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A Royal Jealousy Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Hello again reader…this part of the story has a heavy theme of breast milk. This theme/fetish may not appeal to all. Thank you and enjoy! The crone does refer to Nicolette and Amadeus as children, but they are both over the age of eighteen. Thank you and enjoy! 😀


The Crone – a milk so sweet and a potion so deadly.

“I knew you would be back.” The crone said as she moved very slowly around her shack.

The little shack was very small, and Amadeus was very large. He felt very uncomfortable in the cramped space. He watched the small old woman as she moved constantly. She didn’t move fast, but it was as if she couldn’t stay still. He wondered if he made her nervous.

“I hadn’t planned on ever coming back.” Amadeus said.

“The love potion didn’t work out as you had intended. I had warned you, Amadeus. You were so young and in love. I couldn’t talk you out of it.”

“I didn’t understand the risks.” Amadeus’ voice was sad.

“She died, didn’t she?” The crone asked. She already knew the truth of it.

“She did.” He admitted softly.

“When you use a love potion, the person falls madly in love with you. You are their everything. However, if you then reject their love…well…they can die of a broken heart.”

“You never told me that last part!” Amadeus all but roared.

“It’s not for me to foretell futures! I warned you that it could have very serious risks. You would not listen to me or heed my warnings!” The Crone said back with force. Then she waved her hand. “That’s the past. What brings the handsome warrior to an old crone today?”

“I need someone to die…in their sleep if possible. A quiet death that won’t bring any suspicion.” Amadeus explained.

The crone’s wrinkled eyes rounded. “You seek a potion to murder?”

“Yes, can you help me?”

“It’s not that simple, Amadeus.” She kept moving. She circled a work bench. She looked at him and then away. “Bring in your Princess.” She finally said.

Surprise registered on his face. How could she have known Nico was with him? He had left her just a little ways back in the forest with their mounts. “How did you know?”

“I know things. I know lots of things. If you want me to help you with this deed, you and your Princess are going to have to talk to me.”

Once he went to get Nico and brought her back, they all stood in the tiny shack. Even though Nico is very small the shack felt even tighter.

“Princess Nico. It’s an honor to meet you. I would bow but I am an old crone and my knees don’t work so well anymore.”

Nico smiled beautifully. “That is quite alright. It is my pleasure to meet you.”

“So, you two wish to kill Princess Cleo.” The old crone declared.

Nico’s jaw dropped. She sputtered but couldn’t form words.

“Princess Cleo is plotting to kill Nicolette, and all over jealousy.” Amadeus explained. He felt judged by this old crone and he didn’t like it.

“Jealousy is an ugly thing.” the old woman circled closer to Nico. She examined the pretty Princess with her old knowing eyes. “You are very lovely, Nicolette. I heard tales of your beauty, but they didn’t do you justice.”

Nico blushed prettily. “Thank you, Ma’am.”

“I am no Ma’am. I am but an old witch.” she paused and looked from Nico to Amadeus. “You two are in love.” It was a statement not a question.

Amadeus nodded.

“If Cleo is consumed with jealousy…I have a potion that will work for you two. However, your love must be pure and you will have to supply ingredients.”

“Yes…yes…of course!” Nico agreed immediately. “Our love is pure. We will do anything.”

The crone smiled now, and it was the most unnerving smile Amadeus had ever seen. “What are the risks you old crone?”

“But one, my dear lad. But one.”

“Tell us true.” He demanded.

“If her jealously is not true and your love is not pure the potion won’t work. Simple.”

“Our love is pure!” Nico insisted. “But even if the potion didn’t work we would just find another way to finish her before she finishes me.”

“If it were only that simple, child.” The crone rubbed her old gnarled hands together.

“What do you mean?” Nico asked.

“You must trick Cleo into drinking the potion in the first place. If it fails she will fall violently ill immediately, but she will live. I imagine she may suspect someone tried to poison her.”

Nico looked at Amadeus and then to the old crone. “It will work. It has to work. What ingredients must we find?”

The old crone smiled slyly. “Find, my Princess? Why you don’t need to find anything. Everything I need from you two is already here so to speak.”

Nicolette looked innocent and confused, but Amadeus knew this old crone and her potions. “Just say it.” he demanded.

“I will need your milk, Amadeus.” the small old witch explained. He knew this meant his seed. He also knew this wouldn’t be the worst thing she would ask for.

“What will you need from my princess?” Amadeus asked suspiciously.

