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A Real Bitch

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This is my first submission to Literotica and I hope you all enjoy reading it as I did writing it. I’m looking forward to comments. I realize that in the real world Trish’s submission would have taken much longer.

There are no real animals depicted, All action is between human adults. A good friend of mine is very much into canine role playing and this story is for her.


I saw Trish coming towards me, the one thought that sprang to mind was, “What the hell is she doing here? She never does the shopping herself. Well, at least she hasn’t since she made Tom marry her.”

Trish walked up to me, the usual snide look on her pinched face, “Jess, I may have put a small scratch in your precious truck.” With that she turned on her heel and pranced away down the aisle and out the door.

I finished my shopping and went out to see what Trish considered a small scratch. Oh that fucking bitch! She had crunched in the whole side of my truck!

I have known Trish since preschool. Growing up in a small town will do that for you. Trish had been a bitch and cock tease since she was born. Getting older and getting everything she wanted didn’t make her any better. When she didn’t get her way she would pout and bat her eyes at whoever was denying her what she wanted, I do have to admit she has always been the hottest woman in town. The only woman that I have ever known that was better looking had been my wife, Caroline, but she passed away from cancer 3 years ago and I still felt that damn pain every day.

Just to preface what a bitch Trish really is, you need to know some of the back story of our town. When we were growing up, there were two ways to make money. The first were the farms that surrounded us for hundreds of miles. The second was to work at the foundry. My father and Trish’s were both foremen at the foundry. Hers was the Shift foreman and mine was the maintenance foreman, a mechanical engineer and master millwright, who couldn’t stand working in a office so he moved us here when I was two and took the job.

When we were about nine Trish set her sights on my best friend Tom, the son of the foundry owner. By the time we were eighteen, she had made her plans. She jerked Tom off onto her stomach, saved the sperm, somehow impregnated herself, then forced Tom to marry her. We all went to college, Trish and Tom to the local state college and I went off to MIT. Fifteen years later, she still hadn’t let Tom fuck her. She had him under her thumb because of their daughter, Sara and Tom’s own moral standards. “To death do you part” was something that he firmly believed in.

Tom and I had both done well. Tom expanded the family foundry and added a boutique metals plant. As for me, well when you next go out to your car, take a look at the hydrogen fuel cell. It will say Mitchell on it. I’m the guy that invented it. I own the company the produces them along with the valve that makes it all work without exploding. Tom and I have a symbiotic relationship, he makes the special metals that I need and I can’t get those metals anywhere else due to the special equipment that’s needed to produce it.

A few weeks after Trish had hit my truck Tom came into my office. He had a torn look on his face. “Jess, I have a question for you. What would you do if you found out that someone has been ripping off the country club’s charity drive for more than ten years?”

I rocked back in my chair, steepled my fingers and said, “Tom, tell me the whole story”

Tom filled me in. “I have had a few questions about where Trish has been getting her clothing. You know right after we were married, she went on a spending spree and spent over $250,000 on clothing and crap? So, I cut her off. I started giving her an allowance of $5000.00 a month. Any woman would be happy with that! Well, I found a receipt from a dress shop in Milan, Italy for $45,000.00! So, this last trip she made overseas to deliver the money we had raised, I had a P.I. follow her. It seems my wife has been taking the money and living the high life in Paris, Milan, Rome and all over Europe for the last ten years! I had him retrace her movements for all her trips. He said it wasn’t too hard since I had all her flight data, and the dates of the trips. She was slick about it, she would book her trips through the city that she wanted to visit, get off there and then catch the return flight when she was supposed to, so if anyone checked the tickets looked right.”

I was shocked! I knew that Trish was a bitch, but now she was stealing from orphaned kids all over Europe. I looked at Tom and I could tell he was devastated. I had never seen him look so down. Tom looked up at me and asked, “What do I do?”

I told Tom to go home and let me think about it for a week or so.

When Tom and I next met, it was in a private room at the country club. I had a plan, I just needed his okay to put it in motion. After hearing what I had planned, he agreed but with quite a bit of hesitation. canlı bahis He understood that it needed to be done. For his sake, I hoped that it would come off as planned.

