Şubat 2, 2023

Ann’s Art Project Ch. 08

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the final day of our General Exhibition. If you are looking for the sculpture ‘Ann’s Breasts of a Happy Woman’, please follow the signage picturing two female breasts. Please be aware that long waiting times may be necessary as this piece is particularly popular today.”

“Uh-oh, I think the masses are about to hit our little booth! Good luck Ann. And remember, just enjoy yourself! That weird, bow-tied man will be on the watch the whole day to make sure everybody is behaving. It’s just a few hours to the contest anyway.”

“Oh god, I hope this doesn’t go sideways.” whispered Ann.

“Shh, your new watchdog is approaching. You have to shut up for good now if you don’t want to be found out.”

The manager pushed two large hand sanitizers mounted on metal stands just besides Ann’s two breasts and smiled, “This should do it. I think we are ready. Ah, the first visitors are coming. Here, people, follow the signs and queue up. Yes, like that. Everybody is allowed to touch this fascinating sculpture, just be gentle. Experience the superior materials! The stunning texture! The fantastic tactile properties of this controversial work of art! Touching, kneading, kissing, pulling is all fine. No slapping, no hitting, no punching!”

Swaths of people longed to get their hands on Ann’s work, wanted to see with their own eyes what the fuzz was all about, and soon the artist’s exposed breasts got thoroughly massaged, played with and examined by many, many curious visitors.

The manager continuously repeated his new trademark sentence, “Listen all you lovely people: Touching, kissing, pulling is fine. No slapping, hitting or punching please!” and watched over the masses of people like a benevolent mother over her kids. And Ann had no choice but to endure this ongoing torment, this attack of the many hands.

Kendra patiently waited in line to get her chance to inspect that disgusting ‘sculpture’ again. Yesterday, those boobs had clearly been fake and she had made sure that the stupid foam thing became unusable. It had been surprisingly easy to sneak into the exhibition hall at night and inject a little ink into the soft material in the hope that the damage would force that stupid girl to show off her real udders once again. And had she been right! The ‘sculpture’ was already up for public inspection and didn’t show any discolorations. That bitch was back in the column showing off her tits again! And because of that silly publicity stunt that this stupid whore pulled off yesterday evening, everybody and their dog now wanted to get their dirty hands on those bloated milk bags.

But Kendra would make sure that this nasty fraud had no time to enjoy the attention. She smiled as her fingers brushed over the contents of her purse. A simple, well-planned attack should be enough to force that cunt out in the open for good!

Ann soon could tell the differences of the hands that groped her. Some were eager, excited, almost obscene; some were taxing, testing her resilience; some were investigating, curious; some were envious, resentful. She could distinguish the male from the female hands, the young, inexperienced from the old and experienced. To distract herself from the irritating sensations, she tried to imagine how each person looked, how they felt and what they thought.

And then, all of a sudden, there was pain. So much pain that tears welled up in her eyes and she had difficulties not to scream. Something was searing through her tender breasts, inflaming her sensitive skin. Ann could barely keep herself from crying out loud.

“Knock, knock. Who’s there?”

Oh no! It was that nutter again!

“Did you miss me? Do you enjoy my little gift? Don’t worry, it’s just a bit of itching powder and some chili paste and whatnot, made into a nice, sticky fluid. Nothing to be afraid of. But I do wonder how long you’ll be able to stay in there, with your udders on fire.”

Ann bit her lip. Oh god, where was Sue? She needed Sue! Now!

“You see, I even had to use gloves just to hand over this present to you, so please show some appreciation!” Kendra giggled massaging the taut, bloated tits in her well-protected, gunk-covered hands, “By the way, those handles… I think they’re all wrong again. They have to point downward, right?”

Ann gasped as she felt the awful metal jaw clamp down hard on her left tit again. Sweat was dripping from her nose.

“Hey Miss! Don’t do that! The handles need to point up! You might damage the work!”

Thank god, the watchdog was paying attention. That way that evil monster couldn’t go too far.

“Aehm… I think the young woman is actually right. The artist intended the handles to point downward.”

It was that Journalist! What the hell did she do here?

“Sir, I’m Ms Shinozaki, a reputable art reporter. I interviewed this artist earlier and the lady personally gave me this picture of her sculpture. Look here, the handles are clearly pointing downward in this image!”

