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An American Count Ch. 08

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Author’s note: Once again, I’m taking liberties with noble and royal titles, Austrian and European geography, and anything else I want! Hope you all enjoyed the last chapter, even if it was a bit dark. Gonna lighten things up for the grand finale. Come on along. We have a wedding to attend!


The Atlas rocket lifted off as scheduled at 9:27am on January 2nd and one hour later the missile deployed the satellite it carried. When the International Space Station sent back video of the powered-up device and the command center received its first transmission, a collective cheer went up at the aerospace company that built the state-of-the-art orbiter, and from the company’s various stockholders. As predicted, the success of the launch sent the stock price surging once again and paid the shareholders handsomely.

Luke was right: The rocket launched without him in attendance, although he did get to see the launch from the safety of Wagner 1, Luke’s luxury transcontinental jet. He and Sophia, his new fiancé, and a recovering Anna, his maid/traveling butler, watched the spaceshot on a closed-circuit transmission in the plane’s large bedroom near the rear of the aircraft. Luke had decided to forgo the live launch after the events of the past few days in America. The attempt on his life in New York that wounded Sophia coupled with the kidnapping of Anna and murder of his chief of security, Gunther, in Las Vegas prompted Luke to skip the Florida stop and fly the entourage back to Austria and the shelter of his stone castle.

“Looks like you’re a billionaire a few more times over, my love.” Sophia said quietly to Luke. Anna had fallen asleep and the couple whispered so as not to wake the blonde bombshell. The harrowing experience had taken its toll on not only Anna, but the noble couple as well. Luke still felt responsible for Gunther’s death and Anna’s brutalization at the hands of her abductors. Even after he had saved Anna from the kidnappers, he brooded and wallowed in self-pity at the transpirations of the past few days. He sat up from the bed and covered Anna with the comforter then patted Sophia’s hand before he left the bedroom and went to sit alone in the main cabin.

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, Sophia joined Luke in the middle of the fuselage and knelt in front of his leather seat. She put her head on his lap and put her hand in his. Luke absently twirled one of Sophia’s red ringlets of hair around his fingers as the couple sat silent, the whine of the powerful jet engines cutting through the hush in the cabin. Luke sighed then broke the silence between them.

“This was supposed to be the trip of our lives.” He started. “We were going to have fun and love each other and see the sights, not be witnesses to kidnapping and murder. Gunther’s dead body is in the cargo hold below us, for Christ’s Sake! You must be wondering how to get out of this engagement and which way to run the fastest…”

Sophia jerked her head off Luke’s lap and grabbed both of his hands roughly. She took Luke’s hands and slammed them down on his thighs, causing her injured shoulder to twinge slightly. “NO!” she yelled at the young Count. “I love you and I will NEVER leave you! This is NOT your fault!”

“Oh, yeah?!” Luke countered as he stood up off the chair and went to the bar to refill his whiskey glass. “You think this would have happened if I wasn’t a billionaire Count?! No one tried to kill me when I was a fucking nobody from Michigan!!” He screamed and threw his glass across the cabin. The tumbler smashed into a million little shards on the galley door. He collapsed in one of the seats near the bar and put his face in his hands. “I didn’t ask for any of this…” he said quietly choking back his tears.

“I know you didn’t, but you’re here now and I’m glad you are.” Sophia answered as she went to her pained lover and sat on his lap. She kissed his wet face and held him tight as she cried with him. “I’m so glad you came into my life. I don’t want to think about where I’d be without you right now.” The noble couple held each other as the luxury aircraft soared high above the choppy January sea. After a few minutes, Luke and Sophia heard a small, quiet voice behind them.

“Mein Herr… Meine Dame…” Anna spoke softly as she walked out of the bedroom in to the main cabin. The bruise on her cheek and under her eye had turned purple and yellow and her mouth stuck out a bit where the abductors had struck her and split her lip. “Gunther’s death… the kidnapping… it was my fault, Sire…” She burst into tears as she continued to explain. “I went with them voluntarily… Gunther tried to stop me, but I wouldn’t listen… And now…” the blonde butler broke down and fell to her knees on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

Luke and Sophia ran to Anna and Luke scooped the crying servant up into his arms. He sat the fair-haired maid in his previous seat and poured her a tumbler of whiskey. After handing her the glass, Luke poured two more for zümrütevler escort bayan Sophia and himself. Luke raised his glass and made a somber toast.

