Nisan 24, 2024

Backdoor Favor Ch. 02

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Jamie had never stopped thinking about that moment with Robert. Ever since then she found herself constantly hot at the thought of him. When Donna invited her over for dinner a week later she wondered if Robert had suggested it. Jamie didn’t dare bring it up in front of the two of them. Jamie was wearing a thin pink blouse and blue jeans. Donna wore a bright yellow sundress. Her blonde hair was, by chance, the same style as her sisters. Halfway through the meal Donna excused herself to use the restroom. This left Jamie alone with the subject of her fantasies. She had avoided meeting his eyes all night.

The most embarrassing thing about their affair was how it changed her. She had gone from reluctantly trying something new, to hardly being able to think about anything else. She tried fantasizing about other attractive men, and other, more comfortable positions, but-

She looked up from her food and met his eyes for a second. For the first time the entire night she drank in that that dark glare. Hidden behind his disciplined features was an untamed desire that chained and pinned her down. Again the one and only fantasy returned. Jamie didn’t know if he wanted her as a bride, as a possession, or as a lover. All Jamie knew-

All Jamie knew was that he wanted her ass, and that was all she thought about giving him. All day, all night. It was hard to do her Yoga workout, bend over, or really do anything without thinking of it. She could hardly wash herself without devolving into fantasy. Now, looking into his eyes, she thought of it again. She felt her knees pushed back to her face and her spine curving. She almost felt him prodding her right now, but not in the normal way. Not the way a man was designed to love a woman. She had always loved him in the wrong way, and then he returned the favor. She should be shocked, appalled, or at least hungry for seizing even more of him. Instead, she was content with Robert having her in that way. She had made herself clean and ready for him tonight, just in case. She felt her tight thong under her jeans pressing against her even now. She felt like a whore, a slut, the worst things a woman could ever be. And yet, when she met his eyes she felt that they were thinking the same thing.

“You didn’t tell her.” Robert broke the silence. “That I knew.”

Guilt and naughty pleasure stormed through Jamie’s heart. “It was something I had, and she didn’t.” She was dumbfounded by her own honesty. She’d hardly admitted anything like that to herself, let alone someone so close to her sister. “Did you-?”

“No.” Robert shrugged. “I suppose she is happier thinking she is in control. We can keep it our little secret.” He pierced her with his eyes and she shivered. The promise of secrecy was intimate in a way Jamie had never felt before. It felt wrong, but in a small, controllable way. Donna had started the drama to begin with. Turnabout is fair play after all. “But only on one condition.” Robert continued. Jamie griped the table with anticipation. “The bedroom window is open. Hide under the bed and wait for me.”

“W-What?” Jamie asked. She heard the bathroom door opening and closing and quickly looked away.

“What did I miss?” Donna asked.

“Just seeing when Jamie is free again. I always love having her.” Robert smirked and Jamie tried not to meet Donna’s eyes. Donna chuckled and poured herself another drink.

Donna was her usual self the rest of the night. She began to drink a bit too much, but otherwise it was a pleasant evening. Jamie couldn’t keep Roberts words out of her head. Was he really going to do this? Was she? This felt like a more serious betrayal. Her sister didn’t know about this. As the dishes were gathered she said her goodbyes and was led to the door.

Jamie stared at the closed dark sky outside of her sister home for half a minute. Maybe this was a test? A Trap? Maybe her sister wanted to know her loyalties. Or maybe Robert wanted to expose Jamie in a more embarrassing canlı bahis way. Maybe this was all wrong and she should forget about all of it. She could just text or call Donna right now, or knock on the door again to tell her everything. The tension would be gone and they could go back to normal.

Or maybe a good ass fucking was what Jamie needed to clear her head.

Jamie blinked found herself in front of the open bedroom window. It was strange how the body could make decisions before the brain caught up. She fumbled inside and quietly crawled under the bed she recognized all too well. She was no stranger to subterfuge. The sheets covered her on all sides. She almost had enough room to lie comfortably on her side. In the darkness she pondered what Roberts plans were. Did Donna often pass out on the couch? Or maybe he was planning to switch Jamie to another hiding place before setting Donna down in the room?

As she pondered she felt her body heat up and her heartbeat quicken. Her thong was riding up and was tight on her most private areas. She found herself grinding against her own clothes, slowly growing more wet and sweaty by the moment. She dearly hoped that this was not a trap. If it were, she would never live it down. However, she wasn’t scared. She felt naughty and playful, like a child again hiding from her parents. She hadn’t had this much fun in years.

She heard footsteps and silenced herself. The door opened and she heard, “Ohhh, Robert!” She felt the bed squish down on top of her as Donna rolled. Jamie held a hand to her mouth in a panic. Everything was hot and humid before, but now the walls seemed to be closing in. “You ready?” Donna said seductively.

