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A Family Caribbean Holiday

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This story carries on with Geoff and Julie, whom I introduced in “Birth of a Porn Star?” It is nine months later and they are Flying off with Geoff’s 18 and 19 year old sons, John and Ian, to a small luxury resort on St Lucia.

Julie was excited at the prospect of a holiday on a Caribbean Island, with Geoff and his Family. She had never been farther than the Mediterranean. The Hotel had just 20 Luxury Villas, each with their own pool, facing a small Palm fringed beach, with clean dazzling white sand. There were advantages to a rich Partner, though she hadn’t been attracted by his money, or so she hoped. He was nearly twenty years older than her, but she liked the maturity and calm he bought to her disordered, busy life, as a Senior Children’s Nurse.

Julie had a friendly, but on her side at least, uneasy relationship, with Geoff’s children. He had persuaded her to give John and Ian a very hands on, “Practical”, Human Biology lesson the previous Christmas. Despite her embarrassment, it had been very enjoyable and their agreement to never mention it again, had held, so far.

A car was coming to collect them and whilst she prepared Geoff and her luggage, the boys were doing theirs. They bought in a small package and gave it to her.

“For me, how kind,” Julie simpered, they had a relationship based on mutual teasing and tricks.

She opened it and held up two garments, with three small patches of pink material, connected by cord. Holding it to her face, she turned to them furiously.

“This time you’ve gone to far, I’m telling your Father, no, I’m telling Scotland Yard,” She hissed and drove them out of her room, beating them with the smallest Bikini she had ever seen.

And if you think you are ever going to see me dressed in this,, this, THING, then think again.”

Melodrama over, they collapsed in giggles and went back to packing. Geoff came upstairs,

“Are you three fighting again, I won’t have it, do you here?” He said in mock severity.

Now you’re getting to excited about the Holiday, calm down and behave like an adult. Yes, I’m talking to you Julie.” Who collapsed with another fit of giggles.

She held up the tiny scrap of pale pink material and gift paper.

“Well, you can’t blame he boys for trying, can you?” He finished, with a raised eyebrow.

“Alright, alright, I’ll wear it at least once, with everyone at least 100 yards away. Look, see, I’m putting it in the case, see.”

Their encounter nine months before, had made a deep impression on the boys and their trousers. She had managed to keep them at bay, with good humour and luck, since then. In fact she made a similar impression on most men she met. Not just beautiful, which many women are, she exuded a musk of raw sexuality. How did some women have that, Geoff mused to himself? Probably it was just that she looked like she enjoyed it, no loved it and was good at it. It being sex, of course.

He gave her a long appraising look. Dark natural blond hair to her Shoulders, a firm but very curvy figure, topped by her best feature, large 36C Breasts, that had never been near a Surgeon’s scalpel and still didn’t need a Bra. Not for the first time, he wondered what he had ever done in life, to deserve such good fortune.

“What are you looking at me like that for? Just take me to bed and fuck me, will you, there’s a good boy?”

So that’s what they did.

Next morning they were up and breakfasted by 9AM, when the car arrived. Yes, that’s right, a chauffeured car. No struggling with a heavy case on the Tube or Coach to London Heathrow anymore, just whispering along in a Limo, with bags carried into the Airport for them. A quick whisk through Business Class Check In and the VIP lounge, with a glass of Champagne. In the past she had wondered about the rich bastards in there. Now she was there herself and didn’t feel a bit guilty, not one bit. She had worked twelve hour days for years in a Children’s Hospital, for a Salary to small to live on in London. Perhaps she had it coming, a small piece of Justice. Then there were the seats on the plane, which actually had leg room, pillows and blankets to sleep, food that was edible. OK, that wasn’t quite true, food that wasn’t totally inedible; a little advance on normal.

The eight hour flight was almost enjoyable for a change. Arriving in late afternoon, another Limousine from the Hotel met them. The journey across the Island was interesting in itself, Banana Plantations with all the Bananas wrapped in blue plastic, why? Finally they descended to the small bay, with their Hotel at it’s head and no other visible buildings at all. The Manager greeted them, Geoff was an old friend, having been three times before. He took them to their Villa, large, thatched in Palm leaves and all wood. The Showers were out in the open, at the back of the building. Julie was entranced, as they were shown the TV, Air Conditioning and other facilities. The boys rushed off to change into Swimming Costumes, to cool off in their own Pool.

