Şubat 2, 2023

An Affair Busted

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Her hourglass figure is highlighted against the brilliant red paint of my Porsche. Her back lying on top of the hood, fingers pulling her clit’s hood taut, I watched her tits bounce as I pounded my cock into her tight pussy. In essence I was fucking both of my mid-life conquests at once. I guess I am living a typical forty-year-old’s dream: a new convertible sports car and a nubile 20 year-old for an extra-marital affair. It’s labeled a crisis; I just call it getting what I deserve.

She was a student in one of my general ed science courses I taught at the local university. She tried her best to seduce me; wearing her shortest skirts, tightest tops, and sitting front and center in the lecture hall. Quite a few times she flashed me her panties in hopes of getting a rise out of me. But I was used to the old tricks, and frustrated her with my inattention. Finally, half way through the semester it was obvious she needed help to pass the class. The tables had turned and I was now the one with the power.

Jan came to my office for help in preparing for the next test. Being a softball player and Art major she didn’t need science, but she needed to pass my course to ultimately graduate. She walked in wearing a spaghetti-strapped spring dress, and sandals. A light, unbuttoned sweater draped over her shoulders. Her firm, round breasts proudly riding high on her chest accentuated by the bodice cut of the dress. Shoulder length auburn-red hair was tied back with a coordinating scrunchie. I smelled her lovely perfume 10-feet away.

Having deferred her earlier advances, she did not come in with a sexual agenda, figuring I was not interested. I told her to sit, and then sat on my desk, looking over her, confirming my dominance. We discussed her needs and goals, keeping our conversation light, and optimistic. But I emphasized her lackadaisical study habits were her downfall, and admonished her for her exhibitionistic behavior during class. Her eyes dropped submissively. She asked for some one-on-one tutoring, and if I was available. She said she would be willing to do what it takes to pass my class.

I scooted my butt to the edge of the desk, tightening my pants against my package to emphasized the point I was about to make. Her eyes were drawn to the outline of cock and balls, and then she looked up to my face. I could see the confusion, so I made my point a little clearer.

“Are you willing to do as I say? No matter what,” I asked, with a slight smile and a twinkle in my eye.

“Yes, I understand what you expect from me,” she replied, a glint flashing across her eyes. She sat a little taller in her chair, and leaned forward.

“Let’s see. Stand up, and go lock the door. Raise your dress so I can see your ass sashay across the room,” I commanded.

She smiled, and immediately complied. Her ass was perfect: round, and defined with plenty of bounce when she walked. She was wearing a floral-patterned satin string bikini that had naturally ridden up her crack. She made no effort to straighten it, somehow knowing that’s what I liked. As she locked the door, she “accidentally” dropped her pen and bent down at the waist to pick it up.

“Oh, naughty girl, I don’t think you have to worry about passing,” I said. She looked back at me, still bent at the waist, and winked as she inserted the pen into her mouth. She slowly withdrew it, flicked it with her tongue, and I knew I was on my way to a torrid affair.

Now here it is the middle of summer vacation and the affair is still going strong. Giving her an “A” and her penchant for kinky sex lead to the affair’s longevity. Holding her ankles high with my hands, she was clawing at my hips urging me to slam my cock harder and deeper into her. I was leaning over her, making the clap of my thighs hitting her ass cheeks echo in the expanse of my garage. Our grunts and moans accompanied the claps an octave lower. “UHHHHH, fuck me, fuck me harder! Ram that big dick in me! Ram me! Ram me!” Sweat was dripping off my chin and brow, running down my abs, and mixing in with our sex juices. “Oh yeah, you’re making me cum, you’re making me cum!” Her fingers were mashing her clit hard, rubbing it forcefully, and rapidly. I angled my hips so my cock’s head would rub against her G-spot. “Uhhhnn-ggghhhhnnnnn. Oooooohhhhhhhhh!!” I spread her legs even more, feeling the stretch of her bartın escort pussy clamping around my cock. I saw her pussy eject its bounty into my groomed cock hair. Her passion-juice drenched my already saturated cock, ran down my legs and her ass cheeks, and coated the front end of the Porsche. I focused on the wet squishing noises my cock was making with her pussy.

