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A Tight Space

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The idea for this story came to me when pictures of Emma Bunton ‘Baby Spice’ were splashed over a number of papers on holiday with her mother, showing Emma with a definite flabby belly. After this for some months I noticed that she always wore clothes to hide her waist and she did appear in a proper light blue ‘serious’ corset as mentioned in the story, when the rest of the Spice Girls were wearing flimsy lingerie.

The Space Girls were the teenage pop sensation of the past year. They had dominated the teen pop market on all fronts, with three number one single and a number one album. There, pictures had been splashed over every magazine and paper, and they had appeared on every sort of TV program, from children’s TV to the Lottery. Weird Space, Cinnamon Space, Energetic Space, Snooty Space, and Toddler Space were the idols of every teenybopper & teenage girl in the country.

The Space Girls management Toddler Space was shown wearing a bikini with a definite pot belly hanging over it! The head of publicity tried to brush it away, saying that they had covered the story, saying it was just a little baby fat.

“Baby Fat!” shrieked Micky Least. “She maybe called Toddler Space that, but she is over twenty years old for chrissake!” The room silenced while they waited for Micky to calm down.

After a while, his assistant, Lenny Long, put the picture into perspective. “We’ve always known we had a problem with Toddler, her weight balloons up and down like a yoyo. Look at that lingerie shoot we did last month – all the other girls were wearing skimpy bras and panties and the only way we could make Toddler look reasonable was to put her into that pale blue boned corset, and we had to lace that tighter than she liked.”

Micky jumped up again and shouted, “I don’t care what she likes, we have an image to preserve here. The next public appearance is in four weeks and Toddler has got to come out looking 100% to kill this story as fast as possible. Now, what’s the solution gentlemen?” and he sat down scanning the table looking for suggestions.

The head of publicity ventured, “Well, we could put her on a strict diet…”

“A diet? A diet?” screamed Micky. “She has been on more strict diets than I’ve got cars – the last one, she was actually photographed in MacDonald’s an hour after she started it.”

The room became quiet again. Eventually, Jimmy Walker, the endorsement manager, spoke up. “I know this is a bit off the wall, but you know I have been trying to arrange an endorsement with Saul Jeans, and we have been looking for the right design to fit the image of the Space Girls. Well, one of their designers came up with this.” And he pulled a picture out of his folder and passed it over to Micky. The picture showed a girl in a normal pair of skin-tight jeans below the waist, but above the waist, the jeans extended up to just below the breasts with no zip at the front, but a rear view showed a continuous zipper from the base of the spine right up the back.

“How is this going to help us?” asked Micky.

“Well,” said Jimmy, “I mentioned our problems with Toddler Space, and Julian, the designer, said that it would be no problem to make her jeans out of extra thick denim and to also build a corset into it. In that way, her legs, thighs, bottom and waist would be totally controlled by the jeans.”

Micky sat back and thought for a moment and eventually said, “Sounds feasible. How are you going to play it?”

Jimmy pulled out a sheet. “Well, we could have all five of them wearing the new jeans on their next TV slot, with each wearing a different coloured blouse or shirt to break it up, and from then on we could have at least two of them wearing the jeans with, of course, Toddler Space always wearing them until she lost enough weight to go back to normal designs.”

They discussed it for a period and decided that they had no option. The Space Girls had a lot of promo and publicity appearances scheduled in the next few months and there was no way they could let this ‘Podgy Space’ story get out of hand. Jimmy was told set the idea in motion.

* * * *

Two weeks later, Jimmy met up with designers from Saul jeans and first saw the normal designs which the Saul marketing men had dubbed ‘Hi Tops’ to be worn by the rest of the Space girls; they were normal thickness jeans and relied on their tightness to hold them up above the waist. He then saw the special design for Toddler Space, which on visual inspection, looked very similar to the normal jeans. He picked them up by the legs and was surprised by the stiffness and thickness of the material. Moving up to the waist of the jeans, his fingers met stiff boning under the material. Jimmy turned the jeans over and opened the long zip to expose the lacing of a Victorian-type corset, which was sewn into the inside of the jeans. Jimmy was a bit worried and said, “Look, guys , this boning won’t show, will it? If the papers find out, they will have a field day.”