Peter, the Manager, sat them down, to explain the Hotel’s Philosophy, very laissez fair.

“You’ll remember tuzla escort all this Sir, but it will be new to this beautiful Lady, so I will go through some of the ground rules again.

The staff are all here to make your stay as perfect as possible. They are available to help with Personal Service, when not otherwise working and would normally expect a tip for this. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on your pleasure. There are child guests, all over 16, but the age of consent on the Island is 18. We protect the young ones with great care and would ask that Sexual activity with Staff or other Guests, be discreet.

Sorry if I have embarrassed you Madam. We look forward to seeing you all at Dinner. If there is nothing else, I will leave you.”

He left their Villa and Julie, who had been getting redder and redder during the talk, burst into giggles.

“Where have you bought me, a high class Brothel, you bad man?

It’s all clear now, you just want to watch me get naked and fucked by the staff, or other guests. That sounds good to me by the way, but still, are their any limits to your depravity?”

She smiled and rolled over to tickle him.

“We’d best get the boys in and get dressed for Dinner, I’m starving”

An hour later they walked into the Restaurant. The staff all wore shorts, or short skirts for he girls, with white T Shirts. They were shown to a Table, stopping on the way to chat with other guests. Julie caused something of a stir in a sleeveless white one piece trouser and top with gold sandals. The other guests admired her figure, as she walked across the Restaurant, all the men and some of the woman. The waiter took drinks orders and explained about the Buffet, inviting them to help themselves.

The building was open on all sides, overlooking a beautiful moonlit Beach. All four of them walked over to admire the view. The sea breeze cooled them and the rich scent of tropical flowers was delicious. Finally they moved over to choose Starters, then back to the table. Julie noticed that there were about 12 other couples, a half with older children. After Dinner, everyone seemed to drift off to the Bar, the adults at one end and youngsters at the other. Julie and Geoff sat and chatted with two other couples, but after two Cocktails, excused themselves. They needed a good sleep after the long flight.

Next morning they all went over for the Buffet Breakfast. The boys had arranged a morning of supervised snorkelling on the reef, just off the beach and Geoff went off in a Hotel boat, to fish. Julie needed to sunbathe, though she new the risks, better than most. She had more than a hint of vanity and new how delicious she looked with a deep tan and hair sun bleached a lighter shade. Putting on the ludicrous pink pieces of string the boys had bought her, she headed for the pool for some private relaxation. On the way out, there was a knock on the door and a member of staff came in to clean.

“Mr Geoff said I am to take special care of you this morning madam,”

“Please call me Julie and you are?”

“Joshua, Josh, Miss Julie.”

She saw his eyes quickly run over her near naked body. Two pink triangles of material, barely covered her areolae and another strip of cloth was already starting to slip between her labia. In turn, Julie admired his tall and athletic physique. He was, thin, but still well muscled and there was just a slight stir in his shorts, as he looked at her.

“You’ve still got it girl,” she thought, whilst bending down in front of him, to pick up a towel and book. Her full, firm Ass looked naked with the thong disappearing between her buttocks.

“Shall I fix you a fresh fruit Cocktail Miss Julie?”

“That would be lovely Joshua, but no alcohol this time of day.”

“Just a splash of rum for the flavour, I promise.” and he headed off to the bar, to prepare some fruit for her drink.

Julie put on large Sunglasses and headed out to the pool. She didn’t lie on a Sun Lounger, it looked to flimsy for what she had planned for Joshua. Putting down two beach towels, she lay face down, undid her top, then started reading. A few minutes later, Josh came over and squatted to put down her drink. Pushing up on her elbows to try it, she gave him the full benefit of the side of her right Tit, with only the nipple covered by the towel.

“That’s lovely thanks, Josh.” Julie said, as he moved off to start cleaning the pool. Staying on her elbows, she looked naked, even her nipples visible to him.

She thought to herself, “So this is what being a Cougar is like. He must be the same age as the boys, 18, 19, but God, I want him. That bulge in his shorts is very promising.

You are such a slut, but I want to see his Dick, to have it in my mouth.”

“Shall I fetch some Sun Lotion Madam, sorry Julie, the sun is very bright today?” Josh interrupted her carnal thoughts.

“Yes please, it’s in the Bathroom.”

He put down his brush, walking past her, his eyes devoured her body. Many of the lady guests he “Serviced”, were a challenge to his libido, but this one, this one, he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Returning tuzla escort bayan with the bottle he asked, “Should I put it on your back Julie.”