“To Gunther…” he said and lightly clinked his glass to the two women’s tumblers and the trio drank to their friend’s memory. “It wasn’t your fault, Anna…” Luke told his traveling assistant as he came to a revelation. “It wasn’t my fault either… It was them… all them… those bastards that abducted you. They had this planned for quite some time. I’m almost positive of that now.” He took Anna in one arm and held her tight to his body, then reached for Sophia and held her with his other arm. Luke held both women in his warm embrace as the two shed tears for their fallen comrade.

As Luke lovingly held the two women, Sophia brushed the blonde hair from Anna’s face and tenderly touched her cheek. “You’re still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, Anna…” Sophia said and placed a light kiss on the fair-haired beauty’s full lips. Anna returned the favor and stroked the Baronetess’ red curls and porcelain skin on her face.

“Danke, meine Dame…” Anna replied as she placed her free arm around Sophia and reciprocated the noble woman’s kiss. The two women locked lips and freely made out while Luke held them and ran his hands up and down their backs.

“Hey,” Luke said softly as the duo broke their passionate kiss, “don’t forget about me. I bought the plane, remember?” he joked as Sophia and Anna looked at each other then at Luke with desire in their eyes. Sophia took Luke’s hand and led him to the nearest leather chair and sat him down.

“We could never forget about you, my love,” Sophia stated as Anna came up behind her in front of the chair. The hot blonde slipped her arms under Sophia’s and her hands found the red head’s ample breasts. Anna’s giant rack pressed into Sophia’s back as she felt the noblewoman’s perky tits through her shirt and kissed her neck and shoulders. Anna unbuttoned Sophia’s shirt and unclasped her white lacey bras, exposing Sophia’s beautiful mounds and pink nipples to the pressurized aircraft environment.

Sophia moaned as Anna caressed her bare boobs and lightly kneaded her small nipples between her fingers and thumbs. Luke felt his pants tighten as his cock grew but did not move from his spot in the tan leather seat. Sophia unzipped her black pants and slipped them and her pink thong off her hips, leaving her naked and vulnerable to Anna’s wandering hands. Anna continued to work Sophia’s C cups as the red-haired nymph moved her own hand between her nude legs and began to run her fingers up and down her glistening gash and hardening clit.

Anna spun Sophia around to face her and mashed her face to the naked red head’s. Sophia tore at Anna’s clothes as the two women kissed. Sophia yanked Anna’s yoga pants over her curvy hips then pulled her white T-shirt over her blonde head. Sophia knew that Anna rarely wore underwear and the blonde bombshell did not disappoint today. The two women stood naked before Luke and continued their make-out session, their hands roaming over the bare skin of their curvy asses. A grin creeped across Luke’s face as he watched the girl-on-girl show while his ever-hardening dick begged for release from his pants.

“I think we’re neglecting the Count, Anna…” Sophia said after she broke the lip lock and saw the bulge in Luke’s blue jeans. Sophia knelt on Luke’s left then pulled Anna down on the young Count’s right. The Baronetess rubbed Luke’s stiff member through its denim confinement while Anna unbuttoned his waistband and worked his zipper down. The female duo helped Luke out of his jeans, freeing his upward-pointing cock. Anna took the lead and wrapped her hand around Luke’s hard rod at the base then then placed her lips around his mushroom-like head. Anna took her employer’s length in and out of her hot mouth and pumped him low with her hand while Sophia fed Luke her erect nipple. Luke sucked and lightly bit on the end of Sophia’s tit while she whispered in his ear.

“I love you, Luke…” Sophia said quietly as the nobleman feasted on her heaving breast. Luke moaned slightly as Anna worked her mouth over his shaft and her long, painted nails over the delicate skin of his scrotum. “I want to make you happy any way you wish, my love.” Sophia continued as she reached down and stroked Anna’s long blonde hair that fell across Luke’s bare legs. “Let us make you happy now, baby…” The crimson-locked beauty removed her breast from her lover’s mouth then knelt before him again. Anna popped her mouth off Luke’s straining dick and Sophia slipped it into her wet maw. The two seducers traded off on sucking the young Count’s rigid pecker, then double-teamed his bobbing cock. Anna licked up the right side of Luke’s hardness while Sophia traced down the other side.

Luke felt the heat rise in his core as Sophia and Anna gave him a double licking. His sack twitched aydınlı escort bayan once, then he felt the familiar push just below his heavy balls. Anna had used her now-infamous pressure point trick and Luke’s impending orgasm subsided for the moment. Anna swirled her tongue around the head of Luke’s cock while Sophia hurriedly stroked his shaft, her diamond engagement ring becoming a sparkling blur.

