Şubat 5, 2023

All in the Family Ch. 05

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A prosthetic arm dangled by her side. It attached to Alex’s arm several inches above where the left elbow used to be and ended in a shiny metal hook. She wore her trademark white t-shirt and stiff Wrangler jeans. Standing in the space between the kitchen and living room, she brushed her fingers thought the short haircut and made a wolf whistle while looking at Holly sitting on the couch dressed only in an unbuttoned blouse.

“Six months,” Alex said as she raised the hook slightly.

“You’ve got to see this scene,” Holly said picking up the remote with her only hand then crossing her legs leaving an ankle resting over a knee.

She sat close, their thighs touching, her hook resting in her lap, and watched the woman going down on the older man. “Looks like us every night,” she teased then leaned over and kissed Holly deeply for a long moment.

“Thanks for letting me into the family.”

“Dad digs it too.” She giggled and played with a nipple barely peeking from under Holly’s blouse. “It was easy to fall for you.”

“‘Cause I had one arm?”

“That, of course, helped.” The palm pressed over the same breast and gently rolled it beneath the warm skin. “You didn’t seem to mind … that I look like a guy.”

“Why would I?”

“Don’t know. You were just naturally accepting. It was sweet. I like my pussy, I just, you know, am not, ah, feminine. I like Dad, and I like you. I love being with both of you.”

“To me, you’re sexier without the arm.”

“Do you mean the prosthetic arm?” Alex watched as she played with the hook with her fingers then looked slowly up at Holly nodding. “You know, I find it less exciting that I imagined … the hardware that is.” She stood and looked down at her feet. She pulled the t-shirt off and removed the arm. Her stump moved about freely then she sat and put the t-shirt back on leaving the stump exposed. “There. How’s that?” There was no response and she pulled the whole arm inside the t-shirt. “Armless?” she teased and leaned casually against the back of the couch.

The climate was moderate all year long and when it was cold in most places, it was still warm enough to lounge by the pool. Jack and his wife Thelma still lived in Robert and Casey’s guesthouse. Nick and his wife Patty were visiting for a month.

Alone by the pool, Patty reclined against one hand, her legless hips barely covered by the bottom of a black thong swimsuit. Her lovely breasts exposed to the sun. Patty was the sister of Jack’s father who was Robert’s brother. Like her, like her husband, everyone in the family was an amputee, all thanks to Robert being a surgeon. The joke was Robert made amputees and Casey made them prosthetics. Telling the joke always prompted laughter among family members.

Using a single crutch, Thelma carried a drink glass and walked gracefully through the large French doors towards the pool. She stopped, sat beside Patty and dipped her foot in the warm pool water. “You’re looking quite nice.”

“Almost a year since the wedding. How’s married life?”

“As good as having one leg,” she teased then sipped the drink. “Quite the family.” She drank some then looked along Patty’s body to her hips.

“Love having them completely off,” she said letting a hand rest over one stump. The hand remained in place as she turned towards Thelma. “Someday, you should be like this.” She twisted her body and faced her sitting straight up and balancing on her bottom. Her hands rested together where her lap would have been.

Thelma shook her head and sipped the rest of the drink then sat the glass away from the edge of the pool. Her hand slid across the edging and felt beside the patch of cloth on the thong. A fingertip ran along the faint but visible scar then played with the small waistband, just for a second. “Nice on you though,” she whispered before letting her fingertip retrace the path in reverse.

“Darling,” she said in a near moan as she felt the fingertip trace close to the small patch of fabric. She glanced quickly around and realized they were alone, though it didn’t matter. Her lips pressed against Thelma’s and drove her tongue deep as she had last night. Thelma’s face rested between her hands and her thumbs stroked beside each eye. Her breath blew warm over Thelma’s tongue as she temporarily struggled to maintain her balance and control her emotions.

The emotionally charged moment passed and breathing returned to normal though their faces remained close. They could still feel each other’s warmth. Patty stared deep into Thelma’s eyes and pecked one last time at her lips. “Sweetie, I need someone to talk to,” she whispered in an unsteady voice.

Thelma hugged her and whispered into her ear, “Sure. I’m always here for you.”

