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A Time for Firsts

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As the door swung open Cherine quickly listened to make sure her mom was at work. She turned and smiled at LC they were alone for the rest of the afternoon. As she gave him a quick smirk he forcefully pushed her against the wall.

As he started kissing her – the thought immediately popped into his mind; she is way out of his league.

He pinned her hands, shoulder height against the wall. The afternoon sun was shining on the golden highlights in her auburn hair. He leaned close as he continued kissing her. His tongue gently touching hers. He would alternate softly licking the edges of her lips, something he knew that drove her wild.

As she stood there helplessly pinned against the wall she couldn’t resist looking for more physically. She had always been a good girl. Never broke the rules but since she started dating LC she just didn’t give a damn about rules or about being ‘proper’ anymore. Her grades dropped, she stopped playing sports and her mom went crazy when she found out she had gotten a tongue stud with LC. She wasn’t sure if it was all teenage hormone driven or rebelling against her mom and absent dad but she knew she enjoyed exploring her sexuality and this control it seemed to give her over the opposite sex.

LC let go of her and took a step back – taking in the sight of Cherine. Button shirt, pleated skirt and bobby socks – the standard school girl uniform. She had that natural beauty about her that turned heads wherever she went. He was aching to know what she was wearing underneath her skirt. His thoughts drifted again: she was out of his league. He didn’t perform academically, he didn’t partake in sports he didn’t have much going for him except the bad-boy attitude which seemed to drive girls wild. He knew he had to push her as far as he could as quickly as possible before she saw him for what he really was. He didn’t mind lying to her or pressurizing her. He would stop at nothing to make her a notch on his belt. His mission was to take her virginity.

He wrapped his left hand around her neck as he pulled her in for another kiss. He took his chance. He moved his right hand underneath het skirt, slowing lifting it. As his fingertips got to the top of her panty he slid his hand in.

Cherine froze – she was in limbo. Her head wanted to wait but her body wanted more. First she grabbed his hand but as LC continued to move his hand down her panty, he whispered ‘I love you”. ataşehir escort bayan She let go. Which teenage girl didn’t want to hear that. He ventured further down his fingertips brushed over her short trimmed pubes. Her pussy was aching to be touched. He continued further down pressing on her mound. He had bragged to all his friends about past conquest but in fact this was the first time he had felt a woman’s warmth – something he had only seen in movies before.

Cherine spread her legs. All notions about being a ‘good girl’ were now out of the window. Besides, she didn’t want to disappoint her boyfriend. They had only been going out for roughly two months. She initially met him through her cousin, who brought him to her 18th birthday party which was only a couple of weeks after LC’s 18th birthday. LC pursued her relentlessly. He was meticulous and wherever and whenever he had an opportunity to be in her company he would take. Initially she was not attracted to him at all but eventually he grew on her and it was flattering to have someone that seemed to be obsessed with her. He wore her down, plain and simple, but once she committed to someone she was all-in. He on the other hand knew immediately he wanted to have her. Gorgeous, bubbly and smart – she was the complete package but he wasn’t in love. She was a conquest. He wanted to fuck her or get as close as possible to it. He would really feel like a man if he was able to deflower her! She could feel how moist her pussy was getting. She had barely ever explored herself. She had heard her friends talk about how amazing orgasms were but apart from a couple of times toying with her clit she was untouched. LC reached her pussy lips – he fumbled around with his middle finger to try and enter her. His cock fully erect from the interaction.

He finally found her entrance and pushed his finger in. Cherine gasped – she was really wet from the anticipation but the intrusion still hurt. LC started pistoning his finger in and out, not much deeper than his first two knuckles ignoring Cherine’s pain. He didn’t know any better and did what seemed to be the natural action. She bit her lip due to the pain but didn’t want to disappoint LC. Cherine tilted her head back, loudly gasping, the initial pain being replaced by an electric build-up of pleasure. She continued getting wetter, more than she thought was possible! She started moaning louder and escort kadıöy louder! She pulled LC closer, his mouth inches away from hers as she continued to moan and breath loudly. At that point LC knew he had her, she would be his to use how he wanted for as long as he wanted. He continued pumping his finger in and out – his finger all the way in now, in and out. Cherine started screaming: “yes, yes, yes”.

