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A meeting in Leather – Part 5.

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A meeting in Leather – Part 5.

#English / #Engels
– a sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-4-932559

“Wow, what a night I had!”, I thought, when I woke up. I would love a few more like that one. I could recall the dreams I had one by one in my mind. Of course I looked back at them with a extreme amount of horny pleasure. Just thinking about them my almost 17 year old hand started to play with my cock. It felt like that thing had grown a few centimeters in one night! It occurred to me much later that I must have cum a few times while I slept. Because my pajama shorts were still wet from the semen.

I had slept in. this Saturday I had nothing planned. My parents and older brother would be away for at least 2 more weeks. So in this holiday period I had all the time to myself.
I cleaned up and put new sheets on the bed. And while I did, I saw the Leather Biker Jacket and pants, which reminded me that I had to come up with a good excuse for my parents. I decided I would tell them that I had bought it all from my own savings. Because I supposedly would like a new look. And that from then on I would buy all my own clothes. Normally my Mother did that. I was always ashamed when I had to go clothes shopping with her. Time to stand on my own two feet, I repeated to myself.

This was obviously the effect of the incredible sexual mind-fuck that I had received from Leather Master Mike that week. But I was extremely grateful for it. Within half a week, from whimp, to almost a real man, I thought with a growing sense of pride. Life can sometimes be weird. And at the same time, I could not avoid the thought that this must have been planned all a long. Mike and Anthony must have worked out everything in advance, and how they were going to play this horny game with me. It was time to take back control to myself again, I decided.

After breakfast I got dressed, and wanted to take a long bicycle ride this morning. Something I did more often. Not as a sport, but just to clear my head. And I really needed that now. Looking at the colder weather outside, I decided to first put together an outfit. Of course I could not go outside now in my normal clothes, I thought. I now had an ‘image’ to keep up. That’s why I went to my brother’s room to look for a cool denim shirt. My brother, after having been enlisted, kept a much bolder look. I found the desired faded black denim shirt, with short-cut sleeves, at the top of his wardrobe, hidden under a pile of other stuff. I first removed that pile and saw an old shoe box behind it. I had never seen that before. “So here you keep your secrets, Dave?”. I picked up the shirt and the big shoe box. There must have been tall boots in it at one time, but I could not remember that I had ever seen Dave wearing boots.

I put the box on my brother’s bed and opened it. And it was full of Leather sex toys. As well as a whole collection of Gay porn. “So this is where you have your sex knowledge from, you horny gay!”, I laughed loudly. My hands went through the box without taking the stuff from their place. Of course, I did not want Dave to see that I had discovered his secrets. But I was glad that, at the very least, he had the same kind of feelings as I did.

Because of those feelings, I thought back to the night before. I had played with myself, on Dave’s bed, my own brother! Watching gay porn, on his TV! Of course, the now 21-year-old ex-marine, must have done exactly the same, I realized. Dave had told me a lot about sex and I had often wondered where he had gotten all that knowledge from. Because he did not have a girlfriend. And he absolutely did not come across as a gay person either. I decided that I would confront him about it at some point, in the hope that this would lead to a closer relationship with my brother. Yes, maybe even sex. He could still teach me a lot, I suspected. Or … Wait a minute … Maybe now I can teach him a thing or two myself. I now have enough leather of my own! I laughed hard at that taboo thought.

I picked up the VHS tape with the Label “To the Sex Farm” and put it in the recorder. It started as a kind of advertising film. A commercial for recruiting new members of this private Leather bar and sex club. In this commercial I saw tough men and young guys clad in Leather and Jeans pass by. Who all had the same access card as I had found in my Leather Biker Jacket. They entered an abandoned farm one by one via a security door. From the outside it was nothing special. A broken down and partly collapsed farm, with a large mansion with boarded-up windows. Fully overgrown with wild trees and shrubs. It had clearly not been in use for decades. At least, not as a farm. Because the images inside were completely different. A complete club was built in it. And the rooms in the mansion were decorated as sex chambers. Where men and boys were playing with each other. From soft vanilla sex to extremely hard kinky Leather bondage.

