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A Familiar Story Ch. 02

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Four nights before I had received a fabulous blow job from a late blooming first-timer and knew I had to explore this eager beaver a bit further. I have been living with a great guy and haven’t fooled around on him the whole time together, but by prior arrangement, I was given the OK to search for a willing partner to our sexcapades.

My mate Ken is a great lay, cute, while at the same time a bit effeminate. That said, he is blessed with a great ass and gentle disposition. He takes everything I lay on him, and takes care of me in more ways than I will say. Still, he wants more out of our relationship at times, so I took it upon myself to find someone to join us in occasional trysts.

Earlier this week we met Nick, an American virgin and he had given us both some incredible head. So, now it was time to see how much he really wanted it, and if he could fill our agenda. Ken had chores to do so I had the apartment to myself, and I told him to give us the afternoon alone so I could break this guy in. If everything worked out, we would be waiting for him when he returned in the early evening.

We planned a meeting at my place for noon, and our eager new friend arrived right on time. I had opened a bottle of wine in case Nick needed any liquid courage, and when he arrived, we sat closely on the sofa drinking and exchanging small talk for several moments.

Nick was squirming a bit, and I realized he had worn a vibrating but plug, so it looked like he was in for the real deal today. If he really was a virgin, which I believe he was, I really wanted today to be a day he’d never forget. As we talked, I started caressing his head, and with little other encouragement, he reached into my robe and started working on my fast-growing cock.

In no time, Nick was on his knees and slurping up and down on my shaft while groaning like a hungry little whore. I have to say, he gives some great head, he really seems to love doing it, and what a turn-on it is having someone as vocal as him swallowing your cock as he stares you in the face.

So, as Nick was sucking me off, I unbuckled his pants and he quickly kicked them off as I slipped out of my robe. I tried to pull him up to a standing position so we could go into the bedroom, but amazingly, he jumped up and wrapped his legs around me while I carried him straight to the bed.

This was happening so fast, so easily, that I thought it was too good to be true. He thrust his tongue down my throat as I gently lowered him onto the bed, his legs still wrapped tightly around my torso. He was digging his nails into my ass cheeks and pulling me up his chest towards his waiting mouth. This man really has an oral fixation!

With my knees resting on his shoulders, my cock was covering his face as his tongue flipped out on either side of it, licking and nibbling while continuing to moan passionately. I adjusted his pillow and he took me deep down his throat as I helped him bob up and down on it. I must say, it was a beautiful sight, his eyes practically popping out of his head as a small smile escaped the canlı bahis side of his mouth. A lot of saliva and pre-cum were coating my shaft and the sensations were out of this world.

Well, after a bit, I flipped around, still on top of him, into a sixty-nine position. This is when I realized he was a keeper! As I bent down, Nick rammed his wet tongue up my ass, sending shivers through my body. He split my ass cheeks apart and proceeded to eat my ass like a pussy. I couldn’t help but meet his tongue thrusts by bouncing back to meet his every move.

I have to confess, I have only been fucked in the ass once, and didn’t care for it, but this was really turning me on. With my face right above Nick’s cock, I took it down and started to suck him feverishly. His cock was rock hard and his butt plug was humming away in his ass as I played with his nut sack.

Realizing I had to be careful not to make him come too soon, or else that party might be over, I switched my attention to his ass. Twisting the plug back and forth, Nick was squirming all over the place as I had him nearly screaming. Finally I took his plug out and replaced it with two, then three of my fingers. I knew there would be no turning back now, he was mine. But, I knew I had to wait till he begged for it.

And it didn’t take long before he was begging, “Rick, please fuck me,” and “Rick, please give me your cock.” So, this virgin was ready and so was I. I got him up in a doggy style as I looked at this beautiful ass he has, muscular and soft with a perfectly gaped hole, glistening with lube. I slowly slid my rock hard cock past his sphincter and he pushed back to take it all in.

Almost immediately he yelled, “Oh God, Yes,” and begged me to fuck him deeper. I had to hold him tight by the hips since he was bucking so much. Despite having a plug inside himself moments before, he was really tight the whole way in. I could just bottom out on him, his ass matching my cock perfectly. And every time I did bottom out, he yelled or grunted, but never showed discomfort.

My recent virgin was a fast learner now gyrating his pelvis up and down as he pushed back on my thrusts. Occasionally I would pull all the way out except for my cock tip and shove it back to the hilt. He’d scream with delight and I realized this is going to be one fine fuck machine! I could have come at almost any time, but was doing my best to spread the pleasure as long as I could.

As I was pounding away, Nick said something that sounded odd at the time, yet humorous all the same. He yelled, “Please fuck me like a little girl,” which I took to mean on his back. So, as he rolled over I put a pillow under his hips, and his new pussy was staring right back at me as I guided my shaft into the waiting hole.

Nick wrapped his legs around me and yelled, “Fuck me, lover,… deeper…harder.” As I grabbed his hips and started thrusting in and out, he sank his nails into my ass cheeks, meeting my every thrust. He was bouncing up and down like a well-oiled machine, which he was, and humming away like one also. I was in heaven, right now, and got into a steady rhythm that brought on indescribable feelings of pleasure.