As much as Luke loved the dual action the women were showing his hard dick, he wanted to return the favor. The young Count felt down for Anna’s chin and removed her mouth from his engorged prong. Sophia quickly took the buxom blonde’s place and wrapped her lips around her fiancé’s prick. Luke tilted the seatback farther back then beckoned Anna up on to the chair with him. She placed her knees on the armrests and Luke slid down slightly so that his mouth lined up with the fair-haired servant’s slick snatch. Luke had heard Sophia say how good Anna’s hot pussy was and he thought it was high time he found out for himself. Luke darted his tongue into Anna’s waiting hole and was happily rewarded. The flaxen sexpot was already aroused by her double blowjob with Sophia and her natural lube flowed freely.

Luke lapped up as much of Anna’s deliciousness as he could, then flattened his tongue over her poking clit. He grabbed her hips and moved her box up and down his face, teasing Anna’s button with his tongue and three-day stubble on his upper lip and chin. The busty blonde squealed as her body gave way to pleasure. Anna shuddered then ground her wet cunt on Luke’s face as she came wildly. Luke once more poked his tongue into Anna’s dripping hole and tasted her sweet juices as her hips bucked on his face. When the last wave of bliss passed through her, Anna slipped off the chair and stood on wobbly legs next to her noble master. Holding the armrest for support, she bent at the waist and kissed and licked Luke’s glazed lips, cleaning her own cum from his mouth and chin.

Sophia slipped Luke’s cock from her mouth and began to climb on to his lap, determined to impale herself on her lover’s protruding shaft. Before she could sink Luke’s meat into her folds, the nobleman turned Sophia around so that she was facing away from him in a reverse cowgirl position. Sophia’s dainty legs fit comfortably on either side of Luke’s in the oversized aircraft chair and she lowered herself to his stiff member. Sophia coated Luke’s cock with her own slickness and began to ride her betrothed for all he was worth. Sophia threw her head back to find Luke’s mouth and his tongue slid between her lips and tangled with hers. Sophia broke the kiss with a gasp as she felt Anna’s tongue swipe across her pink swollen twat and firm nub.

Anna ran her tongue up Sophia’s clit then down her sweet pussy finally brushing over Luke’s stabbing dick. Luke’s hands found Sophia’s bouncing tits and cupped them lovingly as he pounded inside the soon-to-be Countess. Anna concentrated her efforts on Sophia’s buzzing clit, occasionally tugging and scraping Luke’s bobbing scrotum with her long, manicured fingernails. Sophia slammed her ass three more times on Luke’s probing pecker then sunk it in as far as she could as her orgasm washed over her. The red headed baronetess’ skin went bright pink as her body convulsed in ecstasy.

Luke kept pounding Sophia’s spasming pussy as he neared his own release. Sophia covered his cock in her creamy emissions and he endeavored to return the favor. His balls jumped twice in his sack then cinched up to his body, signaling his imminent eruption. Anna pulled Luke’s cock from Sophia’s fucked hole as the young Count began shooting his load. Luke blasted his cum on Sophia’s tits and down her stomach. Anna snaked up Luke and Sophia’s thighs and licked Luke’s dripping jizz clean from Sophia’s breathless body. Sophia leaned back on to Luke’s heaving chest and rested from their marathon. Anna covered Sophia with her own body and sandwiched the baronetess between her and the young Count.

The three lovers cuddled and napped together until a startled Emma, the planes lone flight attendant, came into the main cabin to announce that the plane was nearing its approach to London Heathrow Airport for a quick refueling stop. Anna woke first and put a finger to her lips to keep Emma from waking her employers. She gingerly climbed off the sleeping noble couple without waking them and covered Luke and Sophia with a blanket. The buxom butler then padded barefoot and naked to the bathroom to quickly shower and dress for the remainder of the trip home to Austria.


Luke and Sophia slept until the plane was nearly on the ground in London. They quickly dressed then buckled into their seats for landing. Given the circumstances of the previous week, the noble couple decided to stay on the plane. Ninety minutes later, Wagner 1 was back in the air headed for its final destination of Vienna. gebze escort Luke decided to use the last two and a half hours of the trip to check email on his laptop and go over other matters that had been on his mind since the trip. As he finished looking at his email, Anna came into the main cabin.