Suddenly I saw a scene in which master Mike brought a tied and blindfolded dude, of my age, to the sex club. The voice over on the video said, “Bring your own toys or use the existing stuff in the club. Use the ever-present sex slaves, as you want, just come for a drink, or fuck one of your other club brothers.” In the video, Mike now keyed in his code on the door code lock and dragged the unwilling boy inside. Inside he was greeted by the already present Leather men, and a sea of ??stiff cocks. And the boy was rudely stripped of his clothes. He was touched, pinched and inspected by the other men.

My cock stiffened as I watched the images with rising astonishment and horniness. I could not keep my eyes off the screen.

One of the last images of this hot scene showed how Mike pushed the boy on a mattress. He tied him to it with leather straps that spread his legs apart. The voice-over said, “So, this one is ready for use, when are you coming over to fill this hole?” The video showed a close-up of Mike’s güvenilir bahis siteleri nicely shaped cock head that was about to fill this virgin pink butt hole. It was followed by still more footage of the various sex rooms and the dungeon.

There was also a corridor with rooms with holes in the walls. On one side Men stood with their dicks through the holes, and on the other side they where eagerly sucked off.
“Wow, that’s what I want!”, was my thought spontaneously. The video showed how these men were sucked dry. Or how they anonymously stuck their cocks in the willingly waiting butt holes. If a hole was empty, soon others would put their cock through it. The cabins all had TV-screens. Thereupon all kinds of hard porn was shown. The voice-over told “Of course you can also use our Dungeon, or if you prefer anonymous sex, come and have your cock sucked dry in our horny Glory hole cruiser area.”

I felt an ejaculation coming up. Man, that area got me excited as hell. “This is what I want, and I want it now. I want to suck anonymous Leather cock.” I sighed, while I had to squeeze my dick hard to not shoot a load straight away.
“So, those are called Glory holes, learned something new today!”, I thought. “Looks like something I must definitely try sometime.”

I secretly put on my brother’s shirt. He would kill me if he knew that I did. But I did not care anymore. I put on a pair of jeans over the tight Leather shorts with a front-to-back zipper. Wore the bracelet and the Dog-tag chain. And to complete the look I put on the damned tough looking black Leather biker jacket and got on my bicycle. The ride was not planned, but I decided to go to that so-called sex farm. Not to go inside of course, but just to first check it out and to see how far away it was. I did not yet have the courage to go have sex in a club with strangers. I was perhaps even a little too young for that anyway. And yet, I had already had sex a few times now. So what is holding me back, I thought. That voice in my head was resolute, “What is holding you back is your own safety, you want more control over the situation, and you never know what is going to happen. Play it Safe!”. Well, there I had a point of course. But now that I’ve started with Gay sex I of course did not want it to stop. It was too fucking nice for that. “First, secretly go take a long look, and cycle past it to explore the area.” I decided.

It was a long way outside the village. Through the open fields and along deserted roads. But it was nice and cool weather for this bike ride.
In the distance I soon recognized the dilapidated farm from the video. There was no one on these roads to be seen. It was farming land and the road the club was on was clearly no more than a badly maintained and little used path. I hit the road and began to slow down. So I could keep an eye on the surroundings and see if there was anyone at that club at this time.

There was not much to be seen from the road. But you could see the tire tracks where the cars and motorcycles had been driving passed. That track led to the large second barn with the dilapidated roof. Apparently there was a parking area inside it, out of sight from the street. Because of the many trees and shrubs around the yard, the view from the road was minimal anyway. I saw that the windows of the manor house where indeed boarded up. But that there were still several ways to be able to climb in from outside.