Nick bahis siteleri kept grabbing my head and kissing me passionately as we met each others thrusts. I couldn’t imagine being closer to him as my balls slammed against the bottom of his ass while I massaged his cock. I could feel him spasm as he tightened his ring again and again around my shaft, and that was bringing me dangerously close to shooting my wad.

I kept thrusting as Nick said, “Darling, please cum inside me,” and “Oh please, fuck me.” Then as he dug his nails deeper into me and pushed up he yelled,”I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” followed by screams and moans.

I couldn’t control it any more. I yelled, “Yes, baby, I’m cumming too, I’m cumming inside you,” as I rammed my cock all the way in. I shot what must have been a massive load deep into his bowels, followed by several more spasms which were met by his fast tightening sphincter. I screamed with joy as I noticed tears in his eyes, yet he was smiling so I knew he was alright. As I grabbed his cock, he let out another scream and exploded while almost squeezing my dick in half. We collapsed into a passionate kiss as I continued to slow fuck him till my dick eventually went softer.

It’s hard for me to describe this day any better, but it was near perfect. A fabulous fuck with a first-timer who I could see, would be a willing addition to my partnership with Ken. I rolled Nick over with my half-erect cock still in him and we fell asleep with him wrapped in my arms. I was completely exhausted, completely satisfied, and completely spent. If every fuck with him is as memorable, I have a strong feeling that this will be a long relationship.

Reliving this experience, I have to put this adventure into one of the best fucks ever category. Yet, it wasn’t over yet. By pre-arrangement, Ken was going to arrive in a little while, and we would get to see how much stamina this novice really had. After about a two hour nap with his ass pressing against me, and my cock returning to a semi-aroused state, I heard my true love Ken returning home.

Getting up to meet him at the door, the smile on my face told him all he had to know. We kissed deeply and I grabbed his already hard cock as I whispered to him this was the keeper we had been looking for. With no further ado, we returned to the bedroom where Nick rose from the bed with the look of excitement in his eyes.

As we approached the bed Nick reached up and started undoing Ken’s belt, practically attacking him as he struggled to get at his cock. I’ll always remember the look on his face as Ken’s dick finally was freed. It looked like a kid opening the Christmas present he’d been praying for. The look in his eyes and the drool coming out of his smiling lips was a Kodak moment! And it was immediately followed by his eyes popping open as Ken’s cock disappeared down his throat.

I was standing behind Ken, arms wrapped around his chest and kissing his neck as Rick was noisily slobbering all over his cock. Any other time, my cock would have been easing into his ass by now, but that would have to wait for another day. I moved around on all fours, and as Ken was face-fucking Nick, I wrapped my lips around bahis şirketleri his cock and started to service him. He had his butt plug back in and I also manipulated it till I had him nearly screaming.

Our little man was insatiable! He was yelling,”Ken, please fuck me,”as he sucked away and I knew that was what Ken wanted more than anything. I started ramming the butt plug in and out of his ass and motioned for Ken to give the man what he needed.

So, after setting Nick up on all fours, Ken hastily rammed his engorged nine inch cock into Nick with the force of a freight train. A momentary shriek was immediately followed by screams of passion. Here was my recent fuck, a cherry a few hours before, turned into a cock hungry whore and screaming for more.

I had to just sit there and watch these two go at it. It was a beautiful sight with Ken pounding away at a pace I’m sure I couldn’t keep up with, and Nick meeting his every thrust. But, as he had told me, Nick’s dream was to have it at both ends simultaneously and who was I to deny him.

I came to the front of the bed and slid my tool into his waiting mouth. As he reached for it and caressed the shaft, he was swirling his tongue around the crown, sucking away and slobbering up all the pre-cum I had to offer. This went on for quite some time and eventually we flipped Nick over on his back, catching a mini-break, before impaling him again.

I really think fucking on his back comes natural to Nick. He seems to have the right build for it and his strong hips never stop bouncing up to meet every thrust. His still pristine ass is even tighter in that position and it’s always a rush to see the glow in his eyes as he gets pounded mercilessly.

So, after what was a pretty long time of constant fucking, I could see Ken slowing down, seemingly a little winded, even though Nick was still begging for more. I suggested we trade places and without losing a step, I was back in Nick’s pussy while he went back to slobbering all over Ken’s glistening cock. I lifted his legs up and started pounding as deeply as I could go into his well-oiled cavern. I was getting close and knew Ken was, too!

Suddenly, Nick blurted out to Ken,”Gimme your hot cum,” and Ken splattered one of his monster loads all over his face. That was my cue and I bottomed out and yelled in ecstasy as I emptied my seed deep into his bowels for the second time.

As I continued to splurt seed into Nick, I grabbed his dick and he started going into spasms, cumming, squeezing down on me and devouring Ken’s still gushing cock. Ken and I kissed deeply, as, in between us, Nick took every last drop of our manhood. He was still bucking, moaning and not wanting to stop.

After a few more minutes of this, we all seemed to collapse into a massive heap. It was exhausting, but damn near perfect! Nick had cum dripping out of his ass, more cum drooling out the sides of his mouth, and the look of sheer happiness radiating from his eyes. Ken was in total bliss and I felt as though I had arranged a faultless solution to three people’s needs.

We eventually all fell asleep wrapped up together, knowing that Nick was now a welcome member of our family. Sooner or later, there will be more adventures to talk about, but for now there is only time for Nick’s further education. However, I am sure he will be an inspiration for stories in the future.

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