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A Son and his Mother

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A Son and his Mother
I have great memories of spending time
with my Mum and talking about various things.

As far back as I can remember I loved to crawl into bed
with my her and snuggle up to my Mums back.
She never objected and actually encouraged
it as she would say things like,
“My man is here with me again. Hummmm, so nice. Snuggle up and get warm
and sleep well my darling.”

That is how it was in my early years at home.
It was about this time that I became aware of
my growing manhood, as it seemed to be getting a bit
larger and I realized that feeling of it at night was
becoming pleasurable. It was also along about this time
that one night when I was sleeping with my Mum I awoke
and realized that I had an erection that was out of my
pajama bottoms and was resting against Mums naked

It seems that Mums short nighty had moved up around her
waist and left her bare bottom exposed to me as I
snuggled to her back as was my usual position. Mum
always slept on her side with her back to me as I
snuggled. It seemed that is the way we both always
slept. I felt like my cock was about to burst or
something and I sneaked out of the bed and back to my
I can remember on a couple of other occasions when I
was snuggling to Mums back that I awoke to find that I
had ejaculated from being close to Mum. I was wondering
if she knew. I often thought of her as I masturbated at
night in my own bed. Naturally I was now at the point
in my life when snuggling up to my Mums back had a new
meaning and I can remember waking up at night and
finding my Mums naked bottom with my hard young cock as
I gently pushed against her as she slept.

I think it may have been sometime when I was about 13
that I was snuggling to Mum one night and I had been
rubbing my rod against her naked bottom, oh I was so
horny. I thought I felt Mum give a little push back
toward me.
I froze not knowing how to respond. I soon
decided she was asleep and it was only a reflex. I
snuggled up and placed my hard cock on her warm naked
bottom and pushed against her, relaxing for a few
seconds and then again. I was so horny now that I
started doing it in a rapid fashion.

There was no mistake this time, Mum started pushing
back hard against me and wiggling her arse. I knew that
it was not a reflex now but she was getting horny too.
I just held her tight, as she let out a low throaty
“Ummm darling.” She then turned to me and kissed me gently
on the forehead and whispered, “Oh, kaçak iddaa my little boy is
all grown up. You are Mums Young Man now,” as she
planted kisses on my forehead and pulled me to her
“Mark I know your hormones are driving you
crazy. It is natural and I understand.”

“Mum, I am sorry,” I said.

“Mark, it is OK.
We are very close, you and me, Very close!”.
We can be honest with each other. our recent snuggles have not
gone unnoticed,” as she pulled me tighter.
“You mean so much to me darling. I… well, uhh… I have feelings too.
I would not be truthful if I did not admit that you make me horny too,” she giggled.
“You, well… you know, you pushing your hard young manhood makes me want to
take care of it for you, sometimes I wish… well oh damn it!”

I was now hard and about to shoot my load, as I was
snuggling up to my Mums large breast wondering if I should
reach down and jack off and shoot my load.
Damn I was hot.

I did not have to wonder for long as Mum reached down and
took my young cock in her hand and gently ran her fingers under
my balls and moved them around as she pulled me hard and said,
“My boy is now a big young man now. You have a nice set of tools for a young man.
I think those balls need to be emptied, hummmmmmm?”

“Yes Mum, oh YES!” I was thinking that if she just
gives a few quick jerks, I will shoot my load. Mum was
now feeling all around my hard cock and moving her
fingers over my sensitive cock head. I was now breathing hard
as I moaned, “Oh Mum! Oh Mum! YESS! YESS!”

I think Mum knew I could not last much longer as she
moved down and kissed my hard cock, her tongue moved out
and circled my cock head as it now stiffed for the last
time and started pumping my balls dry. She caught my
cum in her mouth as it came shooting out,
I shuddered and went limp and lay there feeling like a real man.
I had just had my balls busted by my own Mother.
My whole world had changed just like that.

Mum moved up and gave me a lovely kiss and whispered,
“Mark, you are certainly a real young man,
your cum was so good, did I make you feel good?”

“Oh Mum, you made me feel better than anything I can
Did you like that too?”

“OH Darling, I loved it.”
We both went back to sleep and I awoke the next morning to Mum calling
me for breakfast. I walked into the kitchen where Mum was and
put my arms around her waist for a cuddle. She responded with “Hummmmm I Guess
I have a new man of the house to take care of now.”