The next weekend, Tom took Sara on their annual ski trip. They would be gone for ten days. That would be the timeline for my plan.

As soon as Tom and Sara were gone, I sent a note to Trish telling her that I needed to see her that night at 8 pm at my house.

As usual, Trish was “fashionably late” and arrived around 8:30. I let her in and asked her to have a seat in the living room. As we walked in, I hit the play button on the DVD player. I had queued up a slideshow of her antics in Europe. It included pictures and video that the P.I. had taken, gathered from security cameras and all the documents and statements he had gathered. After about five minutes or so, Trish turned to me and blurted out, “What’s the meaning of this, what do you want?”

I sat back and gestured that she should continue to watch. When the presentation was done I turned to Trish and told her that she had two choices.

The first was: I turn all the information over to the DA.

Choice number two was: if she was smart, that if she did everything I told her to do, Tom and I would make things right with the charity. I let her know she had the night to think about it. If she agreed to my terms with the second choice, she should meet me at the foundry office at 7 am the next day. If she was not there by exactly 7 am, the DA would be called and he would find her.

Day 1/10

At 6:50, I opened the gate and pulled up to the office. As I stood outside the truck and waited, I wondered what Trish would do. Tom and I had talked about her options, and to limit them, Tom had been busy the night before. He emptied her checking account, put a hold on all her credit cards and had hidden her passport before he had left town. When he called me at 10 pm he told me she had tried calling him eighteen times before she had given up. Since we had made it impossible for her to run, that left only the two options I gave her and we both guessed that she would not choose the first.

It was hard for Tom to agree to what I had planned, but he knew that if we succeeded, both his and Sara’s lives would be much better. Trish had come to despise her daughter. Sara was a bubbly, vivacious teen who was loved by everyone. Much like her father had been at that age. She gave her time to many charities, tutored other students and helped out weekly at the retirement homes in the area. Trish wanted her daughter to be a self-centered snob like herself.

At 6:59, Trish pulled into the lot in her Lexus and got out, looking at me with both fear and loathing. I told her to get in my truck. Once she was in, I took her cell phone and left it in her car. Tom had changed her voice mail message while he was doing his part of the plan, saying that she was going on a retreat and would be out of contact for about 2 weeks.

I took the fabric sack I had prepared and put it over her head. I tied her hands behind her back and headed out. I was taking us to the hunting/fishing cabin Tom and I had built about two hours away. The tinted windows in my truck made sure that no one noticed the bound and hooded woman in my truck.

Trish didn’t say a single word during the drive. When we reached the parking area, I left her in the truck while I transferred the supplies into the boat. Once that was done I unbuckled her seat belt, swung her legs out, tied her ankles together and stood her next to the truck. Taking out my knife I started with her skirt, cutting it away from her body. Trish had dressed as she usually did, in a knee length skirt, that day it was navy blue, a frilly blouse in white with a short blue jacket. I proceeded to cut it all away until I got to her matching bra, high cut panties and thigh high stockings. I stepped back and could tell that Trish was making use of the workout room at the club. Even at 33 she was still in great shape with firm, thighs, calves, and a tight ass. Her arms were shapely without being muscular and her neck was long and thin. As I cut away her lace bra, her 36 C’s dropped only slightly, her nipples hardened as the air hit them. I couldn’t resist and took her left nipple between my finger and thumb and gave it a good squeeze and a slight twist. Trish gasped a little and cried out in pain.

After I cut away her panties, I gathered her clothes and set them in a pile. I removed her hood and then splashed some lighter fluid on the clothes. As I dropped a lit match, I wasn’t watching the fire, I was watching her reaction. A sharp intake of breath, her mouth forming a perfect “O” and she dropped her eyes to the ground.

Once the fire had burned down, I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her to the small boat that we kept on shore to get to our island retreat. I dropped her into the bottom of the boat and replaced her hood for the trip.

On the island dock, I lifted and bahis siteleri tied her hands to a post above her head and left her there while I transferred my supplies to the cabin. I made a quick lunch and sat in the sun sipping a beer and eating while I watched Trish twist, just the tips of her toes touching the dock.

