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A Faker’s Progress Pt. 02

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If you want to know how I, a convicted art forger, came to be staying at Sittaford Hall, an aristocratic country home down in Devon, and fucking the lady of the house, you’ll just have to read part one of this story first.


It was almost two weeks later that I returned to Sittaford Hall to start work on the new paintings and the restoration work on the others. And, of course, to enjoy a whole lot of other country pursuits. Little did I know how things were about to develop!

The delay was the result of my appearance in a TV documentary about the art world. The producers had planned to mention fakes in passing and I’d been interviewed as part of that to give what they’d called ‘background’. However, as one of the programme assistants had revealed to me, everyone else taking part was so boring, the programme was threatened with being dropped before it was even finished. To save the day, it had been turned into a film of how I and people like me had made a complete monkey of the art world, showing that there were now thousands of fakes floating around and the experts couldn’t actually tell which paintings were real and which weren’t.

The upshot was that I had suddenly become quite well-known. Apart from my TV appearance, several newspapers and magazines had picked up on the story and interviewed me. I was actually rather glad when I was finally able to set off down to Devon for a bit of peace and quiet.

I’d texted Cassie when I was about half an hour away and she must have been watching out for my arrival because she came out onto the driveway as I pulled up. She greeted me with a formal handshake, which I took to mean that there were other people about, and a smile that made me feel more than welcome.

‘I’m afraid that Bob has had to go to America on business and won’t be back until after next weekend,’ she told me as she led the way into the house. ‘So many Americans just love the aristocracy so British companies sometimes hire him so that they have a Knight of the Realm on their negotiating teams. But my daughter, Rachel, is here. Come in and meet her. She’s back home from university for a couple of weeks.’

We went through to the drawing room. Rachel was sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine, but she leapt up as we entered the room and came over to greet me. She was absolutely stunning. I guessed she was about 5′ 6″ tall and probably about 19 or 20. She had the same dark brown hair as her mother but, instead of it cascading over her shoulders, she had it fastened back behind her head.

I couldn’t help but be drawn to her eyes, which were large, deep and honey-coloured. Those eyes looked me up and down and then fixed on me as she shook my hand. She was not quite as slim as her mother but not at all overweight — perhaps she still carried the last remnants of teenage puppy fat. Her slightly open shirt revealed an entrancing amount of cleavage while her jeans showed off a trim backside to great advantage. For a moment or two I felt a slight pang of regret that, with Bob away, my bed was probably going to be fully occupied.

‘Dinner will be at seven thirty,’ Cassie explained, in a way that was clearly intended to sound fairly formal for other people’s benefit. ‘There’s plenty of time for you to freshen up after your journey if you want. I’ll show you to your room.’

We left Rachel in the drawing room and Cassie led the way up the staircase. ‘I’ve moved you to the room opposite mine,’ she said in a low voice. She smiled again and touched me lightly on the arm. ‘I thought it might be handy. With Rachel here, I don’t want to be running all round the house in the dead of night.’

She opened the door to my room and ushered me in ahead of her. As soon as we were both inside she pushed the door to and then, flinging her arms around me, kissed me deeply on the lips.

‘Oh God, I’ve missed you,’ she breathed. ‘We haven’t long, quickly.’

Before I had a chance to say anything she leaned back against the wall and pulled me to her. She reached down and pulled up her skirt, revealing that she was wearing no underwear. She quickly unzipped my trousers and reached inside to take hold of my cock and pull it out, not without a little difficulty because, thanks to her sheer presence, I was already well on the way to being fully erect. She drew my cock to her and guided it to the entrance of her cunt, placing one foot on the edge of the bed to make it easier for me to enter her.

She put one hand down to her groin and began working her clit furiously. ‘Fuck me, fuck me hard’, she said. ‘We haven’t got time for finesse, just fuck me.’

I thrust furiously into her. It’s funny, isn’t it; some women can go without sex for ages but then when they start getting it again, they can’t do without it. After a two week gap Cassie was absolutely desperate. (I’m ashamed to say that my two-week gap had been rather less deprived; my new-found fame had come in quite handy, but that’s another story.)

