Ocak 28, 2023

Accidental Growth Pt. 03

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Will and Tamara both mustered up the energy after their morning love-fest to get dressed for Will’s 6th and final appointment. Will could only watch as Tamara propped herself up and jumped off of the edge of his bed. The vicious bouncing of her head-sized boobs sent Will into a trance, as it took several seconds for her chest to stop bouncing and settle into place.

Now eye level with him, Tamara planted a long and passionate kiss onto Will’s lips, surprising him as the kiss lingered. Grabbing his hand, Tamara led Will to his dresser and started opening his drawers. She proceeded to start picking out his outfit for the day. Tamara grabbed a t-shirt, jeans and stopped when she got to his underwear — he had only one pair and it looked to be about the size of his t-shirt. It looked like a pair of boxers that belonged to a morbidly obese man.

“I had to give up normal boxers two weeks ago when I outgrew them all. Now these are my only pair that fits. I got it custom made.” With Tamara’s mouth agape, stunned at what he just said, she silently handed him his clothes as she watched the show unfold for her.

She watched Will lift his feet up and into the slots, and tug them up to the base of his grapefruit sized balls. He hoisted one ball, then the other, into the boxers. They were a tight fit — with every curve and contour of his massive sack on display. Will’s boxers had special pouches down the inner thigh area for his oversized, but still flaccid, cock. Tamara was intently staring as will hoisted his cum cannon with both hands and fed it down the encasement. Will’s plum-sized head reached the bottom of the cock pouch but the base of his thick monstercock and balls were exposed.

*I got these only two weeks ago and I’m already bulging out of them*

Will then started to slide his jeans on, and over his immense package. Tamara proceeded to make a naked-dash back to her dorm next door and quickly grabbed an outfit. Luckily it was very early on a Saturday and nobody was lurking in the halls. When she got back to his room, she saw Will visibly struggling to get the opening of his jeans over the crest of his nuts. After an audible grunt, he finally succeeded in the task.

“When this is done, we are going shopping. I thought I was busting out but my busting out is nothing compared to yours! Watch!” Said Tamara in a sultry but enthusiastic tone

Tamara laced up her bra and fit it over the bottoms of her boobs and nipples. It was several cup sizes too small on her. Boob flesh was bulging out of every opening, with ağrı escort her bra not quite covering the vast expanse of aerolas as they peeked out over the cups. “This fit me a few months ago but as you can see, I’ve been meaning to get new ones.” Said Tamara lightly bouncing in place to try and tease her oversized crush. “I think we have a bonafide busting-out competition on our hands” replied Will.

Tamara then bent over to put her panties and jeans on. She strategically turned around so she could reciprocate the show and struggle that Will put on display for her.

Giving Will a little twerk and jiggle of her butt as she was pulling her panties up, Tamara pulled them up to her waist and let them go. The thick thong strap immediately disappeared between Tamara’s cavernous ass crack that was created my her phat bubble butt. Next were the jeans. Tamara resumed her jiggling struggle, now jumping to give the fabric some momentum to pull the jeans up further — the pant legs became a tighter fit as she shimmied the jeans up her thick thighs.

Similar to what happened with Will’s balls, the waistline of the jeans’s ascent was roadblocked by Tamara’s enormous bubble. As Tamara started to jump and tried to lift the waistband over her shelf, Will and Tamara both heard Tamara’s head-sized ass cheeks thunderously clap together, as the waistband would not lift over her booty. With one last big tug, she finally lifted them over her enormous butt shelf, but still had the top of her butt oozing out over the fabric. With some more unsuccessful tugs the defeated Tamara sighed heavily, causing her rack to bounce some more. With her butt-cleave prominently on display, Tamara went back to her room to grab a baggier t-shirt to cover it.

*These jeans fit me last fall, did my ass really grow that much…*

The whole episode made Will achingly hard, as his boner was unmistakable. Tamara could smell the precum stench in the air when she returned, and made her wet upon noticing. Tamara sat back down to hide her butt cleavage and put on her t-shirt to make Will’s boner go down so they could get to the medical campus, and not make him late from another round of sex.

