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Bath House Ch. 02

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“Hey Frank, is there a shower in your room?” asked Jeff.

“Yes, I believe so,” he said over his shoulder. He continued walking while Jeff stopped me and pointed to a communal shower room. “It looks inviting doesn’t it?” he asked me. “Yes, and so do you. Tell me Jeff, am I crazy or is there chemistry between us?”

“I’m feeling it too,” he said.

I felt his eyes bore right into me, in a good way, and I didn’t want to look away or stop him as he leaned in to kiss me once again. When his lips touched mine, I sighed and let his tongue dip into my mouth.

“Wow, look at them,” someone said “yeah, very hot, go for it guys…” said another. We kissed indefinitely with no plan to stop and follow Frank. When we finally did stop kissing it was to regain normal breathing. I had to wipe saliva off my face as Jeff’s kiss on me was that good.

“What were your plans with Frank?” I asked Jeff as he held onto me. His erection pressed against mine and we slowly rubbed ourselves against the other. “No plans really, we just meet up occasionally and see what happens.”

“What happens usually?”

“We get split up, I go one way and he goes another.”

“He’s really hung. I wanted to suck his cock, but you’re a lot more appealing.”

“Thanks, I like you too. And, I think you’ll like my cock. I’m 9″ hard.”

“Wow. I had no idea. I’m only 6″ or so.” I said.

“You’re more than that Bob, you’re cute, amiable, and eager to make up for lost time and in my book that counts a hell of a lot more than your cock size.”

“I like hearing that you think so Jeff. Thank you.” I leaned in toward his mouth this time and kissed him on the lips. He met my eagerness with his own and the two of us tongued each other’s mouths aggressively. When this kiss ended I spoke first. “Do you want to shower and do it in a public area of this place or should I get us a room?”

“I’m open to whatever you feel comfortable doing.”

“I’ve never done this before but the idea of being seen and potentially recognized makes the experience hotter.”

“Tell me Bob, what would you say if someone you know recognized you here?”

“I don’t know. It might depend on who it is but at any rate if it happens I hope they’ll be cool about it, especially if I’m sucking your cock or riding it.”

“Damn you’re making me hot. Where have you been all my life?”

I grabbed his left hand and said “come on let’s go cool off in the showers. I hate feeling sticky.” I tugged his arm and he followed me into the shower room. Out of the corner of my view I saw Frank getting his cock sucked by two young guys and said “looks like Frank found suitable replacements.”

“Yeah, he has no problem with that monster.”

Inside the shower room there were no stalls. About 12 shower heads lined both walls and two ceiling mounted spouts dropped water like a rain shower experience. Drainage was impressive considering the amount of water flow pouring onto it. Some spouts were cooler than others but nothing was overly hot. It felt wonderful washing the perspiration away from my skin. As we held one another under a single spout I said “How old are you Jeff?”

“I just turned 24 last week. What about you?”

“I’m 45.”

“No way!” he said with a look of surprise. “Yeah, I’m 45.”

“You look like you’re less than 35.”

“Might be genes but I don’t smoke, drink, drug and I exercise and eat healthy.”

“Are you married, have kids?”

“Yes and no. My wife is out of town.”

I looked Jeff in the eye and he put his hand on my cock and stroked it. As he did so we kept gazing at one another and so I put my hand on his cock and stroked it. Jeff’s cock has appealing girth as well as length and he moaned as I moved my loose fist back and forth along his shaft.

“How long is she gone for?”

“She left this morning; she’s gone for two weeks.”

Jeff smiled. “Does she know about your interest in men?”

“No.” I said emphatically. “I’m here exploring. I was curious and needed to know.”

“What have you found out so far?”

“I’m past the point of no return I think. This is just so fun so far and I can’t wait to find out everything else.”

“Nice. I think we should spend time together while she’s away.”

“I’d like that.”

“You ever thought about leaving her for a guy?”

“I think about it all the time.”


“I’m open, anything’s possible.”

“Cool.” We’d been lightly stroking each other’s cock during our shower chat and I was becoming very sexually aroused and wanting to share my secret with him.

“I think I might be gay.”

“God I hope so.”

“I’m serious. God that feels good.”

He looked at me curiously and then jacked me harder with his fist.

“Just being honest feels good and also your hand is making me feel really hot.”

