Şubat 28, 2024

At the Club

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I noticed him as soon as I stepped onto the dance floor. Oh god he was fine. Nice broad shoulders, good dance moves. His dancing made me think he knew how to ‘dance’ well in the bedroom. I adjusted my ample cleavage and pulled my skirt up a little more as I smiled at him and looked him straight in the eye. I made my way over to my circle of girlfriends, knowing he was watching me. I could feel the heat from his eyes on my back. I reached the girls (working my hips the whole way) and we said our hellos and continued to dance in our circle.

Now I am no award-winning dancer but I know what rhythm is. I can ‘booty’ dance better than most girls out there haha. When I dance my hands tend to wander, feeling up on my exposed legs, midriff, breasts, ass, all slow and sensual looking. After about 30 minutes of this, I had started to sweat a tiny bit. Dancing in my 3-inch heels was not the easiest task, but I try my best.

Suddenly a mouth comes close to my ear and I feel someone press up against my backside. A very deep, very sexy voice whispers in my ear, “If you keep dancing like that, I’m not going to be responsible for my actions.” I jump a little as I turn my head to see whom this sexy voice belongs to. I smile as I turn around to reveal the voice belongs to the dancer who made my thoughts jump to jumping him. He looks me up and down and grabs me and turns me back around, grinding his crotch against my ass. I instantly get much hotter. I can see the Travesti look of shock and jealousy on a few of my girlfriend’s faces as the two of us grind together on the dance floor. I smile and close my eyes as my hands start to wander my body again. His arm circles my waist and grips me tight as he starts to whisper in my ear again, “What did I tell you?” He grabs my hand and pulls me to a bench on the wall around the dance area. He puts his hands on my face and kisses me hard and deep.

I kiss him back instantly and urgently. The 3 months since I’ve gotten anything grabs hold of me. His hands grab my ass tight as he sits down. I sit down with him….straddling his lap as I face him. He sucks and licks on my neck as his hand travels up under my shirt. I glance around and notice that no one in the crowded club has really noticed us yet as my hips start grinding down on him with the excitement of it all. His hand reaches where it was headed and starts playing with my sensitive nipple through the fabric of my bra. I gasp and grind on him harder. I can feel that he is enjoying my grinding very much. He removes his mouth from my neck, grabs my hair, brings my lips down to his and kisses me hard. He knows I can’t move my head back when he’s holding my hair tight like that. His tongue slowly massages mine as we kiss harder.

Suddenly, he stands up, grabs my hand and pulls me to the front door of the club. He walks out to a black Ford Explorer izmir Travesti with tinted windows and nice silver rims. I hear a beep as he unlocks his car. He opens the back door, and throws me in the back, climbing up and slamming the door behind him. My excitement grows as my skin tingles, I’m pretty sure I know what is going to happen next. He leans down over me and kisses me some more. One of his hands finds it’s way under my skirt and inside my panties. I’m already wet and he smiles as he inserts two fingers, finding this out for himself. He grunts as he rips the panties out of the way. “They were getting in the way.” He tells me as I start to giggle. My giggles quickly turn to moans as his fingers get back to work. I could feel my wetness dripping down the crack of my ass. He took my tits out of my bra and shirt and started sucking hard on my nipples, as his fingers kept moving over and over my clit. My moans got louder and louder. 3 months! This felt so good. I reached down and undid his button and zipper on his pants. I pushed him back as his fingers left my pussy. I grabbed those fingers and stuck them in my mouth, tasting and licking my self off of them.

He knew what I was doing and pulled his cock out of his boxers. I gasped as this thick 10-inch monster was staring me straight in the face. I licked it up and down at first, getting it nice and wet. I pulled my head back a little and spit on his dick, getting it nice and wet. I Konya Travesti started sucking on the head hard at first while my hand pumped the shaft. Then suddenly I put him all in my mouth the head of his dick scratching the back of my throat. He moaned and I felt his hands on the back of my head, grabbing my hair. Suddenly he was pulling my hair, causing my head to go up and down on his dick at the pace he wanted. As he did this, my tongue kept moving, tasting his cock. His moans got louder and louder as I started to lightly massage his balls. He pulled me up by my hair and set me up on my hands and knees. He kneeled behind her and rammed his cock in to her dripping pussy. She yelled as he rammed into her over and over. His hand came back and slapped he ass and the smack echoed through the silence of the SUV. “Fuck!” The cursing just slipped out, it felt so damn good, and she couldn’t stop it. She started breathing faster and faster as his pelvis slammed her ass harder and harder. He reached up and rolled her nipples in his fingers as he pumped into her.

“Shit! I’m going to cum!” This seemed to fuel him on more, he started going faster and harder. Suddenly, she felt her orgasm bubble up from inside. “Yes!! Yes!! Oh YES! I’m cumming!!” Her pussy tightened and contracted around his hard cock. He groaned real loud, gripped her hips hard and slammed into her again, hard. He came into the condom and slumped over her back, his cock still in her tight pussy. He pulled up and sat back and so did she. She was grinning as she looked at him. She stuck her hand out to him and chuckled, “Hi. I’m Noelle.”

He grasped her hand and shook it, laughing as he said, “Hi Noelle, I’m Lee. Very nice to meet you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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