Temmuz 12, 2024

A Perverted Gift from Her

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I’ve been working myself up into quite a state lately.

Everything, every object, even every circumstance seems to suggest something lusty, something maybe even lewd, but always something sexy. You are the primary subject of these recent random and naughty thoughts.

I’m starting to pace nervously, at work and at home.

I’m muttering under my breath little sluttish asides at odd moments, when my mind wanders back towards certain images of you that arouse me, get me excited, make me horny! I dreamed the naughtiest dreams of you last night and woke up today with a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin on my face, that I’m having trouble suppressing now even during the most serious encounters at the office. I’ll need to take matters in hand pretty soon, if I hope to accomplish anything productive at work or at home.

I’m reminded of those panties you sent me, and how you seemed so eager for me to have them. I was at first incredulous when you slyly implied that I might want them after we had ‘cybered’ for the first time soon after meeting On Line. I was very surprised, and I still remember the conversation with a gleam in my eye:

[Mmmm……… that was sure good!]

[Did you actually cum?]

[Yes, of course! It was great!]

[Have you done this before?]

[Why do you ask?]

[You don’t have to tell me. It’s really none of my business. I’m just curious.]

[I don’t mind telling you at all, so long as you’re sure it won’t upset you.]

[That sort of answers the question, doesn’t it? How many times?]

[Well, now we are getting a bit nosey, aren’t we?]

[No, really, I’m okay with it. I didn’t meant to come off that way. You can tell me.]

[I don’t want to tell you if it will upset you. But I will tell you if you want to know.]

[I do want to know, and I promise not to freak out.]

[Then say please.]

[What? Why?]

[You’ll have to convince me you really want this, or I’ll worry about what you think.]

[Okay, I really want to know. Please tell me, have you ‘cybered’ a lot?]

[Where are your hands right now?]


[You heard me. Are you touching yourself? Is your cock hard?]

[You really enjoy tormenting me don’t you?]

[I do enjoy playing with guys’ minds sometimes, yes. I like having that ability.]


[So many questions. You haven’t answered me. Are you stroking your cock?]

[If I say yes, will you tell me everything I want to know?]

[As long as it only concerns sex, yes. But on one condition.]

[What’s the condition?]

[You have to promise not to cum until I give you permission. Agreed?]

[If you say so, okay. What will that do for you?]

[I like having control sometimes, and just knowing that I can turn a guy on to the point where he’ll do some things he might not otherwise do is an added thrill.]

[Okay, just don’t ask me to do anything too weird.]

[Whatever that means. What are you not willing to do?]

[I’m not gonna go streaking down the street nekkid for Ya. Okay?]

[Okay, we won’t have you do that….. yet! tee, hee!]

[Then I’ll do what you ask. Now tell me if you ‘cyber’ very much.]

[Tell me if you’re playing with your cock first.]

[Yes. Now I am.]

[Then keep stroking it for me and listen. Here goes. I’ve ‘cybered’ maybe a dozen times, and I’ve had phone sex with others maybe half that amount. I always cum.]

[You’ve anticipated my next question. I was going to ask if it really turns you on.]

[What turns me on most is knowing the effect I’m having on someone else.]

[Well, right now you’re making bursa escort me curious and excited. How’s that?]

[That’s good. And knowing it is making me moist between my legs.]

[Do you mean it?]

[Yes, I most definitely mean it. I’m really getting wet just thinking about what you’re doing with your dick right now, and what I want you to do for me later.]

[And what might that be?]

[You said “anything” — right?]

[If you’re really getting turned on thinking about it, yes.]

[Believe me, I am. Want me to prove it to you?]


[All right. That ties right into what I’m going to ask of you.]

[Okay, and that would be?]

[I want you to cum for me…. but not right now.]

[Hmmm… Why not right now?]

[Most guys would gladly do it for me anytime. I want something special from you.]

[And that is?]

[I want you to wait until just the right time.]

[When would that be?]

[After I prove to you how wet you’re making me by letting me ‘push your envelope’]

[You’re being such a tease. What do you mean?]

[I’m going to send you my panties…. my very wet panties!]

[You’re kidding me, aren’t you?]

