Ocak 28, 2023

After Dinner Drinks Ch. 01

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She looked gorgeous, as I had hoped she would. It was only one week ago that we had first had each other, she took me by surprise in her bathroom. I had never kissed another woman before that night. I feared she may not want to see me again, or worse, revert back to our “socially-polite-wives-of-faculty” roles. But here she was, ten o’clock on a Saturday night sitting at the bar well into her third bourbon. And she was a little drunk. And she still looked sexy to me, even more than I remember. It must have been the anticipation building up in me the entire week. Her husband left this morning for three or four days, mine was gone for several weeks, our respective children were away at school until the holidays next month. I was so overwhelmed, overjoyed, I should say, at last week’s events, I hardly touched myself this past week.

“Hey,” she said to me gently, “when are you off?”

I was drying some stemware and placing it in the racks above the prep area behind the bar. I never tended bar, I hardly knew where anything was, and the efficient Jill, the best bartender I ever hired was on duty, but I had a very special customer tonight, Diana. She had arrived by cab about 45 minutes ago and we conversed casually while sharing our intimacy through eye gestures. The night had been a typical crazy busy Saturday night. I don’t usually work on that night, it’s just too much and Jorge basically can run the house fine. I’ve done it for so many years, building up my restaurant to its current high-profile status. But since last week and being so fidgety about Diana, not knowing where all this might lead, I had to delve into something, and of course, a restaurant is endless if you have the energy.

I was exhausted and wanted to leave. I poured myself my first drink of the night, a vodka and sipped it eagerly in front of her.

“Carla, I have a few big surprises for you, if you play your cards right,” she teased in a whispered sexy voice.

I grew ravenous for her. “What do you mean, if I play my cards right? What cards? What kind of surprises?” I couldn’t imagine what she meant.

I refilled my glass and hers when the help wasn’t looking and we toasted each other, “To us,” we whispered and giggled like schoolgirls.

“I’m quitting, Jorge,” I yelled into the kitchen as my big fat lovable gay head chef flung his hand at me, telling me to leave already, everything was under control.

I told Diana I had to get my coat in my office, did she want to follow and we could leave out the back where my car was. She got up and came behind the counter and we walked through the kitchen toward my office. I know Jorge detected something was up because he winked at me devilishly. In my office I gathered my things. Diana was looking around approvingly and said, “It’s smaller than I thought, but you’re the Big Cheese, the ‘Jeffe.’ Is this where you did the… you know… the vegetables you told me about?”

I had told her about stretching myself in the privacy of my office, using any of a number of food objects in storage.

“Yes, Diana, this is where I try sticking edible things up my ass to get it big enough for a fist. Is that what you wanted to hear me say?” I said in a low, slow, intentionally faked slutty voice.

She kicked the door closed and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back, dropping my coat to the ground. Her saliva swirling with her bourbon on my tongue. I caressed her head, my fingers moving down her body and shaking with childish excitement.

I broke our clutch, “Let’s get out of here.”

We passed through the cold storage area in the corridor to the back door and by boxes of vegetables. Diana’s eyes immediately targeted a crate of large yellow and green zucchini. She caught my attention.

“Anything you want, love, but don’t let anyone see you, that would really look bad, the two of us, you drunk, grabbing organic dildos…”

She took what looked like three or four samples, slid them into her oversized purse and we left.

I parked in her garage as she directed me and we entered the house from within. We were at the bottom of the stairs, near the dining room from where I bid her goodbye last week.

“Take off your coat and take this upstairs, I’m getting us some drinks,” she said as she handed me her purse and sauntered off to the kitchen.

I found her bedroom, removed my boots and flopped on the bed, tired but feeling on the verge of my second wind. I heard her footsteps on the stairs and sounds of lights being clicked off.

“Here, beautiful Carla, my very own restaurateur, mine for the night,” she spoke to me and handed me a tall Vodka on ice.

We clinked glasses and each took a healthy swig, staring into each other’s eyes. I put my glass down and lay down on the soft white pillows.

I remember her touching my face so lightly, the breath upon my cheek, and the kiss. Her lips were nectar, soft, moist, warm, and tasting of her. Our tongues once again met and wrestled with one another. Her body now full upon mine, squirming for a fit. I somehow managed her silk blouse off and unhooked her bra spilling her breasts out, ripe, the nipples hardening. She was aydın escort removing my black cashmere sweater revealing only a cotton undershirt which she had off quickly. My own buds were swelling and hard as they met her skin. We tit-rubbed and kissed for a half-hour, slowly exploring the bodies we each hungered for.