After about an hour I went to her and placed my hand on her firm ass while I asked her if she was hungry or thirsty. She mumbled from under the hood that yes, she could use a drink. I slapped her ass and told her to ask nicely. With ice in her tone she asked, “May I please have a drink?” I slapped her ass harder, leaving a print of my hand in pink, and told her to ask nicer. I could tell she was biting back a retort as she said, “May I please have a drink, sir?” I quickly looped a rope around her ankles, and retied her hands behind her back. I threaded the rope from her feet to a pulley on the post and hauled her upside down. Swung the hoist frame out over the water, (it’s a contraption we used to unload boats) I removed the hood and lowered her down slowly, sinking her head in the water. I pulled her up and she was sputtering and coughing. I asked, “Are you still thirsty?” Her long red hair was sticking to her face as she shook her head no. I said, “I can’t hear you.” She coughed once more and said “No, I’m not thirsty sir”

As I swung her back over the dock, I let go of the rope and dumped her on the wood planks. I grabbed the rope at her ankles and dragged her along the dock and up the path to the cabin. I dropped the rope at the edge of the deck before I went up the stairs and inside, leaving her lieing in the dirt.

After getting another beer, I went out and sat on the step by her head. She had rolled over a few times, off the path and into some mud. Her red hair was now dirty and full of twigs. There were scrapes and dirt all over her, with a small cut on her right breast that was oozing blood. I told her to look at me. Once I had her attention I explained her circumstances, “Trish we are on 500 secluded acres on an island in the middle of a old mine pit. The water is 37 degrees and over 100 feet deep. There’s only one way off and that’s in the small row boat locked to the dock, no phone, no radio.”

“Do you understand?” I asked.

Trish replied, “Yes Sir, what are you going to do with me?”

I said, “Trish you are here first, to pay for your crimes, second to learn some manners and third to learn respect for others.”

With that, I untied her hands and went back in the cabin. I shut and locked the door. I have to admit that I slept well that night, except for the whimpering and crying from the animal outside.

Day 2/10

In the morning, I opened the door to find Trish curled up on the porch under a scrap of tarp from the woodpile. I kicked her and told her to get up and follow me. She got to her feet, stiff and cold. I walked down to the lake and told her to jump in. She saw the stern look on my face, hesitated and then jumped in. As she came sputtering to the surface, I grabbed her arms and pulled her from the water. Standing her up, I took a bar of soap and scrubbed her roughly. I made sure to get her ass and cunt very clean and then pushed her off the dock to rinse off. When she surfaced I told her to climb out and get her ass inside. Once in the cabin, I showed her to her room, a six foot long by four foot wide by three foot tall dog kennel. I ushered her in and once the door was locked shut I retrieved her bowls from the kitchen. One for water and the other with some dry health nut food. It had nuts and granola, with dried fruit and according to the bag it came in, it had everything a human needed to survive. There were also a few extra ingredients I had added. I looked her in the eye and told her that she was not allowed to use her hands and must eat like the bitch she was. Turning away I saw the look of hatred she gave to my back. I had to chuckle at that as I walked away. I made up some bacon and eggs, with coffee, OJ and toast. I took my breakfast and sat at the table well with in Trish’s view and slowly ate, watching my pet eat her crunchies and drink from her bowl.

Once I ate and cleaned up, I took the boat back to the truck and called Tom. His voice was worried and he wanted to know how things were going, I gave him a update on what had happened so far and went over what I had planned next.

When I got back to the cabin I refilled her bowl with water and left her again to go fishing. At lunch time I returned and gave her more food and water. Trish asked, “Please sir I have to pee, may I use the bathroom?” I told her that yes she could relieve herself. I grabbed a leash and collar and opened her kennel. I put the collar around her throat clipping the leash to it and led her outside. Once there she looked at me, I said, “Go ahead bitch do your business.”

She said, “Here? Outside?” I said, “Yes here! Hurry up you are wasting my time!”