She tuzla escort was soon struggling to keep her groans and moans to an inaudible level in case Rachel or any of the staff were near at hand. Her mouth was against my ear. ‘Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me just like that, keep on doing that.’ Her fingers continued their frantic rubbing and I could feel the wetness flooding out of her. ‘I’m going to cum, oh God, I can feel myself cumming, oh yessss…’

The one thing I know for certain is that, if I’m inside a woman and she cums powerfully like that, I don’t need anything more to make me cum as well. I emptied myself into her.

‘Oh, I needed that’, she whispered in my ear.

‘Me too’, I whispered back, and there was truth in that. Although my urgency might have been somewhat less than hers, I had found myself longing for her body during my absence. There was something about her.

Having sex standing up is not conducive to post-coital relaxation. I was soon slipping out of her and so was my cum. Fortunately, there were some fresh towels on the bed and I grabbed one to prevent her skirt displaying the evidence of what we’d been up to. Cassie rapidly cleaned herself up and, after giving me a quick peck on the lips, dashed out of the room, hoping that no-one would notice that she’d been missing.

I freshened myself up and then went down to unload my car. I’d not only brought enough spare clothing to last for an extended stay but I also had my painting gear too. I’d just started to unload my easel when Rachel came running out to help. I gave her a few blank canvases to carry and we took them and my other bits and pieces up to my makeshift studio in the tower. I can only describe her as vivacious and I could see that vivaciousness becoming infectious. I had no doubt that she would be a very exciting fuck and some lucky man was going to be very lucky indeed.

That evening, the three of us ate together, gathered round one end of the dining table, Rachel to my left and Cassie to me right. Rachel was one of those girls who can hold eye contact with you virtually the whole time, even to the point at which it can get rather uncomfortable. It’s as if their eyes are boring into your soul and, to be quite honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted an 18-year old girl getting that deep into me. And I sensed that when were weren’t looking at each other eye to eye, her eyes were scanning me up and down, not only weighing me up physically but also reading every nuance of my body language.

It got worse after dinner in the drawing room. Cassie and I had to be circumspect, of course — it was probably best that Rachel didn’t know that we were fucking each other — so Cassie sat on the sofa while I took an armchair.

Rachel went to a cupboard in the corner of the room and took out a box that turned out to contain old family photographs. ‘I was chatting to Steph the other day and we were talking about that holiday in Wales we all had when we were young. I thought I’d try to find the photographs of it.’ Steph, it turned out, was Rachel’s cousin and one of her closest friends.

Rachel began to sort through the pictures. ‘Ooh’, she said, brandishing one of them. ‘Do you want to see me in the nude?’ I knew exactly what she meant, of course, but I should have heeded the provocative way in which she said it. She came over and perched on the arm of my chair to show me the picture of her two-year old self in the bath. The way she sat on the arm of the chair had caused her short skirt to rise up and the length of her thigh was exposed to me.

‘You haven’t changed much’, I joked her.

‘How do you know what I look like in the nude now?’ she asked. ‘You haven’t had the chance to see me yet.’

Rachel continued going through the photos. She kept crossing the room to show one to her mother before returning to her perch and telling me about it. By the time she’d done this a few times her skirt had ridden far enough up to show that she was either wearing a thong or nothing at all. Then, and I didn’t quite see how it was done but it didn’t look entirely accidental, she knocked the box over and the contents fell to the floor in front of me.

She immediately leapt up and got down on the floor, facing towards me, to pick them up. Instinctively, I leaned forward to help her and, as she leaned towards me, the neckline of her blouse fell open, revealing the breasts and their nipples within. She was wearing no bra. She glanced up at me, as if to make sure I’d seen. I, in turn, looked over at Cassie to make sure that she hadn’t. Rachel’s breasts were quite magnificent from what I could see. They weren’t that large, although they were larger than Cassie’s — maybe a 36D at a guess — but most girls of that size would probably wear a bra. Hers were delightfully firm enough to get away with it.