“That’s it naughty girl, bathe my cock in your pussy juice. Think how it’s going to taste coated in our creams. Do you want to taste it?”

“Mm-hmm,” she licked her lips in anticipation.

“Oh, I’ve got a big load for you. Do you want it? Do you wa-“

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!” Just as I pulled out for Jan to suck my cock, the shrill voice of my wife pierced our throes of lust. My cock erupted, jetting my cum across Jan’s body, the first spurts shooting over her shoulder, onto the car, the rest landing across her left breast, trailing to her flat belly. Oddly, I didn’t have an orgasm. I was so petrified with fright from the affair being exposed that my mind and body could not register pleasure. She’s supposed to be at work, was my only thought as I stared into my wife’s steely eyes. Jan, too, was frozen as my wife’s icy stare was penetrating both of us.

“YOU FUCKING CHEATERS!” She yelled as she slammed the side door, and ran down the steps towards me. “Who’s you’re little whore?” She slapped me across the face. Jan made a sudden move to get off the car and out from under me. My wife grabbed her hair and forced her face-down on to the hood. Slapping her ass cheek hard, she told her: “You’re staying there slut! Don’t move!” Dee, my wife, slapped her ass again, leaving a hand-print.

She then directed her wrath towards me. Looking me right in the eye, she slapped my cock just as hard. I was stunned, but my cock remained as hard as when I was fucking Jan. Dee’s anger was receding as I saw tears starting to build in her eyes. Our marriage had deteriorated over the past few years. After our one and only went away to college, the empty nest became a cold and impassioned home. We both put our energies into our careers, neglecting each other. Dee has a naturally gorgeous face, but over the years she had gained about 30 pounds over her wedding day size 9 figure. But with “new” her curves I find her very desirable, but she does not like her body-looks and this interferes with her ability to enjoy sex. We hardly made love anymore. Yet I still cherished the times when Dee and I were just as kinky as Jan and I have been. Divorce always seemed to be in the horizon, now it was imminent given the current circumstances.

Dee caught herself, stared me down as she swallowed her hurt, and then a look of empowerment overcame her face. She pushed me down next to Jan, my ass in a prone position just like hers. I was so dumbstruck, I complied with her force. “So you two like to fuck behind my back, huh. Today’s the end of that shit!” SLAP, SLAP. She spanked both our asses as she spoke. “You, little home wrecker,” SLAP, “are going to answer to me!” SLAP. I heard a moan come out of Jan that I knew was more pleasure then pain. “And you, you fucking cheater,” SLAP, “will become my slave-boy,” SLAP, “or I’ll take you for all we have!” Because of her success in real estate, most of what we have, including my Porsche, was from her; this put me in the hole. She dug her nails in one of my cheeks for leverage as she unloaded one more time on my ass. My hips recoiled, grinding my still rock-hard cock onto the hood of my car. Jan had a look of lust on her face, staring into my eyes, licking her lips. I could not believe how horny I was becoming.

“Now clean that mess on MY car!” Both Jan and I knew exactly what she meant. I took a quick peek back and saw Dee untying the waist string of her shorts. We both started to lick my spunk off the hood, when we touched tongues. Dee slapped our asses again, “I didn’t tell you to kiss!” She hissed. “Roll over bitch, and lay on the floor,” she commanded Jan, “Clean your mess off her body,” she told me with another slap on my ass. I kneeled beside Jan and lowered my head to her breasts. Dee pushed the back of my head, forcing my face into my mess. She rolled my face into Jan’s body, smearing my cum all over my face. “Now lick her body clean.”

As I was giving Jan’s belly big, broad licks, I could bartın escort bayan not help but notice that Dee had by now lost her shorts and panties, and had arranged herself to be standing over Jan, feet on either side of her head. Then it happened, Dee squatted onto her face! I wasn’t surprised of Jan’s welcoming acceptance, but my wife? I never knew she would cross this line. Dueling moans escaped the girl’s lips as Jan’s tongue touched Dee’s very wet, very plump pussy lips, and I felt my cock contract in a pre-orgasm reflex.

