Mayıs 29, 2024

Adult Trip Pt. 02

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Big Tits

The trip back to the room was embarrassing given I was coated with the cum of my new Master. I rushed back and within seconds of arriving, my phone went off.

The text read, Dearest white slut, please provide an inventory of the sex toys that were brought with you. It is now 4:00 and I expect you and your small dicked cuckold husband to join us on the beach no later than 6:00. Please text me when he arrives at the hotel regardless. Your Black Master

My heart was already racing, but it sped up even more rapidly if possible. I checked the bag to make sure I was not inaccurate and communicated that we had brought a crop, a chastity device for cucky, a butt plug. Some nipple clamps, some rope for tying, and I added that we had brought a mixture of lingerie for both myself and cucky.

I had previously told Tony and Jannette that I can get cucky into a deeper state of submission when I dress him in lingerie which had them laughing heartily.

Master wasted little time responding back and his text read, Dearest ws, I would like you to put your cucky into your brightest swimsuit bottoms, covered by a pair of the bottoms of his choice. I would like him to feel manly on the outside but submissive underneath to get him into the mindset that you have previously alluded to. Swimsuits are tighter than panties and it should go without saying, but cucky should have his little boy clit tucked so that he is not sporting any type of bulge in your sexy swimsuit bottoms. They should be flat and smooth in front like they would be if your yummy white cunt was inside them. Oh and please send me a picture of his tiny clit if you have one on your phone, preferably with his face included but whatever you have.

The text continued, for you my naughty white cunt, I would like you to wear your shortest summer dress, the highest heels you own, darkest shade of red lipstick, and then bring along the lipstick and cucky’s chastity device but do so discretely. Both of you should be shaven, dressed to impress, and prepared for a wonderful and stimulating evening. Your Master

I immediately responded Yes Master and attached the latest picture of cucky and chose the most embarrassing one where he was posing for me in panties, but had them pulled to the side so his lil cock was visible.

After sending, I took a deep breath. I was a complete mess both literally and figuratively and raced to my clothing. I quickly gathered up the bottoms to my bright pink swimsuit, my shortest black dress which just covered by bubble ass and left little to the imagination, and finally my highest black heels to match.

My next task was to shower but as I went to get in, I looked at myself in the mirror and was stunned. The amount of cum in my hair and coating my face was astonishing given it came from only one man. Further shocking was that Tony’s initial jets of cum were deposited into my belly so the amount of cum that Master produced was incredibly voluminous and more than I had ever experienced. I had to take several quick pictures of myself as my pussy was tingling at what a slut I was quickly transforming into and how much I was desiring Tony and more of his sperm.

I showered and shaved again wanting to please my Master, and was tempted to play with myself but I heard the suite door and exited the shower.

Hubby was smiling broadly and I could tell that he had consumed some beverages likely both on the course as well as post golf. I gave him a peck and it was clear that he wanted to be frisky. I looked at the clock and it was 4:45 and I knew that I would not be giving any to him regardless per my commitment to Tony.

I grabbed my phone and quickly texted Tony that hubby had arrived and I would get him showered and shaved.

My attention turned back to cucky and my demeanor changed significantly. I communicated that he had been a selfish ass all day and that the evening was all for me and he was to obey and comply with anything I requested. I ordered him into the shower to clean up, shave his privates and ass (which was easy as that was already a requirement of mine for him). I told him that his attire would be laid out on the bed and I immediately began my primping.

I let my curly hair hang naturally as all the men in my life communicated that is when I was the most sexy and would be different than the pulled up hairdo that Tony and Jannette had seen earlier. I put on makeup which I rarely trabzon escort do and spread a shade of deep red lipstick upon my lips. Given the adult resort I brought a bunch of items that I would not normally bring when traveling otherwise and the deep red lipstick was one of those items. Perhaps it was a sign.

My dress was tight and short and I slipped in on getting more and more excited about the evening. Next, I stepped into a pair of skimpy black thong panties. These were to keep my damp pussy from being visible; as with any major movement the shortness of my dress would reveal my naked cunt. A further benefit was to prevent my soaking cunt from dripping down my leg. I was so horny and excited and could feel my squishiness down between my legs already My attention was diverted when I heard the shower turn off.

cucky saw my swimsuit bottoms, a pair of linen pants, a linen button down, and finally the butt plug with the heart shape and red jewel placed on the bed. He was clearly still feeling good and jovially mentioned how excited he was for the evening and was more than happy to wear the plug and my swimsuit underneath his pants. Of course he had no knowledge that he would shortly be sporting those embarrassing items alone and I literally laughed to myself.

