Nisan 24, 2024

A Weekend Away

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For a good friend

“Is Mr Foster here yet?”

The receptionist, pretty in an expensive way, looked up and nodded. The dreamy expression on her face was one she was used to seeing whenever Gregory was mentioned.

“He said for you to go right up.” Was there a slight jealous tinge to her professional tones? Of course there was, again it was something she was used to. “It’s suite 1995.”

The key card was left on the desk just out of her reach and with a smile she hoped contained a sweetness she didn’t feel she swept it up into her grasp.

The elevator attendant, tall, dark and handsome, touched his fingers to the peak of his cap as she requested the nineteenth floor and flipped open a metal flap on the controls before pressing the single button it concealed and smiling as they whizzed skywards.

No words were spoken during the journey but she knew she was observed as closely as she was observing. His smart white shirt amply emphasized his muscular chest and his tight pants left little to the imagination either. Her own black business suit and white silk shirt looked equally good she knew and the moments passed pleasurably until the lift jerked to a halt before the doors opened silently. Licking her lips as she left the elevator she winked, enjoying the smile she received in return.

Suite 1995, at the end of a lushly furnished hallway, occupied the entire floor and she made her way quickly towards her goal. Enjoying the opulence now she was no longer under scrutiny she smiled to herself, wanting to giggle and then doing so.

‘Troubleshooting Financial Consultant.’ It was a good job title, saying a little or a lot depending on how well you knew its owner. She thought she knew him as well as anyone, and in many ways he was still an enigma.

Gregory Foster, tall, greying, with kind warm cerulean eyes, was as generous out of bed as he was in it. Her satisfaction had always come first. He was also Gregory Foster, tall, black haired, steely blue eyes, hard as nails, at the negotiating tables or between the sheets. The deal was everything, and he always got everything he wanted.

The card slipped noiselessly through the slot and she heard the door unlock mechanically. Moving inside she looked around. The unlimited credit, the black Porche, the deftly passed £50 tip, or dazzling smile, all got him the best each and every establishment had to offer. In this case it was a suite of presidential proportions. Cream leather furniture, deep pile rugs on hard wood floors, original art on the walls. None of it mattered to her, at least not as much as the man asleep on one of the sumptuous sofas.

Slipping out of her blood red Jimmy Choos she padded across the room to drop to her knees in front of him. The jacket of his Saville Row suit was slung artfully across a nearby chair, his tie loosened so the top shirt button could be released.

Reaching up she ran a finger across the darkened outline of a nipple, smiling at the slight movement it caused in her companion. Again she repeated the action only this time her wrist was taken in a soft but determined grip.

“You are late.” The eyes opened; twinkling, happy, and then he smiled. “I may have to punish you for that!”

She said nothing and he laughed.

“Of course, as that is what you hoped for, I could just ignore it, and see how that works.”

She looked down, dark brown eyes suddenly finding the floor more than usually interesting.

“Come here, I’ve missed you.”

Her lips were caught in a kiss before she could react. The roughness of his beard exciting her as it always did and fingers, resting in her hair, held her close. Their tongues duelled, dancing a passionate duet that neither wanted to stop. Gradually though, as both pairs of eyes opened, they moved apart.

“That’s better. Don’t like kissing Greek women when I can have you instead.”

“Ahhh, yes, the fiscal deal of the century, well so far, were you successful?”

“I was, otherwise this would have been a lumpy mattress, two stained chairs and a room with a view of the motorway.”

She laughed, he was an idiot, but only with her, and, not for the first time, she wondered at how total a change he was able to engineer to be the globally recognized figure the world of high finance knew and admired.

“So, we have the whole weekend and no one knows we’re here, at least no one important. What would you like to do first?”

His eyes crinkled as part of his warm smile and held her own as she felt herself smile back.

“Could we have a little look around first? I’d also like to slip into something more güvenilir bahis comfortable as they say.”

“Of course. I can refuse you nothing, you know that.” He got to his feet and indicated with his hand that she should precede him. The lounge was bigger than the one she had at home, the flat screen TV the same. Soft jazz was playing in the background and she felt herself being pulled close as he began to gently dance with her.

By the time the music stopped she wanted it to continue forever. Her head felt so at home against his chest, his hand, warm against her back, gave her a security she seldom felt without him and looking up she spoke quietly.

“Thank you.”

“You are very welcome, after you.”

Once again she moved forward, this time entering the bedroom and hearing herself gasp.

The bed, an ornamental beauty that would have been equally at home in a room at Versailles, dominated the room and drew her towards it. She placed a small hand against the covers, her nails, the same blood red as her shoes, contrasting with the gold brocade.


“That was pretty much my reaction too. So, do you think we can do the bed justice?”

“Oh, I’m sure we can. Bathroom?”

In many ways the smallest room in each suite they stayed in was her favourite. She loved finding out what type of bath it had, whether they could both fit in it, whether the shower would accommodate them in the same way. Gregory’s face relaxed into an excited grin and she knew the bed was just a taster of what was to come.

