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I met Barbara for the second time when she was a senior in high school. I had just completed my junior year at MIT and took the first half of the summer off from any work because I really needed a rest. My rest period was at a New Jersey resort town where I had free room and board at my grandmother’s house. I had practically nothing to do so I decided to get in shape by jogging on the beach and everywhere else around town.

One bright day in late May a week after I left Cambridge I was jogging by the High School and noticed a lot of activity outside the school. Final pictures for the Class Book were being taken on the school’s front steps. From a distance there seemed to be many fine looking young ladies milling around. I had to have a closer look so I jogged up next to the photographer and started a conversation. He said, “That’s the senior French club. Mostly all girls.”

This club looked like contestants for the Miss America contest. Most were tall with long legs and model’s faces. For some reason their beauty didn’t impress me. At the right end of the first row however was my type of beauty. She was only about five feet three inches tall, but her breasts looked magnificent even under the cashmere sweater she was wearing.

She caught me staring at her, and gave me a big smile as if she knew me. I couldn’t remember ever meeting her. She looked like someone that no man would ever forget. When the picture was done she sauntered over to where I was standing and said “Hello Bill”

I had been racking my brain to pull her name into my mind, when suddenly the name Barbara stuck. She had been a skinny freshman with no body, but a beautiful face, who came to every basketball game my senior year. She apparently had a crush on me, or so I was told and every so often I would say “hello” and make small talk of a bantering nature with her. She was at one of the many graduation party I attended the year I finished high school. Everyone was kissing someone at all the parties.

Out of the blue I was kissing a very beautiful face. The kiss was typical of a graduation kiss with nothing behind it. The one that I had kissed ran giggling to her friends. This was the first time I had seen her since my high school graduation party.

“Hello Barbara” I replied.

“You remember me?” she said with a note of surprise in her voice.

“I looked all over for you after you took off with you friends” I answered.

The girl I was talking to was not much like the one I had kissed at the party. This was a full-blown man killer. At eighteen she was just feeling the sexual power that nature had provided her. She had the same gorgeous face, but now her whole body was curve after curve starting at her ankles to her shoulders. Her breasts still seemed large for the rest of her, but this feature only added sexiness to her solid figure.

I didn’t hesitate a fraction of a second and asked her out to dinner. This flustered her because although she had been going out on dates every weekend since junior year, no one had asked her to dinner.

“We’ll have to ask my mother” came tumbling out of her mouth.

“When?” I shot back

“Pick me up here at 3:30.”

As Barbara left she turned around and looked at me with a strange expression on her face and eyes so large they looked like two brown saucers.

I was waiting at 3:20. Barbara arrived at our agreed on time, the first one out of the school. She looked fabulous. When she got into the car she immediately slid over and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. Our bodies were touching and my prick started on its way to a full hard erection.

Barbara lived in an apartment on the second floor of a renovated bank. It was quite large and nicely decorated. As soon as we got inside Barbara announced that her mother wouldn’t be home until six thirty. She disappeared into one of the bedrooms without another word.

I thought she was acting strange but then she yelled “There’s a beer in the frig if you want one. I helped myself to one and was half way through, when I heard Barbara start out from her bedroom.

I went into a form of shock when she entered the room. She was wearing a negligee that ran from her shoulders to her feet. Her feet were bare and every inch of her body was visible through her gown. The gown stuck to her skin in utter smoothness. Her nipples protruded in all their glory and her cunt looked absolutely perfect.

Barbara had made up her face with light shades of violet and mascara that extended her lashes to double their length. She looked much older than the eighteen plus years she had spent on earth.

I was still in shock and must have had a weird look on my face.

Barbara stuttered “Don’t you like it”

I stood up and yelled, “Come here you little vixen”

She ran into my arms. Our mouths were open and our tongues started their hot sexual dance in each other’s mouths. I started to undress as fast as I could. Barbara pulled off my shoes then pulled down my pants. In no time, I was naked with my cock standing Gaziantep Escort İlanları out in front of me. We held each other tight and then ran our hands all over each other’s bodies. I became so excited that my cock entirely on its own started shooting long streams of semen across the room.

