Şubat 5, 2023

A Very Special “Girl” Ch. 02

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As Christian gazed down lovingly at the girl of his dreams, he also felt a growing animal lust and passion radiating from his cock.

“I think that I still owe you one from downstairs, don’t I?” Christian asked with a half smile and raised eyebrow.

“Hmmm…I wouldn’t say that you ‘owe’ me one, since I loved the taste and feel of your cock and cum in my mouth. But I suppose if you said that you wanted to reciprocate in some way,” Tiffany said, moving her mouth right next to Christian’s ear, licking it, and then whispering, “I’d tell you that you can do anything that you’d like to me.”

Then, moving back and bending her head down slightly, she looked up at him with her big, innocent blue eyes, her subtle patch of freckles lying underneath and, in a soft voice, repeated, “Anything.”

Christian felt his heart skip a beat and nearly came in his pants as he looked at the doe-like schoolgirl standing before him. In a flash he was kissing Tiffany again, their tongues tearing into one another’s mouths in a vain attempt to fully express their passion. Soon Christian’s hands had moved from Tiff’s waist and were now fondling one of her full breasts and tentatively stroking the length of her rigid penis, causing her to let out a tiny, desperate moan into his mouth. Tingling with pleasure, Tiffany’s own hands began to work on Christian’s belt.

After several more minutes, Christian broke the kiss and, taking Tiffany by the hand, wordlessly led her over to his bed. There, he bent down to scoop her up into his arms, smiled while he looked into her eyes, and laid her form on top of his covers. He then quickly removed his shirt and the rest of his pants and boxers and then positioned himself over top of his love. Their bodies pressing together, they once again fell into a kiss, one still laden with passion, yet fuller, deeper, and more delicate than those previous. Gradually Christian began to kiss down her neck, lightly sucking an biting, eliciting moans of pleasure from the girl’s throat. As he reached her full breasts, he marvelled at how long and hard her nipples had become; each protrusion was completely erect and nearly an inch in length, something that greatly intensified and facilitated his suckling.

“Do you like me sucking on your tits?” Christian asked teasingly as he rubbed his lower lip along the apex of Tiff’s right nipple.

“Mmmm…,” Tiff moaned in reply, her words accentuated my gasps and changes of pitch. “Yeah, I love you sucking on my, mmm, tits. Oh…my nipples are so hard for you right now…mmmmm…and so is my big, fat cock….oh, yeah….mmmm…I want you to suck on my cock, baby….yeah…I want to stick it in your mouth and…and…fuck your face with it…oh, fuck!”

Christian’s cock throbbed with every dirty word that came from his love’s mouth. He never would have expected her to say such things! Marvelling at how lucky he was to find such a prize, he left her magnificent tits in search of an even greater prize: the enigma between her luscious legs.

Sliding down the bed, Christian positioned himself so that he could get a good look of what lay between this girl’s legs. Sensing this and wanting him to look, Tiffany spread her legs out wide, allowing him an unhindered view. Fundamentally, she had an entirely normal looking vagina anus, and perineum, but simply had an average-sized cock (5.5″ long, 4″ around) protruding from immediately above her clitoris; the only thing that appeared to be missing was a scrotum and her testicles. Her vagina lips were quite full and hung slightly away from her body, and she had a modest patch of dark pubic hair surrounding both sets of genitals, both of which turned Christian on.

“From what the doctors that treated me when I was younger gathered, and I agree based on my own research, the embryonic tissue that normally forms either the clit or the glans of the penis basically split in two for me. From there it must be just the dumb luck of my genetics: I must have produced enough testosterone to grow a penis, and yet must have lacked the gene needed to form my testicles or to make me genetically a boy. Since I’m otherwise exactly like a female inside, I produce normal amounts of estrogen that gave me my breasts, lack of body hair, and other secondary female sex characteristics. The rest I’m a bit shaky on, though: I must have some sort of modified duct system inside, since I urinate out of the urethra in my vagina like a girl, and yet I still have a penile urethra, and I still ejaculate from my cock when I masturbate it. I guess I must have some sort of modified prostate gland and bulbourethral gland inside somewhere.”

Blushing, Tiffany continued, “Sorry, but I did come over here on the pretence of studying biology.”

Laughing, Christian asked, “So, you’re basically just like any other girl, except you have a penis and somehow have the ability to ejaculate from it?”