Double doors opened onto a room easily the same size as the previous room. Two sinks, ornate mirrors, and marble floors paled into insignificance as she took in the sight of the huge tub. A football team could probably fit in it, but it would be just the two of them and, by Sunday, she knew it would have been well used, and not only for keeping them clean.

“Beautiful. I love it.”

“I knew you would. Now, whatever shall we do with all this space, all that bedding, all those mirrors?” His voice, suffused with pleasure because, she knew, he could see how delighted she was, warmed her and she turned.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

Reaching up she captured his lips again, this time taking the lead and pulling him down towards her. A hand ran across the hard bulge in his pants, enticing, teasing, tempting and, hearing him moan against her, she moved back.

“My turn first, I think. Let me show you what I would do with the bed.”

Nodding he walked back into the other room. He watched as she removed the beautiful gold brocade covers and then sat on the edge of the crisp sheets as she moved towards him. Slowly her fingers began to work at the buttons on the pure white silk shirt she wore. Unfastening and pulling, the material was soon billowing down into froth on the floor. Beneath it the white lace bra continued the tease. A faint hint of dark nipples would, she knew, have already caught his eye and as he licked his lips she reached behind her, releasing the fastening and letting it slide to the floor freeing her breasts. She lifted them before running a thumb across each nub; hardening and pulling it before letting them fall once again.

This time fingers worked on the fastening of her skirt. It too slid to the cream carpet beneath her feet; swiftly followed by a miniscule pair of briefs, garter belt and stockings.

Naked she moved a little closer, still not speaking, but running her tongue across her lips before resting her hands on his shoulders and pushing him backwards onto the bed.

“Yes, that is definitely something more comfortable.”

“Shhh, I agree, but shhh.” Sitting astride him she leant forward running a tongue across a nipple through the soft cotton of his shirt. The material clearing before her eyes to show the cinnamon disc she craved as it tightened and creased against the material. Dark hairs clung to the fabric as again she licked and then sucked at him, feeling hands in her hair once again as he kept her in place, before, with a gentle nip she raised her head and began again on the other side of his chest.

With a sigh she turned her attention to his lips, licking, sucking, nipping again before plunging her tongue into his mouth, invading, conquering, laying claim to all she could feel. She pulled him onto his side as the kiss grew more passionate and for minutes they did nothing more than pleasure each other in the simplest of ways.

“You are far too well dressed for this you know.” Her voice, husky now, broke the silence as her fingers began work on his shirt buttons. The tie, already türkçe bahis loosened, was removed still under the collar, cufflinks carefully placed on the nightstand. The black pants were folded before being placed on the floor, the shorts and socks however, were discarded with far more haste.

Sexily, daintily, she ran her tongue over her fingers before beginning to gently play with his rock hard erection. The pre-cum glistened at the tip and she leant forward, her tongue flicking out to capture the nectar, which was quickly swallowed.

“Mmmm, you always taste so good.”

“Why thank you. Do I get a chance to taste you yet?”

“Oh no, it is your pleasure we are concentrating on here. Now, I wonder, whatever shall I do with you?”

Getting up she walked away from the bed, leaving him stunned. His face, reflected in the mirror of the ornate dressing table, was a picture and she turned, smiling to reassure him.

Her return just a few seconds later was calculated to confuse. She held her suitcase in front of her body and then, just as it appeared he would speak, she crouched down opening the lid and hiding herself from his sight. When she stood up his confusion changed to arousal. In her hand she held a large, cream coloured, penis shaped, dildo. The tip moved back and forth between her breasts and, as she looked at him, she saw his own solid tool jerk in response.

The straps, which enabled her to wear the phallus, hung down across her wrist and she laid it on the bed just out of his reach before lying back down next to him.

“So, I think a room as opulent as this needs us to try something new, what do you reckon?”

He nodded, the excitement evident in his eyes and then, his voice a little croaky, he replied.

“Yes. Fuck me with your long hard cock, let me feel you inside me.”

“Very well, lie back and relax. Let me get you ready.” He did as he was told immediately and she smiled. They would switch between dominant and submissive roles many times during the weekend and, as his hands grasped the bed head, she began to relish her chance to not only be in charge but to also enjoy her first opportunity to take his tight, sexy arse.

Once again she straddled him making sure her pussy, already wet with arousal, rested over his cock. The heat of him as she rocked back and forth spurred her on and she felt herself tighten before pulsing and cumming all over the head of his dick.

She leant forward, her breasts resting against his chest as she kissed him, continuing the arousal she had begun before she left the room. His hands reached up, grasping her tits, playing with the nipples, before he pulled her forwards to suck one soft globe into his mouth.

She continued to move back and forth against him, moaning as the sensations enveloped her, his cock and his tongue moving her closer and closer to another orgasm.

“Fuck me, Greg.” Her movements speeded up and she grasped his cock pushing it inside her. She rode him, hands against his chest, as her breathing became laboured. Her breasts bounced and her head rolled back. She ran her fingers into his chest hair, searching for and finding his nipples before she shuddered and cried out.

“Yes, cumming, baby, God, Greg, ohhh, ohh, yes, yes, yes!” Still shuddering she flopped forwards, her head once again finding its home on his chest. She gripped hard to his tool, not wanting it to leave her just yet and he, his fingers tracing lazy patterns across her back, tried to oblige.

