Ocak 28, 2023

Andy and Stephanie Pt. 02

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This is part 2 of the story of Andy and Stephanie. Please read part 1 first, or this won’t make much sense!


I guess I get why she wants to wait…it isn’t like I’d be having a lot of sex if we weren’t together. It’ll be worth it. She’s so sexy. I’ll respect her wishes for now and when we’re married I’ll get to fuck her and she’ll suck my cock and it’ll be amazing.


From then on, he requested permission to kiss her, which made the make out sessions less hot for her but also made her feel more confident that he was respecting her newly created boundaries. When senior year started, she kept attending the sporting events and the after parties, telling Andy she was going with her girlfriends or just saying it was a girls’ night out. She also kept up the late night trips to the rooms of her favorite athletes, the forwards on the basketball team, or wide receivers on the football team.

With Andy she went to brunch, fancy dinners, and the movies. The two loved spending time together, and they were getting increasingly serious as the year progressed.

After graduation, Andy started at a big 4 public accounting firm in the city. He worked late most nights, allowing to fulfill her sexual needs during the week while spending time with Andy on the weekends. Jamal started playing semi-pro basketball for a local team. Derek became an assistant football coach at a local high school, and DeAndre was drafted in the late rounds for the local NBA team, so they were all living nearby and available for whenever Stephanie needed some dick. For her part, Stephanie took on a staff role at a Fortune 500 company in the area.

Andy met Stephanie’s parents, and it became clear to her that he was going to propose.


I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him. We’re soulmates. I’m just not sure what to do about the sex. I mean his dick is so small. DeAndre is the smallest guy I fuck regularly and he’s 7.5 inches and super thick. From a volume perspective he has at least twice as much dick as Andy. I just won’t like it, I know it. But sex isn’t everything. I can figure it out. I love Andy too much not to marry him.


So, Stephanie asked Whitney for advice.

“Why don’t you get a dildo the same size as Andy and see if it is good for you? Then at least you’ll know for sure,” Whitney said.

Stephanie ordered a dildo that was 4.5″ long and the same in girth and tried it out. At first, it was pleasurable, like oral sex. She brought herself to a couple of clitoral orgasms. But as she tried to go deeper and deeper she found herself unsatisfied. Usually, she preferred to start on top of a guy, and achieve a g-spot orgasm by leveraging the length of his cock to hit the right angle. The flexibility of a dildo provided that as well. But after that she craved a deep fucking and a-spot stimulation and the dildo simply couldn’t reach. It didn’t even feel close. Whitney had given her a 6″ dildo, the smallest she owned, so Stephanie tried that too. It felt…better, but not much. No, she needed at least 7 inches and maybe more. Andy simply wouldn’t do it for her.

“I wish I could marry Andy and keep fucking other guys…” she vented to Whitney after her unsatisfying tryst.

“Well, I mean…you could…have I ever told you about when I was dating Rob?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well,” Whitney began, “it was the summer after our senior year of high school. I was dating a white boy named Rob. He was super hot, but his dick was, well, I guess it was probably average, but he was tall so it looked even smaller. I could hardly feel him inside of me. After a couple of times I gave up. I would give him a blow job or a hand job and let him feel my tits and he was okay with that. But the whole time I was fucking Treyvon. He was a guard for our basketball team and his dick wasn’t even huge, like maybe 7 inches, but he was thick and he knew bayburt escort how to use it. He was amazing. I just couldn’t stop fucking him. So I had the best of both worlds, a loving boyfriend who treated me really well, and a sexy guy to fuck on the side.”

“Wow!” Stephanie exclaimed. “So did Rob ever get suspicious or figure it out?”

“Nope! Guys aren’t that smart. I would even tease him all night and then leave and go fuck Treyvon, and he didn’t seem to notice. He probably went home and jerked his little guy while I rode Treyvon.”

“Hmm. Well I’m not sure if I could do that to Andy…but I might have to honestly. What if I just used a big dildo? I could even get him to fuck me with it.”

“Yeah, that’s an idea,” Whitney responded, “but…I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer real guys over a rubber toy.”

Sure enough, Andy proposed a few weeks later and Stephanie accepted the proposal excitedly. She loved Andy and she was so excited to spend the rest of her life with him.

A few days later, he texted her after a movie date.

Now that we’re engaged…I’m hoping I’ll be receiving some sexy selfies 😉

Stephaniewas actually already wearing lingerie, as she was getting ready to go to Derek’s house, so she sent him a few pictures of her in a lace bra and lace thong before she left to fuck Derek.