That discovery made me decide immediately to take a closer look. And hid my bike in the bushes near the manor house. Once in the yard I walked past the back to the barn that was used as a parking space. That side of the club had a few places to sit outside. There were several Slings and other sex devices on the edge of a large terrace with garden tables. Metal rings were attached to the tables at various locations. I could see the parking lot through an opening in the wall of the barn. Apparently nobody was inside at that moment. At least there were no cars or motorbikes. That was quite a relief to me. This way I could sniff around even further in peace. On the other side of the barn I could see the door with code lock that had been shown earlier on the video. But above it was a security camera. So I did not dare to go in that way. I was not officially invited yet. So I could not use the access code I had.

Thinking back to the words from Mike’s video message; “So Robby, do you think you can just walk in anywhere now. You dare to do a lot more than you credit yourself for.” I decided to let myself in the club unofficially. To be able to take a sneaky quiet look around first. I carefully climbed into the manor house through a window.

I was amazed at what I saw inside. The sex rooms were furnished with sex furniture that I had never seen before. From very chic and well maintained to very dirty and dingy looking rooms. Something for everyone, I thought. There were also rooms that were furnished as a living room with bars and large TVs, to hang out with each other. It was clear that the club was run properly. Everything that had to be clean was, and it looked well maintained.

Through the hallway with the Gloryhole cabins I walked into the big nightclub barn area. There were several places to sit, there was a dance floor and a stage. On the stage were various sex furniture items and a few cages for dancers. On a mezzanine under the roof of the barn were a few private rooms and offices with red velvet curtains. The whole club was painted black and the benches and other furniture were all clad in leather. This fitted exactly with the image I had of a Gay Leather Bar and Sex Club. And I felt really at ease there. Strange, because I should not be here, and bars or clubs in general were not really my thing anyway.

Walking back to the open window in the manor house I passed a room where a boy was tied to a leather-covered mattress. I looked inside and he looked at me in surprise. This beautiful perabet giriş brown Antillean boy was wearing a leather vest and full body harness. His crotch was covered with a leather jock strap with pouch, but his dick and balls were so big that they stuck half outside. It was a real horny sight. I stood looking at him from the doorway.

“May I have some water master, please”, he asked kindly. He looked in the direction of a sideboard with some dildos, condoms and other attributes. There were also some bottled drinks. “I am not yet a master, so just call me Robby”. I stepped further into the room and grabbed a bottle of water. I knelt beside his head on the mattress, and loosened one of his hands from the chains he was fastened with to the mattress. He said that he had been tied up as punishment by master André, because he had been so naughty the night before. And that they had just left him here.

I gave him the bottle and let my hand go over his Leather Biker vest. He took a few gulps and I rubbed his chest playfully. My cold fingers circled around one of his nipples, which became hard. His cock started to prance as well. He nearly choked at that touch. Smiling, I looked at him and let my hand descend to the cock head that had made itself free from the leather pouch. My fingers turned around that beautifully shaped thing. And he used his free hand to touch my crotch.

We looked each other deep in the eyes and I leaned forward to give him a wet kiss on his thick full lips. Then I licked over his chin, his nipples and chest. Slowly I went further down. Until my tongue hit his dick head. There the first thick drop of pre-cum quickly dripped out. Man, what did it taste nice. I wanted more. That’s why I opened one of the push buttons on the Leather pouch. To free more of that cock from that Leather jock strap. He moaned and started to talk dirty to me; “Yeah, Lick that big cock,… suck me,… Oh man, that is so nice … Go ahead … Do not stop … Lick that thick Leather cock.”

His hand skilfully opened my jeans and he pushed it inside to look for my dick. He looked at me in surprise when he felt that I had Leather shorts on underneath. I stopped licking his brown cock, I quickly pulled off my jeans, and opened the shorts. My half stiff dick popped out and it landed on his cheek.

He sucked it in his mouth in one smooth motion. His tongue felt great. I shouted, “Take me deep! … Suck it man … Fuck! So nice … Deeper…”. I grabbed his head and pulled it over my dick. It hit the back of his mouth. “Open your mouth further … Man, Take me deep …”. He did not need more encouragement. He opened his throat and started to make swallowing movements. So he sucked it deep inside his throat. I thought I was going to faint. How wonderful that felt. It was clear that this boy had quite some experience doing that.