She nodded and lay down flat, resting her head on her arms. Sitting astride her, he started oiling her shoulders and upper arms, kneading her back muscles firmly. Moving lower, he stroked the side of her Breasts, then over her lower back to her buttocks, squeezing and gripping them. Julie started low groaning and spread her thighs slightly. Ignoring the invitation for the moment, he moved down her legs, then concentrating on her feet and toes, pulling each toe in turn. A foot fetishist she thought, OK, I can use that.

Making a little mew of protest and shaking her buttocks, he moved back up to her Ass, running his hand down the cleft of her buttock, pushing one finger, briefly, into her Ass. He pushed slowly under her thong and between her thighs, straight into her cunt with two oily fingers. He explored and stretched her, as she grimaced and moaned, much louder now, and even louder when Josh found and brutalised her Clit, gasping out loud and clamping her thighs on his hand.

A couple by their pool, thirty yards away, could here the growing sound of passion. Slipping quietly round to the nearby Pool, they peaked through the fence. The man pushed his hand down the back of his wife’s Bikini.

As they watched from only 15 feet away, Josh slowly pulled down Julie’s thong and threw it to one side, now she really was naked. Standing up, Josh pulled off his T shirt and then his Shorts. The women covered her mouth to stifle a gasp and her Husband noted the gush of juices. The boy standing over Julie was huge, really huge, as thick as a woman’s wrist and over 9 inches long. Squatting astride her again, to carry on the massage. He lent forward resting between her buttocks, squeezing them to envelop his length and masturbated himself. Now Julie gasped and rose up in shock. That couldn’t possibly be his Cock, it had to be an arm, but she didn’t dare look.

Josh lifted off her and gently pushed his knees between her thighs, spreading her. Then with a hand between her thighs, he gently pulled her to a kneeling position. Luckily, she was pouring fluid and gaping, in her aroused state and he was greasy from the lotion. Still, he was gentle, pushing himself between her labia against her clitoris, without penetrating. Julie still didn’t want to look, but reached back with her hand, to explore his Cock and Balls. Groaning with despair and lust, she pushed back at him, raised her Ass higher and placed his penis against her entrance. Taking the hint, Josh pushed in slowly, but with great force, nothing was going to stop him now. Julie pushed up her torso, groaning in pain, louder still. The watching woman’s legs gave a little as she came.

Josh kept pushing till he was over half buried in her, pulled back, then pushed in harder still. Gripping her Pelvis to control her, Julie couldn’t pull away, but she didn’t want to. Dropping her body down onto the towel, she shuddered to an orgasm and shrieked,

“Yes please, pleeease.. more, harder, please.”

Joshua obliged and started slow hard pumping, pulling right out, then burying his full length, with each thrust. Her moans and gasps were audible to large parts of the Hotel, though Julie really couldn’t care. Staff cleaning the grounds grinned at each other, hearing the sound of another woman getting the Josh treatment.

He didn’t break stride in his relentless attack on her, holding up her Ass with his hands and driving in harder still. In a very short time she collapsed with the most shattering orgasm she could remember. This time, her whole body fell on the towel and quivered irregularly, as she gasped in lung fulls of air and held her hand up, admitting defeat, a new experience.

Slowly turning onto her back, she smiled at him, still to breathless to speak. He was gulping in air and covered with sweat too. Remembering his earlier attention to her feet, she raised up one foot and ran it over his Cock, smiling as he jumped in shock and grimaced. Encouraging him to lower his body, she raised and spread her thighs, then cupped his Member with both feet. Josh grinned and started pumping through them.

“Don’t you dare come young man, there is only one place you’re doing that, down my throat.” Julie finished and he managed to nod.

After a short time, he reluctantly extracted himself and shuffled forward up her body. Julie pushed herself up supported by her arms and thrust out her Tits. They were magnificent, large firm and beautifully shaped, with matching chewable nipples. He had never seen better, even on a teenager. Greedily he pulled them round his cock and resumed thrusting between them and into her open mouth. It was hard to get even his Glans in her mouth, but she tried sucking him each time, till without warning, he grunted and the first jet of cum shot into her mouth and over her breasts. Hungrily, she reached behind his Ass and pulled him further into her mouth, to catch every drop. It seemed to go on and on, as she swallowed each jet, till he finished. Still she escort tuzla held him, sucking hard to catch every drop, then licked up and down his length, marvelling at how huge he still was.