“Pretty much,” Tiffany replied, smiling. Then, becoming somewhat solemn she said, “The one thing is that I won’t be able to have any afyon escort children, though. When I was having tests done as a child, they basically determined that I was going to be sterile.”

Having by this time moved up the bed to lay beside his love and hold her in his arms, he asked, “How do you feel about that?”

“Well,” she began, “it does make me sad in a way, but at the same time I’m okay with it, and somewhat relieved. I know that my genetic makeup is pretty unique, and I would hate for that to ever jeopardize my well-being of my baby. Also, there’s sort of the social aspect of possibly having an androgenous boy or girl, which is something that I’ve been dealing with for the past 18 years.” “I know that my future husband and I would love any child that we had, but I don’t know if he or she would have the same luck that I’ve had recently,” Tiff said as she smiled at Christian. “In any event, though, it pains me that I can never give birth to a child myself, but I know that I can always adopt and love that child just as much as I would have my own.”

Gazing at the girl before him as she spoke with such grace and maturity, Christian felt a shiver run up his spine.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. “And I love you for it.”

Seeing the truth of his statement in his eyes, and reflecting it with he own heart, Tiff replied, “I love you, too, Christian.”

The pair embraced, just holding one another and feeling their hearts beating as one. Eventually, Christian pulled away and kissed Tiff softly on the lips. He then gave her a wicked smile and began kissing her neck and breasts again, slowly making his way down to her pubic region. Within no time Tiff’s breathing had picked up to where it had been before, and she knew that she wanted this boy in front of her badly. Her rigid cock was aching for attention and she saw that it had a drop of precum leaking from its tip. She could also feel that her pussy was sopping wet and desperately needed a cock inside of it. Fortunately for her, there was a boy on top of her who was more than ready and willing to fulfill such desires.

Although Christian had never sucked on a cock before, he’d read about and seen enough of it to have a pretty good idea as to what to do. He began by licking the shaft all over, paying special attention to the head and urethral opening.

“Mmmm…that feels so good, baby,” Tiffany encouraged, loving the new sensations. “I know it sounds slutty of me, but could you spit on my cock, please? I just want it to feel all nice and slippery when it’s sliding in and out of your mouth.”

Greatly turned on by her words, Christian complied and spat some of his saliva onto her cock. He allowed it to run down the side that was facing her to tease her and to play on her fantasy. Watching her face, he saw her eyes glaze over even further with lust before he attacked her penis with a fury. Being careful not to graze his teeth along her head, he took the lubricated cock as far into his mouth as he could before he felt a gagging sensation in the back of his throat. Half-expecting it, he sought to relax the muscles in the area and let her tool in even farther. Sure enough, the gagging sensation passed, and he bobbed his head up and down the shaft, causing Tiffany to cry out in pleasure. Happy that he was on the right track, Christian began to experiment with different rates and depths of his blowing Tiff, alternated with just jerking her off and licking her penis head.

“Shit, baby…I think I’m going to cum soon!” Tiffany cried as she felt the spasms in her loins become ever stronger.

Now knowing that the moment he had been planning for was upon him, Christian pulled out his trump card by slipping a hand between Tiff’s legs and rubbing her slit up and down with his thumb. Eliciting an even louder cry from her, he took his now lubed up digit and began rubbing her clit, thanking the heavens that he’d read so much anatomy in his biology class. Simultaneously, he took her cock all the way down her throat until his nose was embedded in her pubic hairs and he could smell her musky scent. Bobbing on her cock, he felt her hands on his head each grab a handful of hair.

“Oh fuck, baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Tiffany cried out passionately. “Oh, my pussy is spasming and I’m filling your tight throat with my hot cum! Ahhhhhh….!”

With that, Tiffany arched her back and Christian felt jet after jet of cum enter into his belly, coating his throat in the process. At almost the same time he felt a small blast of fluid hit his hand and chest: it seemed that she had cum out of her pussy, too! Tiff’s hands pushed Christian’s head hard into her pubic region, as she tightened her grip on his hair, and then, after a long moment had gone by, she relaxed her hold on him.