Fortunately, Cassie didn’t notice too much of this. All she said later was that Rachel seemed to be flirting with me a bit. I reassured her that a lot of girls tuzla escort bayan go through this phase when they turn 18 and go to university. All of a sudden they feel very adult and mature — but the boys they mix with don’t mature as quickly. That turns the girls’ interest in the direction of any older men they encounter. Life as a university lecturer or professor must be either total bliss or absolute hell. Once upon a time they could probably get away with screwing half their female students but they’d probably get sacked for it these days.

Rachel seemed disinclined to go to bed by the time that Cassie and I were beginning to flag, so we went up ahead of her. We decided it was far too risky for Cassie to come to my room with Rachel roaming about the house and, with more than a degree of sadness, we had to abandon any thought of a night together, contenting ourselves with just a long, lingering kiss.

Next morning both Cassie and I were down to breakfast before 8, but there was no sign of Rachel. At 8.30 Cassie decided to go and wake her daughter and that resulted in a bit of a spat between them. Rachel couldn’t see why she couldn’t go to bed when she liked and get up when she liked. For fairly obvious reasons, Cassie preferred that she keep the same hours as the rest of us, otherwise it was going to cause us difficulties. Anyway, the outcome was that a fairly sullen Rachel eventually arrived downstairs just after 9.

The studio was still in an extremely dusty state so any thought of painting in there was out for the time being. The task of cleaning it up was beyond the two women who came in to help around the house so Cassie had arranged for a firm of contract cleaners to do the task. Unfortunately, they weren’t available for a couple of days. In the meantime I could move around the bits and pieces of furniture stored in there — some of which I could use as props — and I could start looking at some of the paintings that had long been stored away in the attic.

Rachel joined me, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, and a skirt. Her legs were bare. She was quite obviously not wearing a bra. Almost the whole of the side of her breast was clearly visible through the arm hole of her top and, as she helped me move the furniture, it continually came close to falling out. I have to say that I found it very exciting. I’m sure that was her intention and I’m equally sure that she knew exactly how much of an effect it was having.

In fact, I think she had decided that she was going to seduce me. I didn’t know what had passed between mother and daughter earlier that morning but at the very least she saw the idea of seducing me as an act of rebellion that would shock her mother. Little did she know! Unfortunately, I could hardly put her off by turning round to her and saying ‘Very nice but, actually I’m fucking your mother’.

In any case, I got the clear idea that saying anything might just compound the situation. We were about to move a large table to near the window and Rachel had bent down to get hold of her end of it. This, of course, made sure I had an unobstructed view of her breasts through the loose front of the t-shirt, but I had to remind her not to lift heavy objects with a bent back. Her response, of course, was to stand bolt upright and thrust her chest out at me.

Once we’d reorganised things, I put the paintings on the table one-by-one and began examining. As I mentioned before, I was cautious about putting even a fingerprint of mine on them in case they turned out to be worth something, so I wore a pair of cotton gloves. I told Rachel it was to avoid getting marks on fragile paint or frames. Rachel sat there watching me. She sat on a hard-backed chair with her legs curled up underneath her so that her thighs were fully on display once more and would only have had to move her legs slightly for me to see whether she was wearing anything under that skirt today.

A little while later she stood beside me, her arm resting on the back of my chair. As she leaned forward I felt the pressure of her breast against my shoulder. I could have sworn that she had deliberately rubbed herself up and down, making sure I could feel her hard nipple against me through the thin cotton of my shirt.

And so it continued as the morning went on. Rachel took every opportunity she could to be close to me and for our bodies to touch. Her hand kept on resting on my arm and on one occasion, while reaching down to retrieve another ‘accidentally’ dropped piece of paper, she found the need to place her hand fully on my thigh to balance herself, her fingers close to my groin.

I won’t pretend that the proximity of a very beautiful girl wasn’t displeasing. My cock was certainly enjoying her presence and I was worried that the bulge in my trousers might become all too obvious. I couldn’t help wondering what she would look like naked and how much experience she’d had of sexual relationships. On the other hand, it was extremely distracting and escort tuzla I really did have to get on with my work. And there was the small matter that I was having sex with her mother.