Last week was different, a hidden fast-paced jump. A secret in the dark while the world partied below. Tonight was ours and we had time. She tasted like nectar. My last memory of her kisses in this house were reminiscent of her shit, her glorious brown mingled with other body juices and of course her bourbon. She radiated an expensive perfume that lightly wafted through my being. I was electric and didn’t know where to start, but somehow decided to let her take the lead.

She suckled my right breast and began pinching the nipples of the other one gently, descibring circles and massaging while I purred softly in her arms. Her legs were moving and I think I heard her jeans fall on the floor. Her weight shifted and the next thing I knew was a mouth licking my ankle, she had turned around and was squatting over my tits trying to wetten my feet. She took my big toe in her mouth and carved around it, the cracks on either side, the feeling was sinful and delicious. My eyes were closed and I felt the need to touch her so I reached up. Before I knew it her panties were grazing my face, her crotch above me. The scent was powerful, the aroma of the briny marinating ocean. I suddenly recalled a college chant from some of the boys about the mythological redheads, “stinks down there,” they all would say.

I made out her exquisite bush under the fine linen as she lowered it upon my nose. As I was about to kiss the insides of her thighs toward the crack, the liquid became suddenly damp. On my face through the fabric her pee started trickling down. I was so excited to suck the cloth. I squirmed my mouth to the source and began chewing her panties.

I tried to finger the cloth aside on one leg to gain access to her hole and Diana got up quickly, slid them down entirely and sat back down naked over my mouth. Now a jet squirted out of her.

“Oh, ugh, Carla, I’ve been holding it in since the bar, I’ve been drinking all night waiting for you.” A short heavy stream filled my mouth and then stopped as she contracted her bladder. I gargled silently with her nectar and drank it all at once, her seasalt flowing down my throat.

“ughhhhh… I’m sorry Carla, I’ve got to hold it more…”

“Diana give me all, I love it, I crave the flavors, go, go, mmmmmm,” I encouraged.

I shot my tongue into her pussy to lap up the remaining drops. It tasted even better with her sweat and hair mixed in. I slobbered her cunt with still half a mouthful of her piss swishing around my teeth. Diana turned quickly and locked her mouth on mine, trying to drink back her own fluid. I gave her what I had and we resumed our locked embrace.

“Carla, you still have your pants on.”

“Was that your surprise?”

“No, I’m sorry, that was totally unexpected.”

“I’m so happy for your unexpected,” I responded.

My head was swimming with lust and love, and I took a long swig of vodka. She helped me remove the rest of my clothing and there we were, alone, naked, and drunk on her bed. My face and head were drenched with her piss, the sheets were sopping, and the fun had just begun.

“Lie back down, love, I’m going to show you my first surprise,” she whispered.

Now on my back, she moved down the bed and pulled my legs apart, started kissing my thighs. Her expert tongue shot bolts through my labia as she pulled them through her lips. I felt her teeth gnaw at my private purple lips until they began swelling up to burst. She slammed the flat of her tongue on my clit hard and began slapping it left and right. It expanded in her mouth. Her tongue probed my inner cunt as far as it would go. It felt as if she were trying to eat and drink my femininity out of me. She was a ferocious pussy eater, my orgasm was building up and the release was near. My hips were shaking and my breathing came shorter.

I felt her tongue leave for a second and swipe my ass crack, licking the bud. As I had expected an immediate rim job, I was shocked to feel her return to my runny cunny, but not before spitting a huge glob onto my anus. A long slender finger entered my pulsing waiting rear, up to the hilt. She turned it around searching for buried treasure and I felt her finger press against her tongue through my pussy walls. I was gasping for air at the last moments prior to climax,

“mmm, Di, more, go, go, that feels soooo, more, pleeeassse, no, more, no,” I shouted, and just when I was about to charge over the hill, she pulled out her finger, withdrew her mouth, and jumped around, landing her asshole on my panting mouth.

Not missing a beat, she returned the finger to my bum and added two more into my wild cunt. She played with the two holes as if she were an eggbeater, bringing me closer to my limit and then I began to orgasm. I shook violently and grabbed her hips, pulling her bottom onto my mouth, ready to suck aydın escort bayan her out. I quaked and rocked into her hands, trying to force her palms into my vagina. My legs flew way back, stretching open my love wound to her. Fire erupted throughout my entire body as every nerve quivered with the fierce sensations of relentless release. It pulsed on and on. As I gasped and tried to scream, I reflexively closed my lips around her anus.