In the meantime I had completely loosened the Leather pouch and a huge gigantic fat brown cock came out from underneath. This was caught in the metal cock ring of that Leather Jockstrap. I sat behind his head and bent over to be able to fuck him well in his throat. Grasped him under his neck and pulled it up a bit, so that his head tilted backwards. And gently pushed my now rock hard cock into his mouth. He sucked me and I told him to keep it well wet. My intention was clear to him. He begged me to fuck his throat deeply. So with a loud moan and a deep sigh I moved forward and launched my dick into his throat. Until my balls pressed firmly on his face. I held it there for a moment. When I pulled my cock out again, he gasped for air and swallowed some saliva. “Make sure my dick stays nice and wet, I’m going to fuck you deep in your mouth, dude.” I started pumping myself in his throat in a moderate tempo and he took me deep. He gurgled horny that he liked it and that I had to keep doing it to him. He gagged a few times and spit a big load of mucus and saliva over my dick. That only made it easier for me to fuck it in even harder and deeper in his mouth. This Antillean knew what Deep Throating was, Man, it was good!

I let go of his neck, pulled my dick back a bit, and bent completely forward to be able to suck him as well. I spit over his fat brown cock and told him how nice that device of his was. “I do not know if I will be able to get you as deep inside of me, Man. What a horse hung cock you have!”. Licked the nob with my tongue and spread his pre-cum over it with my lips. He screamed out of pure horniness. I sucked him in my mouth as deeply as I could. Where I slowly let it escape from just moments later, until only the tip of his cock head was still between my lips. Then I took it back in with a quick swallowing and sucking motion. With his 6 centimeter thickness he filled my mouth and throat completely . And after a while I had most of his 22 centimeters in my throat. We groaned and moaned loudly. He also had been continuing to suck my cock.

I thought I wanted to ask him to fuck me with that gigantic piece of meat. Very careful of course. Because I had never had such a big thing in it. After having sucked some more, I got up and asked him to lick my balls. He did so with many smacking sounds. “Suck on it, you dirty guy,” I groaned. “Take them in your mouth … Oh … Yes, Man … That’s so nice …”. As he did, I pulled out some lubricant and a condom from my Leather biker jacket. And moved forward across his face. The experience of this Antillean was clear. With my aching ass hole above his mouth, he began to lick and wet it. He spit on it and pushed his tongue in. I pushed down on him to feel that tongue deep in my ass.

I pulled the rubber over his hard brown dick in one smooth movement, and smeared a hefty load of lube on it. And massaged it over that shaft. Again we both moaned violently. The horny lust feelings now came from our toes. He let my balls pop out of his mouth. And I stood up. Turned me over and knelt over his torso. Slowly I bent over him perabet güvenilir mi to tongue him. I looked at him, and asked. “I want to be fucked by you, but very carefully, because I never had such a gigantic cock inside me.”

With a finger I pushed some lubricant into my asshole while I slid over him. I sat down on my knees and guided his dick head to my hole. It was pretty open because of the position I was in and took it slowly in me. But it soon began to hurt. I needed to let my ass get used to its size. Pulled him out very slowly and added some more lube in my ass hole and on his cock.

Pushed myself with a sigh over his cock head and he now slid through the sphincter in one go. Another pain. The boy said, “Continue to breathe… and relax… You’re doing fine,… I like you…. Your nice and horny! I’ve never had a young guy like you on my cock, …go on, man,… I want to fill your ass completely” . That incentive was enough for me and slowly started riding on his dick. Always a bit deeper and further. He started to push up inside me. That was really great. In no time at all he was completely inside me. “Ooh,… Man,… You are so big!” I moaned. “Yes, Ride that cock… Feel it? … I am fucking you deeply,… man, take it all in your ass…” he moaned. I leaned forward and unhooked his other arm and let that fat cock slide out of my ass a little too quickly. That had a loud plop noise and a big groan of mine as a result.