Fortunately, just after midday Cassie put her head round the door and suggested that Rachel come and join her by the swimming pool in the garden. I joined them there for lunch but then returned to my work. It was going well when, about three o’clock the door opened and Cassie brought me a cup of tea. She was wearing a very stylish one-piece swimming costume that made her look absolutely stunning.

After putting the cup down on the table she bent over to me and we kissed passionately. My cock reacted as you might have expected. This didn’t go unnoticed by Cassie and she placed her hand on it. ‘Mmmm, that feels very nice,’ she said. ‘It seems so long since I was really able to enjoy it. Yesterday’s quickie really wasn’t enough.’

With that, she took hold of my trouser zip and pulled it down, reaching inside with her hand to pull my cock out. Before I knew it, she was kneeling between my legs. Her lips parted and she took the head of my cock into her mouth. She steadily began to work at it, taking me deeper and deeper in with each stroke. She might not be getting very much sex with her husband but she had certainly learned how to give a man a very good blowjob from somewhere.

I was so overwhelmed by the sensations and Cassie was so focussed on the task in hand, that neither of us heard the door open. The first we were aware of was when Rachel let out a cry of surprise as she realised that, right before her eyes, her mother was taking my cock deep into her mouth.

‘No!’ she suddenly screamed, ‘No, you can’t be, you can’t be!’

She turned and ran out of the room. Cassie sprang to her feet and rushed after her. I wasn’t sure what to do but I thought that it would only complicate things if I went after the two of them. I straightened myself up and put my fast-deflating cock back inside my trousers.

After that, I found it very difficult to get back to work. I assumed that Cassie and Rachel had gone somewhere to talk but, when I decided to call it a day at five o’clock, there was still no sign of either of them. I poured myself a cold drink and took it out to sit by the pool in the late afternoon sunshine. It was a good half an hour later that Cassie reappeared. I looked up with concern as she approached. I didn’t know how close Rachel was to her father and I worried that she might feel she had to tell him about her mother’s indiscretion with me.

‘Is everything alright?’ I asked, anxiously.

‘I think so. We’ve had a very long talk and I think we both understand a lot more now. She’ll be down in a minute and I suggested that we all have a swim before we get ready for dinner.’


The evening wasn’t easy. Everyone’s mind seemed weighed down by the events of the afternoon and no-one dared mention what was uppermost in their thoughts. It was as if the slightest word would shatter the crystal glass. So we talked about inconsequential things over dinner and then we all went through to the TV lounge for some light entertainment. Eventually it was time for bed. Rachel said goodnight first and headed up the stairs. I took the opportunity to take Cassie in my arms. It was the first time I’d felt able to do so since the events of the afternoon.

‘What do you want to do tonight?’ I asked her. ‘Would it be better if we slept in our own rooms again?’

‘You go on up to your room and I’ll join you in a while’, she replied. ‘It’ll be alright, you’ll see.’

She lifted her head to mine and kissed me. Our mouths met and lingered, our tongues intertwining. ‘I can’t give this up’, she said as we finally drew apart. ‘Whatever it takes, I can’t give this up.’

I went to my room, got undressed and slipped into bed. I’d been lying there for about ten minutes, reading a book, when there was a soft knock on the door. It opened and Cassie entered, wearing a long nightdress. The smile on my face at seeing her come into the room lasted all of a second or two before I realised that she wasn’t alone. Just behind her, hand in hand with her mother, was Rachel, still fully dressed. The two of them approached the bed, one to each side. They sat on the edge of the bed and then both of them, as if they were twins, drew their knees up to make themselves more comfortable, each leaning on one outstretched arm.

‘Rachel and I had a very long talk this afternoon,’ Cassie said, looking at me. ‘I won’t go through it all now or we’ll be talking half the night but I’ve explained to her how things are between her father and me,’ she continued. ‘I’ve also told her about that evening two weeks ago when you first came here and how I feel about you.’

Cassie looked across at Rachel, who picked up where her mother had left off. ‘I realised when I came home that Mummy was a lot happier than she’s been for a long time but I didn’t realise why until I saw you together this afternoon.’ She lowered her head. ‘I’m sorry that I reacted the way I did’, she went on. ‘It was a shock because…’

Her words tailed off as she tried to think of what to say.

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