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Amy’s Story

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In the year since Amy suddenly found herself a widow at the age of 35 she hadn’t left the house more than a dozen or so times. More often than not she relied on her best friend Jenny to bring her things from the store, but she also did a lot of online shopping. Her Husband had left her a lot of money and she knew she would never need to work if she choose not to.

Craig, her husband died in a car accident while coming home from work one afternoon. Amy had been a happy housewife up until that day. She had loved her husband and devoted her life up to that point to taking care of him and their daughter Stacy.

Stacy, who was now 18 had left for college just a few short months after Craig died leaving Amy all alone in their large home. Amy had gotten pregnant with Stacy at a very young age and had married shortly after high school. It had been a good marriage and she had never even imagined her life without Craig.

Now a year after his death her life consisted of a lot of TV watching, and a lot of time on the computer. She did try hard to stay in shape, working out almost every day. It wasn’t that she cared so much about what she looked like, or even her health. Instead this was her way of convincing herself, and more so the few friends she had left, that she wasn’t giving up on life.

At 35 Amy was still a very attractive woman, she had long black hair that she usually wore tied back in a ponytail. Her D cup breasts accentuated her curvy figure. Before Craig had died she always wore nice clothes and often dressed up sexy for him. Nowadays she mostly wore sweatpants and a t-shirt, or some days she simply walked around the house in a pair of panties and a t-shirt.

Today she knew that Jenny would be stopping by with some supplies for her so she had decided to at least do up her hair a bit and put on a pair of jeans and a nicer blouse. She mostly did this so that Jenny wouldn’t lecture her too much. Jenny of course constantly worried about her and often would come by to try and cheer her up or just to check up on her.

Amy was just finishing straightening up the kitchen, trying to make it look like she actually cared when she heard the doorbell. She sighed and took a moment to mentally prepare herself for dealing with Jenny. She answered the door and Jenny burst in giving her a hug.

“Hey Ames, how you feeling today? You look good.”

“I’m good, Jenny. Thanks for stopping by,” Amy replied as she noticed Jenny was carrying a large sack. “What’s in the bag?”

“I brought us some refreshments,” replied Jenny.

Amy frowned to herself, knowing that this meant Jenny planned on sticking around for a while. She didn’t do this often, usually it was a half hour visit and then she’d be on her way. It was hard enough for Amy to deal with Jenny in 30 minute doses, anything much more than that became extremely difficult to deal with.

Jenny was already in the kitchen by the time Amy had closed the door and turned around to follow. Jenny was always like this, and Amy had always suspected that she was on some kind of speed or something, but had never bothered to ask.

Walking into the kitchen where Jenny was already busying herself by emptying the bag of “refreshments”.

“So what did you bring?” asked Amy.

Jenny paused a moment before answering, “Ok, before you say no just hear me out.”

Amy didn’t like the sound of this, “Hear you on what, Jenny? I’m not in the mood for any surprises.”

“No surprises really. I know you don’t drink and never have, but I brought us some wine and I thought that… Well it might do you some good to have a glass with me and relax a bit.”

Amy sat down at the table and sighed. Her mother had been an alcoholic and she had sworn to herself that she would never touch a drop of it, and she never had. Jenny knew this and even though she was known to drink quite often she had never before tried to get Amy to break her rules.

“Jenny, I don’t know what gave you the idea that I’d have a drink with you, but you should know better.”

“Oh Amy, you know I’ve always respected your vow to never drink, but you really do need to relax and let loose a bit. Come on just have one glass with me and I’ll never ask again.”

Surprising even herself Amy stopped to think about it. She was about to say no and ask Jenny to leave when a thought came to her. ‘I’m no longer that woman,’ she thought to herself. It was the vow of a woman who was happily married and raising her daughter trying to be everything that her mother wasn’t. Her husband was dead, her daughter off to school and seldom even bothered to call her and check in. She suddenly realized that she wanted to break her vow simply for the sake of burying the woman who had made it once and for all.

“One glass,” she found herself saying to a very surprised Jenny.

For a moment Jenny just sat there looking dumbfounded. “I ah I um, I… yeah great, let me pour, I brought glasses and cheese and everything,” Jenny stammered.

She pulled out two glasses and set them on the table, then pulled a bottle of red bahis firmaları wine out and popped the bottle open. Amy watched with growing anticipation, she found her stomach was turning in knots. She was quickly starting to doubt herself and her decision.