Ann heard Sue joining bilecik escort the quabble and arguing for her case. But the evidence of the photo was again so overwhelming that whatever Sue said to convince the site manager just didn’t work.

“I have to admit this is quite an obvious case,” muttered the manager, “The lady is right, we have to respect the artist’s intentions down to the very detail. Therefore I declare that those handles shall always point downwards!”

“But you can’t…”

“Miss, I have decided. It is my duty to keep watch over this lovely piece of art and have authority over how it is protected.”

“I still believe this is a big mistake!” complained Sue.

“Don’t you worry, young lady, everything will be fine. Now just go back to your video art and let these lovely people have a look at Ann’s wondrous work. This case is closed. Please step back and let the audience have their chance.”

He shushed them away and went back to telling people what they can and can’t do.

Everybody had to use the hand sanitizers before they were allowed to touch Ann’s now awfully constricted boobs and the young artist was about to lose her mind over the intense stimulation. Thankfully, the sanitizing fluid slowly washed away the itching mess, but not before heating her glowing orbs up to the burning point.

Ann couldn’t remember just how she was able to withstand this constant attack of the many hands, but somehow she made it through. The worst part had been that evil girl, who apparently queued up time and time again just to torment her boobs as often as she could. And whenever she had made it to the top of the queue, she would massage Ann’s bloated orbs feverishly, covering her tits in this vile, itching fluid again while pulling and twisting her flesh around, whispering words of hate and contempt.

After each attack of that mean woman, Ann’s breasts burned and itched like hell. That vile, sticky fluid her determined foe smeared on her twins again and again made Ann’s exposed flesh ever more alert to the following touches and greatly amplified the sensation of being reduced to her tits only.

Kendra enjoyed this play tremendously. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on those fat tits again and again, torturing this wanton ‘artist’ with whatever idea she could come up with. Sometimes she would squeeze those nasty udders, sometimes she would punch them, smack them around, turning those bloated balloons into red, hot balls of flesh.

Thankfully the manager kept a close eye on Ann and sent the angry girl away whenever she got too violent.

All those nasty words were still echoing through Ann’s head when the manager called for Sue and said, “I think it’s time to prepare for the ceremony. Will the artist be able to join this event?”

“I don’t think so,” she heard Sue reply, “Would be very surprised if she turns up. She’s way too shy for this kind of thing.”

“Really? That’s a pity. She has to work on this, otherwise she will never be successful. Now lovely lady, would you lend me a hand to get everything arranged? I will call the maintenance team to get the column over, but you need to get your video equipment into the ballroom, too.”

“Sure, I’m ready when you are.”

Ann heard the manager telling the annoyed crowd that the exhibition will now be closed and that it will unfortunately not be possible to experience this masterpiece any longer. She heard people booing and complaining but the man didn’t budge an inch and sent everybody off to look at other works. Then she heard some male voices she remembered from earlier.

“You want us to carry this thing to the ballroom for the contest?” one asked.

“Yes indeed. But be careful, it’s a very delicate piece.”

“But the ballroom is two floors up and I don’t think this monster will fit into the elevator!” another voice complained.

“Just take the stairs then. Now do as you’re told, please!”

Suddenly the world around her shook and wobbled. Ann’s senses immediately went on high alert as the column tilted and spun, her clothes and purse sliding around dangerously. She desperately tried to catch all the stuff that suddenly started moving and hoped that her shirt, jeans and other belongings sliding around wouldn’t be noticed.

And then she was carried away, her bulging, crimson breasts jiggling from the underside of the large wooden object as the men walked off with her. Ann tried to stay as still as possible. Keeping herself stable, but holding on to all her stuff turned out to be rather challenging.

The short trip proved to be quite an adventure for the trapped artist. She got hoisted around by her tits, rolled on the floor and even turned upside down at some point during her way to the ballroom. The men didn’t care too much about damaging this expensive piece of equipment and laughed at those funny rubber boobs that got squeezed between the wood and the floor whenever they needed a short rest.

But fortunately the workmen didn’t bother bilecik escort bayan to peek into the large opening at the top of the column or otherwise they would have spotted the stressed-out, young woman that desperately tried to limit the strain on her trapped breasts.