At precisely 5:15 we exited our suite and headed toward the pool which would eventually bring us near the ocean and our required destination. To my utter surprise, I saw the three couples dressed nicely and sitting at a table by the pool. My heart raced and was filled with a number of thoughts. Initially, I wondered if the wives had told their husbands about my behavior earlier today and I was certain that was the case. Next, I wondered what they were in fact doing there dressed nicely this early in the evening, and whether they would in fact be joining us down at the ocean. Finally, I was both nervous and thrilled to be able to capitalize on hubby’s submission with people that I had met and was already somewhat comfortable with.

Before I could speak, hubby rushed over and began teasing the guys which was absolutely perfect. He was joking and prodding them about the money he had won at golf earlier today and communicated to all the ladies that he was the big winner and took $100 from each of them. Hubby could not sense it, but my earlier suspicion was confirmed as the guys were literally looking at each other and smiling. They realized that hubby had no idea what I was doing while he was out winning money from the boys. Regardless, this was a perfect setup and my mind was working on how to interject.

There was no right way so I just did so. I communicated sternly, “cucky, you have no right try and embarrass these fine gentlemen and you are the one that should be feeling embarrassed as a result of what you are wearing underneath your pants. It is time for you to reveal a little bit more about yourself.”

I continued, “Get your clothes off now and let our friends see your lovely surprise.”

Hubby looked at me with apprehension and continued to deny the inevitable so again I continued more sternly and loudly.

“You wanted a deeper femdom relationship and you have no choice in the matter cucky. Remove your fucking clothes or I will have the boys here remove them for you.”

It was not my intention to have them involved in my orders nor did I know if they would even help in this endeavor but this was the moment of transformation. I wondered if the reality of the situation came too soon and whether hubby was truly ready for this. Was this just a game behind closed doors or was hubby going to succumb to my every order?

As he reddened and looked down I knew that I had succeeded!

This was going to be hugely impactful for our relationship and I could not have been more happy about hubby and I in that very moment. Just second before I was unsure If I would ultimately need Tony’s help to further cucky’s submission, but this moment of compliance made the entire trip a win for us a couple.

There was no turning back and I glared at hubby; the group was completely silent as he kicked off his flip flops and slowly pulled down his pants. I neared him and helped unbutton his shirt and as he stood, there cucky was in all his glory.

A combination of gasps and laughs filled my ears and that clearly added to the humiliation cucky was feeling. His eyes remained downward as one of uşak escort the guys spoke. “Nice suit dude.” This resulted in all six laughing at his predicament.

I leaned in like the Price of Right woman and revealed how nice and smooth hubby’s crotch was making sure that everyone knew that this was not a joke or bet he had lost between us. Though as a result of my earlier order, he had made a conscious effort to tuck his little guy.

I did not want this moment to pass without complete certainty and communicated how nice cucky looked with his little clit tucked between his legs. Further, I ordered hubby to slowly spin around and when he was facing away I ordered him to stop.

I pulled down the back of the suit down and ordered hubby to bend over and spread his cheeks. The group then got a clear view of both the butt plug filling his boy pussy as well as the cucky’s hard clit protruding between his legs.

A small audience had gathered around including Tony and Jannette (both posing as innocent bystanders).

Suddenly my phone went off and I glanced at the text from Master Tony. It simply read, make him cum.

My heart raced and I knew that the most difficult challenge was already over. Hubby was in a deep submissive state and I could now play him like a puppet and do as I wish. I wondered how far this would go, not only as a result of my devious mind, but also and more uncertain was that of Master Tony’s perversions.

While in his bent over state, I took hold of cucky’s tucked clit and stroked the head lightly several times causing hubby to moan and rock. With my index finger, I seductively wiped the precum now dripping from his tiny cock, revealed the wetness to the group and then shoved it inside hubby’s mouth.

I turned to watch the expressions of the group; not surprisingly all three husbands visibly squirmed, but each of the wives seemed intrigued with the actions and intent on what would transpire next.

I slowly pulled my finger from cucky’s mouth and bent down myself to play with his inserted butt plug. At first just twisting and turning, and then slowly pulling it in and out and fucking hubby’s tight backside. Within a minute cucky’s boy clit was flared and deepening in color. I was embarrassed for cucky at how quickly he was near an orgasm, but then reverted back to earlier today and thinking how quickly Master Tony has my eager cunt squirting. All of the these thoughts had my pussy and panties drenched.

It was like a dream and I was just reveling in this moment of dominance and the attention we were receiving as even more people gathered around and maneuvered for a better view. It was an adrenaline rush and strangely with all the thoughts dancing in my mind, the one most prominent was the aching I felt to feel Master Tony’s cock stretching my leaking cunt.