“Mein Herr…” Anna stated as she stood rigid neat the table in the middle of the fuselage. “The Baronetess said you wished to speak with me?”

“Yes, Anna,” Luke said as he snapped his laptop shut and waved his hand at the seat across from his. “Please sit down. There’s something I’d like to discuss with you.”

Anna cautiously sat at the table, pondering the Count’s next words. Luke continued with a guarded expression on his face.

“Anna,” Luke began, “when we return to the castle, I’m going to make some personnel changes. Since I’m not planning any trips again for quite some time, I’ve asked Emma to come work in the castle as a housemaid.” Luke studied Anna’s expression when he told her of the impending change, then smiled when her face made a puzzled look. “When we get back, I’d like you to take a week and show Emma the duties of your job. After that week, you’re going to be our new assistant butler- a kind of personal assistant to the Baronetess and ultimately to me as well.

Anna’s eyes lit up when Luke told her of her promotion and she wanted to leap across the table to embrace her employer, but she held her enthusiasm in check. “But, Sire…” Anna asked, “what of Johann?” What will he think of the new arrangement?”

“I’ve already spoken to Johann,” Luke answered. “He has served the castle for over thirty years, the last seventeen as butler. He informed me that he would stay on as long as I would like him to, but that he would like to retire after the wedding. Do you think you’ll be ready by the beginning of April to take his place?”

With the relief of Johann’s impending retirement, Anna did run around the table and hug the young nobleman. “Danke, mein Herr! Danke!!” Anna cried as she wrapped herself around Luke. Sophia came out from the back bedroom smiling at the embracing duo. Anna ran to Sophia and hugged the red-haired noblewoman. “Danke, meine Dame!” Anna told Sophia as her tears of joy fell across her face.

“I’ve done some checking,” Luke added. “If my sources are correct, you’ll be the only female butler in Austria. We’ll have to get you to a tailor. I don’t think Johann’s suits will fit you quite right.” Luke kidded his new assistant.

Anna released Sophia then straightened her back, pushing her gigantic breasts even further out than usual. “If you’ll excuse me, my Lord, my Lady,” Anna said, trying to hide the smile pasted to her face, “I must prepare your belongings for our arrival in Vienna.” She bowed slightly to Sophia then to Luke, then blew the young Count a quick kiss before she disappeared into the bedroom.

“You just sent that girl over the moon and on to Cloud Nine.” Sophia said to Luke as she walked to him and wrapped her arms around his middle in a loving embrace. “Not only are you going to have the only female butler in Austria,” she continued, “but you’ll almost definitely have the only butler that occasionally wakes up in the same bed as you and your wife.” Sophia looked up into Luke’s eyes and shot him a seductive wink.

“I hadn’t thought of that,” Luke responded with a grin. “I guess we won’t be using the intercom that much in the mornings anymore…”


Wagner 1 touched down at Vienna International Airport in the wee hours of January 3rd, a blessing in disguise as most of the paparazzi had left the terminal, tired of waiting for the Count to arrive home. A groggy Luke and Sophia, with Anna and Emma in tow handling the personal effects and light baggage made their way to the sleek helicopter, now dubbed Wagner 2, that would take them back to the castle north of Freistadt. Forty-five minutes later, the chopper landed on the helipad of Castle Wagner as the first hints of sunrise began breaking through the horizon in the east. Johann, Luke’s butler, met the Count and his traveling companions on the stone roof.

“Welcome home, Sire,” Johann said to Luke as he helped the young nobleman from the helicopter. “I’m relieved that you’ve arrived in one piece, after the trip you’ve had.” He then helped Sophia, who had put her aching arm back in the pink canvas sling, from the passenger cabin of the aircraft. “My Lady!” Johann exclaimed as he took the Baronetess’ good hand. “Please allow me to call Dr. Bauer to have you examined right away!”

“I’m OK, Johann,” Sophia replied. “Dr. Bauer can wait until tomorrow after I’ve had a few hours sleep and a hot shower.

“As you wish, my Lady.” Johann begrudgingly replied. “Your room is prepared and ready for you, ma’am.”

Luke and Sophia made their way to the third floor where the master suite and family bedrooms were situated. Luke and Johann made their way to the large master bedroom while Sophia continued down the hallway to her room.

“My Lady,” Johann shouted down the stone corridor. “Where are you going, ma’am? Your room is down here.” The head servant said with a hint of a smile. Sophia went back down the hall to find that her belongings had been moved from her room to the spacious master bedroom.

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