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A College Girl’s First Good Orgasm

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“So what is it that you do at this job anyway.” I asked as Kaitlyn was typing away at some random invoice.

“You know? Sometimes I don’t even know, I’m just placing orders for my mom’s company. I don’t really do much ‘work’ half the time, other than just putting up with the people who don’t know what they are talking about.” She sighed.

She went back to her work. Typing away in the computers accounting program, while I just sat back and watched, thinking thoughts I knew would cause trouble if I voiced them while she was busy. I had come today with a plan.

For the past few weeks, I had started having all kinds of fantasies about what I wanted to do to her, and her to me. And the visions kept popping up whenever I saw her. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her that day. Everything she did excited me. Every time she bent over or put her legs out. Everything seemed almost erotic.

Kaitlyn was no model by any means, she was around five foot three, with a little bit of meat on her bones. She didn’t have the huge breasts that most guys went after or the dancer’s legs, but the way she carried herself, she knew how to show off what she had. She had light green eyes that, when you looked into them, left you hypnotized and wanting more when they left your gaze. Her brunette hair was cut at about neck length with her bangs flowed in front of her face.

That was one of my favorite things. I love those hairstyles. Not really the drastic hairstyles that cover half your face and one eye that people have today, but just having bangs that cover part of the face as if to show the face off as a treasure that was slightly hidden from you as much as you wanted to see it.

To me, she was gorgeous.

But that’s not all. She also had a personality that was rare to find in the women I usually found. She had wit, intelligence, and a great sense of humor. She lacked confidence and was a little shy, but to me it just made her all the more beautiful, and made me want her even more.

And then my chance showed itself, in a way I didn’t expect.

As she went to answer a phone call, something odd happened. The power went out, leaving us sitting in the small office in a slightly less illuminated room.

It was a two room rent office. It seemed more like a small concrete and plaster box to me. A front part with a large window, and a back that was filled with receipts that should have long been thrown out. The window gave us enough light that we wouldn’t have to worry about flashlights and it lit the entire room in a dull gray.

“Shit, I still have a whole stack of these left to do. I can’t use the computer or the cordless phone without power.” She sighed again. “Maybe it’ll come back on in a minute.”

A minute passed. Nothing. Ten minutes. Same. Fifteen. Well, you get the point.

We had both only known each other a few months, so there was plenty to talk about within the time span. We talked about the job, about our plans for the next college semester, and just whatever else we could find that was somewhat relevant to our lives and interesting enough to actually talk about.

After twenty minutes I took a chance.

“So, Kaitlyn, when is the last time you’ve had a good orgasm.”

“Thats a mean question, Zach.” She wasn’t surprised, she has seen me ask similar questions to women I knew. She thought it only a joke.

“I really mean it, you’ve been single since I met you, I don’t think you’ve really had a good time in a while. Except from your ‘little buddies’ that you told me about”

She went a little red, “Yeah, well, at least I’m not like you, I don’t go to bars with girls who get me drunk just to fuck me.” She stuck out her tongue. That was one of her favorite stories to repeat back to me. I had a girl that I met invite me out to a bar, though me and her were both under twenty-one, and me, her, and a twenty-two year old friend of hers all drank at the club, then we all went to the twenty-two year old’s apartment, and well. That’s another story.

I laughed, “Yeah, but you know I’m not a whore, that was just boredom during freshman year, and she was a really interesting chick.”

“Yeah yeah, I know.” She smirked.

I turned to her and smiled as I looked into those green eyes and said, “Now, I’m still not through. When IS the last time you have had a good orgasm?”

“Well, what’s your definition of a ‘good’ orgasm.” She started to go into shy mode. She was hiding something.

“Well I think you would know if you have had one, Kaitlyn. None of the guys you were with did what you needed?” I was smiling mischievously. I was fishing, and I could only hope she took the bait. She never told me about the other guys, and I wanted to know what kinda competition I had.

She was güvenilir bahis quiet for a moment and then finally said, “I’ve only been with one guy before. He was just an ass. When we had sex it was just for him, and there was no real excitement for me.”

I let the silence stay for a moment.

“I want to be with you. Like that, I mean. I want to show you what it can really be like. I’ve seen your eyes get wide at some of my stories.”

She blushed. She started to look away but I got out of my chair and walked over and lightly grabbed her hand.

“I…I can’t do that. You don’t even want me to start off with, stop lying about that.”

I just kept looking into her eyes.


I reached my other hand on her neck under her ear and kissed her softly. She returned warmly for a moment and then pulled away slowly. I moved forward and kissed her again, before she could ever say a word.

I let go of her hand and let that had slowly slide down her side and hit her lower back. As I brushed it up to her neck, she shook with the shiver I knew I had giving her.

She pushed me away and sat trying to catch her breath.

“Zach, I just don’t know, I really like you too, but I don’t know if I could handle someone right now.”

I let my fingers go up her neck and into the back of her hair as I said, “No commitments today, I just really want to show you what good sex can be like. And then you can think later. I want to be with you, and you want this too. You told me you weren’t satisfied most of the time. Let me relieve that. We do it right here, in this office. While the power is out and your mom is two states away.”