“Of course.” She heard Robert and saw light pierce her prison. She turned in horror and saw Robert grasping for lube from beyond the covers that shielded her, then the light faded again. Did he know she was here? “Well, lets see it!”

Donna giggled and Jamie guessed that she was lying on her back as she removed her panties. Jamie tried to control her breathing as the bulge above her pressed against her back and pushed her face into the carpet. Was Robert going to fuck her right above Jamie? Was this a punishment? Was Robert trying to teach her a lesson?

Well, the joke was on him then, because Jamie was still more turned on than ever. “HMMM!” She heard a hum and felt a tremor. It had started. “Lick it Robert!” She heard, “Just like that!” Jamie inched her free hand to the back of her waistband and pulled. She felt her clothes tighten and held back a moan. She lightly bumped her butt up against the bedspring and then thrust down into the floor as slow as she could manage. She was soaking already, and not just from sweat. “More!” She felt her sister shiver, “You tease!” She mocked him.

“Now just you wait.” She heard Robert speak, “Just let me get comfortable.”

What happened next occurred in less than a second. Jamie stopped in terror once more when she felt something wrap around her ankles. Was this it? Was it over? Was she done for? She froze in a cold sweat. Then she felt herself tugged halfway out from under the bed. She suppressed a yelp with both hands as her shirt and bra caught by the friction on the box springs and by the carpet. Her sweat must have lubed the transition. Her shirt imprisoned her arms and face and her free tits pressed hard against the floor, her bra was loose around her neck. She felt her jeans unbutton and peel off from the work of strong, hard hands. She felt like a doll, or a slab of clay being thrown and molded.

In the time it took to blink the waistband of her jeans rested just below her cheeks, her thong was puled aside and a slippery finger wormed around her neithers in search of the opening with the least resistance. It found her pussy and pressed into her. Both her hands covered her mouth. There was nothing she could do but try to stay silent. She was functionally naked and being fucked just a few inches below bahis siteleri her twin.

If Donna saw her, or noticed anything strange, she didn’t say anything about it.

“Ahh!” Jamie heard her sister cry out, “Fuck! Lick my clit baby, Lick my clit!” Donna was distracted at least.

Jamie felt the finger leave her and tease her pussy lips and opening before smearing the sex between her thighs and up her crack. She couldn’t help but moan and shiver and her sister spoke while shaking the bed, “Oh, Oh!” Jamie felt the fingers toy with her, spread her and squeeze her. Was this Roberts plan? To fuck both of them at once?

That crazy bastard! Jamie bit her lip and tightened her thighs in arousal. She wanted him to empty those massive balls inside her.

She felt him straddle her legs and squeeze a long, hard member in-between her cheeks and slide back and forth. What a tease! He made her stroke his cock with her grinding, desperate ass. “Fuck you Robert!” She heard her sister coo, “Fucking do it already, put something in me!” Jamie agreed. Robert should hurry up.

“Beg me.” Robert teased.

“Fuck, fine, please, fuck me or finger me or something!” Jamie felt Donna wildly thrust up and down on the bed with eagerness.

“Beg me.” He said again. This time prodding Jamie’s asshole and teasing her opening with his lubed cock. She quivered and shook her rear end in the most appealing way possible, longing hopelessly for him to enter her as if she were his real wife. But, of course, she would be happy to just be used a whore as well.

“Please!” She whispered under her breath. He didn’t hear her. “Please!” She whimpered before covering her mouth again.

“What was that?” She heard her sister question and felt her ass clench tight. “That sounded like- OH GOD DAMN!” Donna cried out. Jamie’s toes curled as she felt his cock spread her lonely cavity at the same time. She groaned as her sister cursed. At least Robert was slow to enter. He pushed and pushed as Donna writhed and wriggled above her. “Fuck! Shit! Fuck!” She heard the wet sounds of her sister’s sex being pounded and eaten just as Robert went hilt deep into Jamie’s rectum. One hand secured her as he pounded her secretly and steadily. Jamie couldn’t help but whimper with every thrust. Robert seemed to mercifully time his actions to cover her sounds. Jamie was cooing and moaning as Robert slowly coaxed her defeated spirit from the depths. This was not like last time. She was going to cum from this. “Faster!” She heard. “Harder!”

Side to side, up and down, in and out, his cock wormed around inside her and made her hiss.

“You bastard!” She heard her sister cry out. “You son of a bitch not so fast! You’re going to make me-“, a long and silent thrust was punctuated by, “OOOHHHH!” The whole bed convulsed with her sisters pleasure. Jamie was cooing and seething. It felt so much better than before. She was ready and relaxed. She was totally his now, there was no resistance or second thoughts.