Barbara looked stunned but when I “yelled swallow it” she put my throbbing cock in her mouth and swallowed the remains, almost gagging as the volume just flowed and flowed. . It was her first taste of a man’s cum. When the explosions were over Barbara licked her lips and exclaimed, “Wow that was unbelievable. I never saw anything like that in my whole life Your cum tasted absolutely wonderful”.

I knew then that she would suck my cock anytime in the future with little coxing.

We rushed into her bedroom. Barbara had a large bed now only covered with sheets. We lie side by side and I rolled her garment up to her navel exposing her beautiful cunt. It glistened in the lowering daylight. I rubbed it with my hand covering her full mound. Her cunt hair radiated with her juices and I could not stop myself from kissing this beautiful pussy. This would be my very first adventure of mouthing a hot pussy.

I discovered the lips of her pussy and just started licking. The force that put me there was both overwhelming and natural. Her aroma was intoxicating and I licked harder and harder. I wasn’t sure of what I was doing, but just kept going. This beautiful cunt seemed to open up and juices flowed. They tasted fantastic. I started sucking licking and drinking her juices, and weird noises filled the room.

Barbara was holding my head between her soft inner thighs and wiggling the rest of her body. Finally, she bucked and arched her back while letting out a scream muffled by my hand.

Just as she seemed to be calming, Barbara started whispering “Fuck me now Fuck me now. By the third whisper, the whisper sounded like a shout and so I mounted this beautiful girl as men have mounted females for all of time.

I thrust my hard again prick into her open cunt. It slipped in to my balls on the second thrust. My cock, lubricated by her cunt juices slipped like it was on a frictionless water slide. Her fuck hole seemed to be lined with hundreds of strong muscles that kept my cock where she wanted it but allowed it to move in and out. This structure worked my hard cock in unbelievable ways.

It felt as if my prize prick was actually getting larger both in length and diameter. Barbara and I gyrated in all possible directions and speeds until without the usual warning; I started shooting load after load into Barbara’s hot hole.

On her part she was screaming louder and louder with each release of my cum which matched the jolts she was getting from her own orgasm. Finally it was over. We were both breathing like the runners at the end of a marathon… Did I say we were completely naked? I felt absolutely wonderful.

We lay glued to each along with lust, which grew at an unbelievable rate. This was only the start of a sexual frenzy that only stopped when the alarm clock rang at six pm. Barbara had wisely set it in case we fell asleep. Her room was a real mess and smelled of sex and sweat.

Barbara’s sexy gown was rolled up at the foot of the bed. Every thing was streaked with cum. We both had lost count of the number of our orgasms. I was exhausted and it was almost time for Barbara’s mother to come home.

I cleaned myself with a damp washcloth and dressed in record time. Then I grabbed a magazine and sat down on the couch. in the living room. I could hear Barbara taking a shower.

The water was turned off just before her mother entered the apartment.

“Who are you?” she exclaimed.

“I’m Barbara’s date for this evening. I knew her when she was a freshman and I ran into her when pictures for the yearbook were being taken this afternoon. I just finished my junior year at MIT.””I’m taking a rest before I start a summer job.”

Jean, Barbara’s mom quipped, “You look like you could use a long rest. MIT sure must be difficult school…”

I didn’t answer because I finally got a good look at Jean and had lost my voice. She was by far the most beautiful and sexiest woman I had ever seen. She was a light haired blond, who looked like Barbara’s sister more than her mother. Her breasts jutted out much like Barbara’s. The rest of her body was one big curve after another. When she turned in a direction so I could see her ass, my imagination ran wild. All I could imagine was my big hard cock ramming into her king sized pussy time after time. I guess my face must have become red from my thoughts, because Jean asked if I was OK.

I replied that nothing was the matter except I get shy around beautiful women. I had to let her know that she had touched my button without going overboard. My answer seemed to suffice.

Jean then called Barbara, “Barbara, are you going to let this nice young man sit here all night?” So I got an approval from Barbara’s mom.