I remember pinbahis thinking I wanted to take care of my Mum.
Would she welcome me as her young lover as well as her son.
There was nothing more on my mind, all I wanted to do was
spurting my young sperm into her hairy pussy?

It was already late when she returned from work and I waited
in my white track suit with nothing underneath.
I was sitting on the sofa watching TV as she walked in.
She came over to me and as I stood she put her arms around me pulling
me close. She kissed me on the lips and pushed her pelvic area into mine.

I was already rock hard and she let out a gasp as
she said, “Darling, Your going to be my man tonight, if you want too”.
Yes, I believe I can feeeeel the answer,” as she giggled.
“I believe my young stud is ready for his mummy.

Mum took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom, and pulled the covers
down and motioned me to sit on the bed.
She said, wait there a minute. Mum then went to the bathroom and I waited.
Mum returned and looked amazzing and sexy.
She slowly started with her silky red robe as she turned in front of me, “Darling I want
my young man to see what his woman looks like.”
She then was standing there in a sheer black nighty through which I could see her
large white breasts and dark brown hard nipples.
She slowly moved the robe up to her waist as she revealed her
Dark bush of pubic hair, which was thick and curly. I had seen
bits and pieces of Mum from time to time but never this
close and never this much at a time.

I was breathing hard now as she pulled the nighty over
her head and tossed it on the floor standing there then
turning a complete circle and then walked to me and
placed a nipple in my mouth which I eagerly took and
sucked it like a baby.

“Oh, yes,” she said. “That is the way my baby.”

Both my hands were roaming all over her bare body as I
sucked Mums large tit.
Mum was now busy removing my jogging suit and as my bottoms release
my hard cock,
she took a deep breath and gasped. “Whew, it is so hard and ready for me.”
Then she moved to the middle of the bed as I moved in beside her.

She opened her legs and pushed my head down to her hairy mound.
I was not sure what I was doing but I sniffed and licked like a dog
which she responded to with moans and circular motions of her hips.
She was almost screaming and yelled out,

“Ooh God Mark lick me darling, Ooh Yes, Yes,YES LIKE THAT!”

I couldn’t believe my Mum was so damn pinbahis güvenilir mi horny and talking
dirty like this.
She then told me to come up and she took hold of my rock hard young cock
and fed it to her hairy pussy.
I felt my cock head part her wet pussy lips and I pushed my
hard cock deep into Mum’s pussy.
I was thrusting like fucking dog, deep and hard and fast.

Mum had both her hands on my arse cheeks and pulling me hard
and meeting every thrust with one of her own. My balls
were slapping against her thighs.

My hard young cock was knocking at the door of my Mother’s womb
telling the door to open and let my young sperm in just like nature wants it.

Mum was now moaning and saying, “BFuck me baby, Fuck me!
I’m ready darling!” Fuck me Mark” I’m CUMMING!!!!

With that, I trusted deep and held on tight as I pumped
my balls into my Mum”s wet love hole.
I gave a couple of extra thrusts milking the last drop into her pussy.

Mum was now shaking all over as she was in the mist of
her second orgasm thrashing around, moaning and then she
We lay there in each others arms as we slowly recovered form our orgasms.
After a few minutes,
Mum kissed me and asked, “How do you like being my new man?”

I feel good that I am now your man Mum”

Mum said, “We’re just a****ls.
Some say that some a****ls mate for life. Even those a****ls
cheat when they get the chance.
Some herds have a head male and is the only one who can mate with
the females, butt, that is not totally true as the older females
have been know to slip off into the bushes when the Alpha male is not
looking and make with one of the young males. Monkeys
are known for slipping around and it is usually one of
the older females slipping off with a young male.
People are the same way, most cheat now and then.

This is how I look at it. As long as we never tell anyone what we are
doing at home. We are not hurting anyone, my son needs me and
I am here for him.”

I think that is how we justified our relationship. We
both loved having sex together.

Mum was always there for me and I was always there to
for her, when ever we needed eachother.
She was an experienced woman with a young eager inexperienced
young male, that wanted to learn”.

My balls were always on fire and Mum put the fire out.

The real thing about this, I believe that most sons
have fantasies about their Mother’s at sometime in their
life and Mother’s about their sons.
It is only if the situation is thrust on them that they act
out as we did.
But not that it is an excuse. The sex drive is a
very powerful force, stronger in some than others I
feel certain that Mums was very high.
She loved having sex Nearly everyday, we would have some form of sex.

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