Jenny seemed to sense her friends growing doubt and hurried to pour the wine before she could change her mind. As soon as the wine was poured she slid a glass over to Amy and picked up her glass and tasted it, “Mmmmm this is really good Wine Amy, you’re in for a treat.”

Amy stared at the glass for what seemed like an eternity before finally giving in and picking up the glass. She thought to herself, ‘It’s now or never.’ She tipped the glass and took a small sip, it was sweet and a bit bitter, but surprisingly good. She took another small drink and savored the flavor for a moment, then without even thinking about it she tipped the glass back and in several large gulps finished off the glass.

“Whoa, Ames take it easy girl, wine is meant to be sipped, and you’re not used to it,” Jenny warned. “Would you like a refill?”

Amy thought about it a moment, it was really tasty and it wasn’t like she was going to get drunk on a couple glasses of wine… was she? Now that she thought about it she wasn’t sure, but she decided to go for a second glass anyway. “Sure, but just one more.”

Jenny poured her another glass and handed it to her, she was only half way through her first and decided to top it off.

She watched as Amy took a small sip and smiled to herself seeing the pleasure on her friends face. “So how do you like it?”

“It’s good,” Amy replied. “Real good, at first I thought it was a bit bitter, but now I don’t notice that as much. I’m not going to get drunk off two glasses am I?”

“Well you’re not used to alcohol of any kind so you’ll probably feel a bit of a buzz before long, but no I don’t think you’ll be drunk by any means,” replied Jenny.

Amy took another swallow of the wine and asked, “How will I know if I’m buzzed?”

“Well you will probably start to feel a bit more relaxed, and maybe a bit lightheaded,” Jenny replied in answer.

Amy thought about it for a moment, as she sipped her wine. She did seem to feel relaxed. The butterflies in her tummy had calmed and she didn’t feel any of the apprehension she had felt just a short time ago. She went to take another sip of her wine only to find her glass empty. She sighed aloud and said to Jenny, “Wow that went fast, I was relly tryin to enjoy it this time.” ‘Did I just slur my words?’ she wondered to herself.

Jenny smiled, “Yeah that tends to happen when you relax and let yourself enjoy something.”

Amy sat with her arms crossed staring at her empty glass while Jenny babbled on about something she didn’t hear a word of. She wanted another glass, but was pretty sure she shouldn’t. Somehow in the back of her mind she felt like if she asked for a third glass she would be crossing some kind of line. Finally she decided she just didn’t care. The wine was good and she was enjoying herself for the first time in a long while. She didn’t even mind Jenny’s constant talking at this point.

Without asking she reached across the table and grabbed the bottle and filled her glass. Jenny looked shocked not for the first time tonight, but didn’t say a word. She just smiled and held out her own glass for a refill.

As Amy sipped her third glass, she found herself having small talk with Jenny. They talked about TV shows they’d both been watching, and Amy told her about a new bikini she had bought online.

“Oh you should totally try it on, I want to see it,” Jenny said enthusiastically. She was enjoying taking with Amy and was only teasing Amy about putting on the bikini. She didn’t really think Amy would agree.

“Ok,” Amy said. “I been wanting to try it on anyway.”

Amy stood with her glass to go get the suit, and that’s when she felt a bit off balance and swayed a bit. She placed a hand on the table to steady herself. “Wow, I uh, I got a bit dissy there. Mush have stood too quick.” ‘Oh god, I’m slurring my words,’ she thought to herself.

“Jen am I drunk?” she asked her friend.

Jenny laughed, not Ames I don’t think your drunk, but you do seem to have a decent buzz going. Just be careful and don’t lose your balance.

Amy walked to her bedroom on the second floor a bit unsteady on her feet she had to steady herself a couple of times. She did feel good though she had to admit. Her cheeks felt a bit warm, and her lips were tingling a bit. Her thoughts seemed to float a bit, but the best part was this sort of warm glowing feeling in her belly. She couldn’t describe it any better than that, other than it really made her want to smile, and these days nothing made her want to smile.

She used the restroom real quick before changing into the bikini. She wasn’t even real sure why she was agreeing to try it on, it didn’t seem to make much sense, but she’d agreed to it. She bought a lot of clothes online that she never wore, it was just a habit. She almost lost her kaçak iddaa balance a couple of times as she changed into the suit, and found herself giggling after the second time. She felt like silly laughing like that, but didn’t let it stop her. It seemed like so long ago since she had laughed out loud.

