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A quick tune up Part 6

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A quick tune up Part 6
Over the last year Mike and Ernie had slowly drifted apart as friends, my private times with Ernie had also stopped. It had probably been 6 months since either of us had even talked to him when Mike ran into him at the parts store. That’s when we found out Ernie was getting deployed for 6 months and he was having a going away pool party this weekend and wanted us to come over.

The party went well, other than Mike fussing over my bikini, apparently it showed too much. It was good to see all the guys again and from the looks they gave me they were happy to see me.

A few days later, after mike left for work Ernie called. He made several comments on how nice I looked this weekend. He sounded a little frantic but I didn’t think much about it. He wanted to hang out one last time before his deployment. I told him we would love too and offered to fix him dinner tonight around 7 when Mike got home. He said “yea that will be ok I guess” he sounded almost upset about it. It was odd that he went from wanting to hang out to not caring about it.

An hour later thinking about it, I realized what he had wanted. My body quivered thinking about him fucking me one last time before he left. This was different, every other time Ernie fucked my brains out Mike was out of town. I put the thought out of my head. As the morning went on I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock inside me. I quickly figured out a timeline that would work, if we were done by noon I would have time to clean up, wash the sheets and recompose myself long before Mike got home. I was nervous Mike would come home for lunch, so I gave him a call seeing what his plans were… whew he had important meetings from 1100 to 300, I let out a sigh and told him how sad I was sad we couldn’t have lunch. My heart skipped a beat, could I really do this…

I sent Ernie a text letting him know I was free for lunch. As expected, he responded “great I will pick you up around 1100”. Again, my body trembled, could I go through with this, also how could I not. He was getting sent away to protect our country, it was the least I could do. Plus, his cock, Oh my god his cock. I kaçak iddaa could feel my pussy getting wet thinking about it inside me.

I took a quick shower, wrapped myself in a towel and sat on the couch waiting for him. After about 20 mins there was a knock on the door. Standing up I adjusted the towel to show plenty of cleavage and flipped my hair around as I walked to the door. Opening the door, I acted surprised “Hey Ernie! I must have lost track of time; I didn’t expect you already. I just got out of the shower”. Inviting him we made idle chit chat, as we talked the towel slipped down nearly exposing my nipples. Before going to the bedroom to get dressed I pulled the towel up high enough to show my ass. Walking away I made sure made sure he had a good view of my butt.

I continued to talk to him through the door as I pretended to get dressed. I never intended to put any clothes on… It wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door asking if I was ok. Throwing the door open I gave him an eye full of view. Playfully I asked, “Does everything look ok?” He didn’t say anything just smiled. Leading him into the room I closed the door and knelt in front of him and started to listen his pants. By the time his cock was free, it was rock hard. I had forgotten how truly big he was, it was massive. Putting both hands around it I started to stoke him. It wasn’t long before he put his hand on my head trying to get me to suck him. Resisting I kept stoking him, his moaning got stronger. It wasn’t long before he took his cock in his hand and guided my head to the tip of his dick. Looking up at him I opened my mouth and took his tip inside, his entire body trembled. His dick barely fit into my mouth; I could easily take Mike’s entire dick. I nearly gagged anytime I tried to take all of Ernie in my mouth. My focus was on the tip he loved how my tongue felt circling the tip. After about 10 mins or sucking I needed to feel him inside me, my pussy was dripping.

Standing up I turned around and leaded over the bed, my ass turned towards him. He move behind me and grabbed my hips, I braced myself ready for him drive his hard cock into my wet perabet güvenilir mi pussy. Instead of fucking my brains out he picked me up, flipped me onto my back. Pushing my legs apart, I gasped as I felt his tongue on my clit. He loved to eat me out, he was also very good at it so I didn’t mind. The more he licked the more I needed his cock inside me. He ignored my begging for his cock and kept licking. It wasn’t long before my body was starting to tremble his tongue working my clit was getting to be too much. Now the only thing I could think about was reaching an orgasm. “yes, I’m so close keep going” I put both hands on his head guiding him. “That’s it, YES! I’m gonna” My entire body trembled as I orgasmed, he tried to keep licking but I pushed him away. His tongue was too much.

As I recovered, I opened my eyes and saw him standing there with a big smile proud of what he had done. He was also stroking his cock, even with his big hands his cock looked huge. I couldn’t wait to get him inside me. Rolling over onto my hands and knees I looked back him giving him my best Fuck me look. Fingering my clit, he moved in behind me, he took over rubbing his huge cock up and down my slit. I tried to push back onto his dick, but he didn’t let me, rubbing his cock up and down my slit. It seemed like forever with him teasing me, he knew what I needed but wouldn’t give it to me. “Fuck me” I screamed. He laughed and drove his cock balls deep into me. Gasping I yelled “OH MY GOD”. I expected him to start slow and build up speed like before. This time went hard, deep and fast from the start. It felt so good. His rhythm was fast but perfect, our bodies were moving together. As he pushed into me, I was pushing back on him. He was going so deep, feeling the full length of his cock sliding in and out of me was so amazing. Another orgasm was building up deep inside. “keep going, that’s it give it to me” His hands were on my hips giving him extra leverage to pound me. “YES! YES”, “I need you to cum inside me”. A few more thrusts and my pussy was contracting around his cock wanting to drain him of his precious cum. He kept pumping perabet giriş away as I screamed with pleasure. My orgasm was so strong I completely lost control and collapsed on the bed.

I must have passed out from his cock fucking me so hard. Waking up I was laying on my stomach with him on my back slowly pumping his cock in and out of my pussy. I couldn’t stop smiling that orgasm was so strong. Looking back at him “Did you cum?” I felt bad not knowing but I had completely lost control of everything. He whispered “not yet” still fucking me from behind. Totally exhausted I new it was up to me to get him off. I said “Roll over on your back”, then straddled him positioning myself over his dick. Lowering myself onto him I told him I wanted to make his cock explode inside me. Putting my hands on his chest I braced myself as I bounced up and down on his cock. He was so strong I loved how muscular he was, cowgirl gave me a great view. Ernie giving it to me hard and rough doggie style felt so good but I love the control over him I had riding him. Watching his face, I squeezed my pussy around his cock and slowly bounced on his cock. He fondled my boobs as I rode his cock. I studied how small adjustments made him feel, leaning backwards or forwards. how deep to go and how far to pull back. Once I had the perfect motion for him figured out, I focused on how each ridge and the tip of dick felt stretching and pressing on my pussy. He had so many veins on his cock it was almost too much for me. It was so hard to stay focused on his pleasure, he needed to cum so badly. As I rode him faster his moans got louder and I could feel his cock swelling more. He was getting close “do you like that? I want to feel you explode inside me”, he never responded other than moans. “Give it me” I knew it was only a matter of time before he filled me up with hot load. He was so close.

“What was that?” I screamed to Ernie thinking I had heard something. He whispered “it’s nothing” as he put one on my back pulling me down and driving his cock deep inside me. He moved his other arm on my shoulders pulling my face down onto his chest. Confused I tried to struggle but he is to strong and wouldn’t let me move. “what are you doing?”, “let me up”, “this isn’t funny Ernie”. Then I felt two hands grab my ass and squeeze. I screamed “MIKE! I can explain, baby it’s not what you think…” I knew his touch all too well.

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