Temmuz 12, 2024

Approaching Lynda’s Asshole

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Lynda was about 5’10” and thin. A northern European body type. But she must have inherited the genes for her ass from a distant Italian or Greek ancestor. What a set of buns! Round and plump, but not fat. In fact, each cheek was just full enough to be a perfect half moon but neither “spilled over” onto the top of her thighs. You might say her buns were a mirror image of her tits.

As I entered her bathroom, Lynda was standing directly under the flow from the shower and letting it pound her face. She leaned her head slightly back, put her hands on her hips and just stood there.

I stepped into the shower and wrapped my arms around her, each hand filling with a tit. Lynda leaned back into me. I flicked her nipples, alternately, and in a minute or so Lynda began to wiggle her bottom back onto my erection. I released her right breast and adjusted my now raging penis in the crack of her ass. I could not help it. I had to start moving, up and down in that crack. Lynda dropped her right hand to her pussy and began fingering. Hot water, steam and two very excited people immersed in all of it. I knew I had to get into her ass, but the question was where, here in the shower or on the edge her bed?

I noticed some body-wash on the self above us and thought ‘how bahis firmaları about that for lube?’ As I reached up to get it Lynda said, “Good stuff” I have used it on my vibrators.” Vibrators. Plural. Keeping my left hand on her left breast, I opened the body wash snap-top with my right and poured a goodly amount of some very slippery, nice smelling soap into the top of her crack. It slowly ran down, covering the end of my cock. Now we are ready, I thought. As I backed up and lined my penis for insertion Lynda softly said, ‘Finger me first. Get me good and slick inside.”

I take instructions from a lady who knows what she likes so I gathered some soap from her ass crack and with my index finger well coated, gently pushed into Lynda’ asshole. She stopped fingering and almost collapsed back into me.

“That is so good. Leave it there for a minute. Don’t move. Let me enjoy it”, Lynda moaned. As the hot water pounded down on us, we became one being. I was so hot I thought my cock was going to explode. Lynda just lay back against my chest, with my index-finger in her bottom up to the second knuckle. I knew I couldn’t stay in that position very long, so I began to piston my finger in and out. Lynda recovered as I did that and she leaned forward against the wall of the shower, kaçak iddaa almost bending at the waist with her hands on her knees and pushed her ass onto my finger even farther. I finger fucked her bottom her for a couple of minutes and then I really knew I had to put my cock inside. When I withdrew my finger, Lynda straightened up, turned around and kissed me. She put her tongue into my mouth and teased my tongue, all the while allowing the hot water to wash her ass. After a few seconds, Lynda pulled out and whispered, “I am going to put a pillow on the edge of my bed, cover it with a towel, lean forward and lie on the bed. You are going to get my jar of Vaseline out of the bedside table, coat your cock and then fuck me.” With that she stepped out of the shower and headed for her bed, water dripping off her sleek torso. Throwing the covers to the foot of the bed, Lynda put small pillow on the side of her bed, right on the edge. Then she draped her towel over it and climbed up onto it, settling down with the pillow directly under her pelvis. When she was situated, she reached back with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart. She turned herself to look over her right shoulder at me and, with a smile said, “I’m waiting.”

As I walked out of the bathroom, I could see that her kaçak bahis very small asshole was slightly open. Just of hint of darker skin. Where the sun don’t shine. I also noticed the color of the skin around her asshole was a faint rose color. Dainty, light and very much the same color as the skin around her nipples. I was on fire. But I could not just plunge in. I had to kiss that asshole. But first things first. I opened the top drawer in her bedside table and found her Vaseline. I also found a variety of toys. I could see we were going to have a lot fun playing with those.

When I popped the lid of her Vaseline, I was surprised to see it was half empty. The center of the goo was well fingered to a depth of an inch or so. Without a word to her, I dipped two fingers in and pulled a dollop out. Vaseline is so thick it stays in the shape you get it, until the heat of your fingers makes it soften and melt. I smeared this wonderful lube up and down my shaft, leaving a “swirly” on the tip. Lynda had politely placed a hand towel next to her. As I finished lubing, she said “Use the towel to clean up a little. Try not to get Vaseline on my sheets.” Of course, I complied. I wanted to do everything this lady wanted and keep her happy.

I still had to kiss her asshole before I entered. As I got sown on my knees behind her, Lynda said “What are you doing. I want you in me.” She stopped talking when my tongue touched the center of her asshole and pushed inside. All she was “oh”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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