Şubat 28, 2024

A Lopsided Smile

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He opened the door with a lopsided smile and warm brown eyes.

“You’re late,” he said.

“I got caught in traffic,” she said. She was unsure how to continue. He opened the door wider,

“Come inside, I wanted to warm up the room but…” he shrugged his shoulders. She laughed.

The room was primitive to say the least. They had been meeting there for 15 years in a shearers hut. Things were a little more complicated in the beginning with them being in-laws. They didn’t meet as often as they would have liked but circumstances made it difficult so they appreciated the time they spent together more. She knew in his own way he loved her and she him. He would never leave his wife. Even though she had left her husband and remarried happily he was still in her thoughts.

The quarters were very spartan. He had cleaned off a bench, the bench that they had fucked on many times. She had come on that bench and sometimes onto the floor. He was amazed and at first thought she had pissed herself but knew better now. She touched him, he was so warm and comfortable, although not the usual body type she was attracted to. Her husband, whom she loved very much, was bigger and hairier. They kissed, little butterfly kisses, not like the ones her and her husband shared. Her husband loved to taste her and plunged his tongue inside her mouth and her pussy whenever he got the chance. Her husband kissed, sucked and fucked with he same intensity.

This man always tasted so nice. Smelt comfortable. He had kissed her pussy once, years ago. It was a hot summer night, they had been swimming to cool down and her sister in law had said he should drive her home. Her husband was away and they had gone inside. He had pushed her to the bed and gone down on her but she never was comfortable about that. He did not seem to mind. She had never had an orgasm before that, the man she was married to then wasn’t interested in her pleasure. She often wondered whether her sister in law ever guessed and sometimes thought she knew but was OK with it.

He said he was very glad to see her and missed her very much. She pushed her breasts up against him as he touched them gently, caressing them through her shirt. Her nipples sprang to attention and she pressed herself against him, harder. She started to unbutton her shirt. She wanted to feel his skin against hers. Her breasts had gotten bigger in the year since he had seen her, she was a little self conscious. She wished she was younger and not on the wrong side of forty. He watched as she unbuttoned her shirt and pushed the shirt away so he could see her breasts.

“I bought a new bra, for you,” she said.

He laughed and said she didn’t need güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to as he liked her breasts out of the bra. He felt her breasts through the bra, his hands were rough and warm but she liked them like that. They made her nipples tingle when he ran his fingers over her smooth breasts. He squeezed her nipples and she thought she would die. It was like there was a switch that was attached from her nipples to her cunt. He pushed her up against the bench and put his mouth to her nipple.

She still had the pretty lace bra on but he didn’t care. He used one hand to pinch and squeeze her nipple as he nipped and bit the other one. She could feel her cunt becoming wet. He ran his tongue over the smooth curve of her breast above the bra, then kissed her neck, nipping and biting gently.

He sucked on her nipple, pulling on it with his teeth till she arched her back with pleasure. She liked that, the harder the better. Her breasts always swelled with the attentions he gave them. Sometimes she couldn’t stand the feeling it was almost painful. Her husband also loved her breasts and sometimes he touched and sucked so much they were sore. Her husband would wake at night and sometimes she would wake also to feel him suckling on her breasts, ever so gently. She would become very horny and they would fuck hard. He liked to pleasure her and loved to watch her orgasm. She wished sometimes that she would wake and find this man suckling on her breasts and he would fuck her hard too.

She unbuttoned his shirt and touched his warm skin. She loved the feel of his skin, his chest and shoulders were her favourite. Especially his shoulders, the skin was always so soft and smooth. She put her mouth to his skin and kissed it gently. He was still touching her nipples, squeezing and holding her breasts in his rough hands. She wanted him to undo her bra but as usual he was hopeless so she had to do it for him. Her breasts hung free out of the bra, she was embarrassed that they had become a little saggy but he didn’t care. He kept touching them, squeezing her nipples, getting harder each time, watching her face. His hands moved to her cunt, rubbing her clit through her matching undies. He smiled and said

“You’re wet already. Maybe you should take them off so they don’t get too wet.”

“Nice try,” she said with a smile.

She could feel the hardness of his cock on her leg, and wanted to feel the warmness in her cunt. He would slide in very easily and feel so good but she wanted this to last, not just a quick fuck. Her hand moved down and rubbed his cock through his undies, he had a wet patch and had closed his eyes as she touched him. She pulled down güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his undies and his cock sprung free, hard and hot.