“Oh shit, baby, oh fuck…” Tiffany panted. “Oh fuck…that was so good…oh yeah….you fucked my cock so well with your mouth…and you drank my cum like such a good boy….AND you made my pussy cum, too! afyon escort bayan Oh, shit…oh, shit, I love you…”

Loving her nasty babblings, Christian slowly released her member from his mouth and took in a deep breath of air. The taste of cum hit his palate as Tiff’s leaking cock traced over his tongue, and he found that while it tasted similar to his own, it was still distinct. Giving her cockhead a couple of gentle licks, he then moved his face in between her legs to taste the sweet nectar there. He found that the area was completely flooded, and he immediately began to lap up her juices. Finding that he liked the taste, he continued to lick with more fervour and was soon giving her a thorough cunt bath.

“Oh, what are you doing to me, Christian?” Tiffany asked rhetorically, still in her post-orgasmic daze. “You just went down on me and now you’re doing it again? Oh…mmm…you licked up all of my girl cum, didn’t you? Do you like eating my juicy pussy and tasting my cum in your mouth at the same time? Oh, that feels so good…”

Settling on her clit, Christian continued his assault as he listened to Tiffany’s incredibly sexy, dirty mouth. He noticed that the events of the past half-hour or so had left him with a terribly painful erection, and that he needed to fuck something soon. Getting an idea at this realization, he began to rub Tiff’s clit with his hand rather than his tongue, and reached under his bed to retrieve a container while Tiffany was none the wiser.

As Tiffany writhed in pleasure, she closed her eyes and began to pinch and pull on her nipples, heightening her experience even further. Suddenly she felt an entirely new sensation in an area that neither of them had touched all day: her anus. She looked down and saw that Christian was indeed licking her little rosebud, which sent her entirely over the edge. In a torrent, her pussy came all over Christian’s face, who in no time was swallowing it down eagerly after sliding a lubed-up finger into Tiffany’s now-puckered backdoor hole.

“Oh shit, baby, that felt so good,” Tiffany moaned, her voice now sounding distinctly drained of energy. “Keep doing what you’re doing to my little asshole with your finger, but can you move your face up closer to me at the same time?”

“Sure thing, beautiful,” Christian replied with a smile, his face still covered in Tiff’s juices.

Expecting her to meet him with a kiss, he was pleasantly surprised when she instead sat up and began to lap at his face with her tongue, tasting herself and cleaning him in the process. Making little moans of delight as she moved from his cheeks to his lips, she eventually came to his right ear and began to bite the lobe and lick the rest of it thoroughly. This sent a shiver through Christian’s body that caused him to moan softly, something that elicited a large grin from Tiff.

“You like it when I stick my tongue in your ear, eh?” Tiff whispered, teasingly.

“Oh yeah, baby…it feels amazing,” Christian replied.

“Do you know what would feel even more amazing?” Tiffany asked.

“What’s that?”

“If you stuck your nice, beautiful cock in my dripping wet pussy and fucked me with it.”

Not needing any additional encouragement, Christian turned his head and kissed his love fully on the lips. At the same time, he gently removed his digit from her anus and positioned his body between her legs, his throbbing cock hovering just inches from her sopping hole.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Christian asked, praying that the answer would be ‘yes’ and yet truly wanting to make sure that this was the right thing to do.

“I am so ready for this,” Tiffany replied, an animal-like hunger in her voice. “I’ve been fucking things like vegetables and my fingers for long enough now…I want to know what a real cock will feel like inside of me!”

“Well then here it comes, baby,” Christian replied as he slowly eased his throbbing member into her delicious snatch, drawing a long groan from her lips

The feeling of warmth, combined with the erotic feel of Tiff’s natural juices drove Christian into a world of intense euphoria that set his cock afire with pleasure. Settling into a nice slow and deep rhythm, he looked down at his love and nearly blew his load right then; her freckled cheeks were completely flushed, her eyes were tightly closed, and her mouth was slightly open as she took in ragged gasps of air. Suddenly her hips started to buck even harder in response to his own thrusts and her pussy began to spasm around his cock.

“Oh, Christian…oh fuck….I’m cumming! Oh shit, I’m coming!” Tiffany screamed, digging her nails hard into Christian’s back.

Slowing his thrusts down a bit, Christian waited until Tiff had stopped her convulsions and her breathing began to return to normal.

“Are you okay?” he asked Tiff, a hint of laughter and slight concern in his voice.

“Mmmm…so much better than okay,” Tiff replied, opening her gorgeous escort afyon eyes and looking back lovingly at him, a glow having appeared on her face. “I didn’t know that having sex could be so amazing. I wish that I’d found you years ago!”

“Hmmm, me, too,” Christian replied, now having fully stopped his thrusting, despite the raging hardon that was still buried in his lover.

