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A Fond Farewell

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Mike, Val, Andy and Jenny had just returned from a sumptuous dinner. They were all a little tipsy and in a very jovial mood. Dinner had come about because Mike and Jenny, friends of Andy & Val were moving to another state. They had been lifestyle partners for several years and wanted to spend a final evening together before Mike and Jenny’s departure.

Mike was an investment banker, about 65, 5’6″, with a warm personality that came with a somewhat pudgy boy and a small beer belly. He was of Jewish heritage from Long Island, New York. Jenny was a little shorter than he, two years younger, with large breasts and wide hips, modeled in an alabaster white skin that came with her southern belle charm. She was from Kentucky; fair complexioned with a dusting of freckles on her ample bosom and the reddest nipples you have ever seen. They got even redder when she became aroused. She also was the more dominant of the two and Mike was often intimidated by her forceful personality.

Andy and Val were in their late 60’s, both retired, still reasonably fit and enjoying vigorous sexual activity. They were both from the Caribbean. He was a cocoa brown alpha male armed with an eight inch black cock that he wielded mightily to the delight of many a receptive female. Val was lighter complexioned, butter scotch caramel and just as smooth. She was a submissive woman who enjoyed sex but enjoyed it more when the male was dominant and made her do what he wanted. Andy was just her type of man. He made love to her a minimum of three times a week, combining luscious fucking with gentle love making and kept it up for the forty years that they had been married.

Val did anything that he wanted. He taught her how to take his big cock down her throat without choking on it. He gently penetrated her ass, painstakingly stretching it until she was able to fully take a good fucking in it without discomfort and he did things to her pussy that kept her wanting more. Over the years, they fantasized about threesomes, foursomes, gang bangs, spit roasts, DPs and every sexual concoction that could be imagined, which led to their involvement in the swingers lifestyle.

He took her missionary style, doggy style, baked turkey, cowboy, reverse cowboy and every imaginable combination, much to her continued delight. Their sex life was a most vibrant union.

As time passed, they discussed actually making some of their fantasies reality and the internet presented the opportunity for them to contact others in semi-privacy. They started by trying a MFM threesome, then moved on to FFM then a foursome. They found the latter a great challenge as it was so difficult to find another couple whom they both liked and who also liked them individually but they thought that it was the ultimate in sexual togetherness. It was this search that brought them together with Mike and Jenny.

Andy logged on to a swinger’s site, found and read their profile, liked what he read and thinking that they might be a good match for Val and himself he sent them an email. The couple, who lived in Maryland, responded favorably and so they met for dinner and drinks. They clicked as partners which really surprised Andy because he knew how hard it was to find four people who really liked each other, but somehow they did! That couple was Mike and Jenny.

Their first get-together was unremarkable as most first meetings are but they discovered that they all really liked one another. In fact, it was a union made in heaven and so even though it was not sexually a barn burner, they agreed to see each other again.

Mike quickly became enamored with Val. She was about his height and he loved her soft skin, lush breasts, smooth thighs, shapely backside and clean shaven mons. It show-cased a pair of sumptuous nether lips through which her stimulated clit would shyly peek. Originally she had a sparse down, topping her somewhat fat pussy but she shaved it for him as he had told her that he loved eating bare snatch without the additional bother of tufts of hair. For some reason, he took to her like a duck to water and was always very solicitous and protective of her when they would meet. She reciprocated the attachment. They were kindred spirits that just morphed together. He adored everything about her, her lips, her kiss, her fat lipped pussy and most of all her round jutting ass.

Val, in turn, adored his sweetness, gentleness and caring nature. He became her buddy, her friend and her lover. It was if he became a second husband. Neither of the two wanted to change their primary relationship as they both loved their own mates but somehow they made this deep and satisfying connection.

They loved being together while respecting the fact that they belonged to two other people. Whenever they swung, they would spend hours just rolling around in bed, laughing, kissing, licking and feeling each other up. He romanced her, ate her, brought her to many orgasms and she responded to his every ministration. He loved fingering her pussy and güvenilir bahis took the time to lick and suck her chocolate folds and nibble on her peanut brittle clit until the tremors radiated and rippled down between her thighs, wracking her body so hard that she would often cry out,


It was her signal that she had enough!