“What are you doing now? Why have you stopped? I want to keep fucking you some more.” he stammered. “Your tight ass feels so nice on this fuck rod of mine, Man.” I put a hand on his chest and pressed it back against the mattress. “Wait a minute, I’ll release you so you can take me from behind, I’ve always wanted to try that!” I said. “Really? You’ve never done that before? … You’re not serious about that.” I thought you had experience, you sucked and fucked so nice. “Tell me this is not true.”, he shouted surprised. “Nope, … you’re my first, and if you do it carefully, I will let you take me from behind.”

However, it seemed as if he had some trouble with that idea. So I looked at him quizzically and asked, “Do you not want me anymore?”
“Well, I want you very badly, but … but …”, he stammered frightened. “What is it?” I asked. “I have to stay tied up, by order of master André”, he murmured. “Is your Master here now? This remains our dirty little secret. if you promise to cautiously fuck me from behind, and you will not ever tell anyone that I was here today, then I will not say that I have loosened you.”
I winked secretly at him. “Okay, do it then, but I’ll warn you, once I get going it could sometimes end up very rough.” he said with a very naughty look in his brown eyes. “As long as you do not hurt me, you can do to my ass what ever you like, you sweet thing … Now get some lube, and fuck the shit out of me!”, I ordered. And sat down on the Leather mattress on all fours.

He crawled behind me and spit on my ass and rimmed me elaborately. “Man … Oh … Man … So nice … Your tongue makes me crazy! … Fuck … Fuck me … I want to feel your cock pumping in me now!”. I moaned with pleasure. “Are you sure? When I start I will not stop until I cum!” he called. I said, “In fact, you may not stop until you’ve filled that rubber inside me! Man, … Fuck,… just put that huge dick in already, dude!”

He rubbed his stiff brown dick hornily through my butt crack. I grabbed him, checked quickly to see if he was still wearing the condom, and escorted him to my yearning ass hole. He pushed his cock head inside, waited for a moment, then pushed him with a long steady push inside me all the way to his balls. “Gosh, You’re so deep in me now … I can feel it all … Man … Fuck! … Oh, slowly … Let me get used to this gigantic monster,” I groaned.

He lowered himself and tenderly kissed my sweaty neck. I turned my head and we kissed for a long time. While his huge cock was still holding steady balls-deep in my boy cunt. Slowly he started gyrating his hips and made gentile pumping movements. It really started to feel nice. Increasingly faster and harder. He softly pulled his cock all the way outside, to force him back in again. Always a bit rougher and hornier. He started to talk really dirty to me. And I was loving that. And in no time he was violently pounding my ass hard. He stretched me completely and I loved it. Loudly moaning and puffing from all that v******e in my ass, I called out that I was getting ready to cum. My ball sack pulled tight and the ass muscles squeezed hard around his dick. That was too much for even this experienced boy. And we came hard almost simultaneously. He fell over me and pinned me against the Leather Mattress, as he kept pumping slowly into me until both our orgasms had subsided.

Exhausted, he rolled off me and I leaned towards him to tongue him deeply. Puffing and groaning we lay there playing with our dicks for about ten minutes.
He said he could not remember when he had last fucked so hard. Because he was actually bottom, and normally wanted nothing more than being fucked by as many Leather men at the same time as possible.
I said, winking at him, that he should see this as a reward for his bad behavior and the severe punishment by his wicked master. “He seemed to understand exactly what I meant by that, and I tied him back to the same position I had found him in. fed him the rest of the water out of the bottle, got dressed and left. “We have to do that again sometime soon”, I called to him.

I climbed out through the window and was startled when I discovered
that there must be a few Bikers inside now. Because their motor bikes were now in the parking lot.
Quickly I took my bicycle out of the bushes and drove away anxiously.
That fear was not unfounded because just before I arrived home, I saw that master Mike was waiting for me on his motor bike. I quickly fled into the back alley. “So he knew where I lived!, Fuck!”, I thought. “Now what?”

Well, that quickly became clear. I heard his motorcycle stop in front of the house and a moment later a loud knock came from the front door. I went to the door with nodding knees. What happened then, was as great a surprise to Mike as to me.

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