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A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 29

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I hate Tuesdays. Well, I don’t really hate Tuesdays in general, just every other Tuesday morning sucked. Tuesday was our heavy cleaning day and we had to dust everything. Vivi and I traded off who had to do the library because it was so time consuming. Either of us could do the entire upstairs in the time it took to finish just the library.

I was about half way though the endless number of shelves when I heard a knock at the door. The gate buzzer hadn’t gone off, but a couple of the regular delivery guys had an access code, so I figured it was one of them, at least until I opened the door.

The breasts that greeted me were amazing. It took me a moment to drag my eyes away and I found her face was just as beautiful. The slightly amused grin told me she was used to the reaction I had, but I really couldn’t help it. She was so tall that her chest was basically at eye level for me. The man standing next to her was just as tall, and equally gorgeous. That was when I noticed the large group of people behind them, all with amused grins at my reaction.

“Umm, can I help you with something,” I finally muttered. I was a bit embarrassed, but mostly because I made a fool of myself. At least I hadn’t offended anyone with my staring.

They both looked me over, those amused grins still on their faces. “You must be Gianna. We haven’t met, but your Master has told me quite a bit about his new pets. You could invite us in and let your Master know his guests have arrived, as he should be expecting us. We won’t mention you getting lost in Scarlett’s breasts, as it happens to your Master often enough.”

Wait, did he say Scarlett? I glanced at the woman next to him and smiled weakly. The fact that she was wearing a business suit had thrown me off, but she definitely matched the descriptions, super stacked and built like one of those amazon warrior princess cartoons. If she was Scarlett, that would make him…”Julien,” I asked faintly.

“Not as scary looking as the stories,” he asked in an amused tone, “or not as impressive?”

I quickly shook my head. My sisters had mentioned he was tall, dark and extremely handsome, but they forgot to mention how young he was. He couldn’t have been much older than I was. “No, I guess I just figured you would be older. Would you like to come in before I make a bigger fool of myself?”

“The bathroom is the second door on the right if anyone needs it,” I said as I led them through the foyer. “Master is probably up in the solarium with the others. If you want to make yourselves comfortable, I will go let him know you’re here.”

I wasted no time scooting up the stairs to find Master. Marta was at her harp and Kiera was doing a portrait of Sonia and Nicolina. Kitten was sitting with Master, knitting another baby hat. I swear we had enough hats and booties to cover an army of babies, but she loved doing it. Master had glanced up for his paper when I entered and smiled. “Master, you have guests waiting down in the great room. I am guessing you already know who they are, as he said you were expecting them.”

His sly smile as he put his paper down and got up confirmed it. “Thank you my dear. Zara should be in the kitchen doing her prep work still, if you could let her know our guests have arrived and make sure we have fresh coffee I would appreciate it. Girls, we should go down and greet our guests.”

I nodded and slipped out before anyone else had even gotten up. I knew the others would be excited to see their sisters from the island, but I felt a bit like an outsider now. They had all been close before I even became Master’s housekeeper, let alone his pet, and Julien’s pets were all gorgeous to boot. I had never been ashamed of my body, but I felt a bit plain next to them.

“Zara, we have guests and Master wanted to make sure we had fresh coffee,” I said as I entered the kitchen and heard screams of excitement from behind me. “I am guessing we will have eleven more for lunch as well, since I can’t imagine they flew half way around the world for a couple hours visit.”

“They will all be staying for a few days, and half of them are staying longer than that,” she replied. “Master told me they were coming so I could be ready for the extra people at meals, but made me promise not to say anything because he wanted to surprise everyone.”

“Well he certainly did that from the excited screams, but I wish he would have let Vivi and I know so we could have gotten some of the bedrooms ready for them,” I sighed. “We haven’t even finished the dusting and still have to do the floors before we can get the bedrooms cleaned and ready for them. I don’t even know how many rooms they need yet.”

“He wanted to surprise you and Vivi as well. Two of the women who came with Julien are the ones who made the other’s outfits, and they will be making yours while they are here,” she told me. “Just go finish your regular duties, and I’m sure Master will let you know how many rooms need to be set up.”