After a few moments she squatted bahis şirketleri down and let her urine go. It splashed all over her feet. It was very strong as she hadn’t relieved herself since the morning before. I decided at this point that I didn’t care for the fur on her pussy and told her to follow me. Tugging on her leash, I led her to the wood shed where I hooked her leash to a hook on the wall and left to get a few things. Coming back, I held a straight razor, soap and a shaving brush. First I grabbed the hose and sprayed down her puss. Then, I worked up lather and used the brush to soap up her filthy cunt. I warned her to be still as I shaved her clean, using my fingers to spread her virgin lips and get all around her hole. Once her cunt was done, I flipped her over and repeated the process on her ass. According to Tom, he had never known her to trim the damn thing and all her bathing suits had a very full crotch to keep all the hair contained.

I pulled her by the leash down to the lake for her to jump in and rinse off. Once she was back out of the water I told her to lie on her back and spread her legs. When she didn’t open them wide enough, I kicked them further apart. Squatting down I peered at her cunt, making sure that I had gotten all the hair, then I told her to pull her lips apart so I could see inside. Seeing that it was all clean, then I had her turn over and spread her ass for inspection. Her rosebud had a slight brown tint to it, I had planned for that as well. I hooked her leash to the dock cleat and went back to the cabin to retrieve a skin bleaching kit. When I got back, I was amazed that she was still on her knees, tits pressed to the rough dock boards. Her ass still spread in the position I had left her in. I applied the bleach to her asshole, following the directions on the box. Letting it stay on for five minutes and then I told her to get in and rise off again.

Back in the cabin I showed her where the supplies were on a shelf by her kennel. I informed her that from now on it was her duty to keep herself shaved and to use the bleach until I told her to stop. She would be inspected every day, and then I locked her back into her kennel and went off to take a nap.

Fully rested, I decided that my pet needed some exercise and hooked the leash to her collar. I led her to the path that goes around the island and started out at a brisk jog. I jerked her leash when she didn’t start moving fast enough. Her head snapped and she almost fell but kept her balance and ran after me. The island is not very big, approximately a half mile around. We did ten laps. The path wasn’t smooth or even with lots of sticks and roots. Trish stubbed her toes, cut her feet and fell several times. Each time she fell I pulled her up by the arm and in the end, I ran behind her, slapping her ass with the leash if she slowed down.

She was filthy again and after I unclipped her leash, I handed her the soap and told her she had ten minutes to go get cleaned up and get back inside. When she came in I told her to show me how good of a job she had done, I inspected every inch of her and sent her to her kennel. I refilled her bowls but didn’t lock the door. I wanted to see if she would misbehave. I made my dinner, fresh trout I had caught and roasted red potatoes. Once again I ate in front of her while I watched her eat from her bowls.

I was waiting for the byproduct of the food I was feeding her to kick in. according to the directions on the box, the laxative should start working anytime now. Between that and all the fiber, the next step of the plan should go perfectly.

About 12:30 am, I could hear her start whining and moaning. I went out to check on her and she was doubled over. Seeing the light come on, she begged me to let her use the bathroom. I told her to get her leash and clip it on, which she did in a flash. I led her outside again and told her to go ahead, she didn’t even hesitate, she just squatted down and shit and shit and shit.

Step one of the plan was completed. she had turned into a real bitch her inhibitions were gone at least as far as being naked, being inspected and relieving herself were concerned, just like a pet dog!

Day 3/10

The next morning I told her to go do her business, wash up and be back in her kennel in 30 minutes, she did it in 25.

Once we had both eaten it was time for Trish to learn her daily duties, I had her sit at my feet. First up was to teach her the proper way to sit in front of a master or mistress. When she sat on her knees her legs were together, her shoulders hunched forward her hands clasped in front of her belly.

My first order was for her to sit up, shoulders back chest out, next was to keep her knees at least 12 inches apart and her hands on the outside of her thighs.

Next up were her duties, in the morning she would first relieve herself, then shave and bleach followed by a complete wash. Then she should brush out her hair, then I told her that she would make breakfast and we would eat together. I had put out another bowl for her water in the kitchen so she had one in her kennel and one in the eating area, her crunchy bowl had been moved to the kitchen.

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