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An Irish Experiment Ch. 05

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All characters are fictional and over 18! The action continues straight after the end of Chapter 4. Feel free to re-read that one too!


I woke up not sure where I was, I didn’t recognise the room too well but then I saw the tangle of legs, arms, hair and boobs that was lying beside me and it all came flooding back. My huge angry-looking erect cock was pressed up against Charlie’s bum. Devilishly I pressed it a little harder and she moaned as she rolled over slightly, away from my prying cock. I saw Milly’s enormous breasts pressed together because she was sleeping on her side. I extricated myself from the tangle of limbs and checked my phone for the time. It was just after 6am. Here I was with a straining erection, two beautiful women before me but they were asleep. What was I going to do?! I opened my phone and pulled up the video of the first night with Charlie and began stroking my hard heavy cock.

I turned the sound down to not disturb the sleeping beauties but still loud enough that I could hear it. I brought the phone close to my face so I could really get a good look. It started off with Charlie sucking my cock. She looked like a hungry woman who had just gotten her dream meal, the way her eyes closed in pleasure as her mouth engulfed my swollen cock-head. She bobbed her head, taking in the first few inches of my shaft and I stroked myself in time with her. The memory itself was hazy but the video footage was clear. She was gagging herself on my cock, trying to get as much of it in to her mouth as she could. It had been a huge turn-on for me that night and it was a huge turn-on for me now. In the video, I came on Charlie’s face and chest. The difference between then and now was truly startling. Her breasts had been little more than breast pads before their growth spurt. Now, they had filled out, to the front and to the side. They protruded out beyond her delicate little ribcage. They were also perkier than expected with a slight up-slope at the nipple. I looked over at the two sleeping women. I adjusted myself to get more comfortable, I was close to coming. Then, a thought hit me. It should have hit me earlier but I had been in a hungover and sex fog. I eased myself off the bed, again trying not to disturb the women. I walked around the bed, Milly’s tremendous backside nearly hanging off the edge of the bed. I stood as close as I could to the bed, knees touching the mattress and stroked my cock over the two sleeping women. My eyes flicked from the video of me and Charlie on my phone to the beauties before me. I stroked faster and faster. I could feel the pressure build in my balls and I didn’t stop. I didn’t edge or tease myself, I went full force into that orgasm. It hit and I shot my load and continued pumping my cock.

The first load launched over Milly and landed on Charlie’s sleeping face. She jolted but didn’t wake. The second, bigger load landed on the side of Milly’s enormous breast. It was so big it landed with a splash. I looked at her serene sleeping face. Her lips were curled up in a smile. I didn’t know if she was smiling before I came on her but I kept stroking. She turned her head lazily towards me and opened her eyes a tiny amount. I moved towards her, my cock pointing towards her face, my come landing in blots up her body until they reach her neck then her face. Her smile broadened as she reached out her hand and cupped my balls. She held them gently but firmly to pull me towards her face. She opened her mouth and slid my cock into her mouth. I was still hard so her mouth had to stretch around my thick girth. She sucked it slowly, sucking the last drops of come from my now softening cock. She stroked my balls took nearly a full half of my cock in her mouth. She rolled over on her back, her boobs wobbling as she moved, she continued sucking my cock, slowly, softly and silently. My cock was now semi-hard as Milly’s other hand drifted down her body until it finally came to rest between her legs. She spread them slightly and rubbed her finger over her pussy lips and clit.

Even though I had just come, Milly was sucking me off so well, so silky smooth that I was rock hard almost straight away. She let me out of her mouth and lifted my cock up against my body. The tip of my cock five inches past my belly button. She stared up at me in the half-light of the dawn, in wonder at the size of my cock. She leaned over and licked my balls. Her mouth felt so good my legs nearly buckled under me. She bathed one ball with her tongue while rubbing the shaft against my muscly six-pack. I cupped her head with my hand as she moved to the other ball, continuing to stroke my cock. I was rock hard now and pre-cum was streaming from my cock head.

She pushed me back and leading me by my cock, directed me to get on to the bed. I eased my way up so as not to wake Charlie. With her hand still on my cock, Milly guided me between her legs and then to her cunt. The tip of my cock touch off her wet, hot pussy lips. She gasped as I pushed in.

We both looked at Charlie, her face looked angelic except for the large dollop of come on her cheek. Milly looked back at me and whispered.

“You’re so fucking big!”