“Your admission makes me hot too.” He said to me.

“I want to suck your cock Jeff.”


“Yeah, right now!” I exclaimed and dropped to a squat position and then knelt before bahis firmaları him. His cock jutted outward above me and his hairless balls hung low.

I leaned forward and upward and kissed his balls first and then the underside of his cock. I took my time kissing the underside of his lengthy erection, greeting every inch with caring attention and when I got to the halfway point, I extended my tongue out of my mouth and gave him a nice lick.

Jeff moaned as I kissed and licked the underside of his cock. Water dripped off of him and onto me and I could hear the loud splashing sounds as it hit the floor all around me. I was getting soaked down here but loving every second of my encounter with his cock.

“You feel incredible and you haven’t even taken my head into your mouth yet,” he said to me and placed one of his hands on my head.

“It’s like foreplay for your cock,” I said to him after withdrawing only inches from his cock.

“You’re attracting attention. Guys are getting harder and stroking as they watch you.”

Another set of legs moved next to Jeff as I kiss the tip of his cock and then take him in past my lips for the first time. I want to deep throat him on the first try and so I inhale deeply and begin to feed him into my mouth and throat. His girth is immense, more so than the toy I practice with at home and yet the softness of the real thing makes it easier to swallow. I take him down quickly until my lips meet the base of his cock. He feels wonderful. I can’t believe this is really happening. I love this feeling. It’s fullness and firmness and it’s incredibly satisfying. Jeff places both his hands upon my head and begins shouting something. I can’t quite discern his words as his hands partially cover my ears but I think he is making an announcement.

I need to breathe and tap his thigh. Jeff relaxes his grip on my head and I slowly withdraw from his cock until my airway is clear. His cock throbs in my mouth and I have no intention of stopping. My breathing turns to normal and I start to take him down my throat again. Within seconds my lips are at the base of his cock and his hands are on both sides of my head again. And, this time he begins to thrust himself in and out of my throat. He grunts as he takes my mouth and throat with his meaty cock. I enjoy every second of it and let him do as he pleases. His cock throbs as he holds it in the depths of my throat. Each time down he remains in place until I tap him and then he withdraws. Finally after maybe 10 sink and hold repetitions, I withdraw from his cock completely and notice a small circle of well endowed young men around me. Including Jeff, I count seven in all.

I think my mouth is open as I look up at each of them and then I return my gaze to Jeff. “These guys are friends of mine. They want to help me celebrate your coming out.”

I smiled but didn’t say anything yet as I thought about the possibilities. I hadn’t planned on getting gang banged let alone what to do if it got out of control.

“Don’t worry baby,” said Jeff, “no one is going to force himself on you.” He turned to the guys, “Got that guys? No forcing him. He’s mine.”

They nodded. I liked the way Jeff took control of the situation. It felt re-assuring and even though I just met him I knew I wanted him to be my first man lover.

“Yeah man, we just heard you’re out of the closet. It’s a time to celebrate and fuck.”

“Bob, we’re really picky about who we have sex with. We do guys only. Our cocks have never been soiled by a woman.”

“I need to get up, I’m getting cold down here.”

“I have a room,” says one of the guys. “Let’s head over there and get you dried off and back to the sex.”

Jeff held out his hand and helped me stand up. Everyone sort of closed in at that point and we shared a group hug. I can feel multiple erections press into me and I sigh over it. I’m rock hard myself and I thrust against Jeff. “Oh yeah, baby. Tell the guys your name and your announcement.”

“My name is Bob Wilson, I’m gay and horny for Jeff. If he wants me to have sex with the rest of you in order for me to have sex with him, I’ll do it.”

“Baby, we’re going to give you sex,” said Jeff and he spun me around so I faced his circle of friends. Then he pulled my arms behind me and slipped his own arm between them and my back to hold me in front of him. I reached down and grabbed his cock to massage it and Jeff moaned before saying “Bob Wilson has openly admitted he is gay so let’s reward his courage and honesty guys.”

“Amen to that,” said one guy in particular. He walked right up and kissed my lips and then made a kissing trail down my neck and chest, licking my nipples and biting them before going down further. When he squatted, he took my cock in his mouth and started giving me great head.

Another guy approached me, kissed me and made a similar journey down my body only he shimmied himself between me and Jeff. Once he knelt behind me, his hands went straight to my ass cheeks and he pried them open and dove in. His mouth worked kaçak iddaa magic on my anus, especially when he began to tongue me down there.

