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A Chance for a Change Ch. 08

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I finished work early the following day as I had arranged to meet Kim for coffee that afternoon. The sun was shining so I sat outside and waited for my best friend to arrive.

The smile on Kim’s face as I watched her walk up the street was a picture. I was a bit nervous meeting her after the events of the previous weekend, but she immediately put me at ease.

“Well aren’t you just the perfect slut?” She laughed as she sat down to join me. “Steve literally can’t stop talking about you.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I brushed her comment off and went to order our coffee. “So tell me everything.” She said with a beaming smile as I returned with our drinks. “How was he?”

“Who Steve? Oh.. like.. Wow.” I said honestly. “I can’t believe you’re even considering breaking up with that guy.”

“Oh, I’m not sure I am now, we’ve had the most fantastic week since I let him fuck you.” She said. “It’s kind of rejuvenated our relationship.

“Glad I could be of help.” I smiled. ” I heard you shagging as I left the other morning.”

“Did you indeed? You should have joined us babe.” Said Kim with a naughty look on her face. “So how did Scott take it, I hope you told him!?”

“Oh I told him, and he took it rather well, in fact he’s even letting me go out on a date tonight, with that guy Lee, from the bar.” I said, with a strange excitement.

“Shit.” She replied with more of a shocked expression that I’d imagined. “So you’re actually going on a date with another guy. Well he was kind of hot I suppose.”

We talked for a while, Kim told me that she and Steve wanted a repeat of the previous weekend and that we should all meet up. “Your Scott would be blown away watching Steve stick his piece into you.” She laughed. I had to agree.

“Ok I’m game.” I said. “Scott and I are going to a spa hotel for the weekend next month, we’ve booked a sweet, you should join us, for one of the nights at least!”

“Sounds like a plan.” Kim smiled. “Steve will be thrilled.”

Later that evening I was in our bedroom, getting ready for my date, when Scott came in. I was stood naked in front of the full length mirror, about to try on some underwear.

“Ah, there you are.” I said with a naughty smile on my face. “Just in time to help me pick out what underwear I’m going to wear tonight.”

Scott advised me to wear a sexy, matching red bra and panties. He said I should apply red lip stick to go with them, along with my red hair. I was to wear a black top and short skirt. It was a little shorter than I’d have chosen for a first date, but my husband insisted I wore it as it was one of his favourites.

“I’ve been thinking.” I said, looking into my husbands eyes. “As you’re into this so much, it would be a shame for me to have all the fun and you not get to witness any of it.”

“Okay, I’m listening.” He said, taking a deep breath.

“Well, you know our weekend away, next month, the one for us to fuck like rabbits all weekend.”

“Of course.” He replied eagerly. “I can’t wait for it.”

“Well I kind of invited Kim and Steve along.”

“Oh.. shit.” He said, looking a little flustered. “Wow.”

“That’s ok isn’t it?” I replied, putting my arms round Scott and giving him the puppy http://www.izmirlitv.com/ dog eyes. “You’ll be able to watch me with another man for the first time. If you think you’re ready!”

“Okay. I think I’m ready, but there have to be ground rules.” He said.

“We’ll discuss ground rules later, for now I need to get ready for my hot date tonight, now go and fix me a drink cuck boy.” I said seductively.

I thought it would be wise and also kind of hot to get Scott to drop me off for my date. He was happy about this as he knew where I’d be.

“What if I come into the bar anonymously and watch you flirting with him?” Scott said as we were on our way. I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not.

“If you think you can handle it.” I said, “but don’t get all weird if we suddenly start making out.” Scott didn’t answer me.

We sat in silence for a good few minutes, when Scott asked nervously “So are you going to fuck him tonight then?”

I honestly didn’t know the answer to that, I mean it all depended on the attraction and whether I got that kind of vibe from him. But I answered Scott honestly. “Well I’m not going on a date with him as a friend am I?” I said sarcastically. “I’m not looking to get into a relationship with him, romantically I mean.”

“I guess not.” Scott said.

“I’m doing this purely for the thrill of possibly fucking a hot guy and coming home to tell you all about it.”

“So you think he’ll instigate sex?” Scott said.

I put my hand on Scott’s lap as he was driving. “I hope so.” I said. “Is that ok with you, if not you better say now.”

Scott paused for a second. “Yes it’s ok with me, as long as I know you’re safe.” He said supportively.

“I’ll keep texting you throughout the night, plus you have that app on your phone that shows my whereabouts if you need to use it.”

Scott nodded and held my hand affectionately. “I love you.” He said.

“I love you too, more than anything. Just remember that and enjoy thinking about what naughty things I may be up to, rather than worrying.” I said squeezing his hand tightly.

Scott pulled up outside the bar where I was meeting Lee. I kissed him goodbye and headed inside, giving him a subtle flash of my arse as I stepped out of the car.

I was nervous as hell as I walked inside. I noticed Lee sitting at a table alone. He was as hot as I remembered so I breathed a sigh of relief. Although I couldn’t help noticing that he looked quite a bit younger than me.

I hadn’t asked his age, to be honest it wasn’t something I’d thought about. He was more clean shaven than the week before, which showed off his boyish good looks.

Lee stood up to greet me, giving me a kiss as he did so. “Hello again.” He said. “You look stunning.”

“Thanks” I said nervously. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

The flirting began straight away and I could tell there was definitely a mutual attraction. Lee got me a drink and we made small talk. He was easy to talk to and I found myself telling him more about myself than I had planned.

After a couple of drinks the conversation turned to relationships. I told him that I was separated from my husband, but it was complicated so I didn’t want to get into anything serious.