“You antalya escort too!” I replied, nodding down to her enormous breasts. They were held between her arms and moved slightly with every push I made as I inched my rock hard cock deeper into her dripping wet pussy. Milly rested her hands on my shoulders and rubbed all over me as I slowly but surely got more and more of my cock in her. She closed her eyes as I got halfway.

“Oh God!” she moaned quietly.

I pulled out slightly. Her pussy lips had held on to me but the part of my dick that did come out was slick with pussy juice. I pushed back in and continued fucking her slowly and gently. I could feel her pussy stretch to accommodate me. She ran her hands all over my shoulders and neck. I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. She gasped again. Milly then raised her hips to meet my thrusting.

“Fuck me!” She whispered coarsely. I was still sucking her tit so my ear was close to her face. It felt like she was speaking directly to my soul. I pushed further in and let go of her nipple with a pop. She moaned because of the thrust and I moved up and we kissed. Our lips touched then our mouths opened and tried to devour each other. Her tongue was in my mouth as my cock was in her pussy. She reached around me and pulled my hips closer to her. I was nearly all the way in her now. Even with her thrusting to meet me there was three inches of cock still outside her. This was the deepest I had ever been inside a woman. Milly had her hand on the back of my head, holding our kiss together. I sped up my thrusting because even though I had just came, I was close again. I was in the press-up position with my muscles straining and I could feel Milly’s huge breasts move underneath me. I could feel them move with every push in from my hips.

Milly moaned more as we kissed. I kept my rhythm as steady as I could. I really wanted to go faster, to fuck her as fast and as hard as I could but I wanted to make it last. I think Milly had different ideas though as, while I tried to keep the same pace, her rhythm sped up. She was thrusting up to meet my fucking, faster and faster. Not only that but I felt her hand reach my ass and squeeze. We broke the kiss and I leaned down to lick her neck as I felt her fingers spread my ass cheeks. My eyes snapped open but I kept going. I felt very vulnerable but excited. I let out a muffled squeak when I felt what must have been a fingertip was pushing into my virgin asshole. It was my turn to gasp as I felt a sensation I had never heard before. I felt the pressure build before a release as the fingertip entered me. Now I couldn’t help but speed up. Milly was fingering my ass as I was thrusting harder and faster into her. We weren’t making noise but the bed was moving. Charlie rolled over onto her back. I could feel my orgasm build and build. Milly grabbed my head and whispered straight into my ear in her delicious German accent.

“Come in me, you huge cock slut!” she moaned as I buried my cock into her as deep as I could. “Come in my pussy! Fill me with your huge cock!” She whispered as she came. The whispering in my ear, the sensational pussy I was fucking along with the finger in my ass — not to mention the huge tits rubbing against me all led to a huge orgasm. I didn’t want to yell out in case I woke Charlie so I buried my face in Milly’s mammoth breasts. I could feel my cock pulsing against her tight pussy walls. I could feel her cunt contracting against my cock. She was moaning with her mouth closed. She had a fistful of hair in one hand and a finger nearly all the way in my ass. She whipped her finger out of my ass just as the come was shooting from my cock, deep in her pussy. I scrunched my face up but couldn’t help but let out a scream. Thankfully Milly’s huge tits muffled most of the sound and didn’t disturb Charlie too much. I flopped down on Milly, totally spent.

“Mmmm, my big cock boy!” She said in a strangely motherly way. “You did really well filling my pussy!” I craned my head up from her huge bosomy pillows. She was looking down at me, proudly. “Now, get off me! I want to clean up. I eased off her, my skin sticking to hers where my come had landed. I stood up beside the bed, looking down at her body laid out before me. She rubbed her pussy lips and slipped a finger in. I looked down and saw my come spill out in a rivulet and run down the crack of Milly’s ass. I laughed lightly as she giggled. She licked the come from her finger and got off the bed. I watched as she padded off to the bathroom. Her petite ass seeming to be a little bit bigger than I remembered.

I got back onto the bed and lay beside Charlie as I heard Milly wash up in the bathroom. Charlie rolled over on her side and I scooted to spoon with her. She wiggled her bum which got me a little harder. I pushed my cock between her legs so it poked out from her, making it look like she had a shorter version of my dick. I thrusted back and forth a little and my cock rubbed against her pussy. I could feel its heat against my skin. Charlie didn’t seem to wake but she did push back a little. Milly came back into the room and saw antalya escort bayan us.

“Oh Charlie, what a big cock you have?!” she said, laughing. This woke Charlie and she looked around, confused. She looked down and saw my cock poking out and looked over her shoulder. That’s when she noticed the come on her face. Milly climbed onto the bed, leaned over and licked it slowly with the flat of her tongue before sitting back.