Finally Barbara came out. She was wearing a plain rose-colored dress that accented her curves and ended at just above her knees. Her legs were displayed in dark colored nylons supported by 3 ½ heels. The only problem was her breasts, which bulged above the square cut neck of the dress. Barbara and her mom were in an instant argument.

Jean Yelled “I told you to get rid of that bra. It makes you look like a whore. “It’s only like the one you wear” Barbara flung back.

After much yelling back and forth Barbara went into her bedroom and came out wearing a different bra that satisfied her mom.

I loved the new bra because I could see almost to Barbara’s navel. Jean had been right Barbara now looked fittingly dressed to go out to dinner. I thought she looked so gorgeous that she would draw crowds.

As soon as we got in my car I slipped the shoulder of one side off Barbara and squeezed her bare tit. She had no bra as I expected. I wanted to suck her nipple but Barbara would not let me. I did slip my hand up her dress and found her uncovered pussy. Thus my date was not wearing panties or a bra. In fact she was absolutely naked under her dress.

Barbara looked at me and just shrugged her shoulders. Off we went to dinner. “Where are we going to eat?” asked my glamorous date.

I had not really thought this thru, since the important objective was first to get the date. I hadn’t expected to be having sex for over two hours with such a gorgeous woman. There was no doubt that Barbara at eighteen and a half years on earth was a full-grown woman in all respects except for bearing a child. I wondered how she learned so much about sex in such a short time.

I decided on a special seafood restaurant that catered to both a young and older crowd.

Barbara had never been there and seemed excited about going. The Maitre de took one look at my date and ushered us to a fine table near the front. He almost fell down the steps leading into the main dining room when Barbara leaned over to straighten her skirt and he got a full view to her navel. The poor guys face was red, red, and red.

As we were sitting down Barbara whispered to me, “I did that on purpose” “You are a little vixen” I laughingly replied.

I ordered two martinis for our cocktails. No one questioned our age. Barbara wanted another, but she was already tipsy so I explained that it was not proper. The dinner was excellent. Just before dissert a three-piece band started to play for dancing. Barbara and I danced and got the attention of every young cock there. She also got the attention of some older cocks too. One elderly man even had the nerve to ask her to dance. She accepted at once and he twirled her around the floor with the style of a professional. Her skirt at times rose close to showing her bare ass, but not quite.

We were treated to an after dinner brandy by this gentleman who looked somewhat sad after his dance. I guessed he was thinking about the beautiful women who no longer were part of his life.

By the time we had completed dinner I was ready for some more sex with my bombshell of a date. She seemed to be getting itchy too and had her hand on my thigh rubbing it very lightly. I was desperately thinking of where we could go that would be like her apartment. I decided to introduce Barbara to my grandmother so we could go there when my grandmother was working. I figured that if Barbara was there when my grandmother came in we could say we had just come in,

So Barbara and my grandmother met and as fate would have it, my grandmother had to go out to visit a friend until about midnight that very night. As soon as she went out the door I picked up Barbara and carried her into my bedroom. I stood her in front of me and held her close. She looked into my eyes and thanked me for the wonderful dinner experience. She then kissed me with such warm lips that my head started to spin. Then my tongue was in her mouth entwined in hers. My prick hardened to its full magnificence and my hand was playing with her already wet cunt.

In practically no time (less than a minute) she stood naked before me. All she had on was a garter belt holding up her dark stockings. She was the epitome of all my sexual daydreams and I stood just looking at her. It took me a long while to get my clothes off because of her beauty. Finally we were both naked and holding each other. My prick was so hard and big it looked like a strange addition just stuck to my crotch.

I knelt in front of Barbara and moved her legs open with my hands. Then I buried my face in her wet opening and in a sexual frenzy started licking her now hot cunt. She leaned back against the bed to provide a better target and soon was moaning at each lick of my tongue. I wanted desperately to make her cum and soon her clitoris showed itself from its hiding place.

I got it between my lips and Barbara started going crazy. Her body seemed out of control when suddenly my face was flooded with her juices and she yelled something unintelligible. I lapped at her snatch like a dog drinking water until I had most of her juices in my mouth.