Finally she let him go and they both collapsed in each others arms, letting their heart rates slow. Finally she said,


He groaned and stood up, pulling her to her feet and under the poolside shower. In their overheated state, they gasped as the cold water hit them, then luxuriated in it and started cleaning each other. Josh pulled her into a deep kiss and pulled her into his groin as he started stiffening again. After a long French kiss she pulled away and dived into the pool, he followed straight away and she slipped out of his grasp. Finally, he caught her and kissed her hard again. Reaching between them, she stroked him quickly to a full erection.

“I’m impressed, how does your body find enough blood to fill that thing?” She whispered, then started moaning again as he pushed several fingers into her Cunt.

Urgently, he pushed her to the shallow end, then bending her forward slightly, started pushing his length in. The lubrication had washed off and she gasped in pain as he lifted her feet off the bottom of the pool and waited as her body slipped slowly down his length, mauling both Tits at the same time. Her head fell back and she tried struggling away, but he was much to strong. Her body fell forward over the tiled pool edge, as he set to forcing his whole length in, grunting with the effort. In turn, her moans started rising in strength, shaking with each thrust.

Suddenly Josh withdrew and turned her to face him, then pushed her back on the tiles. Dropping his head, he forced his tongue between her labia, lapping and probing her. Julie gripped his head and held it, as she came almost immediately, going rigid and hissing through her teeth. There was no respite though, Josh reached for a towel, rolled it up and thrust it under her Ass. Forcing open her thighs, he crouched over her and fell into the now gaping Cunt. His body weight forced most of his nine inches in with the first thrust as Julie desperately tried to pull away, shrieking in pain again, but he gripped her hard. Showing no mercy now, the playing was over, he fucked her with all his strength, alternating straight thrusting with a corkscrew motion. She gave up the struggle and responded, raking his back with her nails, as she tried to draw him in even harder. Neither could stand this for long and they came together, making animal grunts and moans as he filled her Vagina with Cum.

Julie actually passed out and after checking her, Josh tenderly picked her up and lay her on her side, on a lounger. That is how Geoff and the boys found her, when they returned.

“Good morning, was it?” The amusement clear in his voice.

There was a large pool of semen on her thigh as she came to and hurriedly reached for a towel. Still, her dishevelled hair, sweat and high colour, showed her restful morning of sunbathing, hadn’t been so restful.

“It’s lunch soon, you coming, or should I say, coming again?” and he walked off, laughing.

He could be a smart mouthed bastard sometimes, she thought, wrapping the towel round her and following him into their room.

Removing the towel, he said “let’s see the damage.”

Then he pushed her on the bed and spread her thighs. Her Vagina was still stretched wide and semen leaked out.

“You certainly seemed to have got your money’s worth girl”

She was getting angry now,

“Did you pay Josh to seduce me?”

“Yes, but I don’t think much seduction was needed.”

Julie jumped up and slapped him hard.

“OK, I deserved that,” He said, rubbing his face.

“Sorry, I’m not trying to make a fool of you, I want this Holiday to be really special, something we can all enjoy and I know what you enjoy best. So I did arrange it for you.”

Julie said nothing and pushed past him to the Shower. The cold cooled her temper and she was calmer, as she put a short Summer dress over her naked body. They all walked slowly over to the Restaurant and helped themselves to a light salad. Josh was their waiter and Julie hissed,

“No smart remarks, understand,” To Geoff.

Josh was quite unperturbed and Julie was secretly cross that he could ignore the tumultuous sex they had only just finished, but he knew his job and just winked at her.

After lunch, they decided to spend a few hours on the beach. Julie changed into a more respectable Bikini and they made their way the short distance to the pristine white sand and dropped their towels. Geoff asked the Life Guard about safety and he just recommended rubber shoes in the water, to avoid Sea Urchin spines. They put them on and picked up masks, before rushing into the cool surf, laughing at the joy of it. Everyone was a strong swimmer and forced themselves through the waves. Julie put on the mask and looked down at the patches of Coral, with clean sand between. The fish were teeming, moving in small shoals. Larger fish she couldn’t recognise, came in and out of view. She had never seen anything like it and when they swam to shore, quizzed the boys on their snorkelling experience, that was a must for her now. The family settled down on Loungers for some Sunbathing, as a Waiter came over to ask about drinks.

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