Robert, Nick, and Jack lounged on three overstuffed leather chairs in front of a large stone fireplace in the den with walls covered in dark wood bookcases filled with leather bound volumes. Robert’s leg ended below the knee and crossed lazily over the other knee. The amasya escort short stump occasionally moved back and forth as he held a glass of whiskey in one hand and looked at the others, who were both missing their left legs – Jack more so than Nick.

“How goes the stump maker?” Nick asked before chuckling.

“I’m still chopping those limbs off.” He roared with laughter. “Patty’s sure looks great without legs.”

“Great thing of beauty,” Jack slyly said taking a sip of beer from the long neck bottle. “I wouldn’t be lying if I said I sometimes think about that for myself … but I’m fine this way.” He took another swing of beer. “How’s Jean doing?”

“Better than I’d do without arms,” Nick groaned. “Casey bugs her about getting an arm made for the longer stump, but your mother is now talking about having that stump shortened to be like the other one.”

“Completely off?” Robert quizzed. “Now that is something that gets me fired up and hot.” He chugged his whiskey and gasped as he sat the glass on the low table in the center of the chairs. “Armless women, wow.”

“Shit Bob,” Jack started. “You just dig stumps … no matter how many, which ones, or what gender they are on.”

“Yup. Got me there … yes you do.”

Nick looked around, pausing as he looked at each man. He drank more beer and rolled the bottle between his hands. “I know Patty is family, related and all.” He drank another sip as the other men looked quietly at him. “Last night with both of you, that was great.” They had watched football reruns and slept together in one large bed. “There’re times I kind of wished I lived with a guy.” There was kissing and plenty of sex too. All the men and some of the women in the family seemed to swing both ways within the family. “She’s pressing me to get rid of my other leg. You know, to be all off like hers are. Not sure it’s right for me.”

Casey leaned against the doorframe and looked at Patty and Thelma by the pool hugging. They seemed to be engaged in a serious conversation. She watched for a moment longer before crutching towards them. She settled on the opposite side of Patty from Thelma and laid her crutches behind her. She sat for a while and watched.

Thelma pulled away and teasingly said, “She’s trying to talk me into having the other leg off AND my stump gone too.”

“You can’t fool me, it looked like you two were necking.” She laughed and rubbed a hand along Patty’s back and over one hip.

“Babe….” Patty started then just looked letting her eyes drift over Casey’s body.


“Oh, I was thinking about last night.”

“Uh-huh,” Thelma said. “Glad the guys slept together.”

“Maybe we can talk them into doing that again.” Casey snickered then they all laughed.

Kate turned the shop lights off and locked the door. The high-tech prosthetic leg moved comfortably letting her walk as gracefully now, as before Robert amputated her left leg. Her black skirt stopped about knee length and did not hide the silver metal part of the leg that attached to the black carbon fiber socket. There were matching black running shoes on each foot. She walked to the parking lot.

“Hey darling,” Tony, her husband, called. He was slightly out of breath, having walked quickly from the office hoping to catch a ride home.

“My husband won’t let talk to strange men.” She roared with laughter.

“Just ’cause I happen to like women with one leg doesn’t mean I’m strange.” He joined in with her laughter as he hugged and kissed her.

“Well, get in then. I’m going to tie you to my bed and wear you out.”

“Hmmm, haven’t heard that since last night.” He sat in the seat, closed the door, and fastened his seatbelt. “How’s the leg?”

“The prosthesis is good, the stump is great. Guess I need to get Casey to look at the socket fit. I’ve got a small spot in a place that doesn’t like small spots … if you know what I mean.”

Curt was laying undressed on the king size bed reading a detective thriller, two pillows stuffed under his head. A single bedside lamp turned on in the otherwise dark room. Lost in the tension on the page, he missed Alex and Holly as they reclined naked on the far side of the bed. By the time he lowered the opened book to his lap, they were deep in the throws of passion. Tongues shoved as far as possible down each throat, palms massaged places that needed that. He watched for a moment then put the bookmark in place and the closed book on the nightstand.

His hand stroked Holly’s back and massaged her neck as he worked his way closer. The erection started before, but now fully in place as his first kiss wetted Holly’s back. A finger dragged through the crevasse of her ass then his hand touched the shoulder where the arm had been.

Alex clambered over both bodies then lay beside him letting her arm stump rub his chest downward past his stomach. The soft end of the stump rubbed the underside of his cock pressing it against his stomach. Her hand amasya escort bayan encircled part of his left thigh near the hip and rubbed back and forth in a sawing motion. “About here,” she groaned quietly. “Yeah.” She pecked and kissed along where she had marked. “Yeah.”

