Şubat 28, 2024

A Christmas Wish…

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After a perfect relaxing Christmas day, with the kids fast asleep – and staying that way – I’m lying in a hot bath while you’re dozing in front of the telly – as you do!

The hot water always makes my pussy throb and tonight is no exception. Eyes half closed I let one hand pinch my nipples hard, making me gasp and bite my lower lip slightly as the other hand dips below the water to trail slow languid circles over my swollen clit.

Remembering the special wake up call you gave me this morning I start to get an idea…

The red wine going to my head a little and feeling horny as fuck I sneak out of the bathroom as quietly as I can, into the bedroom to get dressed for you.

I put on a tight black basque with suspenders and fishnets, pulling the top down so my breasts are on show.

Fastening the buckle of the black leather collar, the silver chains brushing my skin over my chest, I pinch my nipples hard, then tighten the clamps attached to the chains round them till they just start to hurt a little.

I try to ignore how wet I’m getting and try to stop my fingers wandering as I am saving that for you.

I slip on some killer high heals and paint my nails dark red, plus some sluttish makeup to make sure I look good for you.

You’re still dozing when I creep into the living room, but that’s perfect, I have one more Christmas surprise for you…

Being careful not to disturb you (yet) I kneel between your legs and snuggle up close to you. Nuzzling your neck I run my lips over your skin softly, letting my warm breath caress you gently and I kiss and nibble your neck and chin.

You stir just slightly, even open your eyes the tiniest bit, but with a little smile you settle down again utterly content and not really aware yet of what is happening.

Part of you has noticed though and I feel your cock swelling just beneath where my breasts are resting. I work my boobs over the growing bulge, teasing and tempting it further.

I sit back a little and let my hands wander down over your chest and stomach, then up your inner thighs, finally running my hands over your cock through you jeans.

At the first bahis firmaları sign of you waking up I pull your cock out and slowly trace my tongue up from base to tip. Swirling my tongue gently round the head I take my time, enjoying the taste of you.

I’ve always loved teasing you like this, sucking your gorgeous cock.

Wrapping the fingers of one hand around you , the other hand stroking my soaking pussy I seal my soft lips round you, my tongue still rolling around the head as I start to suck, softly for now…

Licking your cock all over till it’s nearly as wet as my tingling pussy, I suck harder, moving my mouth further down your now rock hard cock with every stroke. My hand squeezes slightly as I slide it up and down the length of you, my mouth following the same rhythm.

I pull my hand away to let me take more of you into my mouth, loving the pressure at the back of my mouth as my lips get nearer the base.

Running my tongue up and down the underside of your throbbing cock I relax my throat and slide my mouth right down to the base, looking up just in time to stare into your eyes as you wake up properly.

Twisting my head a little from side to side as I slide my mouth off you cock for a moment to whisper ‘Merry Christmas.’

I smile at you. Before you can even reply I suck you back into my mouth, harder now, wrapping my lips tightly around you and sliding them faster along your cock while my fingers carry on massaging my clit hard.

With your fingers twisted into my hair you push my head down, working your cock deeper into my mouth, harder. I pull back a little and give you a teasing smile.

Pulling on my hair you drag me up and kiss me hard, sucking my top lip into your mouth. Moaning against your lips I feel a sudden sharp pain which sends shocks down to my soaked pussy as you find the chains and tug the nipple clamps.

Straddling your hips I climb onto the sofa on top of you, pulling your t-shirt off over your head.

With one hand behind your neck and the other stroking the side of your face I kiss you again. Gently nibbling your bottom lip and darting my tongue in and out of your mouth. kaçak iddaa I run my fingers down your neck and over your shoulders, dragging my nails softly over your skin, then down you chest and lower… wrapping my fingers round you again, stroking your cock teasingly.

Taking my hands, lacing your fingers between mine you push me back onto the sofa on my back and push your body between my legs. You kiss me briefly, your lips trailing lots of small kisses over my chin, my neck, down over my shoulders and gently over my soft smooth boobs.

Tugging on the chains again, you tease, flicking your tongue over the tips of my nipples. I moan out loud at this, feeling my pussy grow even wetter.

Sitting yourself up, you look into my eyes as you grab my thighs and spread my legs wide. I’m trembling as you run your hot tongue over the soft skin inside my thighs and suck and nibble my smooth pussy lips.

Your breath on my wet skin makes me shiver and I’m aching to feel your tongue exploring me.

I’m writhing against your face as you so slowly roll your tongue over my clit. I can’t help the little sighs and moans escaping my lips as you drive me crazy.

Pushing my legs up towards my chest you run your tongue lower, tasting me as you tease my pussy with your tongue. Then lower, massaging my tight arsehole with your tongue.

My reaction says it all and you push a finger into my wet pussy, working it in and out making me squirm.

You flick your tongue over my throbbing clit as you pull your finger out of my pussy and start working it into my tight arse. Sliding your finger in and out of me faster as I relax you suck my clit into your mouth.

My hands are in you hair, holding you against me, you feel sooooo good and I never want it to stop but I am so close to cumming.

Flicking your tongue quickly on my clit you feel my arse squeezing your finger as I moan and cum hard on your tongue. You suck and kiss me gently and slowly pull your finger out as I calm down.

As I catch my breath you hook your finger through the metal ring on the collar and pull me to my feet.

Kissing me hard as your hands grab and kaçak bahis stroke my body you turn me around so I am knelt on the floor, bent over the sofa.

Coming up behind me you take off the rest of your clothes and kneel between my spread legs, your cock rubbing against my soaking pussy.

Grabbing my hips in both hands you slide your hard cock quickly inside my tight pussy, stretching me.

I jump and cry out, but push back against you, needing to feel you deep inside me. You bring one hand up and grab my hair, pulling slightly as you slide your cock almost all the way out before slamming it hard into me again. You fuck me hard and slow, driving me insane like this.

I start to push back on you faster, and harder, wanting more, wanting to cum again. You let go of my hair and grab my hips, fucking me deep and hard.

Dipping one finger into my pussy to get it wet you slowly work it into my arse again then start finger fucking my arse as you fuck my tight pussy hard.

The nipple clamps are rubbing and catching on the sofa, my nipples aching and tingling at the same time.

I’m so close now, I’m gonna cum hard on your cock. My pussy squeezes your cock sooooo tightly as I cum hard, every nerve ending in my body on fire.

You pull your finger from my arse and grab my hips roughly, fucking faster and harder, getting carried away; starting to lose it.

I can already feel that I’m gonna cum again and I slip a hand between my legs to rub my clit fast, needing that release again.

I’m on the verge of another orgasm and I hear you whispering “fuck, I’m gonna cum” and that pushes me over the edge. Just as my body spasms around your cock again you push into me so hard as you lose it, filling my tight little pussy with your cum.

After a few moments we’re sat next to one another on the floor, just relaxing.

I reach down to loosen the clamps and take them off. My nipples are swollen and red and burn and tingle like hell after I removed the clamps. I rub them gently then pull you to me, wanting you to kiss and suck them better softly.

They are so sensitive now that every contact send shocks to my pussy. I guide your hand between my thighs, letting your fingers tease me to another gentle climax before relaxing into your arms.

I smile as I look up and say to you, “as I said, Merry Christmas Honey, I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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