Soon enough I thought. Now to further cucky’s degrading predicament and to comply with Master Tony’s request, I ordered cucky to sit on the nearby bench, and positioned him where his weight was entirely on his upper butt giving me access to his plug from underneath. I pulled his clit upright through my suit whereby the head was poking visibly up towards his stomach above my bright pink suit. My mind again raced with a funny comparison and I just envisioned Master Tony wearing my suit and how his entire manhood would be visible, but here with my hubby, only his small head poked beyond the limits of the suit.

With that amused thought, I ordered cucky to play while I teased and verbalized what was just in my mind. I tormented him for having such a small clit and the fact that only his small head was surpassing the suit’s fabric.

I spoke more sternly now, “Play with your little clitty like the sissy that you are cucky.”

Obediently and without hesitation, cucky took one hand and with two fingers began to trace and manipulate the underside of the head. It was not a stroking motion like men do when they masturbate but similar to what a woman when she plays with herself.

Aggressively, I stroked the metal butt plug in and out of hubby’s tight boy pussy and told him he had less than 30 seconds to cum.

Literally seconds later, his little clit erupted and spurts of cum emerged from his tiny cock. The first was powerful and actually shot up to his chin and then the remaining spurts covered his stomach. I was actually pleased with the copious amount of van escort his sperm though again it paled in comparison to the anomaly that I experienced earlier today.

Everyone was in awe as they just witnessed what some viewed as an Alpha male, transformed into a sissy bitch.

I was immensely turned on feeling my dominance and continuing to think about the incredible volume of cum that Master Tony had initiated me with as his white slut.

My mind was back to what had just taken place, though this trip would be amazing for us both, I was truly excited about the future of our relationship and the ample paths and opportunities now available to me as hubby’s superior and dominant wife both in and outside the bedroom.

I recognized the debasement hubby was feeling; he was reddened with deep embarrassment though I was not going to go easy on him. I could sense he was fearful but knew both what was expected of him and what my follow on orders would be. Our rule inside the house is that whenever and wherever hubby cums, he must do his best to lick, taste and consume all of it to the best of his ability. I creatively try and find new ways, places and unique aspects for him to do so in the effort to further his transformation into a cumslut for me.

The group had already made a lot of noise as hubby had cum and I was genuinely excited to further shock them with the next set of actions. I first rubbed the initial shot of cum from hubby’s chin and let my finger circle just outside of his eagerly open mouth. Hubby was frustrated that I was not placing my finger quickly inside per our usual behavior, but I now had an audience and my desire was to make it more thematic and revel in the moment of dominance myself.

“Beg for your cum my small dicked sissy cuckold.”

Hubby looked at me with great apprehension but knew his best opportunity was to end the inevitable. Compliantly, he begged for his cum but it was not to my liking and I made him do it more loudly for all of the spectators to hear.

The rule at the resort was that if someone did not appreciate an action taking place that they should remove themselves from the scene. As long as the act was consensual and not illegal, there were no sexual acts that were off limits (other than photos were not allowed).

I was jovially thinking that I was unsure if the act between hubby and I was consensual at this very moment as I knew he wanted to run and hide. Regardless, it was clearly evident that many of the patrons at the resort were enjoying this debauchery as the crowd looked to be in excess of 50 in number.

As I placed my cum covered finger inside hubby’s mouth, I ordered him not to swallow any of his cum until allowed to do so.

The crowd’s reaction was mixed with varying sounds but everyone knew what had been coming so it was filled with an abundance of cheers.

Most of hubby’s cum was on his stomach and I immediately took another scoop with two of my fingers and placed them deep inside his mouth. Making matters more intense and trying to further debase cucky, I ordered him to suck them clean as I fucked his mouth with them. “Suck them like a cock faggot,” I crudely ordered. Hubby was a pawn for me at this stage and obediently and eagerly sucked and slurped his cum off my fingers continuing to hold the aggregate cum in house mouth without swallowing.

Finally, I took the last scoop and again made him both beg and subsequently suck; I now forced three fingers deep into his throat until he gagged. Still he kept the precious cum inside of his mouth.

I ordered him to tilt his head backwards to show me the complete load he had blown now resting in his mouth. One of the husband’s got closer and took a picture which was off limits but I did not care and rather enjoyed the further degradation. Hubby moaned displeased with the action but before he could think further about it, I ordered him to swallow.

Hubby gulped it down and I inspected his mouth before he was allowed to finally close it.

I was glowing with my actions and knew my own submission was closing in on me so wanted to take full advantage of the moment.

“Small dick, panty wearing sissy that cums quickly and eats his own cum, this is the catch that I married.” The crowd laughed loudly and hysterically at my comment.

I knew that I was pushing hubby’s limits and while I was embracing it I did not want to completely break him. I leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss letting him know that I loved and adored him in hopes of bringing him back somewhat. Tears had welled but now his eyes revealed embarrassed content as best I could describe them.

End of Part 2

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