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Aaron’s Apples Ch. 03

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As Virginia Berry bushwalked into the house upon returning from having a great sixty nine with Felicity Peacher next door she noticed her son, Aaron, sitting on the couch watching “Dragnet”. She only glanced his way for a second but felt a strange tingle in her private zones. At six feet and 190 pounds her kid was quite a hunk. But, more pressing right now was getting her pants off as they had apple residue on them.

She went straight to the laundry and threw her slacks and socks into the washing machine. Her son had seen her this casual before but always wearing granny panties so his eyes popped out of his head when his mother walked back into the room wearing nothing but her top and sexy black panties. What’s more these panties looked a lot like the ones he had pulled off of Mrs. Peacher ten hours earlier.

She asked, “Any phone calls while I was gone.”

Aaron just sat there frozen, his eyes fixed on his Mom’s silky crotch. He finally shook his head indicating that no one had called. It was then that Virginia noticed the huge bulge in her son’s pants. Now, it was not just a tingle her pussy was drenched in her own juices. Could she be turning on her own son; or even more importantly could he be turning her on. She walked back to her bedroom to change into her nightgown.

Before the arousal in the living room she had planned to change into her regular long cotton conservative gown. Now, she decided that she felt a little nasty. She did not know if she would do anything with Aaron or not. She figured that he was already horny for her why not give him a better vision to masturbate with. So, she put on her shortie red nightie which barely covered all of her boobs but had a fantastic cleavage. The ruffles at the bottom barely came to her panties which were very small tight fitting bikinis. This actually was not her most killer outfit as she knew if she wore that one Aaron would be all over her just like when she wore it for her husband, Fred. She poured some perfume on her neck and went back to the living room to join Aaron.

Aaron could not believe what he saw as his Mom walked back in. He could not figure out why his Mom was wearing this in front of him. As Virginia walked past her son to sit down beside him on the sofa Aaron swore he could easily see the black of her pubic hair through the thin material. Neither one of them even knew what was on anymore as they kept stealing glances at one another. But, after about a half an hour Virginia knew she had to go to sleep. This time she deliberately passed by her son with her big ass in his face, actually thrusting it a little nearer to him so he could get a closer look.

Needless to say, when Aaron hit his own bed his prick was out quickly and he dreamed of making it with his Mom alternating with thoughts bahis firmaları of those black panties or her nightie. Down the hall, Virginia had similar thoughts while fingering herself under her panties. She decided against doing anything with her son for now as it would be terribly wrong; But, also thought, that there is nothing wrong with helping his fantasies along by letting him see her dressed in her ready to fuck clothing. She also decided not to close the door when she went piss. Of course this would all change whenever her husband was home as Fred would not understand that all she was trying to do was give Aaron a little thrill.

In the morning Aaron and Virginia met in the dining room for breakfast. Aaron was surprised to see his Mom was still in the nightie from the night before. He was not dreaming. Virginia was running late, however, so she could not stick around and let Aaron drool over her. She quickly got dressed and out the door. Aaron had no more than laid down to jack off when the phone rang.

“Fuck, who the hell is it,” Aaron griped as he rolled over to answer.

“Hello, Berrybush residence,” he answered.

“Aaron, this is Felicity Peacher I saw your Mom leave would you come over and help me with something?”

“What is it?”

“I need you to open something for me. Now, please come right away. Goodbye.” She did not give Aaron a chance to argue the point any further. He pulled his pants up and put back on his shirt. He figured yesterday with Mrs. Peacher was a one time thing. But, he figured that whatever Mrs. Peacher wanted him to do he owed it to her. After all, she had already amply paid him.

He hurried right over. Felicity opened the door, “Come in.”

“What did you need opened?” he asked

“My robe”

Aaron timidly reached and untied the knot allowing the robe to fall open revealing a sexy black bra and panty set with matching garter belt and stockings. The boy gulp hard Then his seductress let the robe fall to the floor she turned around as she did this, so that he was now looking at her backside. “Well, Aaron, what do you think of my ass?”

Now confident that Felicity wanted him again he answered boldly, “My God, It is fucking fantastic.”

“You have thirty seconds to strip and get down on your knees and bury your face in my ass crack.” Aaron was nude in seconds and had his nose deep in the old ladies crack. Felicity had thought this would be fun but did not know she would have this much fun. She pushed her ass just a little more into the boy’s face.

She continued, “Do you like the smell of my shit hole?” “Oh, fuck yes very much.”

“Then, you will worship my ass, you will take good care of it and it will take good care of you. Now, follow me to the bedroom like a good little puppy kaçak iddaa would, keeping your sniffing nose planted right where it is.” Felicity walked at normal speed to her bed with Aaron on all fours trying his best to keep up. He succeeded but barely. He got his reward when Felicity kneeled down at the side of the bed telling him, “Massage it and kiss it but leave my panties as they are.”