The thought of casino siteleri having my own kitten outfit made me smile, but I couldn’t help but worry about having less time with Master. I had no problem sharing, but the time he spent with me was precious and more sisters meant less time with each of us individually. Playing with the girls was nice but I needed a nice hard cock at least every other day now. Maybe I could convince Marcello or Jaden to play with me more often when Master was busy.

I had just finished the dusting and was in the utility room getting what I needed for the floors when the other man who showed up with Julien stuck his head through the door. “You’re Gianna right? Alonso told me I should ask you about getting any linen we need to set up a few bedrooms.”

I looked him over quickly and grinned. He wasn’t the drooling on myself level of sexy that Julien was, but he was quite attractive and had the body of someone who worked out regularly. “The linens were changed out this weekend, so they should be fresh. We just need to give the bathrooms and floors a quick cleaning, but Vivi and I can take care of it. Did Master say what rooms he wanted us to set up?”

“Sorry, I guess I should introduce myself, since our jobs are going to overlap in areas. I’m Aaron, and I will be staying with you as Mandy and the twins’ trainer,” he explained. “Most of my duties break down to taking care of their needs, including the heavy cleaning that may need to be done in their room. I will also be leading some strength training and Aikido workouts on top of the daily yoga they will be doing with the rest of you. You will all be welcome to join in of course, but my Master has a bit higher requirements for his personal pets.”

I couldn’t keep the confused look off my face. “Your Master?”

“Everyone who lives on the island is one of Julien’s pets, although most of us serve in different capacities than you would think of as a pet. It sounds odd to anyone not raised on the island, but it works out for everyone,” he told me. “I am expected to be doing a job now though. I need to get the two upstairs guest rooms, one of the rooms in the servant’s quarters, and the two rooms at the end of the hall downstairs ready. I just need to know where the cleaning supplies are and what needs to be done.”

“Alright, but make sure you let Vivi and I know what you are supposed to take care of,” I replied. “We don’t want to get you in any trouble, but we will need to know what is still part of our jobs. We can take the elevator up, as it comes out in what is now the storage room upstairs. The cleaning supplies and most of the extra linens for downstairs are in the closet at the end of the hallway.”

“This was Vivi’s room before Master had the elevator added, but we use it to store all our cleaning supplies and the extra linens for the upstairs now,” I explained as we stepped off the elevator. “Vivi and I share the room at the end of the hall here, on the rare occasions either of us ever use it. The two across the hall are empty, although I’m not sure why you would want the servant’s quarters when you could use one of the bigger guest rooms downstairs.”

“I don’t need much space, and it’s easier to keep clean,” he replied with a smirk. “Paige and Sophia will be sharing the guest room on the end, while Mandy and the twins will have the middle room on the rare occasions they use it. Julien and Scarlett will have one of the downstairs rooms, while Katherine and Isabella will be using the other mostly as a shop, because I don’t imagine they will be sleeping in there. Basically the three upstairs rooms will be my job while I am here, so you and Vivi will not have to do anything with them.”

I nodded and showed him where the cleaning supplies he would need were then went back to my own work. Even without having to get the guest rooms prepared, I still had a lot of floors to clean before I was done for the day. Once I finished the hardwood, I moved on to vacuum the downstairs bedrooms. I was just starting the last one when Vivi found me and asked if I knew what rooms we were setting up for the guests. I just held up a finger and pointed to the bed to let her know I was almost done and would be with her in a minute.

Once I finished vacuuming, I started wrapping the cord up and I tuned to her. “We’re not setting up the bedrooms, or cleaning them apparently. Aaron, the guy who showed up with Julien, is setting them up and will be taking care of the rooms they are using while they are here. We will probably have to clean the back rooms down here after the ones who are not staying leave, but Aaron said cleaning the upstairs rooms is part of his job.”

“Well, that will keep our jobs from getting harder at least. Did he mention who was staying,” She asked. “I’m kind of curious who is going to be staying with us and if we will be allowed to play with them. They were all up in the solarium when I came down to vacuum the great room, but from what I saw canlı casino while cleaning the entertainment room they were all pretty hot.”

