, her body trembles needing him to come take her. She continues to touch and tease herself, caressing the inside of her thighs as his lips and tongue would trace all the sensitive parts of her body.

Climbing the tub she stands there, bubbles running down her body and the smell of vanilla in the air she wraps a towel around her and begins to gently dry her tingling skin. As the towel passes over her bald mound her pussy walls move with anticipation. She spreads her legs to remove the bubbles with the towel. Her fingers run the towel over her outer walls and tease her clit with its soft abrasive touch. She drops the towel to the floor and squeezes her clit between her fingertips as she güvenilir bahis şirketleri stands there watching herself in the mirror. The candle lights still dance in the room, bouncing off the water drops still on her soft skin.

Her body cries out and she responds by slowly inserting her index finger into her cavity and sliding it back out. She does this a few times until she pushes it in deep and holds it there, massaging the inner walls of her wanting box. She adds a second finger into her hot pussy pushing some of her juices out onto her hand. She cannot resist it, as she removes her fingers from her hole she places them one by one into her mouth, sucking them clean. She tasted so sweet, but not as sweet as when she licks them off his hard cock. She moves her fingers back into her waiting and wanting tight pussy. She works her pussy much like he would if he was poised between her legs. Sliding in and out thrusting a little faster with each stroke. She wants to fill him deep inside her; she lifts her leg onto the vanity exposing her hot pussy to the coolness of the room. She begins to pound her pussy, slapping her clit with each thrust. Faster and harder bringing herself to an orgasm, her juices squirt from her hot pussy getting the vanity surface wet as she continues to pound. Her moans fill the room. The slaps of her hand on her mound echo in the room as she begins to bring herself to a high point…her legs now try to stiffen, the room turns bright, as she lets out a loud moan her juices spray from her body and she could hear it splattering as she finishes her pleasuring. She reaches for the towel on the floor to clean herself and the vanity up and he appears at the door. She smiles and goes to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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