Jeff stood to my right and still held my arms securely and somehow I managed to continue massaging his cock. “You are doing great baby, I can’t wait to fuck you.”

A third guy approached and cupped his hands around my neck and he too kissed my lips. Then he braced his elbows on my chest and applied downward pressure on the back of my neck. I bent forward as he guided my head to his crotch. His hard jutting cock met me half way or so it seemed and soon enough I was sucking a new cock, giving a hand job, being deep-throated and rimmed. Now this was beyond anything I had preconceived.

The guy in my mouth came within a couple minutes, which totally surprised me. I didn’t know his expanding cock meant an eruption was imminent. But I admit that I did enjoy the fruits of this success and I took on a sense of self confidence knowing my mouth was an effective cum-harvesting tool. He sprayed my tonsils with his hot semen and after the initial surprise I swallowed his payload like a greedy slut. When he withdrew, I stood upright and then I felt him cup my face in his hands. On instinct, I turned toward Jeff and he nodded as though he knew I was looking to him for permission or something. As if that wasn’t enough confirmation, his cock throbbed in my hand too. So I turned to face his friend and received an open-mouthed kiss. The guy’s tongue drove straight into my mouth and danced with mine for a few moments and then he just stopped, kissed me on the lips and said “thank you.”

I looked over at Jeff again and this time he spoke. “Hi sexy,” he said. I felt myself blush and said “hi” in return. He leaned in and kissed me on the mouth and I opened right up for his tongue. After a few brief peck kisses he said “next time try not to be so greedy and share some of that cum. Okay?”

“Okay, sorry.” I said to him. “I didn’t know.” I looked at his friends and especially the one I just blew. “I’ll make it up to you.” I said. His cock was still hard and he stroked it in my direction.

While all this was going on, I continued to have my cock and anus teased by the same two guys. The guy licking my ass made a much better impression and I think that he was in fact the one that kept me rock hard. I couldn’t tell if the guy licking my cock was just teasing me or procrastinating.

The next guy to my left stepped up and repeated what the previous guy did and in no time I was bent forward. This guy held onto my neck though and thrust his cock into my mouth and throat like it was a boy pussy. I wondered if I had a clit in my throat like Linda Lovelace did because I really got off on this. Even my personal blower got the sense that I was going to cum soon and he backed off yet again. When the cock in my mouth expanded only my anus was being licked and I was rock hard because this time I knew I was about to receive another cum load.

I milked this man with tightly pursed lips as he sawed in and out of my mouth to reach his climax and spray his seed. When it hit his cock was out of my mouth and my tongue was out of mine. With begging eyes staring up at him he got the message and began his shoot. His cum was fresh and hot and it landed on my tongue like a chef squirts icing on a pastry. Lines of cum clung to my tongue and face by the time he finished his orgasm. And, when I stood upright and turned to look at Jeff he said “very nice. Now you may swallow what’s in your mouth and let your new friends lick the rest off of you.”

I swallowed audibly while maintaining eye contact with him and then I faced the guy I just blew and the guy before him and said “would you like to lick the rest off my face?”

In a flash both men had their tongues on both sides of my face, greedily licking up the fresh deposit.

Three men and Jeff had not been blown yet and neither had the two that were orally working my cock and anus but I surmised I may not be blowing them, at least not yet. They were definitely the bottom boys of the bunch and if this was some kind of induction into their group, I presumed I would the third bottom boy.

“How’s that ass taste?” asked Jeff.

The guy stopped eating my ass and said “wonderful,” and then he waited.

“Is it ready?”

“I believe so.”

“And has he cum yet?” Jeff asked the other guy.

“No, he came close so I backed off.”

“Thank you both then, that will be all.”

The two guys stood and joined each other under a separate shower stall. I watched as they let the water cascade over their faces and into their mouths before kissing. Once their kissing began it seemed as though the world around them no longer existed. They were now caught up in each other and I felt stimulated watching them.

Jeff caught my gaze and stepped closer to me. “Hey baby,” he began. I was beginning to like his reference to me as ‘baby’ even though I’m 20 years older than him. The way he talked to me made me feel younger and sexy and desirable. kaçak bahis “Let’s take this party to a room. I want to get you on a bed the rest of the time we’re here” he whispered.