“That’s a nice way to wake up! I didn’t remember growing a dick last night!” Charlie said covering what was left of my dick that Milly didn’t already have a hand on. “Are you going to suck it?” she asked Milly, seemingly serious. Milly smirked and didn’t hesitate as she moved down the bed, her enormous breasts jiggling as she did. She got to Charlie’s crotch and started sucking my cock. I let out a deep moan right in Charlie’s ear as I reached around and cupped one of Charlie’s boobs. It was so much bigger now it nearly didn’t fit in my hand.

Charlie moved my hand from her breast to her pussy. I took the hint and gently rubbed her clit. She had missed out on my and Milly’s fun this morning so thought it was only fair for her to catch up. Milly must have had the same idea because even though she was sucking my cock, she was pushing the shaft up so it rubbed off Charlie’s pussy lips. Charlie bucked her hips, she was really getting into it.

“Oh yeah, suck my big cock!” Charlie said, hoarsely. She put her hand on the back of Milly’s head and pushed it down further on my cock. Milly looked up at us, she seemed to be really enjoying it because her hand went between her legs and I could see she was fingering herself. Charlie took the opportunity to take as big a handful of Milly’s tit as she could. She thrust her hips forward, trying to fuck Milly’s face but it didn’t work. She let go of Milly’s tit to slap my ass, giving me the hint. So I started thrusting my hips forward, fucking Milly’s face on Charlie’s behalf. Milly’s lips were stretched to maximum, trying to take my thick cock. Charlie put her hand back on Milly’s head and I cupped Charlie’s tits. They felt so good. Milly reached up and cupped my balls between Charlie’s legs and I let out a moan. I could feel Charlie’s pussy juice coating my cock now, she was so wet she was streaming.

The feeling that Milly’s sucking was giving me was electric. I had a handful of Charlie’s double Ds and fucking Milly’s face. Charlie let go of Milly’s head, craned her head around and kissed me. I started pumping Milly’s face as hard as I could. I heard muffled protests before I felt the cool air on my wet cock.

“Your cock is too big for that!” I heard Milly say. I was about to say something but Charlie spoke before I could.

“Shut up, slut! You’ll take my cock and you’ll like it!” There was an edge to Charlie’s voice that wasn’t there before as she forced Milly’s mouth back on my, her? our cock. The sound of Milly gagging on Charlie’s cock filled the room. The wet slurping of Milly struggling to deal with the length and thickness. I looked down at Milly’s face, her eyes were wide and tears were streaming down her face. The green or her eyes really standing out now. Charlie was being so rough with her that Milly’s huge boobs were bouncing in time with the face-fucking. I could feel Charlie really grind down on my shaft now, humping its length making her own ass and tits jiggle. I could feel the orgasm rising. I felt it in my balls but also further down, this one was coming from my feet! I started humping too, adding to Charlie’s face-fucking. Milly’s lips were stretched close to breaking point. She held out a hand and placed it on Charlie’s bony hip to ease the pace of the fucking but it did little to slow us down. Charlie was getting close, grinding her cunt and clit on my thick shaft and I was close thanks to Charlie and Milly. I started grunting, telling both women I was about to shoot.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” I shouted.

Milly broke free of mine and Charlie’s cock just in time to get a huge blob of come right to the forehead. Another shot out as she took a hold of it and the come streaked across her huge tit and her arm. She wrestled with my cock and tried to stuff the still shooting cock into Charlie’s dripping, waiting cunt. She managed to line it up and I thrusted forward for all I was worth. Charlie screamed as I shoved my meat into her cunt. On the first thrust I got nearly three quarters of my cock in. She lifted herself up, trying to get away from me and my invading cock. I held her by the hips and continued fucking her, giving her long hard strokes but only using half of my length now. She was close to her climax, her body was shaking and all her muscles were tensing. Milly looked on in a mixture of awe and horror. The orgasm hit Charlie hard, she tensed all her muscles, pushed her hips forward and her shoulders back. She was pressing into me and she jammed her head back so hard it was nearly pushing my shoulder away from her. I held on as best I could, my straining cock still deep inside her, pumping load after load of cum deep in her cunt. Finally Charlie’s orgasm subsided and her body relaxed. My cock escort antalya slipped out of her pussy and shot one last small load that landed on Milly’s right breast. Charlie panted, catching her breath.

“Fuck me,” she said quietly.