Finally, after her breathing began to calm, she looked up.

“How do I ever let you leave me?”

He kissed her forehead.

“Don’t talk about it, not now. I want you, fuck me, baby, please.”

Nodding she pushed herself upright and then slid off the bed. The black straps were soon snugly around her ivory skinned hips and the eight-inch monster was being held just in front of his lips.

“Suck it, feel what you are going to take from me.”

“Yes, mistress.” Rarely, so rarely, did her call her that, but she revelled in it. He would be at her mercy and they both knew it.

“That’s it, take it slowly.” She carefully pushed, resting it against his tongue and letting an inch at a time disappear into his mouth.

When finally he gagged she moved back.


Doing as she was bid, she moved a little quicker, until, at last she was fucking his face and he was taking it all.


“Well, a real cock feels nicer, but you don’t have one of those, and I want this so badly with you.”

“Turn over, baby, and get on your knees.”

The creamy cheeks, so smooth, güvenilir bahis siteleri so sexy, faced her and she leant forward, kissing and sucking at them as she heard him moan in pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“You know I do, more, please, do more.”

Again she began, kissing, licking, and sucking, until gradually she worked closer and closer to her target. Parting his cheeks with her hands she moved until her tongue rested against his skin. The puckered entrance pulsed as she touched it and he moaned again.

“Yessss, yesss, fuck, yes.”

Running her tongue along his crevice she began to lubricate, to tease. She pressed her tongue against his opening and then backed off repeatedly, until finally, she was taken in easily. Revelling in the dark taste, she began to move forward again before holding his cheeks apart to retreat, laughing at the groan her actions caused.

“One finger, baby, let me in.”

It was an easy journey and soon, to her delight, he was ready to turn over and let her fuck him.

She ran a lubricated hand over the cock, watching his face as she did so. His eyes, dark with lust never left the action and a hand stroked his own cock while he pulled at a tight nipple and then grasped his thighs pulling himself up and open for her.

“Your pace, baby, tell me if you want to stop.”

“No, God, no, please, don’t stop, fuck me, please.”

She pressed forwards, resting the head against him and then pushing gently. He opened for her, taking her in almost an inch before tightening and gasping.

“Oh, fuck, slowly, all the way, slowly.”

She did as she was told. This was a first for both of them, she had never fucked another man and was totally in his hands.

“There, all of me, you have the whole thing.”

“Now do it. I want to be fucked so bad, I want to cum for you, baby.”

“Play with yourself then, while I fuck your sweet arse.” She began to pull out, making sure she kept just the head inside. His hand grabbed the warm flesh she loved so much and as he began to jerk himself off she pushed back inside.

Again and again she moved, the rhythm easily set and then she leant forward, changing the angle to a cry of delight from him. Their lips met and as she kissed him passionately she felt his hand speed up.

“Want … need to cum, baby.”

“Really?” She paused, the cock half way into his tight passage as she did so. “How much? Tell me, baby, how much do you want to cum?”

“Oh, God, please, I want to cum so bad.”

“No, I don’t think you do, not yet.” The cock slid into him and he threw back his head, a hand running through his hair as he did so.

“Please, mistress, you fucking my arse, me cumming, I want that so bad. Let me show you, let my spunk shoot for you, we can taste it together, share it, please.”

His hand moved faster over his own cock and then, as soft fingers slowed his progress she spoke again.

“Let me hear you, baby, tell me when it is happening, want to see you shoot for me.”

He nodded, his hand once again beginning the wank that would release all his saved up cum. He felt it grow in his fist, felt the throbbing, the tightening of muscles around the cock in his arse and then, crying out her name he begged again.

“Cumming, please, mistress, fuck me hard, let me cum for you.”

She grasped his hips and pressed forward as far as she could. Over and over she moved, pushing him up the bed as his hand sped over his cock, his body sheened with sweat and then his back arched.

“Now, fuck, I’m cumming now, ohhhh, god, now, yes.”

Spunk shot out of his cock, it pulsed and arced, landing across his chest, catching his beard, his lips, before running down over his hand, stringing out between his fingers as his body convulsed with the spasms of his climax.

She stopped moving, watching in wonder at what she had helped do. Finally, as his body seemed to come to rest, she pulled out, quickly discarding the harness and leaning over to clean him, licking at the cum on his chest first before capturing the thick strands on his abs and hand. Once she had it all she looked up, smiled and then kissed him, transferring it to his mouth before watching as he swallowed it down.

Again they kissed, the taste of him exciting her and then he smiled.

“Thank you. Tomorrow, I promise, I will make you cum until you beg me to stop, but now, sleep, I really need to sleep.”

“Then that is what we will do next.” She kissed his lips gently, chastely, before once again resting her head against him. All the splendour, the luxury, no longer mattered, not when his shoulder was hers for the taking. Her eyes closed as she surrendered to the tendrils of sleep that were stalking her, a smile she couldn’t suppress still on her lips and a satisfaction in her heart she hoped would never end.

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