“We can’t do that!”

“Yeah, we can, the last time I came here I saw that there was a table that would be perfect for what I want to do, and plenty of paper towels for cleaning up afterwards.”

Before she could say anything else I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the chair and into the back room. There were no windows there, but enough light came in that we could see what we were doing.

I pulled her against me and started to kiss up the side of her neck softly and slowly. I wasn’t going to leave any marks today, but I made sure she felt and enjoyed every minute of it. I let my hands run down her sides and to her thighs. I was about 5’11 to her and I could easily reach anything I wished.

As my right hand brushed up the inside of her thigh I heard a soft moan and I knew to take my chance right there, and pulled her into the back room.

I took both hands and started to pull off her blouse. She quickly obliged and raised her hands to let me get it off of her. Her breasts as I said, were not large, but they were fantastically shaped. Even with just the bra on I could tell that when I got it off I would be treated to a great sight.

I laid her down across the table and let my lips start to trail down from her lips, to her neck, and then down to her navel with slow steps while my fingertips went around her sides and breasts.

I was rushing for what I usually liked to do. I enjoyed teasing more than most people I knew, but I was also battling time to whenever the lights came back on.

I let my fingertips trail back down to her waistline as my lips met hers again. This time I gave her a little tongue. She returned the favor spectacularly.

I let my finger trail around the outside of her pants until I stopped near the button and freed both hands from their posts to work on getting her jeans undone.

When I finally did I slid them off of her and looked down at what I was finally getting to see, after imagining it all this time. I wanted to see more and I wanted to make her cum like she never had before.

My finger trailed around her breasts and towards her back, she almost instinctively raised up as I took off the bra I had wanted gone since the beginning. My lips suddenly found new targets. I kissed around her chest and let my tongue go right under her left breast and then sucked where my tongue had been. I was in luck. She was one of the women it worked on, and she began to moan with newfound pleasure.

Next I wanted to work on getting off the panties, but, I had to take a little time to tease and enjoy myself. I let my hand trail up her inner thigh while still sucking on her breast and let just the softest amount of my hand skim over her pussy. She almost jumped. I remembered my time frame and I began to move my lips closer and closer to her waistline. She started to breath harder. She knew what was about to happen.

She suddenly stopped me for a moment and said, “I’ve never had a guy down there before…”

“Well then, this should be even more fun for you. Just lie back and enjoy it.”

She türkçe bahis laid back down on the table and I returned with renewed passion for pleasing her beyond belief. I was getting more and more excited, and there was that wonderful odor in the air of a pussy waiting to be attended to. This was my favorite part. When I had teased her to the point that her pussy was waiting for any and all attention.

I wasted no time in getting my hands on her panties, and slowly pulled them down her legs as my lips replaced the fabric.

I pushed her back a little farther on the table to where only a tiny portion of her ass was hanging off of the table and her pussy was staring straight up at me. I went down on my knees and started to kiss down the inside of her thighs until my lips met the side of her outer lips, I never let any part of my kiss touch it, but instead got as close as humanly possibly and then moved away. Her pussy was soaked with want.

I decided it was time to finally give her a little relief, or so she would think. I took my lips and placed them on the center of her pussy. Then I raised up very slightly and let my tongue trace the outside of her pussy from the very bottom to the top. Then, suddenly, I plunged my tongue into her as she moaned in surprise. I moved my tongue inside her to every direction, listening to her breath, and knowing how much I was teasing her. But the best was yet to come.

I slid my tongue out of her and traced my tongue to the unexplored clit before me. I was the first person to get a chance at this beautiful pussy and I wasn’t going to leave without making an impression.

At first I just took a long lap over the entirety of her clit and she just moaned at the new sensation. Then I placed a good bit of my tongue onto her clit and pressed down for a few moments before finishing a lap and repeating.

“That feels fantastic” She finally got out.

“Well lets see how you like this.”

I kept letting my tongue press onto her clit until I felt like she could take a little more. I let the tip of my tongue find her click and let it trace right over it. Not a flick, but more of a small lick. She seemed to enjoy it and I wanted to see what she could handle. I took my left hand and started to pull up the hood of her clit back and held it down with a little pressure on her mound. I let my tongue lick right beside her clit and began to increase the speed and pressure. She was in heaven. I could tell it wouldn’t get her to orgasm, but I didn’t want her to at that moment.

Then with my right hand I traced the opening to her vaginal canal. She felt it, but was still enjoin the attention her clit was getting. I pressed against the opening as if not to go in, but just let her feel the pressure of my finger on the opening.

I could almost hear the silent whisper, “Please put that inside me.” She never said it, but I could hear it in her moans and sighs, and I let the very tip of my finger penetrate the opening. It did not take much effort. I only let my finger go in until I saw it was to about the very first knuckle from the top. I pulled that out and slid it back in as I felt her pussy squeeze around the small target I had given it. It would get something much more filling soon.