She, in turn, loved fondling and sucking his genitals as her hands stroked him from head to toe, softly pinching his nipples, caressing his balls and slurping them until he sighed in deep satisfaction. Her only disappointment was that his penis was quite small, barely making four inches when erect. She really wished he would take her, use her and fuck her into oblivion but his penis never really got hard enough for him to do anything close to that. She knew though that Andy was always there to fuck her blind when they returned home but she sorely wished that Mike could do it too! It would make their relationship just perfect!

He made up for it however, when he unveiled “Bubba,” a large wand vibrator. With it, he drove her into paroxysms of orgasmic euphoria, time and time again making her cum like no human could. He just seemed to know when, where and how to apply it and she reveled in his proficiency. The first time he laid it on her, she squirted and yelled,

“O God, I’m going to shit myself!”

Andy, Mike and Jenny rolled with laughter! Her juices squirted high into the air, something that she had never happened before. Every time they got together he would make her cum until she howled and confessed that “Bubba” was the master blaster!

He loved to eat her and would suck her fat vulva into his mouth, then lick each lobe, sucking and nibbling his way into her inner lips. He would add a finger or two to her seeping cavity, feeling and probing for her G spot. When he found it and she quivered with ecstasy. He would then attack her now swollen clit, sucking and alternating a fluttering of his tongue all around it and do so until her limbs turned to jelly as her belly quaked and quivered while waves of deep sweetness peaked and crested throughout her body. When she thought that she could take no more, he would slip “Bubba” between the edges of her sodden chocolate covered taco, flip the switch on low and begin stroking up and down. As she gasped and trembled, he would slowly turn up the intensity, pacing her response until he reached the maximum vibration then bearing down on her throbbing café au lait button until her screams of delight echoed through air. Sometimes she would lose her voice as juice spewed from her dripping tunnel coating all four of them as the lay in bed.

This often prompted Jenny and Andy to tell the two of them to go get a room as they laughed together reveling in their joint activities and sharing in their mutual pleasure.

Over time, a strong emotional bond developed between Mike and Val and even though his fucking was nothing to write home about, she enjoyed his loving, his, kissing and of course his expertise with “Bubba!”

She, in turn, enthusiastically sucked his little penis and his balls, sometimes singly, sometimes all together as she could fit them all into her mouth at once, as they enjoyed their naked romps together. Besides Andy, he was the only other man who made stimulated her emotionally and made her get hot inside. She just wished that he could really fuck her like she wanted. As good as her feelings were for him, she could never think of his penis as a dick or a cock. It never achieved such status, for to her, a dick or a cock was a tool large enough to distend her pussy, plumb it to its depths and transport her to the realms of nirvana. Mike’s little penis unfortunately could never do that.

To Jenny, Andy was 6′ of licorice alpha male. His cock when soft was the same size as Mike’s was when it was hard but it thickened and grew to a proud 8″ ebony shaft, when rearing to go. She loved sucking on it because it filled her mouth just right. The optics of that big black cock spreading the lips of her bare pink centered white pussy was often enough to set her gushing and she often joined Val in wailing loud and long as Andy plunged deep inside her, stimulating spots that Mike could never reach.

Her guttural cries of

“Fuck-k-k- me, O G-g-god fuc-c-k meeee!!”

could be heard echoing through their house joining Val sometimes in a duet of,

“Uncle, O God, uncle!!”

At the foot of their large bed, Mike had installed a padded bench which ran the length of the foot of the bed. He called it the “fuck bench.” This is where Andy enjoyed Jenny the most. He would have her kneel on the fuck bench with her face and breasts pressed down on the bed causing her plump ass cheeks to spread and separate. Her pink cheeks would yawn gloriously in front of him.

Andy would then take that black sugar stick, run it back and forth between her gaping coral lips to coat the fat head with her slimy drippings and then ram it deep into her slippery türkçe bahis tunnel until he bottomed out at her cervix. The position allowed him the deepest penetration and he would board and plunder her from the rear like a pirate did a battered frigate.