Before she left her bedroom she glanced at herself in front of the full length mirror and was surprised at what she saw. She looked good in this suit. Real good. She didn’t often look in mirrors anymore and hadn’t really paid attention in a long time. All that working out had paid off, even if she hadn’t been doing it for that reason. The suit also seemed to push her already large breasts up and made them look even larger. She found herself posing in front of the mirror when Jenny walked in carrying the bottle of wine and the two glasses.

“Wow girl you look sexy as hell in that suit,” Jenny exclaimed. “I was starting to worry about you as you’d been gone awhile so I came to check on you.”

Amy blushed realizing she’d been busted checking herself out in the mirror. “Wow, I must look like an idiot,” Amy said still looking at herself. Without thinking about it she reached for the half empty glass in Jenny hand and taking it from her she emptied the glass in one gulp.

Jenny laughed, “Good thing I brought more than one bottle,” she said and filled Amy’s glass without asking. “Hey, it’s a beautiful night out, let’s go out and sit by the pool. I could use a cigarette.”

Amy agreed and they headed for the pool, Amy enjoying the warm glow the wine had brought on. She felt elated and worry free, this was good. She was so glad that naughty friend Jenny had talked her into trying this wonderful wine. ‘Naughty Jenny,’ she thought to herself and then started giggling out loud.

Jenny turned and looked at her with a big smile, “What’s so funny?”

Amy giggled some more as they sat down at the poolside table. The pool itself was empty since Stacy had left Amy hadn’t wanted to take care of it. “Nothin, was jus thinkin how you alwayz ben the bad girrl, and I alwayz been the good girl.”

Jenny laughed at this, “Yeah and I’ve tried my whole life to corrupt you without any success. Well until tonight that is.”

They both laughed.

Jenny pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She took a long drag deep into her lungs and held it for a moment enjoying the smoke. It had been hours since her last cig and she had been wanting one bad. She exhaled and sat back in her chair and took a sip of her wine. “MMmmmmm that’s so good,” she cooed.

Amy had watched her fascinated by the look of pleasure on her friends face as she took her first drag on the cigarette. Was it really that good? She wondered. She had never been able to stand the smell of cigarette smoke and had never tried one because of it. Craig had smoked, but never around her. She always figured he thought she didn’t know.

Suddenly she found herself wanting to try one. Without putting much thought to it she put her hand out and asked Jen, “Can I try?”

Jenny smiled and handed her the cigarette, “I am a bad influence aren’t I.”

“What do I do?” Amy asked taking it between her fingers like she’d seen Jenny do.

“Just put it between your lips and inhale, then let the smoke into your lungs and hold it for a moment. Not too big of a drag though for your first time or you’ll be coughing,” Jenny responded.

Amy put the cigarette to her lips and slowly pulled in some smoke, she coughed a bit and didn’t get any into her lungs, but determined she tried again. This time she got a good amount of the smoke into her lungs and felt it burn the back of her throat a bit. It tasted a bit minty and she was more than a little surprised to find she liked the taste. Suddenly, she started coughing and felt tears come to her eyes as the smoke poured out her nose and mouth.

“I told you not to take so much, and you held it way too long. Still not bad for your first drag,” Jenny said as she lit another cig. “You keep that one.”

Amy gulped down her wine to help stop the coughing, and then found herself pulling on the cigarette again. This time she was careful not to take so much and didn’t hold it in her lungs as long. She let out the smoke in a slow manner the way she’d seen Jenny do. She realized that she felt incredibly sexy as she sat there smoking, and drinking wine.

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed since they’d come out to the pool, but she knew she’d smoked another cigarette and Jenny had just poured them the last of the second bottle of wine. They had been conversing and laughing a lot. She was having the best time and didn’t want it to stop.

“We need more wine,” She declared.

Jenny laughed and said, “That’s all the wine I brought girl, but I do have something else in the car that I had bought for myself.”

Amy was curious, “Oh and what is it?”

“Vodka,” Jenny replied. “I had bought it for myself to make some drinks with later, but I’m happy to share.”

Amy thought about it a moment. She knew vodka was stronger than kaçak bahis wine, and knew it was likely to get her drunk, but she realized she didn’t care. “Go git it, I gotta pee.”