Her smell and the taste of her beautiful hairy cunt almost overwhelmed me, but my hard cock needed attention. Pre cum was dripping off the tip. Barbara started licking and then put the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking. Huge streams of cum, almost immediately started shooting into her mouth. Barbara swallowed every drop and licked the head clean.

Barbara loved fucking the most and told me so. I picked her up and put her on my bed and climbed up beside her.

She started licking my whole body and my tool for her needs jumped to attention again. She opened her legs wide and my cock was inside the beautiful slightly swollen lips of her cunt. Barbara moved them over the head of my cock, which grew even larger. Then she had her ankles behind my knees and pulled me fully into her in one large thrust.

I fucked her hot dripping fuck hole for almost an hour in all the positions I knew and a couple that Barbara knew. Barbara had several orgasms but I did not build up enough semen at my usual known rate. Finally when it became obvious that I was going to pump the hot juice from my body Barbara yelled, “Shoot it into my mouth.” I pulled my still hard prick out and Barbara pounced on it like a schoolgirl giving her first head. The quantity of my cum was much reduced by this time and she had no problem swallowing every drop.

We were soaked in sweat and took a bath together in my grandmother’s oversized tub. This was more fun than I would have imagined and for some reason I started feeling very close to Barbara.

By the time we got to her apartment I was so exhausted I could hardly keep my eyes open. Barbara’s mother insisted that I sleep on the couch. By the time I said, “thank you” I was down and asleep for the night. Someone had put a blanket over me during the night.

I was awakened at about seven thirty by a nice warm kiss on my lips. I expected to see Barbara, but it was her mother leaning over me and saying something like “wake up sleepyhead ” When my eyes opened I was looking at the most beautiful pair of tits I have ever seen. They were like Barbara’s except somewhat larger and with subtle differences in curvature. The nipples were a bright pink and very large and protruding.

The mother was wearing some sort of loose covering to her knees. She had on her stockings held up by a garter belt. Her blond pussy was clearly visible as were her tits. The covering was hardly a covering at all.

I had an instant hard on which punched through the opening in my shorts, and started building a fairly large tent. As I rolled over on my stomach Barbara’s mother, Jean told me she took off my pants when I fell asleep so I would be more comfortable.

In my mind at least Jean had a touch of lust generate when she saw the size of my tent. Just as this thought hit me Barbara bounced into the room looking radiant and with a large grin on her face. She sat down next to me holding my pants and leaned over to give me her hot kiss with full tongue. My prick jumped to attention again. She slipped her hand under the blanket while her body blocked the line of sight from her mom and gave my cock just enough massage to generate pre cum. Her finger wiped a little off and then her finger tracked into her mouth.

I wanted to grab her and tickle her and then of course fuck her until she screamed uncle. Since Jean was home all I could do was try to put on my pants under the blanket.

Jean fixed a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs, which disappeared as they hit my plate. By this time I was well rested and ready for sex big time.

I left the apartment with mother and daughter feeling quite good.

Barbara and I made a date for after school and by four were fucking our brains out in Barbara’s apartment. Instead of my lust for my girl Barbara decreasing as we had more sex my lust increased. As soon as she was within sight my prick would get hard in an instant. We had sex of some sort in her apartment or my grandmothers every single day from the day we met until her graduation from high school. More and more we tried to please each other and all kinds of nuances crept into our lovemaking.

We were becoming very close and were always comfortable together. I began to think about a present for her graduation. It had to be something nice because we were fucking every night and days when a place was available and we always had great fun together when not having sex.

I felt I was in love with her and she with me. Deep inside me however I knew the love was not of the marrying kind.

I bought Barbara a wristwatch with small diamonds encased around the face and the band. It cost about $200 and looked much more expensive.

I gave it to her just after she received her diploma and instead of being happy with my gift, she started crying very hard.

That’s when I learned I would loose my girl for the rest of the summer. The following Monday she had to join her father for the next eight weeks in Chicago. This was part of her parents divorce agreement. In eight weeks I would be putting my brain back together to go back at MIT.

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