“I bursa escort will require milk of Nicolette’s teat.”

“But…I don’t…I can’t…there’s no…” Nico sputtered.

“She has ways, Nico.” Amadeus watched the tricky crone. “If you make her have milk when will it stop?”

“Ah, warrior you have grown too clever for an old crone like me. Stop? It won’t stop until she is an old woman. Murder has a price children.”

Amadeus looked to Nico. “Nicolette, this is too risky. We should leave. I made a mistake bringing you here.”

Nico seemed to think on that for a minute and then said, ” No, we need this crone’s help. Cleo’s death must look like an accident or act of the Gods. This way my King father will never suspect us.”

“If she makes your breasts fill with milk they will stay that way for many a year. They will fill with milk always, even when you don’t have a suckling babe to drain them.” Amadeus explained.

The old crone made a sound akin to chuckling. “You can suckle for her.”

Nico’s eyes shone. “I want to have milk. It’s a small price to pay.” She said boldly.

No sooner had she said the words when the old crone moved close again and opened her palm. In her gnarled old hand she held a tablet. “It tastes awful but you must chew it.”

Amadeus felt his stomach tighten. He didn’t like this one bit. He knew how tricky this old crone was. He watched horrified as Nico reached for the tablet and placed it in her mouth. The pretty princess chewed the tablet bravely, but couldn’t help but grimace at the taste.

“There, that wasn’t so bad.” She declared once she swallowed. “How long will this take?”

“Done and done, Princess.” The crone said as she waved her hand toward Nico’s teats. “Remove your top.”

“No.” Amadeus said at once.

“What’s begun has begun, love boy warrior. For this potion you must do all the steps.” The crone smiled.

Nicolette unbuttoned her blouse slowly and allowed it to slide down her arms and off her body. Amadeus looked at his beautiful Princess. Were her teats growing bigger? They certainly seemed to be.

“They tingle.” Nico explained.

“Good good.” said the crone.

Nico began to giggle. At first it was just a small giggle but soon she was giggling hard, as if she couldn’t stop. “Why can’t I stop laughing so?” She asked fitfully.

“Soon.” Said the crone.

Amadeus watched as Nico went from giggling to doubling over as if in pain. He reached for her and supported her. “What have you done?” He demanded of the crone.

“It doesn’t hurt, Amadeus.” Nico whimpered.

“Quite the opposite I might say.” Said the crone.

“I must undress!” Nico reared back and declared. No sooner had she said the words and she was pulling off all of her clothes. She didn’t calm once she stood completed bare.

“Crone! Where may I lay down?”

The crone turned and walked away from Amadeus and Nico. They had no choice but to follow. Amadeus was confused and oddly aroused despite himself. They followed the crone through a narrow door he hadn’t even noticed at the back of her shack.

It brought them into another room, but this one more spacious than the last. The room was mostly empty but for a bed, some strange contraption on the floor and a few other small items of no consequence.

Nico didn’t wait for permission, but crawled onto the bed and lay on her back. The crone moved close to the bed but didn’t touch Nico. She seemed to enjoy looking on the Princess’s naked form.

“I had beauty like this once.” she said wistfully.

“I feel…I feel…” Nico whimpered.

“It’s incredible, isn’t it child?”

“Yessssssss…” Nico moaned.

Amadeus was rock hard now. He watched Nico. He had been worried she was in pain, but it was evident now that what she felt was only pleasure.

Her breasts were growing larger and fuller by the minute. She lay on her back on the bed writhing in pleasure. He looked between her legs and saw wetness. She was clearly aroused by whatever her body was experiencing.

“Good good.” cooed the crone. “Touch yourself, Princess.”

Nico didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Her hand quickly slid between her legs and she began to rub herself there. Amadeus licked his lips. The crone turned her old eyes on him.

“Undress, warrior. You both must be exposed.”

Amadeus shed his clothes more than willingly. He licked his lips watching Nico play with herself. She was about as wet between her slender legs as he had ever seen her. Maybe even more so.

His cock stood out from his body hard and proud. The crone drifted slowly closer to him. Nico seemed too intent on her own pleasure to pay them much attention.

“I remember this cock.” the crone said softly. “So big and so strong.”

Amadeus watched with horrified fascination as the crone reached her wrinkled old hands out for his cock. He wanted to stop her from touching him, but said nothing. Her hands took hold of him, and surprised him. They felt so smooth bursa escort bayan and soft around his throbbing cock. She stroked and caressed him softly as he turned his eyes back to Nico.