The engagement proceeded as smoothly as the rest of their relationship, with the couple spending time together on the weekends and Stephanie visiting Jamal, Derek, or DeAndre 2-3 times per week.

About a month before the wedding, Stephanie and Whitney were talking about the fact that she would be fucking Andy soon.

“I want him to give something up, like, if I’m going to even think about giving up real dick, I want him to sacrifice too. I was thinking…hear me out…of getting a chastity cage for him. Have you heard of those?” Stephanie asked.

“Umm, well I know what chastity is…” Whitney responded.

“It’s a little cage that goes around his dick so he can’t get hard and jerk off or have sex. I want him to wear it leading up to our wedding. It’ll make our first night together super special. And maybe he’ll gain an inch since he’ll be so excited when I take it off!” Stephanie laughed.

So, Stephanie bought a cock cage for Andy. She wasn’t sure how small he was soft, so she guessed and got a medium size — a cage 2.5″ in length. Next time they hung out, she brought the cage.

“Hey Andy, I have a favor to ask of you…”

“What’s that sweetie?”

“Well, as you know, we are waiting until marriage to have sex. I’m so excited. But I want you to wait too…I know I’ve sent you all these sexy pics and, well, I don’t want you jerking off between now and the wedding night.”

“Oh, uh, okay,” Andy responded.

“And I know it’ll be hard for you, so I brought you this.”

Stephanie showed him the chastity device and without waiting for his consent, unzipped his pants, locked it up on him, placing the key in her pocket.

“I can’t wait to unlock you!” She giggled as she left, ending the date to go fuck Derek.

A few days later, Andy complained that the cage was too big, so Stephanie replaced it with a custom size — 2″ long. From that moment, she knew it would be nearly impossible to be faithful to a guy that small.

The bachelorette party was relatively tame, with the occasional reference to Stephanie’s reputation as a size queen the only hint to her cheating ways. The night before the wedding, Stephanie went to Derek’s at 11pm for a last fucking session before she became a married woman. Afterwards, she realized she couldn’t handle not having access to cock on the honeymoon, so she made a last minute call to DeAndre. She offered to buy him a suite at the resort her and Andy were staying at in Bermuda, as well as his plane tickets, if he would come and be available to give her the fucking she would need. He agreed, of course.

The wedding day arrived, bayburt escort bayan and Stephanie and Andy were all packed for Bermuda. The key to the chastity cage was safely inside a zipper container in Stephanie’s backpack, along with a change of clothes and other basic items. Whitney was planning on bringing another backpack with special lingerie that she had purchased for Stephanie’s wedding night as a gift.

The day was a blur, and the happy couple enjoyed it thoroughly. Jamal, Derek, and DeAndre were all invited to the wedding, and near the end of the reception she even snuck away to Jamal’s car to give him a blow job and swallow his load. When she returned to the reception hall, most of the guests were gone and most of the cleanup was done. Andy and his groomsmen were shooting the breeze and enjoying a 6-pack of beer. Stephanie walked up to him and kissed him, grabbed the backpack sitting nearby, and the two drove home together.

“I’m so excited to unlock the cage,” Andy commented.

“Yes! As soon as we get to the resort you will be free!” Stephanie promised. “Let’s make our time together special in Bermuda, not at home.”

Andy agreed, of course. The next morning, they loaded up the suitcases into the car and headed to the airport.

When they arrived at their resort, however, Stephanie opened the backpack that she had brought and put on her lingerie. It was a bridal white, and she looked stunning in it. Then, she reached into the zipper pocket to get the chastity cage key, and she realized that she had made a huge mistake. She never transferred the chastity cage key from the original backpack into the backpack with lingerie. The key to Andy’s penis was at home in the other backpack. Deep inside, she was relieved that she didn’t have to fuck Andy on their honeymoon, but she was so sad that she had to disappoint him.

“Andy…I made a mistake,” she began. “I put the key to your cage in the backpack, but I didn’t transfer it to this one that I brought with the lingerie, so your key… it’s at home. I don’t have it.”

She had never seen Andy cry, but she noticed a tear dripping from his eye. His wife was standing in front of him, looking absolutely stunning in bridal lingerie, and there was nothing he could do about it. He composed himself though, and made sure she was positive that the key was left at home. It was; there was nothing they could do.

“Tell you what, why don’t you take tomorrow and go golfing. There are some great courses here, take the day and enjoy yourself.”

That cheered him up, and the two went to sleep in each others’ arms.

Andy left early the next day, and Stephanie texted DeAndre as soon as she woke up. He came over, and the two of them fucked for 2 hours in the suite, with Stephanie riding his cock to three orgasms. Then Stephanie donned the tiny white bikini she had purchased for her honeymoon, and they went to lounge by the pool.