“At least you didn’t make a fool of yourself,” I muttered. “I must have been staring at Scarlett’s breasts for a full minute before I could say anything. I have names, but no faces to go with them. Since we are done working, we can always go change and join them. I’m sure Master will introduce us and let us know who is staying.”

“True, I was going to wait until after lunch to change because I thought we had to get the guest rooms ready, but we can go change now,” Vivi replied. “I’m not sure we will have time to meet everyone before lunch, but I can at least get out of these clothes.”

I looked at the clock and sighed. “I didn’t realize it was that late. Oh well, it’s not as if we don’t spend half the lunch hour chatting anyway. I think part of our afternoon is booked as well though. Master didn’t warn us we had company coming because he wanted to surprise us. Two of the women in the group are apparently the ones who make all the outfits, so we will probably have to be measured.”

I could see the thoughtful look on her face as she helped me get changed and asked what was on her mind. “Oh, I’m just curious what kind of outfit Master wants to get for me. They told us all about their sisters on the island and what they wear, but Master has never said what he wants to see me in. I was actually kind of enjoying wearing nothing, but I know whatever he picks won’t cover much anyway.”

“I just hope they brought their sexy outfits. Everyone was in regular clothes when I answered the door. It’s probably a good thing though; as I’m not sure I would have been able to drag my eyes away from Scarlett’s breasts if they weren’t covered.” Vivi rolled her eyes, but she knew I was somewhat serious. I had a bit of a fascination with larger breasts.

I was somewhat disappointed when I entered the dining room and found our new arrivals still dressed, but the girls looked a bit sullen. I was looking forward to seeing them in their sexy outfits, but I guess they had left them on the island. As I crawled up next to Kiera, I noticed a couple of the girls watching me and shaking their heads with looks of disgust. I was a bit self-conscious as one of them got up and walked over.

“Master, how much time do we have before lunch,” the brunette asked before smiling down at me. “It’s not you Gianna, you look delicious, but that outfit is a travesty. Kitten wanted to keep it for sentimental reasons, but I never thought she would let someone else wear it.”

“Katherine, you can right the fashion wrongs of the world later,” Master told her. “We have already started the aperitivo, so you are going to sit down and eat. I promise you can have her and Vivi after we finish our exercise class this afternoon.”

“Of course Master. It’s probably better that way, as it may take some time to get their measurements,” Katherine replied with wink to me as she went back to her chair.

“Yes, I remember how long some of your fitting sessions with the others lasted my dear,” Master replied with a smirk. “I’m sure they are both excited to be measured for their new outfits.”

Master proceeded to introduce our guests. It was nice finally having some faces to put with the names my sisters mentioned. I had to admit I was looking forward to a trip to the island to meet the rest of them, but if this was a random selection, they must all be as gorgeous as my sisters made them out to be. The looks I was getting made me think they were just as sexual as my sisters made them out to be as well.

We had finished our lunch and were enjoying our coffee when Master addressed the group. “As I’m sure you have all heard by now, the surprise visit means a few of our guests will be moving in sooner than we expected. Hope and Faith are ready to start their college courses and their Italian is good enough to allow them to get by now. Sophia asked to stay with her sisters, and since Paige has been doing all of her schooling, there is no issue with her continuing it here. Mandy will be staying with us through Christmas so she can study our tax laws and help me restructure my investments. Aaron will be staying on as their trainer. The question we have is about Rebeca.”

I saw him nod to Julien and looked over. Rebeca was the only one I couldn’t figure out. She was a pretty little blond girl, but even in street clothes, she had been led into the house in a leash and kept what appeared to be a chew toy in her mouth except to eat. Through the entire meal, she had sat on the floor next to Julien, looking hopefully at Master from under the table, but there was something else behind her eyes.

“Since we are finished with lunch, you can all go get changed now,” Julien said as he reached down to pat Rebeca on the head. “Scarlett, can you take Rebeca and get her cleaned up and changed?”