Oh, the ultimate pleasure as I spewed my gush forth. I only hoped she would catch my liquids, but as I continued to heave, I drank her ass in. My tongue penetrated her tight ring, round and round, teasing it to relax. It wasn’t difficult as it opened invitingly. Its dank and nasty flavor only made it more delectable. I pushed harder and gained a bit more and she applied more weight to my face. Her head returned to my pussy, tonguing into my frightfully rich orgasm. I have never been so high.

Then, my orgasm still raging upward and incomplete and me trying to enter her ass while still in the thrusting phase, her sphincter pushed outward and my mouth filled with a huge sudden glop of thick syrupy whitish goo. It was full, creamy and salty.

My God! It was cum! Her unbelievable hole was cumming yellowish spurt! Sperm, semen, man goop! Ahhhhhh. The excitement threw me over the edge as I slurped it in, feeling and tasting the gunk in my mouth. I begged deeply for more into her distended pucker. I shot my entire pubic reservoir with my final buck. Her face was now buried in my pussy catching my juices. It felt like my pussy walls compressed together a million times and I shot out a dozen gallons of woman cream. I’ll never know, I was in heaven. I writhed under her control and fell back onto the pillows, gasping. Her ass followed me, staying attached to my mouth. Her bunger was full of someone’s delicious sperm. Ohhhh. And it definitely was sperm, I know that taste!

I moved away a little and a long gooey strand connected her perfect bud with my tongue. I lapped it up. She squatted another dollop out, this time the yellowish blob fused with runny brown matter as it fell onto my upper lip. I rolled it into my mouth with my tongue and tasted the folly. It was creamy man-cum, obviously marinating in her hole for some time, dewy, grassy, and shitty. I couldn’t believe how nasty Diana really was, her husband using her ass for a sperm receptacle.

Again, in a sudden unexpected move of surprise, her mouth was on mine drinking the remnants out of me.

“That was one of the surprises I told you about,” she mumbled in a sexy kitten voice. “Last night, before leaving,” she began explaining, “he wanted to fuck me goodbye but I was on my period and he doesn’t like that… so I offered my ass to him, hoping he’d stretch it for you tonight. When he shot me full of his cum, I decided right then and there to try and save it for you, it was my goal all day, to save it.”

“Oh, Diana, you are wonderful,” I responded, “now I’ve swallowed his sperm and you can’t accuse me of fucking her husband!” and then I kissed her deeply for about five minutes, swishing our tastes into a mélange of sweet, pungent, and salty. I really could be ready to eat anything she offered. I needed her to come, I wanted to even the score.

“Does that mean you haven’t shit today at all?,” I asked mockingly, thinking through the logistics.

“It’s been hard, but yes, I’ve kept everything in, my love. I need you to fuck my ass with anything. I want it loose like yours. Take my ass now, Carla.”

And without any reluctance, hardly recovered from my super-cum, I lay her on the bed and raised her legs high, knees back. I kissed her pussy and ran my fingers up her wet butt cavity, slippery with sperm drops. My middle finger went in to the knuckle, then all the way. I immediately felt resistance inside. I added my index finger and the two soon were twisting her rectal walls to and fro. She moaned and a hand shot down to diddle her twat. I licked her buried fingers and rotated my fingers around to widen the opening.

“Ahhhhh, ohh, Carla, that hurtssss, don’t stop, another, please, another…” she cried.

I slobbered my saliva onto her bud and carefully inserted my fourth finger, gaining a knuckle at a time. Soon she was almost writhing in pain with my four digits up her beautiful ass. Inside her my fingers were working her mud and trying to scoop some candy to pull out.

“Get them all in, she began begging,” but it just wasn’t going to happen, her pucker was not ready and I did not want to hurt this beautiful flower.

“I can’t Di, I’m really going to hurt you, I won’t.”

She murmured a groan, but actually I sensed a breath of relief and then pushed out her sphincter but I held inside her and pushed back. The opposing forces inched me deeper into her bowels.

She groaned, “ohhhhh, more, again…and we repeated that motion for about five minutes. I then felt a rumble within her and she shat out my fingers and with gasping breath, took them in her mouth. I saw they were caked with her luscious mud. She tongued and frenzied all over them like a child to a wooden frosting spoon. escort aydın I kissed her mouth, my fingers still in it. We licked and tasted her shit. It was raw and wonderful. I knew her flavors, I knew her nuts, her bits of corn, olives, and garlic embedded in the substance. WOW… it was actually steaming.

