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Babysitting for my Uncle Ch. 01

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I used to babysit for my uncle a lot. He would have me come over after school and watch his two kids while he went to work. I would feed them, change the little one’s diapers, bathe them, and make sure they were asleep at night. He got home around 10 and pay me. He would usually just take me home after that, but one night that all changed.

He told me to come over on a Saturday because he got called in. I walked over to his house and started to take care of the kids while he got ready. The kids were fed and happily playing with toys or watching tv. That’s when my uncle had called me into his room.

He was freshly showered and was only in a towel. I took a moment to admire his body. His chest was smooth, perfect little nipples, gorgeous six-pack, and wondrous pecks. He asked if I would climb under his bed and pull out his fancy leather shoes because his back was hurting.

He had a business meeting that day so his attire had changed from his normal uniform. I was impressed that a man in his 30’s could look as ripped as he did. I smiled and said I could get under his bed. Mind you, I was wearing a dress… a short one. My first mistake. I tried my best to keep my dress down, but failed miserably as I felt the cool air touch my butt cheeks. I spotted one of his shoes and pulled it out but I didn’t see the other. I slipped out from under his bed as my dress rose up to expose my whole underwear covered ass.

He asked where his other shoe was but I shrugged. I had no idea. He went to his closet and said he found it but wasn’t tall enough to reach. I saw a stool and brought it to him. He asked me to try and reach. I stood on the stool and reached for it while on my tippy toes. I got it down but my whole ass got exposed again. I felt a bit of warmth as his hands cupped my butt cheeks and then slid to my hips. He lifted me off the stool and watched büyükçekmece escort as my dress fell to cover my crotch. He said thank you and asked me to leave his room. I went back to the kids but I felt a familiar wetness between my legs and a tingle I just couldn’t shake.

My uncle left for work, but not without giving me a hug that lasted a bit too long and his hands were definitely too low. I felt a finger in my very wet slit. My nipples turned hard and I got slightly more wet. He left quickly and left me alone with the kids.

I took care of them all day and put them down for a nap around 3. The kids were asleep and I still had a tingle between my legs. I wanted to get rid of it and the only way I knew how was to rub my pussy. So I did. I sat down on the couch, pulled out my phone, and pulled up some porn. I started watching it quietly and rubbed my pussy. This was my second mistake.

I was so lost in the ecstasy that I didn’t notice my uncle walk in. He had set down his brief case and kicked off his shoes. He started walking towards me but I heard the floor boards creak. I freaked out and shut off my phone and put my dress back down. I was bright red when I realized it was my uncle. I pleaded “please don’t fire me! I need this job. They’re all asleep. I didn’t know you were going to be home this early!”

He smirked and asked “do you always do this while they nap? You naughty naughty girl. Do you need help?” I am still in shock. I stare directly at him as I feel my pussy pulsate. “You naughty naughty girl. Do you need help?” He repeated. I didn’t know what to say because it felt so wrong but I needed to get off so badly.

“I…I can do this on my own.” I stuttered.

“I know you can, but I can make it feel better…” he retorted.

“how?” I asked.

He took my hand and çağlayan escort led me to his room. I stood in the corner very scared of what he was going to do. He opened his top drawer of his dresser and fumbled through it. He pulled out this smooth white and pink vibrator. He tossed the vibrator on the bed and said “you can use that if I can watch.”

My heart was beating so fast. I wanted to cum so badly. My panties were so wet I could feel a little dripping down my leg. He took off his suit jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. I admired his chest and continued my shallow breathing. I needed it.

I nodded and sat on his bed. Panic set in and he could tell. “Have you ever used one?” He asked.

“No… I’m a virgin.” I answered. He snickered.

“Then this is perfect baby girl. Practice.”

He picked up the vibe, sat in front of me, and turned it on. I will never forget that humming. My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet and I needed release because I was starting to feel nauseous from anticipation. I grabbed it from his hand and looked at him. He spread my legs apart and guided the vibrator to my clit. The instant touch of the vibrator touching sent thrills through my body.

“Fuck!” I say and instantly cover my mouth.

I had never cussed before and I felt guilty. He peeled my hand away from my mouth and said “that just means this is exactly what you needed.” And he kissed my cheek. I slid down the bed slightly more and spread my legs wider. I slid my dress up so he could see better. He smiled and touched the inside of my thigh and rubbed it a bit. I could see his erection start to push against his pants. I blushed and giggled. He noticed my stare and laid back. He undid his buckle and slid his pants down a bit. He asked if I wanted to “set it free” and I said yes. I put the vibe down for çapa escort a moment and knelt in front of him.

I grabbed the waist band of his briefs and slid them down. They got stuck around the tip of his cock so I had to touch it. I yelped as my hand made contact. He thought it was cute. He gripped his dick and I laid back down. I grabbed the vibrator and put it on my clit. I got instantly hot and was trying to escape my dress. I got it over my head and realized I was not wearing a bra. My perky D cups presented themselves to him. He stared in disbelief. I dropped the vibe, covered them up, and turned around all in one swift movement. I landed on the vibrator and got shivers again. I rubbed my pussy on it and looked back at my uncle. He was watching my ass move on the vibe as he jacked himself off. I felt my body start convulsing knowing I was about to cum. I started cussing again trying to hold out as long as I could knowing he was enjoying this.

“I’m close…” I whisper to him.

He moves on the bed and I look back at him. His pants are off and he’s on his knees. He pulls the vibrator out from under me and flips me over. I stare up at him in surprise. I’m still covering my breasts but he grabs his cock and lays it in top of my mound. I feel the warmth above me and he starts rubbing his long length against my clit. I shiver and arch my back. I stare into his eyes and wrap my arms around his neck. I pull his hair lightly and he continues rubbing my clit. I feel myself getting close again and he senses it too. He looks me in the eyes and says “together.” I nod and hold on for dear life until I feel him twitch. I let myself cum and so does he. My body convulses and shakes as I have the most intense orgasm of my life. He shoots his cum on my body and stares deeply into my eyes. He leans down and kisses me. I push him away surprised. He looks sad and when I recover, I pull him back in for a deep kiss. That made him very happy. He rolled over so he could recuperate

That’s when we heard a very quiet voice belonging to my 18 year old cousin. “Surprise…” he says with a few bags in his hands. I cover myself and think what a big mistake I had just made. Or was it fate?

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