Dee braced herself with a hand on the car’s bumper, and began rolling her hips, pushing her parting sex on Jan’s flickering tongue. Jan danced the tip along the edges of Dee’s puffy inner lips, lightly grazing the very top of her clit; continuously moving it back and forth along the ridge of those luscious lips. Dee was in bliss, her whole body was shaking, and her voice quivering with grunts. Creamy pussy juice was beginning to form along the puckered entrance of her cunt. Jan wrapped her mouth around Dee’s whole pussy, her cheeks vacuumed in with the sucking force she applied. Releasing the pussy bond with a pop, Jan sucked only those engorged pussy lips into her mouth, pulling them down, stretching them, and tormenting them. I was mesmerized and forgot my duty, until Dee grabbed and lifted my head, and stuffed her panties in my mouth. Before I could fully enjoy her panties’ essence, she grabbed my hair and forced my head into the cum still on Jan’s breast. But I kept my eyes on the lesson in cunnilingus, just inches from my face.

I reached down and began massaging Jan’s flowing pussy. Using two fingers to spread her, and my middle finger to pump her hole in a circular motion; the palm of my hand pressed against her hard clit. Jan grabbed Dee’s hips and helped her gyrate, smearing Dee’s juice all over her face. Dee let go of my head to grab one of her breasts and started kneading it. I tried to reach up and grab the other, only to have my hand slapped away. Dee had her eyes closed, and mouth agape.

“UUNNHHH, that’s it Baby, suck Mommy’s pussy. Make her feel good. OO-oo.” Dee started her climax. “OOOHHH Baby, make Mommy cum. Don’t stop sucking, drink my milk Baby, nurse on Mommy’s milk!” Dee sang in a sing-song voice as if Jan was a child.

Jan’s withering body showed how much she was enjoying it as her sexual tension was building. I could hear her moaning into Dee’s pussy as I had removed my wife’s panties and was now sucking Jan’s tit, still banging her box. Both were past the threshold of bliss when Dee lost her balance for a moment. “Oh, stop a second Baby, Mommy has to change positions.”

Dee raised herself, quickly spun around, and placing her knees on either side of Jan’s head. Her glorious fat ass taunting me, beckoning me to kiss it. Lowering herself, Jan immediately sucked Dee’s extended clit into her mouth. “YES baby, suck Mommy’s button. SUCK MOMMY’S BUTTON! Slave-boy, get that tongue up my ass!” I broke from Jan’s nipple in a flash and plunged my tongue as far up her back door as I could. It’s been too long since I last enjoyed my wife’s musky ass, and I was eating it like a man coming off a fast. I could feel Jan’s hand start to brush my chin, knowing her fingers were plunging into my wife’s pussy. “Oh Baby you’re such a good girl. UH-UH-UH, don’t stop Baby, you’re making Mommy feel so good!”

I then felt Jan’s other hand grasp my cock, stroking it with a vise grip. With that encouragement, I doubled my efforts with both my hand on Jan and my tongue in Dee. “YES YOU FUCKERS, YES, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING! GHUUU-UUUH, OOOHHH-OHHHHH!” She screamed for the neighborhood to hear her ecstasy, her head thrashing about and her legs shaking by the overpowering sensations.

I felt her sphincter grab my tongue, her cheeks flexing and rocking with each wave of lust coming over her. “MMM-MMM, UH-MMM, MMM-MMM, AHH,” was all she could audibilize. I held my tongue as deep as I could. Jan was jiggling her hand, keeping her fingers as deep as she could. Dee’s body was convulsing, and I could not keep my tongue in place. So I bit down on her ass, grinding my lower jaw teeth just outside of her ring, where she liked it so long ago. Dee was grinding hard on Jan’s mouth, her back arched. She by now had bucked me off of her back door, but I started to suck escort bartın on her tail bone as she bucked.

Jan released Dee’s clit to finish her own orgasm as her fingers took over for my hand. I kept my finger in her, throttling her G-spot, Jan curled her back. “YES! YES! YES!” she exclaimed as loud as my wife’s screams. Dee looked over her shoulder to see Jan ejaculate three spurts of girl cum onto my hand. “Drink it!” Dee commanded and I dipped my mouth into this glorious pool of elixir. “That is sooo fucking hot!” My wife gasped.