When they finally got dressed and out the door, they were a sight to behold. The few students who were up and stirring outside of their dorm hall could only watch as the erotic coupling set-off for the trial’s doctor’s office. Will’s cock and balls were unmistakably taking up the entire area from his waist to his knee. It was impossible not ağrı escort bayan to notice his size. Tamara’s bra did a poor job of restricting her breasts’s movement as she bounced and jiggled wildly with each step. The cool September morning also made her Hershey-kiss-like nipples harden as her headlights were fully prominent, even through her heavily-padded bra. Her t-shirt displayed a long line of her prominent cleavage, but at least covered the exposed portion of her butt.

The couple made it to the campus-hospital and proceeded to the testing trial’s office on the 8th floor. Patients, doctors and visitors gawked as the oversized lovebirds walked toward the lab.

“Do you want to come in or stay out here?” Asked Will knocking on the lab’s door. He hoped she would say yes to coming in, as it would maybe distract the doctor from looking to his bulging cock that hung to almost his knee when soft.

“I want to come in, you have to get used to me being attached to your cock *did I actually just say that aloud* I meant hip”

Tamara’s Freudian slip made Will’s package noticeably pulse as he took her hand and planted a soft kiss onto Tamara’s lips — sending a chill down her spine as she felt herself start to get wet again.

As the doctor opened the door expecting only will Will, as he predicted, the doctor’s eyes quickly went to Tamara’s rack and back to Will.

“Oh I was not expecting a visitor from you Will. Welcome, umm” “—Tamara” she quickly replied extending her hand out to the doctor sending her globes bouncing again as the doctor was entranced. Snapping himself out of it, he lead the oversized coupling into the room.

“Will please have a seat on the table, Tamara there’s a chair over there by the counter area. And we can get started with the checkup and the final administration of the hair regrowth formula.”

Both took their respective positions. As Tamara sat down next to the counter top, her eyes perused the vials for the hair-growth trial participants which were next to her. The clear liquid in the vials were clearly labeled “Testosterone” and “Human Growth Hormone”.

*No wonder this kid is hung like a horse with a great head of hair*

Perusing the other vials, she noticed some that said “Estrogen” and “Progesterone”.

*What if I took a few for myself and Will*

While she was perusing the doctor let out a loud cough which broke her concentration. The doctor shot Tamara a look that insinuated ‘Don’t even try it’ — almost as if he knew escort ağrı what she was thinking.

The doctor grabbed his medical equipment and walked over to Will, starting the examination. He was standing behind Will looking at his scalp. But the doctor’s eyes started to linger towards Tamara’s rising and falling bosom with her breaths. The doctor quickly commented that the trial was a success as to draw attention away from him staring at the very busty sophomore, and mindlessly walked towards the countertop to prepare Will’s final injection — his eyes locked onto Tamara’s bust the entire time. Finally prepared and in the needle, the doctor walked back towards Will for the injection.

With the doctor’s back turned, Tamara saw her opportunity. As his eyes would be back on her huge teen tits in seconds. She quietly reached for a Testosterone vial and a Human Growth Hormone vial. She noticed the doctor used half of each hormone while preparing the shot and still had plenty left in the vials. As she doctor started sterilizing Will’s arm, Tamara placed the vials into her jean pockets and quickly got up — she didn’t have much time now. With his arm extended outward, the doctor moved the needle towards Will’s arm to administer the shot.

Using her long reach, Tamara managed to snag an Estrogen vial and a Progesterone vial and quickly sat back down, before the doctor turned back to the counter to retrieve a band-aid — totally undetected by the doctor or Will as her breathing started to slow from the stressful situation being over. But she was successful. She wanted to see how big Will could get from this shot, but now she could make him as big as she wanted. Tamara could also make herself as big as she wanted as well.

“Okay Will, this is the final administration. This completes the 6th and final week of the testing trial. It looks like this did the job in regrowing your hair. We are going to send a survey to your email. Please fill it out and if you would like a follow-up at any time, please take my card. Hope you have a great one, and good luck this semester.”

“Thank you doctor” replied Will as he grabbed Tamara’s hand and the two exited the doctor’s office.

Tamara let out a happy sigh and smiled as she took a last-look at building before they walked away.

“What are you all smiles about?” Asked Will playfully, as he elbowed Tamara’s stomach lightly while giving an over-the-top wink. Knowing that this shot would make him even bigger.

“I’m just excited to chart your progress from last night into next week. Who knows how much bigger this third leg is gonna get.”

*Knowing full-well that Tamara could now make Will as big as she pleased. And always wanted to be the one to please his big one as thoughts of their wedding day filled Tamara’s mind*


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