“What about them?”

“It can be just us or we can invite these guys. What do you want baby?” he asked.

“I want to spend the remainder of my time here with you Jeff, if that’s okay? I hope I don’t sound clingy.”

He kissed me full on the mouth and pressed himself into me. We embraced each other and our erections collided while our kiss grew passionate. Man he is an excellent kisser and I feel like I could get lost in his kisses and not have to care about direction or where I am as long as our lips touch or our tongues dance.

His hand holds the back of my head and he turns to the guys and says “we’ll catch up another time.” I didn’t look at them, only Jeff’s neck but I heard the disappointment in their responses and then they wished us well. When his mouth returned to mine I opened right up for him.

He stops and says “I love kissing you. You are so eager and fresh.”

“I’m 20 years older than you are Jeff. Yet you make me feel so young and desirable. I love kissing you too.”

“Come on, let’s go to my room.”

“Hey, you have a room. All this time I thought you didn’t.” “Let’s go.”

He held out his hand to me and I took it as he led me out of the showers and into a towel room. It felt good to dry off after having been wet for so long. A wall clock indicated the time and I said “I think I’ve been here 3 hours but I’m not sure.”

“Don’t worry about it. You’re with me. I don’t have a time limit.”


“I own this club. I don’t have a time limit. Nor do my friends.”


On the way to his private suite, we passed through a room called the Maize. It is dimly lit, dark in my corners and walls with holes line the walkway on both sides. I see one man pressed against the wall and another close by on his knees and sucking a live cock stuck through the other side.

“This is our glory holes area. Guys really get into this.”

“I can see why,” I began. “I would be the sucker.”

“The down side is you don’t know who’s on the other end or what their health status is.”

“Yeah, that sucks.”

He turned to me and said my room is just a ways off. If you want me to arrange a glory holes experience for you just ask. I’ll make sure healthy guys are behind the holes.”

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

“I like you. I don’t want to see you taken advantage of. Besides, what’s fun for you is also fun for me.”

“I’m glad we met.”

“Me too, that’s my place.” He pointed to a plain looking door at the end of the hall. As we got closer to it I could see letters on the door that spelled out Jeff’s Room.

Inside the door we entered a small room and on the opposite end was a black ornate door. Jeff moved forward and entered 4 digits onto a wall-mounted keypad and then the door unlocked and he pushed it open. He led me through the doorway and then closed the door behind us until it clicked.

We were now standing is a very lavish apartment. Couches with whimsical pillows created a u-shaped conversation area with the back row facing a fireplace. I wasn’t sure what Jeff wanted me to do so I stood and waited for him.

“Where are your clothes?” he asked.

“In locker 4” I said as I turned to him.

He pressed an intercom button and said “Open locker 4 and bring the contents to my apartment. Put them on the table by the door.”

“Yes sir,” said the voice on the other end of the distant conversation.

Jeff smiled as he looked at me. His body faced me and I took in the beauty of his masculinity. Without realizing it, my cock grew at the same rate as his as we gazed upon each other. “What’s happening?” I asked him.

He raised his hand and beckoned me to him with one finger as he smiled back at me. I stepped closer, not timidly but slowly to enjoy the moment. When we stood practically nose to nose, he tilted his head to the right and kissed me softly. The contact set off a chain reaction of warmth racing through me and my lips parted for him as his tongue gently entered my mouth. It was the making of a kiss that made an excellent impression. The kind that I had used on women, to seduce them into my web of conquest and bravado. And, now that it was being used on me I rather liked it.

As we stood in his living room, we lightly tongue kissed each other as if we shared a romantic history. When he embraced me in his arms, I moved my hands down to his hips and embraced him at his waist. Our lips met again and Jeff ended this kiss and withdrew momentarily. “I love kissing you Bob,” he whispered and put his lips to mine again. This time, he inhaled deeply as his tongue reentered my mouth. This kiss had purpose and I opened right up for him. Breathing didn’t seem to be an issue as much as the impact and the force he created upon my lower jaw. And when my mouth was as open as it could be, his tongue darted and thrust against mine and I joined in with as much enthusiasm as he gave me.

The kiss was incredible and I felt the rush of wanting another part of him inside me. When he ended this kiss, I stood motionless and slowly regained my senses.

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