He got out his camera, she wasn’t sure about that. She was very self conscious about her body. She was also worried that his wife would find the photos.

“I really want something to remember,” he said.

“What if someone …? “she questioned.

“Just touch your breasts and squeeze your nipples,” he said softly.

She ran her hands over her breasts and squeezed and pinched her nipples. Her cunt was dripping by now and she really wanted to touch herself down there as well. He moved in closer with his camera taking photos of her touching her breasts, both her hands full of breast, squeezing her nipples.

“Mmmmm,” he murmured. “Sit up on the bench and move your panties aside.”

He was starting to breathe a little harder. She moved her pretty lacy panties aside so he could see how wet and pink her cunt was. He was amazed at how engorged her cunt lips were, they were so pink and moist. He just wanted to see them wrapped around his cock. His camera was moving in closer and he thought about how she would taste, how she would enjoy his tongue plunging deep pinto her warmth. He could smell her musky scent. His wife didn’t like him to do that to her.

He imagined how she would feel with his tongue licking and flicking her clit, sucking on her clit till she came. He almost dropped the camera, his cock was starting to drip precum and he was glad he took his undies off. He didn’t want his wife, whom he loved very much, to find the stains and become suspicious. He wanted to put the camera down and touch her.

She pulled her panties off and spread her legs wide to let him see her. He was dripping precum by the bucket loads now, his balls were beginning to ache. She reached over and touched the head of his cock, rubbing the precum all around it. So smooth and slippery, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of her touching him.

“Touch yourself,” he asked softly.

She rubbed her finger over her clit using his precum, dipping her fingers into her dripping cunt to make it slippery and smooth. She gently ran her nail over her clit making her ache. She started off slowly, teasing him as he clicked with his camera, her nipples hard and her neck starting to get flushed. Precum was dripping off the end of his cock. Her wetness was spreading to the bench as she could feel her orgasm starting. Oh how he wanted to fuck her now, just as she was starting to build up to a climax. She always came longer and harder then. Her breathing was becoming heavy as her fingers dipped into her warmth. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Her clit was twitching and her orgasm was very close now. So absorbed in her own self pleasure she had forgotten about him. He had stopped taking photos and was watching her, he loved watching her when she came, it nearly sent him over the edge. So much pleasure. He wanted to see his wife do the same but she didn’t feel comfortable doing that in front of him. She was starting to grind her hips as well as rubbing her clit, she was very wet now and was dipping her other finger in her cunt and rubbing it around her nipples. He reached over and touched her nipples with his mouth and sucked on her finger and nipple. That was all it took to pusher her over the edge. He continued to suck on her nipples as she came and pushed his fingers into her sopping cunt as she orgasmed again, groaning and wrapping her legs around him.

He pushed his fingers inside her again and again, sucking and biting her nipples until he thought she would pass out. She was breathing heavily and the sheen of sweat on her chest made him want to fuck her even more.

He could wait however until she was ripe for him again. She would want him inside her soon. His balls ached and he very nearly came when she did but stopped himself. She tasted so good, he licked around her nipples and then kissed her on the mouth. She opened her mouth to take his tongue inside her mouth and she could taste herself. She reached out to take hold of his hand and put his pointer finger in her mouth, she loved how she tasted when she came. She sucked gently on his finger, rolling it around in her mouth.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold off,” he said.

Her arms were around his neck, gently running her fingers through his hair, touching his earlobe, feeling his rough unshaven face. He pulled her closer to him,

“I nearly lost it then,” he said. “You make me so horny when you come like that”.

“What happened to your photos?” she asked.

“Nearly dropped the camera,” he replied with a laugh.

They spent time touching, kissing and caressing each other, feeling each others bodies. This would probably be the last time they could get together which made it even more urgent. They both had lives and partners that they loved and did not want to ruin that or their friendship. She often worried that they would be found out and they had discussed this.

She was ready for him and wanted to feel him inside her warm cunt. However, she wanted to feel him in her mouth as well so hopped off the table, moved him so that he was resting against it and took his hard thick cock in her mouth. He was still dripping precum, she loved the salty taste of it. She licked around the head, paying attention to the underside, licking him like an ice cream, grazing her teeth gently over the head. She looked up at him, eyes closed, breathing becoming heavier, nipples erect. His balls were tightening and she though he was going to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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