The position made her feel so vulnerable, so open, yet so lewd and nasty that it was glorious! He would penetrate her deeply hitting a spot inside her known only to him. When he hit it repeatedly, her mind would explode making her jibber and jabber,

“I’m s-s-s-uch-h-h- a sl-l-l-ut-t-t-, O-O-O-O God I just lo-o-o-ve this-s-s-s big-g-g-g- bla-a-a-c-c-c-c-k co-c-c—k-k-k-k-k. Oh, f-f-u-uc-c-ckk me-e-e-!”

He would pound her pussy, lasting until multiple orgasms wracked her. Most often, she came so much that it appeared as if she would go from one orgasm to another without a pause until she would just collapse exhaustedly and fall forward on to the bed. When he came within her, it was as if his cock would grow another inch and the head would thicken until she felt that she would burst inside. Then she would feel him pulsing and throbbing as he unloaded his heavy laden balls into her spasming fuck hole as they both rocketed into space.

Andy and Mike also developed a strong brotherhood bond between them, really enjoying sharing their wives with one another. It was if both women belonged to the two of them. On one occasion Jenny had to be hospitalized and the two of them were chatting on the phone when Mike mentioned his horny condition. Andy offered Val to him to alleviate his distress but he declined because he didn’t think that Jenny would approve as they had never been intimate without all four being present.

While Andy and Val had met and played with a few other couples and single males and females over the years, Val had never truly experienced what she really wanted, which was another man, who would take her and use her totally for his pleasure. It appeared as if those that they met were reticent to be dominant enough to take her into the abyss… that black void of intense, reeling orgasm that she so craved. She kept telling Andy that he intimidated the other males but when he offered her the opportunity to meet one on one, she declined because Andy was her security blanket and the owner of her soul!

Andy continued to support her in her quest for that individual who would give her a mind blasting dicking and fuck her until she was blubbering like she did when Mike administered “Bubba.” Val would have loved that person to be Mike but she knew that it was highly unlikely, given his little cock and gentle disposition.

As a result of several disappointing episodes, she began to lose interest in swinging and it was only because Andy was determined for her to find at least one man who delivered what she wanted, that they saw others.

Their relationship and friendship with Mike and Jenny, grew stronger over the ten years that they spent together but as things often do, it was coming to an end as Mike and Jenny were relocating to the southern United States. As the date approached, they arranged to have dinner and spend one more evening together.

They enjoyed a sumptuous meal, sipped fine wine, flirted, talked of past experiences and had a great time together. It was about 9:30 pm when they arrived back at Mike and Jenny’s place. Val had worn a sheer black top with a sheer black bra underneath but had worn a sweater to cover her in public. She had chosen her clothing carefully because she wanted Mike to fully enjoy all of her charms on this final occasion. While sitting in the back of his SUV on the return trip, she had removed her sweater, reached under her top and removed her bra so that her breasts and nipples were now clearly visible through the diaphanous black top. Under her short black skirt, she was naked…no panty hose, no slip, no panties, just nothing! Neither Mike nor Andy knew that she was completely commando! It was intended as a special treat for the occasion.

After Mike turned the ignition off, he exited the vehicle, walked to the rear door to help Val out. On opening the rear door, he saw her naked breasts and nipples on display through the sheer top in the ambient light and gasped at the lovely view. Val placed one foot on the ground and the other remained in the car causing her skirt to hike way up her thighs. As Mike came to her, she took his hand and drew it between her legs until he felt her damp unclad pussy. He grinned, kissed her lightly on the lips so that any nosy neighbor watching would not see it as more that a friendship kiss, and blocked by his body, he slid his fingers into her already wet cavern. He fingered her gently, then withdrew the probing digits and slipped them into his mouth,

“Tasty as always” he said.