She wanted his finger in deeper but still a little conscious of the pain, didn’t force it too much. A wave of pleasure washed over her. She realised she had just cummed at the hand of someone else. She felt amazing, sexy and a little slutty all in one!

As she started to compose herself she saw LC looking at his finger – a primal smile on his face as he investigated her wetness on him. He gave it a quick sniff before sucking it clean. Cherine was a little grossed out but didn’t mention anything.

“Get on your knees” LC growled at Cherine. She was taken back a little but did as she was commanded, her pussy still wet and sensitive. LC unzipped his pants and took out his erect cock. “You are going to give me a blowjob now” he instructed as if she had no choice in the matter.

Cherine was mesmerised and apprehensive. She had only seen a cock once before in her life. It was a botched attempt at a blowjob for the rugby team captain which she tried to block from memory. She was however intrigued at the stiff dick pointing at her face. The ecstasy of cumming still fresh in her mind – she wanted to return the favour now. The worry about being a ‘good-girl’ long forgotten.

She took it in her hand, surprised it was so hard and soft at the same time. She rubbed the pre-cum that was leaking from the tip all over its head. LC was definitely on the smaller size especially comparing to some of the dicks she had seen in porn. She wasn’t really sure where to begin her memory flashing back to some tips she had read in Cosmo. So she started rubbing it up and down holding it gently as she was not sure how much pressure to apply. “Here goes nothing” she though to herself as she put his dick into her mouth – someone she had only known a couple of months, who she wasn’t really that attracted to initially and could be a real jerk if he wanted to. But hey, she was horny and inquisitive!

She was surprised how salty it tasted as she licked the rod up and down. She continued to use her hands maltepe escort too. LC gave a groan as he closed his eyes and pushed his prick out further. Cherine took it as a positive sign and started bopping up and down on his dick trying her best not to hit it with her teeth. As she gained confidence she started going faster and deeper but not too deep as to gag.

LC felt like a king. This complete angel was on her knees in front of him – sucking on his pisser. He had awaken her naughty side and wanted to make full use of it. He grabbed hold of her head and hair, her ponytail lying softly on his hand. He pulled back, Cherine looked up at him not missing a beat as she sucked up and down on his cock. He looked straight into her big beautiful blue eyes. He could not believe his luck. He knew he wouldn’t last very long. He forced his cock deeper down her throat, hand full of hair, trying to fuck her mouth. She pulled away forcefully. LC knew he had overplayed his hand but immediately placed his cock back in her mouth. Cherine continued working her mouth up and down his head. Without warning she felt a jet, warm, thick and salty cum blast into her mouth. It just continued shooting into her mouth. She tried to keep her composure continuing on his dickhead letting the cum ooze out of her mouth as she had seen on movies. She tried her best not to swallow any of it as she was not a fan of the taste.

LC was grunting like crazy as his balls clenched and he shot load after load of his cum into Cherine’s mouth. It felt like a dream come true. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends about his accomplishment but knew he had to be subtle if he wanted to have another round like this or push her further sexually.

Over the next couple of weeks the two continued to explore each other. They would meet at a friends house before school and fool around a little and then again in the afternoons when they got the chance to be alone. They were each other’s first with almost everything. She gave him his first hand job and a couple more blowjobs. He in turn fingered her multiple times and went down on a couple of occasions – something Cherine wasn’t a big fan off. She however never felt comfortable with taking her bra off in front of him even though she had firm, beautiful symmetric b-cups.

As Cherine was getting more daring, drinking and going dancing at clubs with friends so did LC’s jealousy increase. She was getting much more attention than he could handle. He was constantly trying to get her to prove her “love” to him by sleeping with him.

The relationship was purely physical and a break-up was in the cards before they would get back together and LC would complete his conquest…

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