“Let me get my leg off,” Kate groaned as she walked though the kitchen from the garage.

“Ya goin’ to let me help … or at least watch?” Tony begged following along, his briefcase in hand.

“Only if you’ll massage between my thighs.” She roared with laughter. “Guess I don’t have to beg you ’bout that.” Thank god, she told herself musing about the great times in bed she’d been having with him.

She was lying sprawled on her back, arms outstretch, by the time he got out of the bathroom. The toilet flushing in the background, he settled beside her and bent down letting a long slow kiss begin while massaging her breasts though the blouse. The prosthesis still attached, her legs both formed a wide vee.

“I love you so much,” he whispered. “That you wanted it off only heightens my love.”

She pulled at his shoulder and he landed against her chest. “Come here sweetheart.”

Curt rested his head on interlocked fingers and stared at the ceiling with cum covering his stomach and between his legs. Alex tickled his nipple with the end of her stump and Holly suckled the other.

“Don’t you think my old man would look sexy with one leg?” Alex’s voice was suggestive and deep.

“This surgeon you two went to … he would do that?”

Holly nodded and laid her head on his chest looking towards his face. “Sure, as long as he thought it was something you wanted. Is it?”

“I’ve never been happy with my legs. They’re spindly. When I was a kid, it was a lot worse. I remember seeing a guy selling pencils downtown … you know, a guy without legs sitting on a pushboard thing. I don’t know why, but that seemed like a perfect life to me … a way to not have my skinny legs.”

“You’ve never told me,” Alex said.

“Even with your issues, I never felt like I could talk about it.”

Alex scooted up along him until she could kiss his lips. She let the kiss linger, let her tongue dig deep, let him know she understood, that it didn’t matter he had not talked. Holly let a fingertip stroke the underside of his shaft and she nibbled over the still swollen head.

“I don’t think I’d be happy with only one leg gone. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I thought about it. Suddenly….”

“You need to think about what you couldn’t do anymore. It would be a huge change,” Alex said as she sat beside him. Her hand massaged his chest. “Losing an arm is kind of a big deal … one leg is too.” The outer edge of her hand dragged across both legs like a saw. “How much would be left?”

“I used to think it would be all of them gone. Nothing would be left.”

“Oh-h,” Alex mused. “All-h of them,” she drawled slowly thinking about what it would look like. “I don’t know anyone like that you could talk to.”

“I bet Erin would know … and for sure Casey or Robert. Robert would be a last resort. When you talk to him, he expects you to have it all worked out, all the questions answered. There better not be a hint of question when you talk to him.”

“Really?” Curt asked.

Holly began, “I heard that he turned someone away because he didn’t believe they knew what they were asking for. Since you’ve thought about this, when you were younger, is a good thing. It shows it’s not just a whim.”

Alex looked at Curt, then at Holly, and back. She shrugged her shoulders, and then looked puzzled at Holly.

“I’ll talk to Erin, she knows everyone.”

Nick sat alone on the couch in the den watching a baseball game. One hand rested on a bare thigh stump, the other held a full bottle of beer. He shouted as the ball flew over the fence into the stands. “Way to go!” he yelled as two players ran across home plate. He tipped the bottle up high and let a third of the golden liquid drain into his mouth in a single gulp. The other hand unsnapped the waistband and he began to stroke himself while pushing the Jockeys lower. “Ah, the good life,” he said aloud not realizing Casey stood in the open doorway and could see.

She crutched down the hall muttering under her breath as she thought about what Patty had told her.

Curt had only waited ten minutes in the parking lot of Buffalo Pete’s when Patty drove into the parking lot. There were rarely many cars this time of afternoon and she’d described the car perfectly. He walked towards her as she sat in the driver’s seat and snapped the second wheel on her wheelchair. She pressed the wheel brakes in place and swung her legless hips onto the three-inch thick cushion.

“I’m Curt.” His hand rested over the top of the car door, the other in his pocket, and watched as she rolled back from the car.

“Hey Curt, I’m Patty … so nice to meet you. I’ve heard great things escort amasya about Alex. Sounds like she’s got her head on good.”

“Yes ma’am. Holly is settling down too now that she lives at our place. Guess she came from a pretty fucked up childhood.” He held fingers over his lips. “Excuse me.”