Jenny laughed and told her to go pee while she went to the car to get the vodka.

Jenny was having a great time, and was so happy that Amy seemed to be enjoying herself as well. It had been so long since she’d heard her friend laugh or even seen a smile on her face. She started to get an idea that it might be fun to see just how drunk she could get Amy tonight. She knew she probably would get the chance to drink with her again as Amy would most certainly go back to her ways after tonight, so might as well enjoy it while she could.

While Jenny was heading out to the car for the Vodka Amy was finding it difficult to walk straight as she headed for the bathroom. She found herself having to hold on to the wall to keep from stumbling. Her head was floating a lot now and she found it hard to keep her thoughts straight. She was having a great time and didn’t want to stop, but at the same time she was starting to realize that maybe she was already drunk.

As she pulled down the bikini bottom she lost her balance a bit and plopped herself down on the toilet with a thud. She couldn’t help but to giggle a little, “oopsies,” she said out loud.

She moaned with relief as she started to pee, it felt so damn good. Hell everything felt good right now. She looked up in the mirror over the sink and saw the stupid grin on her face and giggled, then she noticed that one of her breasts had popped out of her bikini top. “Hey, what you thnk yur doin?” She then giggled again realizing she was talking to her boob.

She reached up to put it back in the bikini top and as she touched it realized that it felt really good. She took her breast in her hand feeling its weight and then rolled her nipple between her fingers. She moaned in pleasure, “oh wow.” She suddenly realized that she was incredibly horny. It had been ages since she’d touched herself, and she found the need to cum suddenly overpowering.

With her breast still in one hand, her fingers squeezing and teasing her nipples, she reached her other hand between her legs and slid her fingers inside her wet pussy. She was so wet, and couldn’t believe how good it felt. Soon she found herself furiously fingering her wet pussy while she played with her large breasts. She was moaning furiously.

When Jen came to check on her she could hear the moans on the other side of the door and realized what her friend was doing. She instantly got wet thinking about Amy on the other side of that door playing with her large breasts and touching herself. She’d always found Amy to be beautiful and she secretly had always wanted to try having sex with her. She’d never been with a girl, and really didn’t go that way, but there was something about Amy. She thought about touching herself right there in the hallway, but then decided it was too risky. One thing was for sure, her husband was getting lucky tonight.

Amy’s head spun with pleasure as her orgasm took hold of her. Her whole body shook and she screamed out with the pleasure that was washing over her in waves. She almost fell of the toilet and had to grab the counter to maintain her balance. She could swear she was seeing stars. Soon the orgasm subsided and she started coming back from the edge of bliss. She cleaned herself up and walked back to the kitchen. The realized the orgasm seemed to have sobered her a bit as she didn’t seem to be stumbling as bad.

When she appeared in the kitchen looking flush and disheveled Jenny started clapping and said, “Wow girl that must have been some orgasm.”

Amy blushed furiously, “Oh my, you heard that?”

“I think the whole neighborhood heard that,” Jenny said laughing. “Don’t be embarrassed, you deserved it.”

Amy sat down with a plop and thought to herself that she did deserve it and her face flushed once more when she thought about that orgasm. “It wuz good,” she said smiling.

She noticed two shot glasses sitting on the table and two glasses of orange juice. “Whatz this?”

Jenny slid her a shot glass and glass of orange juice. “This my friend is a shot, and you are doing one with me.”

Amy just laughed and grabbed the glass and tipped it back… wow did it burn. She wasn’t prepared for that, it burned all the way down her throat and into her tummy. It was a wonderful feeling.

“You’re supposed to chase it with the orange juice silly,” Jenny said laughing as she did her own shot then took a gulp of orange juice. Hers was plain orange juice, but she had spiked Amy’s with vodka. She was figuring by now Amy might not notice.

Amy did take a big swallow of the orange juice and for a moment looked at the glass with an odd expression, but then seemed to dismiss it and pushed the shot glass to Jenny. “anopher one puleze.”

Jenny smilled and filled the glass, Amy was really starting to get drunk, she was slurring her words and swaying a bit in her chair. The oddest thing to Jenny was just how aroused it was making her watching her friend get wasted. She thought about this for a moment, but decided not to dwell on it. She dismissed it as she was just horny from hearing her masturbate in the bathroom earlier.

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