The designers assured him that they would not, and if required, they could make sure that the vertical seams lined up with bones so that adıyaman escort they would not be noticeable from the outside. The next step, they said, was to get Toddler Space’s exact dimensions, and also the dimensions that they would like her to be under the corset. The designers reckoned that they could get away with a couple of inches on the thighs, two to four inches on the bottom, and four to six inches maximum on the waist. Jimmy promised to get right on to it.

When Jimmy returned to the Space Girl office he found he had a problem. Toddler Space, who was still on holiday in the West Indies, denied that she had put on weight and, when asked for her current vital statistics, she shouted, “The same as they have always been!” and slammed the phone down.

Jimmy consulted with the band’s nominal leader, Cinnamon Space, to find out the other girls’ feelings. She said, “We’re sick of Toddler – if she does not watch it, she will ruin it for all of us. If she says that she is the same size as she has always been, then so be it. Get the jeans made two to four inches down at the waist for all of us, and use the dimensions that Toddler claims in the publicity blurb as her base. She has never been within two inches of them, even when she was at her slimmest.”

Jimmy was not sure, but Micky said with a smile, that if all the other Space girls wanted it that way, that was the way it should be.

Jimmy passed on the information to the Saul Jean designers, who said that the finished ‘Hi Top’ jeans would be ready in a week, which left a week before the Space Girls’ next public appearance, a photo shoot on Friday to launch the ‘Hi Top’ jeans, followed by a TV show on Saturday. The jeans arrived, and the girls came in to try them on, except for Toddler Space, who had not arrived back from the West Indies. The girls tried them on and found that, while the ‘Hi Top’ jeans fitted tightly they were difficult to zip up, requiring them to breathe in deeply. They were no worse to zip up than some of their formal tight dresses. As the week went on, Jimmy was getting worried: Toddler Space had still not returned.


The photo shoot was scheduled for Friday morning, and Toddler Space flew in on Thursday night turning up at the office early on Friday morning. The rest of the Space Girls were there waiting as well; they examined her closely and turned to each other and nodded. Toddler Space had definitely piled on the pounds around her face, waist, bottom and thighs. Jimmy showed her the new jeans and she went wild. Cinnamon & Weird Space jumped up and grabbed her, marching her into a side office and slamming the door after them. There was some shouting and screaming, but after a while, Toddler came out and said she would wear the jeans. Jimmy said, “Right. Let’s get on with it – we haven’t got much time.” Turning to Micky, he whispered, “How did they get her to do it?”

“Simple,” said Micky. “The other girls have had enough of Toddler, and it is in their contracts that if other girls and I agree that one of them should be forced to leave the band, there is nothing she can do about it.”

Two Saul Jeans female fitters led Toddler into a dressing room, and Cinnamon Space followed her to put on her jeans outfit. They undressed Toddler down to just her panties, and then started with a fully-fitted black long-line bra, which they had trouble fastening, even on the widest row of the three sets of hooks; they really had to use all her strength to get the hooks to meet. When the long-line bra was tightly fastened over its full length, it squeezed Toddler’s her breasts up and out and rolled her upper body fat down towards her waist. Toddler was initially so pleased with her new cleavage that she did not mind the tightness of the bra. They then pulled the jeans over Toddler’s feet and ankles and to started to pull the jeans up her legs, but soon started to have problems before the legs of the jeans were halfway up her thighs.

Toddler Space jumped up with the jeans around her knees and screamed, “That’s enough, these jeans are much to tight and I am not going to wear them!”

Cinnamon, who was pulling on her own jeans turned round quickly and said, “Listen, Toddler, we meant what we said and it’s your own fault – if you had told Jimmy your true measurements, the jeans would not be half as tight. As it is, we have a photo shoot today and a TV appearance tomorrow and and we are all going to be wearing these jeans – this endorsement deal is worth a lot of money, and if the jeans take off will be worth even more, so you are going to get those jeans on, even if it takes all day!”

Toddler listened to this tirade with pouting lips, and at the end of it, she was near to tears. She started to say something else, but was stopped by another Cinnamon tirade, “I want no more tears – we are professionals. You will come out of this dressing room with the jeans on, or don’t bother coming out at all!” With this, Cinnamon walked out, slamming the door behind her.

Toddler’s shoulders drooped, and after a few seconds she seemed to make a decision adıyaman escort bayan and turned back to the dressers, saying, “Well, let’s get on with it, how are we going to get these things on?