[Absolutely not. I’ll send them today, and I want you to wait until you get them.]

[Oh, Jeeez, you’re driving me nuts.]

[I certainly hope so.]

[You aren’t just a tease. You’re a wicked tease, You know that?]

[That’s what I like about me. I’m a naughty, wicked tease. Will you do it?]

[If you say ‘please’]

[Now who’s being a tease? Okay, ‘please’ don’t cum until you get them in the mail.]

[All right. I promise. Anything else?]

[Yes, I want you to smell them and taste them, to prove how wet I am right now.]

[Will that turn you on?]

[Oh, Yes; Greatly. Especially if you’ll wait and cum in them afterwards.]

[Damn, you are so naughty. You really get off on this kind of stuff, don’t you?]

[If you only knew how excited I am just thinking about it right now.]

[Really? Getting even more turned on, are we?]

[Getting wetter by the moment. So, you’ll let me cum in my panties first?]

[If you say so, Yes.]

[And you’ll wait to cum yourself until after you’ve received them?]

[As hard as that will be, Yes.]

[Excellent. I like getting you so horny that you’ll do whatever I ask.]

[Can you send them by ‘overnight mail’?]

[Ha! You’re so adorable. I think I might learn to love you.]

[You’ve got me so worked up, now I’m not so sure how long I can wait.]

[You say all the right things. I’ll have them personally delivered by UPS.]

[That won’t be necessary. The mailbox is fine.]

[No, it isn’t. I want you to have to sign for them. I might even list the contents.]

[Don’t you dare!]

[Okay, I won’t try to embarrass you just yet. Maybe later for that.]

[Whatever. You are one kinky woman, that’s for sure.]

[And you love it. So, we’re agreed? I’m going to cum in these panties, probably at least two or three times, and you’re going to hold off until you get them. Then you’re going to inhale their fragrance, and rub them on your face while you stroke your hard cock, then deliver up a big load for me, right into the crotch. Got it?]

[Whatever you say, Woman. Whatever you say.]

[Good. Now you can go back to stroking your bone, but don’t you dare cum.]

[That’ll be torture.]

[Indeed it will be. But good things are worth waiting for, don’t you think?]

[I guess so, but this was very unexpected. You’ve made me very horny.]

[That’s a turn on for me, Lover. I like bursa escort bayan to think about you waiting for the present I’m going to make for you right now. I’ll picture you stroking your hard cock and bringing yourself almost, but not quite, to the point no return. That really gets me hot!]

[Okay. It’s a done deal then. What should I think about when I’m stroking off into your undies?]

[Whatever turns you on, Babe.]

[Anything? You want me to think about you, don’t you?]

[Anything that turns you on is fine, and it doesn’t have to necessarily be about me at all. I want to learn more about You, so just spunk up my panties and send them back to me. Promise you’ll do this for me and tell me about it afterwards.]

[You are unbelievable.]

[You don’t know the half of it.]

I spent the rest of that day imagining how you were bringing yourself off, getting your panties good and wet with your womanly scent. I got so horny I seriously thought of breaking my vow, and jerking off to orgasm, but something made me want to hold off until your moist present came. The package arrived by parcel post the next morning, and the delivery person (a woman) seemed to smirk while I fumbled for a pen. Thankfully, there were no outward signs of the parcel’s contents. I was on my way to the office when it arrived, so I threw the package into the front seat of the car and headed to work.

Finding no one else there at the moment, I closed my office door and tore into the package. Impulsively bringing the dainty panties to my face, I shyly sniffed their fragrance. Surprisingly, they were still slightly moist. I sniffed again, less tentatively this time. I rubbed the shiny fabric with my fingers and found myself wanting to feel them against my cock, which had begun to stir, but just then I heard people coming towards the office, so I quickly stashed them in the supply closet and sat at my desk. During the day my focus kept wandering from the work I was supposed to be doing to all the racy and, for me, ‘perverted’ thoughts you had planted in my brain with your wily mind.