“Don’t give it a ‘fucking’ thought.” Patty laughed and slapped him on the hip. “This looks like a ‘fucking’ serious drinking place and that’s exactly what we ‘fucking’ should do.” She laughed again hoping she’d made it clear she did not mind that word.

To Curt, the ramp seemed like it might be steep even thought it was probably the regulation slope. Still he helped with one hand against the back of her chair. “Thanks,” she politely told him as they approached the burly man by the door. The guy held it open and nodded without checking their ID. “Guess that means we’re old,” she teased Curt as the door closed behind them.

“Jukebox is broken, sit anywhere,” the woman behind the bar told them while she dried a glass. “Somebody will be right there.”

Curt pushed a chair away on one side of the table then sat down beside the space as she parked her dark red wheelchair with black upholstery, the wire spoke wheels slightly cambered in at the top.

“What’s good to drink?” she asked him.

“Whiskey on the rocks, or rum and coke … those are my favorites when I’m not drinking beer.”

She fingered her chin as she thought. “How about rum and coke then. Been awhile and we’ve been drinking a lot of whiskey at Robert’s. We’re visiting. He’s my uncle.” She giggled. “He makes a fine stump and his wife a great prosthetic gadgets … if you’re into such things. I’m not.”

“So, you don’t mind talking about this stuff.”

“Oh, hell no.” She swatted his hand. “Not in this family. Tell me ’bout yourself.”

“I’m single these days. Alex’s mother ran off with a jock. I hate jocks … always have.” He cursed under his breath and looked at her. “I guess I’m a bit of a nerd. I have a PhD in history. I don’t teach anymore and now I’m an author.” He glanced against from his hands to her eyes. “I have a successful string of books and one series of crime novels that follows the same detective. I write at home.”

“That’s great.” Her hand covered his and both remained together. “Our family is made of money.” She giggled. “Old family money for several generations. I’ve never really worked anywhere.”

The server replaced empty glasses with full ones. Curt had waited for him to leave then said, “I understand everyone in the family is an amputee.”

Patty nodded. “Yeah, several generations ago one of the women lost a leg in the war. Her husband had his leg amputated to prove his love.”

“A real romantic.”

“Since then, it has become a tradition. There’s always been a surgeon in the family willing to do the deed.” She giggled. “When I was a little girl, I hated my legs. I thought they were ugly. My knees were knobby. I knew at an early age, I would have them off as soon as I became an adult. We all had to be adults before having an amputation. It was a given that we would have something off and that it was an individual choice about what it would be.”

“Wow-w,” he drawled sipping his drink and playing with her fingers. Another set of full glasses replaced the old ones. He could feel the effects and assumed she could too.

“My husband’s missing a leg. We used to get along.” She became silent and took several large sips of her drink, shook her head a few times, then another sip. “I think he’d rather watch a ball game than fuc … ah, be with me.”

“That’s a shame. You’re a beautiful woman.” Curt smiled and repositioned his hand around hers adding a second to her forearm.

“You’re not bad yourself.” She let a big smile linger. “So, what about your legs? I think that’s why we were supposed to meet.”

“I’m enjoying myself talking to you. Been a long time since I was with a woman, one my age.” He paused and sipped a little more of his drink. “When you mentioned you hated your legs, it rang a bell in my head. I was the same way. For years after I saw a man without legs downtown, I would pray that god would take my legs. Of course, that never happened and I got older. Eventually the feelings turned to thoughts of girls. In college, I meet someone, we married, and Alex came along. Sex was fantastic. I thought it’d never end. She left me with Alex.”

“Tell me about Alex.”

“She was smart, but not the usual girl … more of a tomboy. She always wore jeans and t-shirts. I never saw her in a dress. Once she started at the university, she began cutting her hair like mine and started calling herself Alex instead of Alexandria. She begged me to let her have breast reduction surgery. They were big, but I sensed there was more to it. We talked, never quite getting into an argument, but eventually she decided she’d take them down to about a small B.”

“Wow. That’s wonderful you were supportive.”

“All my old thoughts about my legs refilled my mind. I knew how no one would have understood me. It was the best thing for her. I found some places on the web with amputee pictures. I would go crazy looking. Maybe she found some of the same places, don’t know. She did find some porn movies of mine and I guess she’d watch them when I wasn’t around.”

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