Ann held on for dear life, tried to ignore the searing pain in her boobs and hoped to not lose any of the loose objects skidding around her. And finally, after a particularly painful travel up a flight of stairs, where her tits scraped along each and every step, the column found its place on the stage.

When Sue entered the large ballroom to set up the video equipment, she saw Ann’s column standing there already, the bulging tits glowing in an angry purple.

“Hey Ann, you alright?”

“N-n-no. This was awful. My tits are on fire! Those guys rolled me around like a barrel! Can you believe it? Do you know how painful it was to get flung around by your tits?”

“Can barely imagine. I’ll open the clamps for a bit, but I’m pretty sure those idiots will close them again because that’s apparently what the artist wants…”

“Thanks a million. Aaaahhh… the pain! Those things are all pins and needles! By the way, how do I look?”

“Honestly? Your udders look a tad smashed up. Like your blood has been trapped for too long or something. Do you want me to massage you a bit? Maybe that improves things?”

“Sure, go ahead! But be careful, OK? Too many people touched me there already. Ahhh… that’s good! Keep it up!”

Sue kneaded the hot balls of fire to get Ann’s blood flowing again. And it worked wonders. Soon, her friend’s melons were back to a light rose tint and looked as delicious as ever.

“Room is filling up already. I guess I should stop with this or people will think I’m a pervert,” whispered Sue, “Have to set up my video anyway.”

“Thanks so much, Sue. Feeling better now. I am so looking forward to get out of my self-made prison!”

The large hall soon was bustling with people. Broadcasters were setting up their cameras, teams of reporters were testing their equipment and looked for a good spot, and hundreds of people were chatting about the upcoming event. Ann could only hear the voices mumbling and laughing in the darkness of her column and the thought that so many people were looking at her exposed bits got her all excited once again.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the award ceremony, the final highlight of our General Exhibition. It is my pleasure to announce this year’s winners and I’m really looking forward to talk with our upcoming artists.”

The ballroom slowly calmed down, everyone was looking at the stage. An odd column was standing there, sporting two pinkish protrusions, and a video was playing. There were other pieces, too, but the focus clearly had been put on the column which stood brightly illuminated in the center of the small stage.

The announcer harrumphed.

“For the first time ever, this year’s ‘best of show’ award goes to a young lady who is actually unable to attend this ceremony. We were trying hard to get her here, but unfortunately we were not successful in our efforts.”

Ann cringed.

“So you can imagine the discussions we had. ‘Should we really award somebody who shows no respect to this ceremony?’ and ‘Doesn’t this set a bad precedent?’ were some of the minor concerns raised. But in the end the committee decided to make an exception due to the stunning work of this young artist that just needs to be brought to the attention of our community. Look at this work, look at those flawless attributes of an indeed very happy woman! You simply have to experience how warm and soft those magnificent breasts feel like. Nobody was able to determine just how the young artist managed to create this stunning sculpture.”

The hands of the announcer touched Ann’s exposed breasts and made them jiggle around.

“Aehm, Greg?”

“Yes Mr Roberts?”

“I think those handles are in the wrong position again. Can you please for once push them down for good? It’s really important to show the artwork as intended by the artist!”

“Sure,” the announcer muttered and turned to the audience again.

“I was just informed that we were a bit sloppy when setting up this nice piece. Apparently those beautiful golden handles need to point downward. Let me fix that for you.”

Ann gritted her teeth in anticipation. Moments later the metal clamps closed down swiftly on her, forcing tears into her eyes. She cursed herself once again for coming up with the stupid idea to use those metal holders. At least she was almost done with this event. Only a few more minutes and…

“FRAUD! THIS BITCH IS A FRAUD!” somebody yelled, and moments later Ann felt a something bounce hard against her exposed breasts. Then there was another hit and a wet splash that drenched her trapped twins in what felt like water.

Stunned silence, then shouting, yelling.

“Catch her! Catch this woman! She destroyed the sculpture!”

Ann escort bilecik couldn’t make sense of what just happened, but something felt very, very wrong. Her breasts burned like fire and felt kind of weird. This wasn’t water, this was something else! But as hard as she tried, the trapped artist couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on.