She gently lay me down again and sat on my face. I began licking her ravaged pink asshole, now opened up quite a bit and pushing out slightly. As my lips connected again to her brownie, an enormous fart emerged, filling my cheeks and bursting through my lips. I didn’t expect it, she was full of tricks. It smelled dark and full of waste, but of her innards. Pure brown and putrid. I filled my lungs and kept it in, like smoking a joint.

Taking no notice of her gas, she started humping my face aggressively, alternating between cunt and asshole. Eventually the anus won out and my mouth sought it and glued tight. I loved her now purple swollen hairy back hole. I craved it. She was building to her own climax by rubbing against my tongue.

“I want an ass cum, an anal orgasm. Give it to me, stab me, lick me, split me, godammit! Be my anal slut Carla, please, slut yourself to me!”

I ate and ate and then in one motion, slammed three fingers back into her without any forewarning. It was slippery with shit and spit.

“OWWWW!,” She screamed, “Oh yeah, more, deeper,” she cried.

Without removing my busy fingers, I pushed her forward on her hands and knees, face into the pillows, ass in the air. I thrust her asshole while reaching around into her cunt with two of the fingers on my other hand. She purred and pushed out to meet me.

“Oh, Jesus, I love you so much, don’t stop now, slut.”

My fingers felt formidable mounds inside and I wanted them out. She writhed, it was as if the penetration was too much for her. I began pulling out.

“What are you doing? Stay, stay, deeper.”

And I slammed back in to the hilt. She gasped and reached over the side of the bed, producing a large zucchini she had taken from my restaurant. Without a word I grabbed it and removing my fingers with a slurppy sound, pressed the wide head against her brownie. It didn’t go in, though the flesh was loosened and wet. I leaned down and tongued deep. I went around and in. I went through the ring and tasted the insides of her rectal cavity, I swear I did. I tasted the sperm and streaks. She pushed out hard and my mouth filled with her donut, which I caressed with my mouth delicately for a minute; I drew circles around her distended pucker before she drew it back in.

I returned the green probe to her hairy anus and pushed again.

“Just go in, don’t worry, I can take it.”

The skin stretched. It stretched wider.

“Ohhhhh, owwwwww, nooooooo. Don’t stop, slut, goooo,” she begged me.

The big head tore into her asshole with some coaxing, it broke her virgin brownie and poured inside, the thin part following easily.

“You’re splitting me Carlaaaa, you’re killing my ass.”

“You told me to go in, love; I don’t want to hurt you,” I whispered.

“Fuck me hard now, fuck my insides,” she cried through the pain.

I pushed it deep until it stopped. Then pulled it back until the wide head was splitting her skin from the inside. I didn’t pull it out fully, but thrust it back in. I started an aggressive rhythm back and forth. She responded favorably and dug into the sheets with her hands. I was fucking her ass with the zuch with one hand and now had three fingers in her cunt with the other. She settled into raging frenzy of bucking and gulping noises. I wanted to kiss her, but didn’t want the pace to stop. The bulbous stick was pumping her in and out, back and forth, getting easier at each thrust. She pushed back hard into me and the whole thing popped out of her with a wet sucking noise. The head was covered with caked anal mud, her smeared chocolate. I lathered my tongue over it quickly so as not to interrupt the intense pounding and forced it back into her waiting upended bum. This time it just slid in without much resistance. I tasted her bitter shit as I increased the speed.

“Ahhhhh… deep in meeee, please,” she spoke, and I resumed the physical taking of her ass.

The foul sweet texture was melting in my mouth and I slid some goop off her cheek into my nose so as to be enveloped in her ass scent. My breathing became heavier with hers as she grew swollen. She stopped the writhing, ass high up and told me to get under her cunt,

“Eat my twat deep, make it sing, my dam is bursting, now, don’t lose any Carla…,” and sure enough as soon as my mouth met her outer hairs, the gush began. With the sharpened end of the diddling vegetable sticking out of her stretched anal temple, more yellow rain poured into my mouth. Strong piss, all the drinks, all the water, all day it seemed she saved up. I thirsted for her drink and I got it. I swallowed gulp after gulp, all delicacies aside. Truly salty and ammonia-like, somewhat sweet even with the telltale shot of asparagus in the mix. Hot and wet and unending. Then it began filling my throat and bubbling out onto my lips, running down my cheeks. The bedsheets got soaked and I coughed. I plunged into the stream vying for the source. It flowed and became less strong, less flavored, more watery, but still warm with her body temperature soothing my kisses. I swallowed all that I could as she trickled to nothing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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