After a few trials, the only way they could get the jeans to shift up Toddler’s legs was for her to lie on her back with her legs in the air, both fitters tugging the jeans down and Toddler pulling. Slowly, the jeans moved up Toddler’s legs. Every few pulls, the fitters would halt and massage the fat at the top of Toddlers thighs down into sausage tight legs at the top of the jeans. After half an hour of pulling, the jeans’ legs had been eased, pulled and yanked up to Toddler’s crotch. Toddler was still on the floor on her back, but her legs were now held rigidly straight up in the air by the double thickness denim and the tightness of the jeans, stretched taut by Toddler’s chubby legs, which were stretched so tight over her knees that she could hardly bend them.

The dressers stood back, out of breath with all the effort, and then reached down to help Toddler to stand, as she could not bend her legs to get them underneath her. When Toddler was up, the dressers stood back and looked at Toddler’s legs in the jeans. They were tight as a drum from ankles to crotch and were already wrinkling around her knees because of the tightness and Toddler’s efforts to bend them. The dressers then grabbed hold of the top of jeans and, with a lot of yanking, pulled them up to just under Toddler’s breasts; one of them walked around Toddler to examine the back of the jeans and said, “Houston, we have a problem.” Turning to the others, she said, “You had better get Julian.” Julian was Saul Jeans designer in charge of the ‘Hi Tops’ range; the man rushed in and the dressers pointed out there problem: Instead of a four inch gap in the corset at the waist, or even six inches, it gap was nearer to eight. The laces of the corset were pulled tight with no slack even before they had started to lace it. One of the dressers also pointed out the wrinkles forming at Toddlers knees. The dressers and Julian went outside to discuss the problem with Micky, Jimmy and Cinnamon, leaving Toddler standing stock still in the rigid jeans. They discussed the problem and, with Julian’s advice that it was possible to close the corset, but might take a long time, they told him to get on with it, deciding to postpone the photo shoot for three hours. The dressers walked back in, and before Julian followed he told one his assistants to go out and find the longest pair of thigh high lace up boots in Toddler’s size that she could to hide the wrinkles at her knees .

When they returned to dressing room, with Cinnamon following, they found Toddler leant against a wall, which she had managed to reach by staggering the two yards, wooden-legged like a robot. Julian and the dressers helped Toddler away from the wall and assisted her on with the white shirt, which had large puffed, sheer sleeves and was opaque in the area of her breasts to hide the strong bra & the fat under her arms. The shirt had a short bodice that would only reach to about the bottom of Toddlers ribs. With some difficulty they eased the shirts bodice down under the corset. The corset was so tight already that they had to push it down all round between the corset and the long-line bra using a ruler. They helped Toddler down to the floor so that she was lying face down. Julian got the dressers to address the three inches of the already-straining zipper below the bottom of the corset at the level of Toddler’s bottom. He was worried that when the corset was tightened, it would push so much fat down that it would at best stop them getting the zipper up or, at worst, burst the zipper when they tried to pull it up.

With both dressers pushing as hard as they could down and in on Toddler’s buttocks, Julian slowly pulled the zipper up to the bottom of the corset laces. As the dressers pushed harder and harder, Toddler squealed in pain and tried to roll away, but as she turned, she saw Cinnamon’s face and lay back down, grunting each time the dressers pushed harder. When the zipper was up to the bottom of the corset, Julian looked around the room and then fetched two of the wide leather belts that the dressers had brought along as accessories for the photo shoot. He joined the belts together and passed them around Toddler’s bottom, pulling it up tightly, so that it made an indent in Toddler’s bottom, raising another loud grunt from Toddler. Julian explained that the belt would take pressure off the zipper when the corset was tightened and the fat was forced down, because he did not think that the zipper would survive otherwise.