Andy meanwhile had helped Jenny out and stood at the front door of the house with his arm around her waist waiting for Mike to unlock it. They entered and walked to the living room area where Mike turned the light on and gazed at güvenilir bahis siteleri Val. Jenny followed his gaze and saw what he was adoring. She smiled at the vision of Val’s full sized and clearly visible mocha loaves, adorned by two olive sized and very hard dark chocolate nipples. She licked her lips and leaned forward to pinch a nipple. Val gasped and giggled and her pussy gushed some more. Jenny then slid her hands into her own blouse, unhooked her bra, pulled it through the arm hole of her blouse and gave it to Andy. She then took his other hand and without a word, walked him into their downstairs bedroom, sashaying her wide ass tantalizingly in front of him. Mike smiled at Val, took her hand and walked her up the stairs to the master bedroom. Val looked quizzically at him knowing that the four of them had always played in one bed together. When he reached the top of the stairs he said,

“I know that you are wondering how come Jenny and Andy are not with us. Well, Andy and I agreed that we wanted some time alone with each of you before we come together as we always do.”

Val smiled, thrilled at the prospect of being alone with Mike for the first time. He pulled her to him and surprised her once more by planting a searing kiss on her lips that rocked her. She thought that she felt something hard rising against her belly but dismissed it since she knew that Mike couldn’t really get very hard and was not all that big. He guided her into the bedroom on her shaky legs, pulled her back into his arms, slid his right hand under her skirt and eased it up to her soppy pussy. Carefully he inserted three fingers into her and slowly began to finger fuck her.

Her pussy squished as she moaned into his mouth as she sucked on his tongue. He withdrew his soaked fingers, broke their kiss and sucked them into his mouth. He kissed her again, letting her taste herself in his mouth. He had never done anything like this to Val before and her legs almost collapsed in surrender at his boldness. Then he said,

“Strip naked, I want to see all of you!”

She was quite blown away by this assertive new Mike but she obeyed. He watched her undress, exploring and recording every facet of her nakedness. She saw the lust in his eyes making her pussy twitch and her skin prickle. When she was naked, he drew her to him again, grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her face to his and slammed his tongue down her throat. She gasped and before she could respond, he pushed her up against the wall, squeezed her breasts, teasing her nipples as he molested them. His hands slipped down and massaged her ass sliding between her butt cheeks and dipping downwards searching for the opening of her fat coochie, while his tongue continued to spear her mouth. She opened her legs to allow him easy access and yielded in total submission as his fingers found their goal.

To say that she was surprised, overwhelmed and overjoyed was an understatement. Her body convulsed. She couldn’t figure where this new Mike came from as she had never seen this person in all the years that they had been enjoying each other but it made her feel warm and tingly… and she liked this new man.

“Take my clothes off,” he growled.

With a smile, she did as ordered, unbuttoning his shirt, unbuckling his belt and kneeling to pull his slacks down.

She kept thinking that she saw a huge bulge but knew that it could not be Mike’s penis…not that little penis that she had known for so many years…but she couldn’t deny that she was looking at a big bump! When she finally pulled his boxers down, to her great surprise, a large black cock rose up to meet her, almost whacking her in the face!

“What the fuu…cc..kk” she stuttered.

Attached to Mike’s white body, throbbing and pulsing with need, was a real cock, not a penis…a giant cock!! A big black cock!! A bar of velvet coated ebony iron with an egg sized peach colored head!!

Her eyes bugged and her jaw dropped open.

Seeing the expression on her face he laughed and said,

“Meet my new cock! A few months ago, a friend of mine who was seriously injured in Afghanistan told me that he had a penis transplant at Bethesda Walter Reed Medical Center and it transformed his life.

I said to him, “You mean an implant.”

“No,” he said, “I had a transplant. They gave me a new cock and it works!”

So I went to the Walter Reed Medical Center and inquired because as you know, my penis as really didn’t work too well either. Because I was a veteran, they allowed me to have the surgery. When they asked me what size penis I wanted I said,

“I don’t want a penis, I want a cock, a big cock!” The surgeon laughed and said that he would do what he could.

I asked for that because I knew that I owed you a good fucking!”

He told me that the only one available was black and came from a young marine who had recently passed from head injuries. I told him.

“So much, the better, give me the black cock.”

I have had it for about four months now and Jenny couldn’t be happier. No one else beside her has had it. In that four months, things have changed a lot around here. Jenny is now my slut and I her master. It was her idea that I give it to you alone.

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