Nico was clearly lost in the throes of pleasure. She moaned as she continued to masturbate herself. Amadeus felt a soft hand cup his balls. “They are so full.” whispered the crone.

“Is she going to be okay?” Amadeus asked protectively.

“Doesn’t she seem okay?” asked the crone.

“I want her.”

“You can’t have her right now, warrior. Her body is going through a change.”

The crone continued to play with his cock. It felt shameful but so good all at the same time. Amadeus remembered this mix of emotions from the last time he had come to the crone for help.

He refused to look at the old crone, but soon felt her take his cock into her wet mouth. It wasn’t at all like when Nico sucked him, but he couldn’t deny that it felt good. Her mouth was hot and wet, and she took him deep with an ease no other woman possessed.

He tried to concentrate on Nico’s body and her playing fingers. She was beyond soaked now, and he could see her wetness on her thighs. She was moaning, panting and whimpering as she continued to rub her clit.

It seemed to him that she was close to climax. The crone sucked without mercy at his cock. He knew he couldn’t cum this way. She was torturing him for her own amusement.

Nico’s moans became shrieks of pleasure. Her panting grew faster. Her body never stayed still, and sure enough soon she was screaming with her release.

The crone sucked harder, and

Amadeus felt himself nearly lose control. His balls tightened hard, and it took every ounce of his strength to keep himself from cumming in the witches mouth. When he thought he could take no more, she pulled her hot mouth off his cock. He panted hard himself.

They both watched Nico now. She lay back exhausted with her hands thrown out at both sides. Her cunt was like a river of her juices running between her legs. Amadeus licked his lips hungrily. Nico’s perfect body was flushed pink, and she was breathing hard.

After a time she slowly sat up. Amadeus’s eyes went to her breasts. They were swollen much fuller than they ever had been before. Her nipples were a deeper shade of pink, longer and puffy. They looked beautiful.

“How do you feel, Princess?” The crone asked innocently.

“That was incredible, but…”

“Yes? But?” The crone prompted.

Nico’s face turned crimson. “I need…” she hesitated. “I need to be milked now.” Even Nico seemed to be surprised by this admission.

The crone made a sound that Amadeus recognized as excitement. He looked from Nico to the crone and could see by the glint in her eyes that she was enjoying all of this perversely.

“Good, child. Good.” the crone said soothingly. “Amadeus, you will have to milk your Princess now.” The crone moved back to the side of the bed. She reached an old hand between Nico’s legs. Nico made no move to stop her. They both watched as the crone’s fingers slide between Nico’s wet slit. Nico whimpered in what sounded like mixture between pleasure and torture.

“You did good, Princess. Now come come.”

The princess moved off the bed at once as if she was no longer in control of her body. “Your body will control you more now than it ever has before. Your needs will run deeper. Once you have been milked this first time your teats will fill and leak milk freely and often. You will produce a lot of milk. Your warrior will have to learn to drink it from you, but maybe you will have to take servants to drink as well. It will be a lot of milk, Princess Nicolette.”

Amadeus felt wary again. This didn’t sound good, but when he looked at Nico he saw a serene kind of happiness on her face.

“Thank you.” She whispered to the crone softly.

The crone lead Nico to the strange apparatus on the floor. She spoke so quietly to Nico that Amadeus couldn’t hear. He stood still and watched as Nico got down on her hands and knees kind of over the unusual apparatus. As strange as this all was he couldn’t help but find it arousing.

The witch placed a loose leather strap around Nico’s neck that strapped her neck to front bars of the contraption. She had a place to rest her chin comfortably. He noticed how her tits hung heavy below her. The crones gnarled hands somehow deftly strapped Nico’s wrists and ankles to the contraption as well. If Nico minded being binded to the bars of the contraption she didn’t voice it. In fact, if anything she seemed excited.

The crone moved away to a chest that had been tucked against the wall unnoticed. She returned to Nico with two polished wood phallus and a small pot of jelly. She moved behind Nico where the Princess couldn’t see, but Amadeus could see it all very well. “What are you going to do? Why is there two?”

“It must be.” The crone said dismissively. Nico didn’t attempt to speak and seemed to just trust the crone.

The crone attached the two escort bursa phallus to a pivoting curved bar. She smeared the top one in the jelly from the pot. She raised the bar behind Nico and Amadeus could clearly see the phallus were lined up to enter Nico’s cunt and anus. He wanted to protest, but his mouth watered to see his princess stretched and filled this way. He was aroused and felt guilty.

