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Amber at the Club

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Alexis Fawx

It was the sort of club you didn’t wear underwear to. In fact girls had been turned away at the door for showing a panty line. Amber knew the rules. She enjoyed it more knowing that anyone could get a flash of her ass or pussy. A visit didn’t go by that she didn’t see at least one set of balls hanging from the leg hole of a pair of shorts. Tonight Amber was wearing a short yellow dress and heels that laced up to her knees. The material of the dress was thin enough to show her nipple piercing and the small triangle of dark pubic hair at her crotch. Her raven black hair hung loose to her shoulders. Tonight she was looking for one thing. Sex. The more the better.

The big bouncer smiled at her as she approached the door. He let her in without comment. Amber smiled at the girl behind the counter in the hallway as she left her handbag. Jane had shared her bed a couple of times and they were good friends. She pushed open the double doors that kept the noise of the club out of the entrance hall and strode through.

The heat of the club hit her immediately. With so many bodies dancing the temperature rose quickly. Amber headed for the bar and ordered a drink. Before the drink arrived a young hunk had asked her to dance. She looked him up and down and liked what she saw. He was wearing a tight T-shirt and equally tight denim shorts. She could see his muscular body even in the murky light of the club.

They exchanged pleasantries whilst she waited for her drink. After the drink was downed they headed for the dance floor. Amber led John by the hand to the middle of the throng and they danced. Soon they had worked up a sweat and the thin fabric of her dress was now nişantaşı escort clinging to her body and showing her large nipples and small patch of pubic hair. John was equally sweaty and had removed his shirt to reveal his muscular torso. The energetic dancing had also loosened his scrotum from it’s inadequate confinement. Amber reached down and felt the size of his balls. Taking that as an invitation, John cupped her pussy. His hand came back with an unmistakable coating of pussy juice. The couple smiled at each other. Amber used her groping hand to free more of his genitalia.

Passing several entwined couples in the hall, Amber led John to a small room by his hard cock. Once inside they kissed and groped each others bodies, stripping their clothes in the process. Finally, unable to contain himself, John pushed Amber against a wall and grabbed her hips. He lifted her slightly and slid his cock along her leg to her hot pussy. Amber reached down to guide him into the furnace between her legs. As he slid into her they both groaned with pleasure.

For almost two minutes they just stayed like that, joined at the hip. When he was sure he wouldn’t come right away, John moved his hands to get a better grip on her buttocks and began to slide back out of Amber’s cunt. The tightness of her pussy increased as she tried to keep him inside. When he was almost out, he reversed direction and pushed through the tight muscle eliciting another groan. Slowly he repeated the process. As he pushed home the third time Amber growled through clenched teeth, “harder damnit. Fuck me harder!”

John didn’t argue. His next entry shook Amber, causing ripples in çapa escort her breasts. His scrotum swung up and slapped into her ass with each stroke. Amber spread her legs further to allow deeper penetration and started to bounce in his hands in time with his thrusts.

“I want it in my ass.” Demanded Amber breathlessly.

Lowering her to floor, John slid his glistening dick from her pussy. Before turning around Amber knelt and took hold the jutting manhood. She looked up at John and locked eyes with him as she licked her juices from his cock. When he was clean she kissed the tip and then slid her mouth over it. Her lips stopped half way down his shaft and then slowly slid back to the end.

With her hands pressed against the wall and her ass in the air, Amber stood ready for the anal intrusion she needed. John grabbed his dick and slid it across her dangling pussy lips to wet it further before he lined it up with her puckered asshole. One hand rubbed the clenched hole to help Amber relax, the other gripped his shaft near the head, making it solid. When he saw the muscles relax, John pushed his glans into the proffered orifice. At first he just squashed himself against the surface, but slowly the pressure he was applying overcame the resistance of Amber’s sphincter.

With a suddenness that she wasn’t ready for, his hard dick slid into Amber. He stopped his thrust to allow her to get used to the intrusion. It was only a few seconds later that he felt Amber relax again.

“Okay, now fuck me stud.”

John complied with the order with relish. His cock slid into Amber’s butt to the balls on the first thrust. He dragged it back out fatih escort and then rammed it in again, slapping into her firm ass. Every time he bottomed out, Amber grunted. After a few strokes she started to move with him, increasing both their pleasure.

Amber moved her right hand across the wall so she could rest her forehead on her forearm. Her left hand stretched down to her groin. She inserted first one then two fingers into her hot, wet slit. She was soon matching John’s rhythm in her ass with her own in her vagina. Her thumb started to circle and massage her sensitive clitoris as John thrust harder.

“Oh God, I’m coming!” Amber cried out as her orgasm reached bursting point. Her hand was a blur in her pussy, spraying her juices across Johns legs as well as her own. Her orgasm caused the muscles in her asshole to clench, increasing the grip on Johns cock.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop. I want you to come in my ass.” Amber almost screamed her instructions to her lover.

John couldn’t have stopped now if he wanted. The pressure on his cock was incredible and he was beyond the point of no return. He grabbed her hips and buried his manhood as deep as it would go. It felt like a volcano erupting in her ass, and it was enough to give Amber another orgasm. She screamed and collapsed, pulling free of John’s dick.

John was still ejaculating and a wad of his semen landed on the wall where Amber had been leaning. The rest of his sperm dribbled to the floor. He leaned against the door and caught his breath.

Amber lay on the floor for a while also catching her breath. Eventually she was able to stand. John passed her a towel that was hanging on the back of the door. They helped each other clean up and get dressed before separating.

Back on the dance floor Amber spotted a tall buxom blonde woman eyeing here from the bar. Amber straightened her dress and strode towards her next dance partner…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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