I started to slide the finger in and out more and more rapidly, her pussy clenched happily with it and I could tell she and her pussy wanted more, I happily obliged. I let my finger slide all the way into her, and left it there for a moment. Then I swiftly slid it out and pressed inside again. Only this time, once my full finger was inside of her I pressed towards her bellybutton and found the G-spot. It wasn’t very hard to find. After all, it had been waiting for attention. I put pressure on it with one finger and then slid out again. Only to return with two fingers. Her pussy clenched around them, and I could see that she was really enjoying herself.

I let both fingers press on her g-spot, and curled my fingers up as I retracted them almost to the entrance of her pussy, and them quickly put them back in. I made sure to hit the g-spot as many times as possible. I wanted to know if I could get her to do something special, and I only knew one way to find out.

I picked up a very quick cadence to thrusting my fingers inside of her and then placed my hungry mouth back on her clit as I flicked it to try to shorten the amount of time to her first orgasm of the day.

Then suddenly, It happened. Her pussy began to push back and as I pulled out my fingers a small amount of liquid squirted out of her and onto the paper towels I had set down earlier when planning this spot. I had found the something special.

“Your a squirter?” I asked rhetorically.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Never, güvenilir bahis siteleri it’s exciting to me.”

We both smiled at each other, and I leaned down to let my lips and tongue explore her post-orgasmic pussy. The aroma was intoxicating. I lifted up and started to pull off my clothes, she was happy to sit there and watch.When I got to my boxers she saw the bulge in my pants and her eyes went wide. When I pulled them off she sat up and reached for my dick.

“It feels big. My last guy was seven inches, but it wasn’t thick like this.”

She began to slowly pump her hand back and forth on the shaft of my dick. It’s true that I’m no seven or eight inches, but I do have something to make up for it. As with all men I had measured myself, I was right at six inches long, but about five and one-quarter inches around. I felt about average, and with what a thick dick does to a pussy, I’ve never had complaints.

“I want you so bad,” Kaitlyn said. In our drunken lust, It seemed to me almost poetic the way she said it.

I reached into the side pocket of her purse, I knew she carried a condom or two with her. I quickly rolled in on while I put my face back onto her pussy. She didn’t seem to mind the stalling tactic.

I stood up and trailed my fingers down her chest to her stomach and wrapped my hands around her legs as I pushed them into the air and spread her open. Her knees bent and her feet brushed against my sides. I put my dick right over her and let the tip slide over her entire slit. I pressed the tip into her and her pussy happily grabbed the end of my cock and asked for more.

As I slowly pressed a little more in, I let my left hand press on her mound, and sat my right finger on her clit, rubbing it very softly. I slowly led the rest of my dick inside of her, and instead of pulling it out, I let both of my very wet fingers play with her clit. Her pussy started to contract around my dick and I knew she was close to orgasm. I kept going until I knew she was about to burst and pressed my dick hard into her. She came right at that moment, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. As I slowly pulled my dick out of her, small drops of her pleasure trickled down.

She was in heaven, but I wasn’t about to end there. I wanted to make sure she had at least one more before I had my orgasm. I leaned over and kissed her, and she pulled me as close as she could to me and kissed me passionately. As we continued kissing, I pushed my dick slowly all the way inside her and almost all the way out, making sure to give her as full of a thrust as I could. She looked to be enjoying herself.

It was about then that the lights came on.

She didn’t care and neither did I. I lifted up and began to let my strokes go as deep as I could and all the way out to where I was able to let the tip go inside of her over and over. It was hard to keep control, but it was worth it to see her biting her lip and her eyes closing tight in pleasure.

I stopped that tease and started to speed up my thrusts and work on getting her off the old fashioned way. As I went back and forth I reached up and pulled slightly on her nipple. She moaned enthusiastically. I was hitting home runs on guessing what she would like. I began to feel her pussy pushing back harder. She was just about to go over the edge. I squeezed her breast as I thrusted deep into her and began to slightly quicken my pace, and then as she started to cum…the phone rang. She was only able to savor the orgasm for a moment before she said, “Go get that please, hurry.”

I pulled out and ran into the front of the office and grabbed the phone. She started talking as she sat up on the table and I pushed her onto her back and guided my dick back into her. She gave me a look from hell, but I thought it was exciting. I went slow and watched her eyes, but I’m sure the person on the other line never knew she was having sex. She looked up at me when she finished the call and I decided to let myself go and finish this off. It was time for my pleasure. It wouldn’t be long before the calls came flooding in.

I leaned over her looking her straight into the eye and smiled as I felt her tighten around me. I continued to go back and forth. It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tingle rising up, but instead of pushing it back, I welcomed it. The natural feeling of pleasure from a man cumming inside a woman was something fantastic. Sadly, I had never felt it without a condom, but as I came, it felt wonderful. Everything in my body suddenly tensed and released and I felt a shudder go down my back.

She looked up at me and with an almost wicked smile on her face, leaned up and kissed me with all the passion of the first forbidden kiss.

Well, we both had things to do, the power was on and she had to go back to work, and I had a few more errands to run. When I went to leave I looked back at her from the door and the spark in her eye almost made me want to take her again, but that, my dear reader, is another story.

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