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Accidental Sloppy Seconds

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This is a continuation of the “Accidental” series of MFM(F) encounters. I hope you feel like catching up on the others after reading this.


We’d been enjoying Mike’s services for more than a year. Things ebbed and flowed, like all relationships do, but we’d settled into a nice rhythm of sex for sex’s sake. My wife and I were as solid as ever, and it kept things interesting to include him in our sex life every few weeks. Since our first arranged encounter, and the follow up that was my first bi experience, we’d both gotten comfortable with the other person enjoying his seemingly always stiff cock. It was always safe, always mutual, and always inclusive.

Until it wasn’t…

It had been a few weeks since we’d had Mike over for drinks, smokes, and sexy fun. I came home a little late from work one Friday and my wife wasn’t in the living room or kitchen. I called out and got no response, but her car was in the garage so I knew she was home. I finally went into our bedroom to change and she was naked on our bed, spread wide. The sheets and comforter were gone, and she was panting stupidly and rubbing her clit in small circles.

“Fuck, I thought you’d never get home,” she said. “I’ve been hovering for an hour, trying not to come.”

“Why wait?” I asked, grinning. “I’d get you there again.” I dropped my coat behind me and unbuckled.

“I know. I can’t wait,” she said. “Hurry!”

I stripped as quickly as humanly possible and dove on top of her. I was instantly hard, and she was obviously prepared, so there was no preamble at all. I sunk my cock in her immediately, driving in until her hips were mashed deep into our mattress. A satisfied “unnhgh” escaped her lips as I propped up on my elbows and shoved my full length into her.

“You’re so wet,” I said. I tensed my buttocks and entered as far as I could.

“Yes, yes,” she gasped, “harder!”

A few more thrusts and I could feel my orgasm building. I don’t usually have a problem controlling my orgasm, but I didn’t want to be a three-hump-chump and leave my sexy horny wife ataşehir escort high and dry. I pulled out quickly before I reached the tipping point.

There was a pronounced “schlop” when I pulled out. “She is wetter than I’ve ever seen her!” I thought. My dick got even harder as I crawled my way down to take her wet cunt into my mouth.

“No…” she protested. “I need you in me!”

“I won’t last,” I said as I reached her stubbly mound. I licked around her erect clit, tasting her cropped pubes.

“No, no…” and she pulled on my arms. Her protests were weak, though, and I knew I could bring her to orgasm quickly. I continued on.

I lapped her hard nub a few times then dove into her, licking her apart and driving my tongue deep inside her. She moaned approval and I spread her thighs with my hands. I pursed my lips and sucked her, hard, pulling her labia into my mouth completely so that my tongue could work its wonders on her. I continued on, and on, and I could tell she was close, tensing and pulsing.

Then it hit me like a hammer blow: I was tasting semen. I wasn’t repulsed exactly, because since we’d been playing with Mike it was definitely not my first time to have another man’s jism in my mouth. But the implication stunned me. I must have stopped, or changed my rhythm somehow, because she immediately realized what I knew.

“I’m so sorry!” she sobbed. “Mike was here, and … and I … I’m so sorry!”

“What the fuck?” I exclaimed, my face still inches from her pussy and Mike’s seeping jizz.

“I’m sorry!” she sobbed again. “It just happened. He’s like part of the family now.”

“When we’re all here together he is!” I roared.

“I know…” she started. “But he’s fucked me so many times… is it really so different?”

“Yes!” I shouted. “It is!”

She rolled onto her side, pulling her knees to her chest. I was enraged, but in a sort of detached and curious way I was interested that my cock was harder than ever. My lust was peaking along side my anger at her breaking our unspoken rules. They really kadıköy escort were unspoken, I realized. Ever since the first time I’d invited Mike to fuck her in my place I’d always just assumed that we agreed that he was ours to play with together. I was lost for a moment, paralyzed by the hypocrisy that I could feel jealousy over something I’d started in the first place.

Then I saw his creamy white jizz leaking out across her bare thigh and some switch flipped inside me. As many times and as many variations of MFM fun we’d had, I had never fucked my wife after Mike had cum inside her. My cock was at full attention, and there was no denying how horny the thought made me.

“On your knees,” I said.

She looked back at me, questioning. Not moving.

“ON YOUR KNEES,” I said louder.

She flipped up quickly then, on her knees and elbows, legs spread wide. Her sticky wet lips parted slowly as she settled and arched her back. A single clear-white drip ran down her clit and stretched down toward the mattress.

I slapped her ass with my right hand as hard as I could but held on to her cheek rather than following through. Before she could scream from the pain of the blow I held my stiff cock with my other hand and plunged it deep into her already cum-filled pussy. Her yelp from the slap turned immediately into a groan of pleasure. It was the most animal, sexy, lustful sound I have ever heard.

I took her hair in my fist and pulled her head back until I could see her face from above. I fucked her harder than I ever had before. Her moans became more guttural and I could see her eyes rolling back. I slapped her ass again, then again. She came hard, in a long loud scream. She tensed and spasmed, then began to shake as I continued to pound in and out.

I felt a wet warmth on my balls and realized that for the first time ever she had completely lost control and was squirting piss on me in the throes of her orgasm. She was incoherent by then, and I was not letting up. I forced her head down into the mattress and drove into her as deep bostancı escort bayan as I could. She was bent almost double and the with the angle of her hips I felt the head of my cock mash into her cervix. That had only ever happened once before and I knew that it was painful for her.

Some animal part of me took over and I bent her back over even more. I pulled out until only the tip was still parting her then slammed hard into her, feeling my cock bottom out at the gate of her womb again. I held her tight, pulling her hair and her ass, mashing into her with all of my might. Her growl turned into another low scream and her pussy tensed on my cock. I could feel pressure from all directions. She clenched me from the side and as her second orgasm continued to build her cervix mashed into the head of my cock in time with her pants.

I let go of her hair and grabbed her ass with both hands. I drove into her with all of my might and felt my orgasm tip. I don’t know if it’s possible to penetrate the cervix, but a completely new kind of pressure gripped my cock and I spurted into her over and over. We were both immobile, completely paralyzed by our pleasure centers. I was in a rictus of overloaded lust and desire.

My peripheral vision turned grey and I heard a roar. After a couple of seconds I started to breathe again and began to jerk uncontrollably as I finished my ejaculation into her. I collapsed onto her as she fell forward onto the bed and I could hear and taste her panting, our mouths sharing the same air.

Maybe we fell asleep? Time is weird after something as intense as that. I remember a period where I wasn’t aware, then she was wriggling to turn to face me.

“Fuck,” was all she said.

I sighed heavily and agreed: “Fuck.”

“That was…” she started, then drifted off. “I need that. Not every time, but I need that. I didn’t know it, but I do. Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me,” I said. “I just took what I wanted from you.”

“I know,” she said. “Thank you.”

I let a hand trail between her legs, pulling a thick string of semen from her. Impossible to tell what was mine and what was his. Inexplicably, my cock twitched awake again at the thought.

“One thing,” I said.

“Yes?” she asked. “What is it?”

“I’m going to need you to fuck Mike again.”

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