I saw her nod as she came over and took Rebeca’s leash kaçak casino before leading her out of the dining area. “Rebeca is kind of a special case, and I have asked Alonso to accept her as one of his pets. Your Master is familiar with her story and has agreed as long as all of you are willing to accept her.”

Julien paused when we all looked over at Master in confusion. It was his choice to accept a new pet and none of us would object to a new sister. Why would he insist on us approving of it first? “Pay attention my dears, you will understand after he explains.” I was still confused but turned back to Julien.

“Rebeca is not like other pets. Kiera, you were in the stables for almost ten years, so you saw girls come in who got lost in their pony mode?” I glanced over and saw Kiera cringe and nod. “Rebeca is like that, except she thinks of herself as a puppy. She is not capable of doing anything for herself and will not do anything outside what she was conditioned to do. The chew toy in her mouth is part of that conditioning. Not only will she not talk, but she has a compulsion to have something in her mouth at all times. If you take it away from her, she will immediately look for something to replace it. With the way you are dressed, she would assume you wanted her to pleasure you, but if you push her away, she will find anything else in sight. Shoes, table legs, doorknobs, basically anything she can put in her mouth.”

“Her previous owner was very abusive and enjoyed giving her rags soaked in hot pepper juice. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of his abuse and I can honestly say I would be disgusted to see someone treat any animal as badly as she was treated.” I could actually see the disgust in his eyes and was curious why he seemed to feel so responsible for this girl. “She was beaten daily with either a strap or a cane. Anytime he got within range of her and didn’t wish to use her sexually, he would either kick her to strike her with a cane. That was actually how she came to me. He had beaten her so severely that she collapsed at the top of a stairway, and he lost his balance when he went to kick her, falling down the stairs and breaking his neck. One of his other pets contacted me, asking me to care for her.”

“What she needs is a kind Master, and a family that will love and take care of her. She is desperate for attention, but she is also afraid to have people touch her because of the abuse she suffered and needs almost constant care. I honestly can’t say if she will ever be able to take care of herself again, so this could be a lifetime commitment from you.” As Julien stopped his explication, I could see the sympathy for Rebeca on my sisters’ faces.

“That is why I wouldn’t accept her without all of you being willing to accept her as well,” Master told us. “I need to know you will be willing to take care of her after I’m gone when that day comes. I may have another forty years in me, but I am still three times her age. If she never regains the ability to take care of herself, it will fall to all of you.”

That was when I recognized the look Rebeca had in her eyes. Julien had told her she was going to be offered to our Master, and the happiness she saw in my sisters gave her hope he would accept her. The hidden look I had seen while working some of the cheaper motels. I had seen the same look in the eyes of battered women, the look of fear that their husband or boyfriend would find them and hurt them again. That look that screamed I’m damaged, please don’t hurt me anymore. I was just confused about one thing.

“Julien, you seem more concerned about her than I would expect for just some girl that was brought to you damaged,” I said hesitantly. “My sisters have told me a lot about you, and I know you wouldn’t abuse one of your pets that way, but you act as if you feel responsible for her condition.”

“That’s because I am responsible for her condition in a way,” he replied quietly. “Rebeca was a special pet that I trained for one of my clients. Most of her conditioning was my training, although her submerging into her pet personality was a result of his abuse. I had known him for years, and sold several pets to him in the past. He has always had a bit of a sadistic side, but he was never abusive. He had some kind of personal vendetta against Rebeca’s father, and I thought he was taking her as a pet to pay him back for the offense, but he continued to take it out on her.”

I was watching him and could see the regret in his eyes. It wasn’t because the girl was taken from her family against her will and turned into a pet. My sisters had told me quite a bit about the island, so I knew that kidnapping girls and turning them into pets was not unheard of. It wasn’t the only place in the world that abducted girls and made them be sex slaves, but Julien’s operation was at least kinder than most. His regret was for the abuse the girl he trained had gone though.

Glancing back at Master, I saw him watching me and realized everyone else had already agreed. “Sorry Master, I was lost in thought for a moment. She needs to be with us, and I want to do whatever I can to help her. I hope we can help draw her out again, but I’m willing to take care of her if we can’t.”

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