I didn’t want the guy thinking I was girlfriend material or anything, but I also didn’t want him knowing the truth as I’m guessing most guys would run a mile with that kind of information.

It transpired that he didn’t want to get into anything serious either, he’d just gotten out of a long term relationship.

I told him I had kids and that I was approaching forty, then he told me he was only twenty-eight.

“Oh shit.” I said, a little shocked. “You’re so young.”

“Yes.” He said “And you’re a fucking MILF.”

“Really?” I said. “Thanks. Although I want to hear you tell me exactly what MILF stands for.” I said seductively sipping my drink through a straw. I obviously knew the answer to that, I just wanted to hear it coming from his lips.

“Mum I’d like to fuck.” He said, looking at me seriously.

My pussy tingled with excitement at hearing him say those words. “How about MYSF.” I said, sipping my drink seductively again.

“Okay.” Said Lee, a little puzzled. “I haven’t heard that one.”

“Mum you shall fuck.” I said, feeling as slutty as ever.

Lee beamed. “Wow.” He said “you don’t mess about.”

“I don’t believe in being coy.” I said. “Like I said i’m thirty-nine, newly single and game for a laugh, no strings attached.”

I was happy that I’d basically layed it on he table that I was ‘fair game’ so to speak. That I was only really interested in him sexually, he seemed happy with that.

“First though, let’s get drunk.” I said, getting up and grabbing my purse. “What are you drinking?”

After a few more drinks I was feeling tipsy enough to suggest we dance, I grabbed his arm and led him to the dance floor. “Okay, you better not ditch me here this time.” I said jokingly, referring to the week before when

he had to leave in the middle of our dance, leaving me horny as hell.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He said, leaning in to kiss me. I think it was the fact that I’d been so open with him that made me feel even more horny and nervous than on our first meeting. I had butterflies in my tummy from the anticipation of what might happen.

Lee held me close as we danced and I looked into his deep brown eyes, god he was handsome. I felt like a cougar or something, being eleven years his senior.

We kissed again and I felt the same bulge in his pants I’d felt the previous week which made me weak at the knees. I was dying to find out how it measured up to Steve’s, ‘surely it couldn’t be as big?’ I wondered.

I took a breath and let my hand wander down to his crotch to cop a feel. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. The dance floor was quite busy, but everyone was having a good time and I don’t think anyone was paying attention to us, so I unzipped his fly and put my hand inside his trousers.

I slowly worked his member up and down with my hand as subtly as I could while we held each other close. I kept looking around to see if we were being watched and I noticed a man casually leaning against a wall, looking in our direction. It was my husband Scott.

‘Fuck’ I thought for a second. ‘What is he doing here?’ I must have stopped what I was doing because Lee asked if everything was ok. “Yes I said, everything is fine.” And I continued to stroke him beneath his clothes.

I looked over Lee’s shoulder at my husband as I worked his member “are you ok?” I mouthed. He just held his glass up and smiled as if to usher me to continue, I wondered how long he’d been watching.

Lee’s hand began to wander over my breasts and south toward my arse, I felt him lift up my skirt and cop a feel of my butt cheeks.

After a while he suggested we go somewhere more private. So we headed upstairs and found a booth in which to sit. I looked around and noticed my husband coyly following us.

Then Lee excused himself to go to the toilet, predictability my husband took this opportunity to come over. “Fuck you’re so hot and slutty.” He said “So are you going to fuck him?”

“It would appear so.” I said, “He doesn’t live far from here, so I’m hoping he’s going to invite me back to his.

“What about protection?” Scott asked.

“Don’t worry, I have condoms.” I said “Although I didn’t use them last week.” I chuckled.

“But I think you should this week babe.” Scott said in a worried tone “I mean you don’t know him.”

“I’ll decide that thank you,” I said sternly “Now go away Scott. Lee will be back any second and you’ll blow my chances of fucking him.”

“Sorry.” My husband said submissively. I’ll keep out of it, and he slumped back off to find a seat at the bar.

As soon as Lee arrived back I jumped on him, not literally, but I started making out with him more confidently so my husband could see. I was pissed off at Scott for interfering to be honest. If he wants so much to be a cuckold and he’s willing to let me do this, then it’s going to be on my terms, not his.

In fact it made me think that I didn’t want Lee to fuck me with a condom, I was on the pill and the thought of making Scott lick another mans cum out of me was making me hornier by the second. Then I had an idea that I wanted to fuck Lee in front of my husband.

“I want you inside me.” I said to Lee as we made out.

“Okay, shall we go back to mine?” He suggested.

“No, I want you now.” I said sticking my tongue down his throat. “You’re clean right, I mean you don’t have any STI’s or anything?”

“Fuck no.” He said “what would you ask that?”

“Because I don’t like condoms.” I said bluntly. Before leading him downstairs and out of a back entrance to the bar.

It was a warm night and the street behind the bar was quiet. I noticed a place behind a parked car and I pushed Lee up against a wall and started fumbling for his penis.

“God this is hot.” He said as I dropped to my knees and pulled his stiffening cock from his fly, whilst looking around to see if my husband was about.

I was hoping Scott had managed to locate us, I was largely doing it for his benefit after all. I decided to give Scott as much time o find us as he needed, so I took Lee’s cock in my mouth slowly.

I guess he was nearly as big as Steve, so much bigger than Scott of course. I licked him from his helmet to his balls, studying his the length in the dim street lights.

Then I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye, standing still in the darkness. ‘If it isn’t my husband then some stranger is going to get a hell of a show’ I thought to myself as I sunk Lee’s impressive erection into my slutty little mouth…

To be continued…

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