”Oh, Mommy, that felt so good. Make the slave suck my little nubbins. Make him make me cum again!” Not waiting for an order, I moved my mouth over her clit and sucked it hard, flicking just the tip, lightly and quickly. Jan’s breaths came in short bursts and she clamped her mouth on Dee’s thigh, muffling her cries of ecstasy.

“I need to be fucked, get that big dick in me!” Dee ordered as she slid down Jan’s body, pushing me out of the way and pressing her pussy into Jan’s. “And do it hard!” I positioned myself behind her and tried to enter. She had become so tight from her orgasms; her pussy wouldn’t let my cock inside. I lifted her hips higher and then sat up on one knee. Giving a forceful push, I broke her newly created cherry, and filled her up with one stroke. Her pussy was hot and felt incredible! Grabbing her hips I rocked as fast and deep as I could, plunging all the way out and in. I inserted a thumb into her ass, wiggling it as fast as I could. Dee recoiled at the insertion and clenched her ass cheeks around it, and her pussy, amazingly, became tighter. “MM-HMM, fuck me slave-boy, fuck me, stretch my pussy!” I felt a hand rubbing frantically on Dee’s clit. Much to my pleasure, efforts were made to brush my balls on my down strokes.

The girls were locked in a tongue battle, Dee cleaning Jan’s face of her own juice as if it were her last drink of water. “Uh-huh, UH-HUH, I’m cumming again, cumming ag-,” she lost her ability of speech as guttural grunts emitted from her throat. She reached back and grabbed my hips to stop my thrusting. I stayed plunged in to the hilt, but kept wriggling my thumb in her back door. Her pussy walls were shuttering, as Dee whimpered into Jan’s mouth. Again her body was shaking, caused by these extraordinary new heights of lusty pleasure. This pushed me over edge and I announced I was coming.

“Oh no you don’t!” Dee tried to stop me, but it was too late. My cum was coming out regardless of any efforts on my part. My first load felt like it was shot from my toes through my legs. It paralyzed me. My cock head was so sensitive it hurt to move it against Dee’s velvet tunnel. A second burst erupted from my balls as Dee slapped my hands from her hips and broke free from our bond. I shot another spurt that hit Dee’s ass. I hurriedly grabbed my cock and squeezed out the last of my climax on to Jan’s belly and small bush.

“Slave-boy, I gave you an order and you willfully disobeyed. Now eat this cream pie, and make me pure.” Dee stood up and thrusted her pussy at my mouth. I eagerly sucked our cum out of her tangy pussy, becoming passion-juice drunk. Jan sat up and licked up the shot of cum that landed on Dee’s ass. Jan then took my still throbbing cock into her mouth and sucked any last remnants of juice from it while cleaning off any of Dee’s remains. Being careful to stay away from Dee’s deep red and abused button, I continued to lap at her pussy until she was satisfied with my cleaning. She pushed my head away and stepped back to look at her two submissives she now owned.

“Arise my Baby,” Dee was using her sing-song voice again. Taking Jan’s hand, Dee gently helped her to her feet. She brushed Jan’s hair from her face. “Baby’s a mess. She needs a bath. Does Baby want to get cleaned? Let’s get you inside.”

“Yes, Mommy, my puss is sticky and my little nubbins is sore. Can you make it all better?” Jan pouted, relishing in her role as the child to her new parental master. Dee softly kissed Jan, holding her chin in one hand, and stroking her face with the other.

“Let’s go inside, and Mommy will take of everything.” As she escorted her to the side door Dee scowled back at me. “Get in the kitchen, put on only an apron, fix us something to eat, and wait for us at the table, standing at attention.” She slammed the door behind her.

Sitting on the garage floor, my cock leaving a pool of after-cum on my leg, I enjoyed the site of myself covered in passion-juice, the taste of sex in my mouth, and the smell of pheromones in the air. I smiled and wondered if she wanted my whole body, or just my cock, at full mast.

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