Beads of sweat formed on Ann’s entire body, her stomach felt like it was just a big, unwieldy knot, and panic rose quickly within the poor girl. The searing pain emanating from her exposed breasts drove her out of her mind. She remembered her earlier experiments with that casting resin. Was this similar? Or was it something new? What the hell was it that hit her breasts? And what was going on out there?

“We can’t find her! I think she escaped!”

“Keep searching! Damn, look at the damage! The column is completely soiled and this magnificent sculpture is almost entirely covered in that awful blue mess! Get somebody from the restoration department, and be quick! We need to do everything we can to save this piece of art!”

Ann heard a familiar voice closeby. Sue! It was Sue!

“Hey darling, can you hear me? Are you ok?”

“Y…yes, I’m fine… kind of. What happened? My boobs are burning terribly. Something is wrong, isn’t it?”

“That bitch attacked you. She threw something at you, probably a water balloon filled with…something. Maybe ink? Your tits are covered in blue color, just like the entire middle-section of your column.”

“It… it can’t be only ink. That heat… Something else is…”

“We will find out soon. They called for some experts that will clean you up. Just be patient.”

“Experts? What experts?” Ann was about to freak out, “Will they inspect me? Fuck, Sue! They will find out for sure!”

“Damn, you’re right! But I can’t do anything right now. This place is way too crowded!”

“Can you at least open the clamps? It’s killing me!”


Ann felt the rigid metal claws move.

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t touch the artwork! Experts need to have a look first to assess the damage! So keep your hands off!”

Dammit, that pretentious prick again. Sue looked at him with disgust. She knew Ann was in terrible pain, she could hear the poor girl writhe and moan for god’s sake! But only she knew about the real implications of that attack. Who knows what that vile stuff was! Maybe it was dangerous? Maybe it harmed Ann’s breasts? And Ann was right, those experts would find out the truth as soon as they started to examine the damage. She had to do something and quick!

Sue looked around in panic. But what? What could she do? There, the fire alarm! If she would push that button…

She scanned the room. Nobody was paying attention to her. This was her chance! She leaped forward and smashed the glass of the emergency switch. A horn started to whine at an excruciating frequency. The whole room suddenly stood still and everybody looked around. Meanwhile Sue was back next to the column and looked as innocent as she could muster. Would anyone notice?

Security guards started yelling and ordered everybody to leave the room immediately. The room started to move. Sue quickly scanned her surroundings and dashed behind a curtain.

Minutes later the room was empty. Sue peeked out of her hiding place and checked if it was safe to get out. She ran back to the column and panted, “Ann! I thought about it. We need to prepare those fake boobs! Like if they were the ones getting damaged, you know?”


“Ah, forget it, no time to explain. Let me just take a picture and I’ll tell you later.”

Sue fumbled her phone out and aimed at the messy breasts of her friend. “OK, that’s that. Now get out of there Ann, quick!”

“Is it safe?”

“No one’s here except us. Come on, hurry up!”

She pushed the handles up to open the clamps.

“Ugh, finally! That’s much better! Now if I can just…”

“Hurry up, Ann! Just pull the suckers out!”

Sue waited impatiently, her eyes dashing around. Suddenly her gaze fell on a peculiar object lying on the ground. She reached for it.

“What the hell is that? Some sort of balloon filled with… Did she miss… That must be it! She…”

“Sue? I’m stuck!”

“Oh come on, Ann, just rip them out, please?”

“No really, I’m stuck! The motors don’t work anymore! They must have been damaged by the attack or something!”

“Christ! And what now? Can’t you just pull yourself free?”

“I tried! But it’s not working! You have to help me! Can’t you… I don’t know… push my boobs through?”

“Do you know how messy they are? They are covered in… eek… sticky!”

Sue examined the tip of her finger she just dunked into the slimy, blue goo covering Ann’s breasts.

“This is gross.”

“Please Sue, help me?”

“Dammit! Alright Ann, I will try to push those fat tits in.”

She grabbed the sticky flesh balls and pushed, but they didn’t budge.

“Harder! Push harder, Sue!” Ann groaned from within.

“You have to pull, dammit! Ann, pull!”

“It doesn’t… oh fuck, I’m so stuck! It hurts, Sue. It hurts so much!”

“Calm down, sweetie, we’ll get you out! I will… shh, I think somebody is coming. Stay calm, I have to hide!”

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