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An Erotic Show at Work

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When Victoria was on her mid-thirties she had a job as teacher in a High School. She was married and mother of two, naturally blonde and with a fit body, and despite enjoying the freedoms afforded by a free marriage, her public image was that of a well-behaved family woman. And that’s what she really was.

However, there was a very relaxed atmosphere in the school and, as is common at work, she would often have sexy fun with some of her colleagues during the day or after hours. They were just quickies in which she just had to take off her panties to have her libido ‘serviced’, either standing up or riding the partner on a chair.

Despite the risks involved, at least once a week she would spend no more than ten minutes having a quickie in a workroom. Her partners often chose not to use a condom, which made the lack of a shower a bit annoying, but she got used to cleaning her intimate parts with a paper towel, and she found that getting through the rest of the day smelling slightly of sex was so yummy that she was willing to open her legs to a fellow at any time, including during the short breaks between two classes in the morning. That was more risky but, for that very reason, more exciting.

On one occasion she wanted be photographed totally naked inside the school after hours, for an intimate album named ‘Nude at Work’, an anniversary gift she knew her hubby would love. She asked a colleague to click her, but he hesitated because of the risk of being discovered by the night porter. But Victoria really wanted those photos, so she had to promise to reward the colleague with a blowjob, which at that time she used to do exclusively for her Boss, the Director. Not often, just once in a while, but each time her amiable boss gently demanded an oral caress she had no choice but to snatch up his cock until he said the usual compliment ‘lovely mouth’ and invited her to mount him in his chair for the habitual quickie. After all, the boss is the boss, but with her colleagues she never allowed not even a suggestion of oral sex.

However, that was a special situation, and of course with the promise of such a gift her colleague agreed to photograph her naked. So, immediately after the photo shoot, she got down on her knees in front of him and fulfilled their deal, intending that it would be just a preliminary to have a quickie totally naked, which was also a novelty for both within school.

He suadiye escort didn’t take long to get to the point of orgasm, and when he warned her that he was going to come she decided on the spur of the moment to let him cum in her mouth. She didn’t appreciate male cum’s taste, but did it just to assure herself that she could swallow quite well even away from the comforts of home.

She had got used to doing it with her hubby since she’d become a stay-at-home-mother in the early years of their marriage. Having their children, without her able to work for many years, left her without her own source of income, so every time she wanted to buy expensive clothes or shoes she had to go to her hubby for money. Under their amusing agreement, to justify such money she had no choice but to indulge in oral sex. So, although she didn’t like swallowing semen, it wasn’t such an uncommon task for her, as could be seen by her wardrobe always being full of quality clothing!

Well, doing it with her colleague wasn’t that bad, despite the unexpected amount of cum that he produced, and she swallowed it all without gagging. It was just semen after all, a little less bitter than her husband’s cum and indeed she found it quite palatable. To complete a perfect job she squeezed his dick with her hand to milk it and suck the remaining semen as her husband had taught her, and then she licked carefully around to clean up his cock.

Did she get horny doing that? Of course she did! It was such a different thing to do with a colleague she saw every day…

– Wow! – The colleague said, bewildered. – I didn’t expect that. Where did you learn to do it so well?

– Hubby taught me. Did you like it?

– How could I not like it? You really surprised me.

– But don’t think I’ll do it again. It was only a reward for the favor you did me. And if I find out that you’ve told others what we have just done, you will be a dead man for sure.

She had to emphasize, in no uncertain terms, the need for secrecy from their colleagues because she had no doubt that her other intimates would ask for the same special treatment, and doing it with all her good fellows was really out of the question. Of course if her boss, the Director, asked for a full blowjob during their private talks within his office, then of course she would have to do it. But the Director was quite respectful yakacık escort of her feelings and wouldn’t insist on doing such a nasty thing with her even if she was willing.

Her colleague laughed and said, putting on a wicked smile:

– No worries, it’s our secret. But any favor you need anytime, just ask me.

– I know. But now I’ve got myself horny, so what about you do something to relieve my hormones?

– For sure. Just let me recover … you know how it is.

– We have been a very long time here, and you know how that doorman is. I guess I’ll give you some oral help. May I? – she said, holding his limp dick.

– Be my guest – he said, laughing. Suddenly he looked at the door and putting a finger to his lips for silence, he whispered in Victoria’s ear:

– I heard a noise of stealthy footsteps in the hallway. Surely the night watchman is spying through the keyhole.

That was perfectly possible. Several teachers had the habit to have sex within school and certainly the man knew what usually happened during those ‘extra jobs’ after hours, and he wouldn’t lose the chance of watching those erotic shows put on by the teachers. Actually, due to the smiles she received from him each time she exited the school after hours, Victoria suspected that the guy had already watched her in action in previous occasions. However, the idea of the night porter watching the scene through the keyhole didn’t bothered her, on the contrary, made her too horny, and she whispered to the colleague:

– That’s great. Let’s give the good man a real explicit spectacle.

– Are you sure? We could go to that hidden corner.

– Of course not. It will be my first public show. I mean, probably I’ve already been caught in the act by this guy, but then I wasn’t aware that I had an audience. Now is different.

And then, after making sure they were at the best viewing angle for anyone looking through the keyhole, she gave the colleague a second blowjob. As his dick was taking a long time to get hard she decided to please him more intensely than she had done before as a well-behaved colleague. So, aroused by the certainty that they had a furtive audience on the outside of door, she began widely licking his scrotum, which was a bit salty, but she thought ‘fuck it, I’ll wash it for free’ and went ahead. She did a careful job, and soon she began snatching up şerifali escort those soft balls, taking each one in turn fully inside her mouth, as if she wanted eat it. Then she dedicated to the partner’s mast and showed him the real meaning of ‘deep throat’! She was acting and feeling like a whore, both for the benefit of her colleague and to delight the night porter.

When her partner was ready she laid down on the floor in the best position to allow the watcher to see full details of their intimate actions, with legs facing the door, and whispered to her friend: ‘Now our nice porter will masturbate, for sure’.

The photographer colleague was amazed and delighted by her second comprehensive fellatio and his performance was indeed enthusiastic. As for Victoria, due to the feeling that she was being watched, her orgasms were really scandalous. By keeping her legs wide open she knew the doorman was getting a great view of her partner’s plunger pumping inside ‘my shaved and wet object of desire’ she thought, laughing inwardly and imagining the man sweating and probably jerking off.

To make it even better, at one point she told her partner she wanted to stay in doggy style, with her facing the door and pulling painful facial expressions to make the man think she was being penetrated anally. Lucky man, she thought, when could he expect such a quality show for free? And thinking like this she got another strong orgasm.

When the show was over they hurriedly got dressed, and at that moment Victoria heard rushed footsteps going down the stairs. Shortly afterwards they left the school, and Victoria was sweaty and dusty and feeling her genitalia soaking wet. Despite being concerned at the feeling of something seeping down her thighs, she couldn’t ignore the wicked smile of the porter, and had to resist the urge to ask the man “Did you like the show?”

From then on, each time she had a quickie after hours she always made a point of getting completely naked and lying down on the floor facing the door, just in case the night doorman was there watching through the keyhole, which was almost a certainty. There was nothing to fear about a possible indiscretion on his part, as that faithful employee would surely keep secret what he often saw in the school after hours. If he revealed to someone what he knew, maybe he wouldn’t lose his job, but he would miss the chance to watch those free explicit sex shows put on by the teachers almost daily. So those sexual amusements after hours always had an additional attractiveness to Victoria, who in this way was able to accomplish her hidden fantasy of being watched when she was having sex.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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