Julian then started on the laces of the corset. The first four inches went smoothly, with Julian pulling steadily and the dressers pulling out the slack from the top and bottom laces. As the laces tightened, Toddler began to moan and say repeatedly, louder and louder, “It’s too tight. It’s too tight,” building up to a scream. Julian quickly tied the laces off and helped Toddler up to give her a rest. While escort adıyaman Toddler staggered around the room grasping her waist, supported by the dressers, Julian went outside and told one of the waiting group to go out and buy some smelling salts. He went back into the dressing room, where Toddler was now standing in the middle of the room, still moaning, but quieter now, her breathing rapid. Julian asked the dressers to walk Toddler around the room to make the corset settle around her body; at each break, they tried to massage the fat at the waist inside the corset up and down, away from the waistline. After half an hour of this, Toddler stopped moaning and seemed to be breathing easier. Julian suggested they carried on with the lacing, but Toddler was not keen, until Cinnamon, who was still watching, cleared her throat heavily and Toddler, with a look of resignation, gave in.

The dressers helped her down again, and Julian untied the laces, keeping them taught. He started to pull, finding the pressure had increased, and continued for another inch, after which Toddler began to scream again. Julian did not want to push Toddler too far too quickly, when not even a look from Cinnamon would control her so, looking at his watch, he reluctantly tied off again and helped Toddler up. Toddler was still moaning and her breathing had quickened again. The dressers repeated the walking and massaging for another half an hour. Toddler did not want to lie down again, claiming that the pressure on her waist was too great. So Julian compromised by opening a cupboard door and asking Toddler to hang on to the handles. Before restarting the lacing, Julian noticed that the belt around Toddler’s buttocks was allowing the zipper below the corset to strain. He asked the dressers to push in Toddler’s buttocks, while he took the belt in another notch. Toddler’s moaning recommenced.

Julian looked at his watch and started to look worried. They were running out of time, having already used nearly two hours of the allotted three. He grabbed the laces and told Toddler to brace herself and, using all his weight, he smoothly pulled in the laces until the gap at the back of the corset had closed two inches. Toddler squealed a little, turned slowly and then fainted, falling to the ground. Julian followed Toddler down, keeping the corset laces taut. Placing his knee in Toddler’s lower back, he quickly pulled on the laces, closing the last two inches, the corset edges finally meeting for it’s whole length. Then he tied a knot in the laces and used scissors to cut off the excess lacing. He stepped back, and the dressers undid the belt holding in Toddler’s buttocks and, using a pair of pliers which they had bought along for purpose, hauled the heavy duty zipper up until it reached the top.

Julian went out and assured the assembled crowd that everything was OK. His assistants had returned with the boots and the smelling salts. Julian grabbed the items and, as he walked back to the dressing room, he noticed that the boots had very high spike heels. Turning back to his assistant, he said, “What are these? These heels must be six inches.”

The assistant arched her eyebrows and said “Well, the only place I could find any thigh lace-up boots at short notice was a fetish shop, and that’s the only heel height they had!”

While he was out, the dressers had lifted Toddler onto a settee and were fanning her with magazines. One said, “Julian, I think we better loosen the corset – she is very quiet.”

“You have got to be joking. If we loosen it now, and Toddler could not make the ‘Hi Top’ launch photo-shoot, we had all better start looking for another job! Look, I will try the smelling salts – you two get the boots on her, and make sure they are tight.”

Julian opened the salts and wafted them under Toddler’s nose, who stated coughing and came to. When she had gotten her senses back, she immediately started gripping her waist and said, “This thing is killing me. It’s too tight!”

Toddler gasped for air and after a few seconds started to say more, but closed her mouth when Cinnamon strode into view, tapping her watch. “Look Toddler. it will not get any tighter and the photo shoot will be over in less than an hour. Please, can you put up with it?” Toddler did not think she could, but from the look on Cinnamon’s face she did think she had a choice.

The two dressers finished lacing the boots which, when laced up, reached nearly to Toddler’s crotch. Julian called in the makeup girl and hairdresser; all three of them heaved Toddler up and, as they released her, she started to fall over. She could not stand up due to the tightness of the jeans and the six inch heels on the boots, so they carried her over to the dressing table and started to lower her into the chair. Then they found another problem: Toddler could bend her knees a little, but could not bend at the waist at all. She was as rigid as a block of wood. Julian, thinking on his feet as he had done all day, told the two dressers to support her and quickly found two large dressing cases, so that the makeup girl and hairdresser could stand on them to perform their jobs. After ten minutes, they finished, with Toddler taking quick breaths all the time. Julian stood back and looked Toddler over, thinking to himself, “Girl, you look fabulous!” He said to the dressers, “Help Toddler over to the full length mirror, so that can see how good she looks.”

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