His hands worked double time on her cheeks as he kissed her cheeks and crack wherever his hands were not in the way, blurting, Holy, shit I love your fat ass.”

She ripped off her bra and was torturing her tits as she ground her ass in Aaron’s face. After unfastening the garter from the stockings she lifted her hips slightly while she exhorted, Pull them off now and don’t stop what you are doing. It is not fat maybe massive or big, but don’t say fat.”

Aaron had never done anything like this before but Felicity made it easier as she was so into it that she would not notice small miscues along the way. The smell of her sex fluids now filled the air. Aaron rubbed his hands all over her soft rear as he worked his mouth deeper into her crack. He pulled her cheeks further apart revealing the full richness of her crack. All along the center of the crack Aaron noticed short hair leading all the way down to her puckering hole. He had not really thought much about kissing a woman here before but now that he was inches away he could think of doing nothing else. Now devoting all his attention to her crack he kissed licked and sucked every millimeter of her crack.

“Don’t tease me any more you little bastard, eat my shit hole! Come on; stick your fucking tongue deep inside me.” Not wanting to do anything else Aaron quickly complied and worked his tongue into her tight anus. He was surprised that he liked the taste. In fact, next to the pussy juice he had yesterday it was the best thing he had ever tasted. This lady that he had always known to be very conservative now was moaning, howling and screaming for him not to stop. As he continued to open her rear tunnel wider with his tongue his fingers found her cunt and lightly stroked the lips and clit.

After several minutes Felicity had enough of this and said breathlessly, “Stop, grab that tube and get up here with me.” Aaron looked over to the night stand where this lady with the sweet ass had pointed and found a tube of lubricant. He snatched it up and climbed onto her king sized bed. She wiggled her rump at him.

Felicity instructed, “Rub the cream all over your cock. Put it on heavy. When done there use your fingers to push some up my ass.”

“OK I don’t believe this!

“Believe it; now stick your Mother fucking cock up my ass. Come on Son of a Bitch Butt Fuck me, now!”

He lined up his head with the entrance kaçak bahis and began slowly pushing in. Felicity would have none of this as she wanted the meat up her backside right away. She thrust her hips back hard capturing all of his seven inches. Aaron could not believe how tight her rectum was. After a minute to adjust to the monster inside of her Felicity began to move her hips forward and back on the invader.

Her lover caught on and began matching her strokes and before long they were in perfect rhythm. Aaron reached around her front and frigged her clit. A bomb could have gone off and neither would have noticed. It seemed like a wonderful eternity but only was three or four minutes before Aaron had the most explosive orgasm of his young life and Felicity followed right behind with one of her own. They both collapsed on to the bed as Aaron’s dick popped out of her ass.

“Oh, Felicity, that was way cool!”

“It sure as shit was. You are the first man I have ever let up there, and it was worth it.”

“You mean Mr. Peacher never did this with you.”

“He thinks it is disgusting. Now lay on your back. There is something else I need to do.” As soon as Aaron was on his back Felicity kissed down his chest and stomach while getting her strength back.

“I told you yesterday that I might give you a blow job next time.” Giving blow jobs was a talent that Felicity prided herself in. This one was special as she wanted to taste the combined fluids on the kid’s cock. She sucked him with a great vacuum action and quickly had licked him clean. It didn’t take long for him to shoot a load down her throat.

This odd couple laid there worn out for another half hour gently kissing each other as Felicity let Aaron play with her boobs. Aaron told her he needed to go as his Mother would kill him if the chores were not done. Felicity made him promise to come back tomorrow and they would see what new things they could dream up. After all, it was only two weeks until Aaron was to go back to school.

As he walked home he wondered if Felicity was telling the truth about never being butt fucked before. Meanwhile, Felicity was in heaven as she wasn’t an anal virgin anymore. Virginia’s dildos to her way of thinking did not count. Now, she had been fucked up there by real meat.

Aaron went through the rest of the afternoon in a daze. He was snapped out of that daze when his Mom walked in dressed to kill. She was wearing high heels with a dress that had cleavage to her belly button and a slit all the way up to her waist. All thoughts of Felicity left his head and his cock sprang to attention as he openly stared at his Mom.

“Mom you look great. What is the special occasion?

“Nothing, I just wanted to look good,” she assured him. Aaron could not believe what had been going on the last two days, the neighbor lady has him fuck both of her holes and now his Mom has started dressing very sexy. He cannot figure what has happened but will enjoy it for all it brings.

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