I found myself fantasizing what would happen if I crept over to the closet in my office again and pulled the undies out and sniffed them. I saw myself rubbing my nose in the crotch and taking your sexy scent deeply into my expanding lungs. I imagined what the silky feeling fabric must have looked like when it still covered your round ass. I saw myself sitting down on the closet floor (It’s big enough even for one person to lay down in). I imagined dangling those naughty, cum covered panties over my cock, letting them tickle my excited dick and balls. I would wrap them around my tool and use them to slowly stroke it while I fondle my nuts, rolling them around in my fingers, watching my dick grow. I imagined masturbating more vigorously, fisting my cock and gradually pumping it faster and faster, picturing how you may have made yourself cum in them the day before and, of course, eventually I would follow the irresistable urge to shoot off into those sexy panties myself, coating the crotch with my own spunky cream.

But here is what actually happened:

During the office lunch break, I entered the closet and puIled them out again. It was dark in there, which somehow made me feel secluded more than was justified by the close proximity of others who were eating at their desks. I undid the button on my slacks and unzipped my fly, then pulled my briefs and trousers down to my knees. The foreskin of my cock slid smoothly back as it quickly stood up straight. The confined atmosphere of the closet was thick with your scent and my nostrils flared when the heady escort bursa fragrance reached them. I wanted to cum so badly.

I gloved my left hand with the fabric that once covered your plush bottom, and used it to pleasure the underside of my dick, running it up and down the length of my shaft. I wrapped the panty crotch around my cock once, twice, three times and gave it a soft tug. I felt my nut sack contract when it was pulled along with the base of my now throbbing fuck stick.

I made an “O” ring with the thumb and forefinger of my right hand and began, slowly at first, applying light friction to the surface skin of my stiff rod. The tingling sensation felt so marvelous, especially combined with the fragrance of your creamy undies. The thought that I was alone in a dark closet, sniffing your panties and jerking my dick, made me feel like a perverted juvenile. But, as you had requested, I was determined to deliver up a big load for You, so I stroked myself slowly, luxuriously, and I inhaled the aroma wafting from your nasty panties until I was almost delirious with desire.

Suddenly, I heard noise outside the closet. Others were entering my office to hold an impromptu conversation about something, apparently too personal to be spoken in the common work area dedicated to the secretarial pool. I was trapped, and could only hope that the people attached to the two or three female voices I was hearing would soon leave, but my ears sure perked up when the discussion eventually turned to sex. I heard suggestive comments being made, and pictured those things in my mind while continuing to masturbate. I marveled at the frankness of the racy talk I was hearing. I was fearful of being discovered, and so I gently tucked my still turgid cock back into my pants, but there was no way I could resist the allure of your sweet scent, the naughty talk going on outside the closet, and the sexy absurdity of the circumstances. After a few more moments I went back to jacking my rod, rubbing the tip of it with the crotch of your panties.

As the talk outside the closet grew more suggestive, I felt that wonderfully irresistible sensation that starts at my cock and gradually pulses outward, radiating across my stomach and down my thighs. My increasing excitement brought me up on tiptoe and I quickened the tempo, fisting my dick with near abandon. The palm of my hand was covered by the crotch of your panties, which I used to cup the big, red, tulip head of my shaft. I was fucking my fist furiously, which made it somewhat difficult to hold onto your undies without dropping them. Instinctively, I stuffed them into my mouth and went back to stroking my dick. I’m not sure why I did that, but I’m glad I did.

The thought of what I was doing, and what you might think about it, was driving me crazy. The smutty talk I heard coming from those who had imposed themselves on my office space pushed me over the edge. I stood there and jacked off into your panties, pumping my meat into my fist and shooting ropes of white spunk into your sexy underwear. The load was so copious that some of it started to drip from your panties, so I held them up over my head and tongued the jizz from your crotch, my lips smacking quietly in the process. Fortunately, the talkers outside the closet were too absorbed in themselves to hear my furtive noises.

I stayed in the closet until the interlopers left. They were unaware of all that had transpired, but I was intent on using the episode to my own advantage again in the future, as it formed the basis for a story that I just knew would appeal to your own kinky heart and get your juices flowing. Once I tell you about what happened, as I now am, it will be your turn (and your inclination) to return tit-for-tat and do something really naughty to “up the ante.” I can hardly wait for you to read these words, and I’m dying to hear your own naughty response.

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