“I thought I did,” I said, joking. She looked around at me and gave me a half-hearted smile. She went to sit up but was too weak and slumped back down. I sat up instead, stroked her sweat-soaked hair away from her face, my cock slipping out from between her legs. She rolled over and lay on her back and spread her legs, exposing her raw pussy to the cool air. Milly didn’t miss her opportunity. She crawled between Charlie’s legs and kissed her inner thighs lightly. So lightly and tenderly Charlie didn’t flinch like I thought she would, she just purred. Milly lapped at Charlie’s red and puffy pussy lips gently. I saw my come stream out of Charlie’s pussy and Milly lapped it up like a cat drinking milk. Milly looked up at me and smirked as she continued drinking my seed from Charlie’s cup. Charlie just let out sigh and moan as she relaxed, coming down from the high of the intense orgasm. Milly drank and drank as the come just poured out of Charlie’s pussy. She cupped her breasts and seemed to be content. The stream of come eventually and Milly stopped licking Charlie’s cunt. She kissed up Charlie’s body, her belly button, her chest, her neck and finally her lips. The two women embraced. I felt like an outsider on that moment so I thought I’d removed myself.

“Here, I’ll get you a glass of water,” I said, getting off the bed. “Do you want one too, Milly?” Milly looked up at me, her eyes still huge, and nodded. I padded to the kitchen, my flaccid penis swinging from side to side, sore but happy to finally not be erect. I got to the kitchen, filled a glass of water and gulped it down. I filled it again and another one and headed back to the bedroom.

When I entered, the women were still hugging and Charlie was sobbing. The scent of the animalistic fucking we had just done hung in the air but there was something else going on. I sat on the edge of the bed, Milly looked at me. She had sadness in her eyes. Charlie looked at me, her eyes were red from crying.

“You guys ok?” I asked. The women sat up, rested against the headboard. My eyes couldn’t help but wander over their still naked bodies, Milly’s huge breasts dwarfed Charlie’s but now, not by much! I left the glasses of water on the side table and got on the bed.

“I don’t know what came over me,” Charlie said, looking at me, her voice weak and cracking. “I felt amazing after the orgasm and Milly licking me was just the icing on the cake,” she leaned over and planted a kiss on Milly’s forehead. “But…” she paused, unsure how to continue. “I don’t know, it felt like it was my cock fucking Milly,” she glanced at the woman. “I’ve never felt like that before. I’ve never been aggressive like that. I’m so sorry Milly!” They hugged again. They broke the embrace, Milly took a drink of water and stood up. She immediately doubled over and leaned on the bed for balance.

She looked at the two of us and smiled. “I just need a moment!” She laughed, stood up again. “Look,” she said, a hand on her hip, “Don’t worry about being rough. I liked it! I haven’t been with anyone who has excited me like that in a long time so it was nice!” She glanced in my dick’s direction. “I just wish it was a bit more manageable!” The two women burst out laughing and Milly turned around and walked out of the bedroom.

“I’m glad we’re going to the doctor today, there’s been too many crazy changes lately.” Charlie said as she looked up at me, her eyes still red.

“You’re right!” I said, nodding down at Charlie’s still growing tits. She elbowed me as I was taking a drink, making me spill water on myself. The sound of the shower running in the bathroom drifted through the walls. “What size do you think they are now?” I asked, pressing my luck.

“I’m not sure,” replied Charlie, joining my gaze at her breasts. “I reckon about an E cup but I’d have to measure to be sure.” She paused for a moment to think, “All I know it before this weekend I was a 30A and never in my wildest fantasies thought about face-fucking Milly with yours, or anyone else’s giant cocks!”

“You think I have a giant cock?” I asked, smirking.

Charlie rolled her eyes. “I think that’s something we’re gonna have to get measured too. I reckon you’ve gotten bigger too!” I hoped she was joking but I made a mental note to double check later on.

Charlie and I chatted and planned the rest of our Sunday together as Milly got ready for her job at nine. It was just after eight now. All that fucking in just two hours. We were supposed to call to the doctor’s at four in the afternoon. What were we going to do until then? Charlie said she kinda wanted to go back to sleep. The morning’s exertions had taken it out of her. I made another attempt at a joke and got another elbow to the ribs in return. The sound of the showering stopped and we listened as Milly walked around the apartment. I told Charlie I didn’t feel like staying in bed and that I always liked Dublin on a Sunday morning, before it properly woke up. Charlie suggested I walk Milly into her work. It sounded like a good idea so I said I’d do it when she was ready. Being a guy, and not going into the office that day meant all I had to do was pull on the track pants, t-shirt and hoody I had been wearing and I was good to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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