“I’m, I’m I’m-” She heard. “I’m cumming!” Jamie felt the bed rock and felt close to the same precipice.

“Ah!” Jamie croaked during her sisters screaming. “Gah!” she whined. She gasped in the humid air and the cock pounded her deep and she felt Robert coming close as well. This was it. This was-

“Amazing!” She heard her sister coo during her throws of pleasure. “Oh god yes!”

Jamie bit down on her hand as she felt hot spunk shoot deep inside of her. She felt her body spasm and she felt the cock flow even slicker. She shook like a flag whipped back and forth by winds of ecstasy. Her knees bent and her hips bucked.

Then, chaos ensued at the moment of her climax. She peaked, and in the same moment, the cock left her disappointed body. She humped and clenched at her ruined, but still unstoppable crashing pleasure. As she did she felt herself being pushed back under the bed by her ass. Then she felt her body and legs turned and stuffed under as well just bahis şirketleri as swiftly. She was in a twitching, leaking, still cumming and bucking fetal position when she heard, “You enjoying yourself there?” Donna had moved to a sitting position. If Robert had been any later, they would have been found out.

Jamie couldn’t help but gasp and seize several more times as Robert said, “What can I say? You’re beautiful.” Then she felt Robert join Jamie in the bed, the physical pressure all around Jamie increased as she rode the final troubled waters of her climax. She felt fluids of all sorts being pressed out of her and leaking onto the floor with every movement. On her side, the bedsprings forced her in place. She heard them kiss and caress and felt envious impotence in her hot and hellish state. “How about we continue this is the shower?”

“Of course.” Donna giggled. Both finally left the bed with a creak and gave Jamie some much-needed room to breath and move. “Lead the way.”

When the water turned on Jamie summoned up all the strength she could to return to her stomach and crawl out. She had so many emotions. Frustration, fear, and ecstasy mingled and fused in her mind. In total there was one word for it. Dirty. She felt dirty. She wished it was her in that shower, but she would have to wait. She pulled on her clothes again and shakily made her way back home in the most distraught walk of shame she’d ever experienced.

“He is so amorous lately!” Donna bragged. Jamie squirmed as she waited for her coffee to cool. “Usually he’s one and done, you know.” Jamie never understood why Donna spoke so openly about such things in coffee shops. “But last night, well, we went for hours!”

“I’m happy for you.” Jamie blew her drink to hide her discontent.

“I don’t know what you did.” Donna shook her head in disbelief. “But not only has he stopped asking me for anything gross, he’s hornier than ever! He even went down on me with no hesitation! Normally he wants me to shave first, or do something for him, but he even got off on it this time!”

Jamie sipped and looked away.

“You think he’s cheating on me?”

Jamie coughed up her drink.

“I just ask cause I hear men get more randy from that you know? More women give them a greater sex drive or something.” Donna looked around with paranoia as Jamie tried to recover and wipe down the table. Donna didn’t seem to notice. “You always had a better eye for that kind of thing. What do you think?”

“Um.” Jamie gulped, padding down her blouse, “That’s, um, a pretty serious accusation.” Jamie dodged.

“Just a feeling.” Donna eyed the women walking outside as if all were suspect. “In any case.” She sighed, “Robert is taking a business trip down to Miami.”

“That’s fun.” Jamie nodded, happy for the subject change.

“But one of my besties is having a bachelorette party that weekend.” She seemed troubled. “So he’ll be alone. For two days. At a beach. Filled with bars. And filled with mostly naked young women.”

“I can see how that could be stressful.” Jamie nodded.

“I want you to go with him.” Donna said it like an order. “To keep him honest. He had a ticket for me anyways, so you can take it instead.”

Jamie blinked. “Me and Robert. Alone. In Miami. For a weekend?” She asked, unable to parse the reality before her.

“Because I trust you.” Donna said assuredly. Jamie’s gut filled with cold stones of guilt and shame. “I’d ask one of my other friends, but I’m certain they’d all try to get a piece of him.” Donna met her eyes, “I’ll owe you one.”

Jamie looked away and took a deep breath. “I understand.” She swallowed down the lump forming in her throat. “If he was mine,” Jamie squirmed again, “I’d do anything to keep him.”

Donna blinked, as if confused. Then continued with some understanding, “Well, It’s more that I’d want evidence for court. Eye witness stuff.” Donna corrected her. “So if you suspect anything, try and catch him in the act. And take lots of pictures. I’ll get you a camera before you go. Lots of money on the line.” Donna began packing her things back into her purse. “Anyways, I’ll make the arrangements. Have fun in Miami!”

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