“Don’t hurt her.” He managed as he saw the phalluses poised to penetrate.

“This won’t hurt her at all. Just watch, warrior.”

The crone brought the bar all the way up behind Nico. The big wood phalluses came to rest at Nico’s entrances. It looked to be a perfect fit. Nico whimpered, but it was with need not fear or discomfort. “Please.” She pleaded with the crone.

Amadeus was shocked by how wanton his Princess was acting, but he knew this was also the crone’s doing. With a surprisingly steady push from the crone the two phalluses began to open both of Nico’s holes and slide in simultaneously.

Amadeus watched the top one slide past the tight muscle of Nico’s anus. He groaned with need and felt his cock leak precum. He had yet to fuck Nico’s back entrance ever. Nico moaned loudly with her heady pleasure. He wished he could see her face, but he could well imagine it was an expression of pure ecstasy.

When the phalluses slid as deeply into the Princess’s openings, the Crone moved away. She looked proud of herself. She turned her rheumy old eyes on Amadeus. “It is time to milk the Princess, warrior.”

Amadeus moved close and got onto his knees. The crone placed a wooden bowl under Nico’s teats. “How do I…?” he began to ask.

“Just like a cow or a goat. Milk her.” The crone gestured flippantly with her hands.

“Milk me, Amadeus.” Nico pleaded.

Reaching below his pretty Princess he began to run his hands over her teats much like he would to a cow. He worked his hands from the top down to the nipples. The first few times nothing happened, but soon enough strong jets of milk began to spray into the bowl below.

Nico cried out it what could only be pleasure. Her cries grew higher and louder as he milked her like a cow. As he squeezed her nipples firmly and the jets of milk forcefully streamed into the bowl she began to moan more and more loudly.

Amadeus was amazed by what he was seeing. Simply milking her teats had turned her into a bitch in heat. Her body trembled. Perspiration glistened on her skin. He looked to her face, but her eyes were glazed over with pleasure. He continued to milk her, and it was clear in a short time that she was about to cum.

“Good good.” said the crone almost to herself. “The milk is better if she completes while giving it.”

It was incredible to watch, and he never took his eyes off her. As she was milked she trembled and quivered. Soon enough she was bucking hard on the contraption in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Her teats no longer needed his manipulation as they spilled strong streams of milk into the bowl. Amadeus tastes some of the milk from his wet fingers. It tasted sweet.

A soon as the orgam released her Nico’s teats stopped streaming and only dripped. Nico let out a loud sigh and then seemed to slump as if sleeping. Amadeus looked to the crone worriedly. “Is she well?”

“She needs rest, warrior. Help me unlatch her and then carry her to the bed.” It was the crone that slid the phalluses from Nico’s anus and cunt. Amadeus unlatched her neck, hands and ankles and then did as instructed and carried her to the bed. Nico was well and truly passed out and sound asleep. He placed her down gently and then turned to the crone.

“I have your word she is well?”

“She certainly seemed well to me.” The crone laughed crassly. “Her body needs a little rest.” she waved her hand dismissively again.

The old crone stooped and lifted the bowl of Nico’s sweet milk. He followed her back into the cramped adjoining room. Not asking questions now, and ignoring his own nudity he watched as she poured some of the milk into a glass jar. She then looked up at him and pushed the bowl into his hands. It still held quite a bit of Nico’s milk. “Drink.” She said.

Without hesitation, Amadeus brought the bowl to his lips and drank heartily of the milk. He hadn’t realized Nico had given so much milk. The taste was rich and sweet. Her milk was delicious. Some dribbled down his strong jaw and then he wanted to feel some on his skin so he poured a little down his chest and watched as is ran down to his stomach to his once again throbbing hard cock.

The old witch watched too. “I am glad you enjoy your Princess’s milk as there will be lots for you to enjoy.”

If there was warning in her words, Amadeus was too aroused now to hear it.

“It is time for your milking, warrior.”

“Yes, milk me.” Amadeus hardly recognized his own voice. He didn’t know what had come over him, but suddenly his release was all he could think of.

“Follow.” Instructed the crone as she went back into the more spacious room where Nico slept soundly. She was sprawled on her back now with her legs spread. Amadeus felt bad for thinking it, but he couldn’t help but think how the Princess looked like a common whore. He also couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed that.

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