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Adults Making Out

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January 2nd:

Making Out

So the thrill of the unknown. The romance reading virgin who wonders about the things she’s read about. The kiss is rather important. It can make or break a deal. Trying out interesting men. Searching for the one who makes your toes curl and your back arch.

Kisses quickly lead to heavy petting over the clothes of course. Clothed bodies touch timidly at first. Light exploring touches. Gripping his ass through the soft jeans that drew my eye to begin with.

Pressing bodies together. Feeling his hard cock press into my leg. Squirming around. Ache between my legs getting stronger. Grinding harder against that hard cock. Will it look like those I’ve snuck a peek at in the naughty magazines my friend had stashed away?

I get bolder. The need for more driving me forward. My hand on his knee as he kisses my neck. Shivers skating throughout my body. Slowly inching my hand up his leg to ‘accidentally’ brush his hardness. His moan. My gasp. Does it get better than this?

As if in answer his hand sneaks beneath my shirt. Making its way to my breasts. Firmly squeezing them through my bra. My nipples pebble and back arches. “You okay babe?” is whispered in my ear.

The choked moan from my parted pendik escort lips followed immediately with a “yes, please”. The cups of my bra are lowered. His hands brush my hard as hell nipples. Fuck do his rough fingertips feel heavenly. “Don’t stop.” pours from my lips. “Need more” moaned quietly in his ear.

My shirt lifted. Will my breasts please him? I glance down at myself then up at him. His eyes locked on my chest. He seems to pause forever. Ever so slowly he lowers his head. Gently kissing my right nipple as his right hand continues fondling my left breast.

Tongue darting out, he laps at my nipple. Sucking it slowly into his mouth, he seems to growl deep in his throat. The vibration tickling my skin. As he nips the tip a sharp pleasure seems to connect my nipples to my clit and pussy. I squeal and wriggle about, bringing another moan from him.

He switches breasts. Paying equal attention to both. My nipples wet with his saliva pebble more as he pulls away to blow on them. He pushes me onto my back and adjusts himself to where he is between my legs.

Fuck. I can feel his hard cock against my clit. His body has caused my legs to spread. My pussy lips part as well leaving me open to the wonderful pressure tuzla escort as he grinds himself into me. His hips rock letting me feel his hardness sliding back and forth on my clit.

I’m squirmy now too. I can’t seem to allay still. I want the continued pressure and friction. I can feel my undies getting damp. I tell him how much I love him running me like that. Say how good it feels and beg him to let me cum.

I’ve gone into what feels like an alternate world. One where I’m so turned on I’m not able to be self conscious. A place that my feels and his are all that matters. I grind back into him. Rotating my hips so he touches me right where I need it.

“Please baby, make me cum,” I beg grasping at his back in my frantic need. At this moment I’d do damn near anything. He stops and pulls back a bit. I whimper at the loss.

“Don’t be sad babe. You’re gonna feel real good,” he promises me. “Be patient.”

His hands move to my pants button. He stops and looks up at me questioningly. I nod my head excited to see if his hands will feel as good as mine do. His fingers seem to tremble a little as he slides the button free. Slowly he slides the zipper open.

Butterflies dance in my belly. I’ve waited so long for his ataşehir escort touch. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. His lips find mine again as he gently slides his hand between my undies and my stomach. I giggle a bit. He pays close attention to my eyes as his fingers part my pussy lips. Pausing to see if I’ll protest or tense up.

The tip of his finger barely grazes my clit and my hips jolt. I laugh aloud and grab his head to kiss him harder. I gather my bravery to show him I’m ready. Lowering my hand to his lap, I begin rubbing my hand over his engorged cock. I love the feel of it beneath his jeans.

He begins rubbing me slowly and alternates sucking on each nipple. After opening his jeans, i slide my hand down his stomach and into his pants. My eyes on his the whole time to see how he reacts. As my palm makes contact with his cock and I grip him, his eyes close and he moans right in my ear. The combination of all these things causes a spasm in my pussy. The feel of soft skin over steel, the sounds he’s making and his fingers rubbing my clit all come together to cause my undoing.

My body arches toward his. My hand pumps his cock faster as my body starts to shatter. His fingers don’t still. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I try to get away from the feeling. It’s almost too much.

He won’t let me pull away. I curse and beg as my second orgasm hits me. Shouting, my body shudders. I’ve lost any sense of time and space. My head feels spacey and my body tingly and over sensitive. Glancing down I see wetness on the front of his jeans and feel content to curl up in his arms and rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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