The rest of the honeymoon pretty much went the same way, some days Andy stayed at the resort, and some days he went golfing or on a hike, while Stephanie spent time at the pool and beach and with DeAndre. A few nights after, she enjoyed a long, romantic dinner with Andy, waited until he was in bed and went to DeAndre’s room. She felt guilty, but she needed her sexual satisfaction and Andy couldn’t provide it. She was too hot and too horny to go her entire honeymoon without orgasms.

The night after they arrived home, Andy asked her to be unlocked from the cage.

“I hear you sweetie, I know it has been a long time. But I want your first time to be special with me. I have a surprise for you…I bought a dildo that’s exactly your size. Try fucking me with it and once you figure out the angle that works for us, I’ll release you and you can fuck me like that.”

Andy tried fucking her with the dildo. His little penis felt like it was going to explode as he insert the rubber penis into her pussy. Of course, she didn’t feel much. She cried out “deeper, escort bayburt yes keep going!” as he put it in, but of course that was the extent of the dildo and he couldn’t go any further.

Andy ended up bringing her to an oral orgasm. Stephanie enjoyed oral but it was no substitute for a big hard cock. After he fell asleep, she put on her bridal lingerie, texted Jamal, and went over to his apartment.

“Look babe, I love fucking you, but…how’s this gonna work now that you’re married?” Jamal asked when she arrived.

“Well, if you must know, my husband is in a chastity cage and so I’m all yours!” She responded.

“Really? Wow. He must be some kind of a bitch. Do you have the key with you?”


“Give it to me,” he commanded.


“Give it to me now or you can leave.”

Stephanie gave it to him.

“I’m gonna keep this, and if your little hubby wants to cum, well he can work it out through me,” Jamal directed.

“But, but, he doesn’t know about us!”

“Do you really think you can hide that from him? We’ve got control of him now that he’s in the cage. You can figure it out. Now do you want this big black dick or no?”

The next day, Andy begged her to let him out of the cage.

“No. I’m sorry babe, but I want your big orgasm after being locked up to be special for us. I need to be pleased as well and you need to figure out how to do that. If you fail our first time, and you certainly will until you can pleasure me with the dildo, I’ll look down on you sexually for the rest of our life. Just keep it up and you’ll learn.”

Over the next two months, Andy tried fucking Stephanie in as many positions as he could think of with the dildo, to no avail. It was simply too small to make her cum. Finally, Andy had enough.

“Babe, I want to have sex with you. I need to have sex with you. Tell you what, there was just a hurricane in Jamaica and resort prices are pretty cheap. Let’s take another honeymoon, this time you’ll bring the key, and let’s see what I can do.”

Stephanie said she’d consider it, and she asked Jamal. He agreed as well, on the condition that she buy him a suite at their resort in Jamaica. He decided that he would hold the key until Stephanie was ready to have sex with her husband in their suite.

The resort she picked had two parts, one was a traditional hotel and resort, and the other was a plantation, where guests could rent an entire cottage or even the plantation mansion. The pools and restaurants in the plantation section were closed off to regular guests, and as bargain hunters, Andy and Stephanie (and Jamal) ended up in the regular part of the resort, which was still luxurious. Their stay was 10 days long and they could not be more excited.

On the cab ride to the resort from the airport, the driver explained the extent of the hurricane damage. It was concentrated on another part of the island, about an hour and a half away. Cleanup efforts were in full swing.

“Is there any way we can help?” Stephanie asked.

“Well actually, we’re sending buses over there every day to help clean up. The pickup location is not far from your hotel. If you’re interested, just head over there at eight o’clock and you can spend the day helping us get back to normal.”

“Oh, wow! That sounds exciting doesn’t it, sweetie?”

Andy could hardly think about anything other than finally getting inside his wife’s pussy, so he simply nodded.

It was late when they checked into their room, but Andy asked for sex nonetheless.

“Sweetie, it’ll be better if we just wait. Let’s have a nice day tomorrow and a romantic dinner at the fancy restaurant and I’ll be in the mood to make love,” Stephanie responded, “In fact, you know what would really turn me on? If you went to help out with the clean up efforts. They could use a strong man like you to work through the debris!”

“I’d kinda like to just relax here…”

“It would really turn me on if you went…I’ll make dinner reservations at the fancy restaurant at 8 because I’m sure you’ll be hungry when you come back and then we can make love.”

“Okay fine…I’ll go. Well if I’m gonna get up that early it is time to go to bed.”

Andy sighed as he laid down for a final night in the chastity cage.

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