“So do you want to go and watch some TV now or something?” Tiff asked with genuine questioning in her eyes.

“Ummm…sure…,” Christian began to reply, confused. “I guess that there’ll be something good on…”

“I’m so kidding, baby!” Tiff laughed, a huge smile coming to her face. “Did you really think that I’d want to be anywhere other than here with you and your big dick inside of me?”

“You are horrible!” Christian responded, mock anger in his voice. “I’m going to fuck you so well now!”

“Mmmm, yeah baby, give it to me nice and hard,” Tiffany growled. “Make me feel it in my tiny little pussy.”

“It seems that you’re feeling it somewhere else, too,” Christian observed as he began pumping into his girlfriend’s snatch again, nodding towards the nearly fully erect penis that she was now sporting.

“Well, when you’re good, you’re good, I guess,” Tiffany replied, some words coming out louder than others, in sync with Christian’s thrusts of increasing intensity.

“Maybe so, but I think that you’re just plain bad,” Christian replied coyly as he neared his orgasm.

“You know, you’re right,” Tiff said. “I am a naughty girl, aren’t I? It’s naughty of me that I like having my boyfriend’s fat cock pumping in and out of my pussy, isn’t it? And it’s naughty that I liked it when you stuck your finger up my anus and started fucking my ass with it. Mmmm…and it’s naughty that now I’m jerking my cock off and I’m going to cum out of it soon. But Christian…do you know what the naughtiest thing of all? It’s that I’m going to tell you that you can cum on me wherever you want to. You can cum on my tits, or on my ass, or on my pussy, or in my hair, or wherever you want, okay?”

Replying only with a throaty groan, Christian began to pump even faster into the vixen under him, the feeling of cum boiling in his balls becoming overwhelming. “Okay, I’m going to cum,” Christian announced as he pulled himself out of the tender depths of Tiffany’s nether regions and began jerking himself off rapidly. “Put a pillow under your head and look up at me, okay?”

“Okay,” Tiff replied as she obliged. “I’m so close to cumming, too…cum on me and I’ll cum for sure.”

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Christian moaned as he knelt on either side of Tiffany’s tits and leaned forward so as to position his cock right near her face.

“That’s it, baby,” Tiffany moaned. “You’re so bad for wanting to cum on my little face….mmmm, and I’m so naughty for wanting you to.”

With that, the pair of them cried out and each shot a geyser of cum at the other. Christian’s semen hit Tiff square in the face, landing all over the freckles on her nose and cheeks, a sight which made his orgasm feel even stronger and longer-lasting. Tiffany’s stream on the other hand hit Christian square between his ass cheeks, some of it actually coming in contact with his asshole.

Christian collapsed forward onto his hands, which allowed him to rest and look straight down into the face of his lover at the same time. She looked up at him then with big, doe-like eyes, her freckles still coated with his thick, white cum, and a big, innocent smile on her face.

“So did it make you all hot, cumming all over my sexy, little-girl freckles like that? Tiff asked. “Do you think it makes me look like an innocent, little slut? Does that turn you on?”

“You are the sexiest girl that I have ever met or seen in my life,” Christian replied. “I’ve been wanting to shoot my load over your freckles ever since I first met you.”

“Aw, you’re so sweet,” Tiff said, a smile on her face. “I’m glad that you think my freckles are sexy and that they make you so horny. What would you say if I told you that it would turn me on like crazy if you licked the cum off of them for me? Would you do it, or would you think it was sort of gross?”

“I would do anything for you, sweetheart,” Christian replied as he began to clean his seed off of his love’s face. After a few moments, he felt Tiffany’s hands begin to move over his back and onto his ass. Enthralled with having the chance to lick the cum of off Tiff’s cheeks, he didn’t really notice what she was doing until he felt one of her fingers working the cum that she had shot at his ass into the area surrounding his anal opening. Moaning into Tiff’s face, Christian soon finished off the other cheek and then engaged his lover in a passionate kiss while she continued to manipulate his asshole. Eventually the pair separated, and Christian looked down to see that Tiffany had a wicked grin on her face.

“Well, since you were a good boy and licked up all the cum that you shot on me, it would only be fair for me to do the same thing to you, right…?”

to be continued…

Thanks to everyone who has sent their comments about Ch.1 and for the encouragement for me to continue the series. If anyone has any suggestions, comments, or things that they would like to see happen, please let me know.

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