Şubat 5, 2023

A Simple Solution Ch. 03

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As I leaned against the counter she took my left nipple in her mouth and lightly kissed and then suckled it. My cock got even harder and I moaned. She then moved to the other nipple, never even touching my penis. My hips jerked involuntarily.

She stood up and looked at me. “You like that?”

“YES” was all I could gasp.

She slowly rolled both wet nipples between her thumb and forefinger as she looked at my cock. My gasping reaction and lurching hips were a direct indication of what she was doing to me. This sucking and rolling continued for over a minute as she increased her sexual attack on my nipples and I became audibly and physically more responsive, now gasping and catching my breath. My eyes were closed tight and I was grasping the edge of the counter, embarrassed in my nudity and spread legs, my erection, trying to compose myself enough to take all of her attention without moving from her grasp. I willed myself to stay under her twisting fingers and mouth but I was squirming and my cock pulsing and swinging, my knees starting to fail me. And still not a touch to my cock, making the onslaught all the more erotic.

I imagined escort what I looked like now, a total slut in my willing submission to her and no longer caring that she knows, that she controls, that I am as venerable as a husband can be with his wife. I am slipping into a state of mind that is peaceful, concentrating only on my acquiescence of control. I half open my eyes, gazed directly into her eyes and say, “Please, I need to cum, please make me eat my cum.”

She smiles and says, “In one more minute I will. Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“God yes…look at me.” I loved the word “doing to you”, she knows her control.

“I’m almost in sexual overload and I have never felt so naked.” I was now almost bucking and shaking.

“Please kiss me.”

She leans in, kissing lightly, then deeper, then with passion and tongue. I moan loudly.

She leans back but doesn’t let go of my nipples and looks me up and down, a smile on her lips.

“You are so totally mine…and now I’m going to make you cum.”

She picks up the glass in one hand and grabs my cock in the other, firmly pushing back against my body. The head escort bayan of my cock wet with pre-cum and bulging purple in her grasp. Another moan from me knowing this will not take long.

She pumped slowly, with me now wildly thrusting forward toward release.

Four more pumps and I said, “I’m going to cum.”

She positions the glass and I think I may have screamed, I know I shot one, two, three, at least four spurts into the bottom of the glass. She kept milking and then after, wiped the edge of the glass against my now ultra sensitive cock head to get the last drop or two.

“Oh my God!.” That was the extent of my commentary.

She stepped back and handed me the glass.

“This time, you get to do this all on your own, as your proof to me that you want this.”

I reached out and take the glass with a post orgasmic shaking hand. I looked at it, a fair amount of my sperm in the bottom. It was no longer sexy, it was no longer desirable, it wasn’t what I wanted to do any longer. It was sperm in a glass, and I was a guy and guys don’t drink their sperm from a glass.

“It’s important that you do this now, bayan escort not just for me, but for you. Don’t think about it, what it is or what you want or don’t want. I am asking you to do this because you need me to ask you to do this. I will not force you, but if you don’t do it now, on your own, we will never do it again.”

I poured the sperm into my mouth.

“Hold it in your mouth for a second.”

I did, looking at her, not wanting to move or to think.


I did.

She took the glass from me and put it in the sink. She handed me her martini and I took a sip.

“I’m going to need to cum tonight, and you may get a third dose if you’re up for it, but right now let’s get dinner on the table. Throw on your pants and shirt and put your socks and underwear in the laundry room.”

I did as I was told and slowly came back to reality. We had a simple dinner and continued with husband and wife chatter. I felt great knowing we were so happy together, so normal. I guess that is what marriage after all these years really means, trust, no inhibitions, sharing secrets and fantasies and love. I hugged her and kissed her neck, and felt a slight stirring in my groin, again. Would I actually be eating a third load of sperm today? I bet even my wife hasn’t ever done that!

Did I say we were so normal? You know, I bet we are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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