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A Chance Encounter

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This is my first story on this website and I hope you’ll like it. This happened about 15 years ago. The names have been changed to protect the identities.


Internet chatting was at its full flow back then. I had just gotten the hang of it and always logged in to yahoo chat rooms to have some fun chats with people from across the globe. I generally hung around in the Mumbai chat room to find girls from close by. Mostly things would last for as long as one chat and back then having a mobile phone was considered a luxury. Luckily I had one of those first nokia phones the sturdy 3310. Most of the girls were hesitant to give out their numbers due to privacy concerns and also India is primarily considered a sex starved nations. This rule applied to the metros as well.

This one fine day things were pretty dud in the chat room and soon guys started chatting to each other. I was chatting along with this one guy who shared a similar wavelength as mine. We got chatting and in minutes we were good chat buddies. From him I learnt that he had been lucky with quite a few number of girls in real life as well as online. Since I was relatively amateur in that department, I asked him if he could share a few tips with me. He went ahead and did me one better. He told me about this girl he met online who was “one hell of a horny chick”. These were his words. He said that they met in real soon and ended up making out in the first meet itself. I was pretty impressed on hearing this since these are/were big things back home. Girls were generally not that up front back in the day. He gave me her chat ID and shared a pic of hers. She looked pretty hot .He also told me things that I needed to know before messaging her. Her name was Priya.

I instantly added her on my yahoo messenger during the afternoon. It was about 8-9 in the night later when I logged in and saw some offline messages from her. She had added me back and was on invisible mode. I replied to her messages and she instantly replied back. Soon we had introduced ourselves and when she asked me how I got her ID, I just said that she had given it to me in a chat room some days back and I had forgotten to add her until now. That’s generally a safe bet. She was a mallu girl and had those sexy eyes that most south indian girls possess. She shared the same pic with me which earlier that day my friend had sent me. We did not have any mushy chats on day 1. We chatted 3-4 days more when the topic deviated towards sex. She pushed it there and not me. I was just being the nice guy here or trying to act like one. Remember how amateur I said I was.

Soon we decided to meet on a Saturday evening. I was kinda nervous of how things would go. I did bahis firmaları not even have her number. She told me that she didn’t have a mobile phone and would contact me from a PCO when she reaches the spot. We met outside Andheri railway station mc donalds. She was a sight. Her eyes were sexy and beautiful luscious lips that could swallow you at once. She had a nice body accentuated in the right places. We took a rickshaw and went to Juhu beach. We sat next to each other and chatted. My friend had told me that you should not waste time with her and she will be up for it on the first meet itself. So I proceeded to kiss her but she moved her head down. Strike one. This time I held her hands and stood facing her while she was on a seat and moved slowly to kiss her. Soon her lips gripped mine like a storm and she kissed me like I had never been kissed before. She sucked my lips while her tongue explored me. I was so inexperienced in front of her but I was enjoying this like I had not enjoyed anything before. I hands were holding her waist tightly. She broke the kiss after some time to have a breather. We shared another kiss after some time and this time I participated in a better way than before. I was rock hard and my hands were now holding her butts. After a while we departed and I dropped her at the station and went my way. I could not get her out of my mind for the next few days. It’s not that she was the first girl I kissed but I had not kissed anyone that experienced before. I wanted to meet her again.

We continued chatting and from now on the chats got a bit more sexual and physical. Soon one evening we planned to meet at borivali station. I asked a few friends which is a good make out spot in borivali and most told me that sanjay Gandhi national park was a nice spot for couples. So we took an auto and went to the national park. On the way she looked at me like a hungry lioness and soon our lips were wrestling each other. My hands went inside her kameez and I could feel her soft breasts and firm nipples. I moved down and took her right nipple in my mouth and devoured it. I don’t know how much of it the auto driver could see in his rear view mirror. In ten minutes we were at national park and we entered the main gate.

Soon we hiked to a nice lonely spot and saw that not many were around since it was fast approaching shutdown time. I sat on a stone while she sat in my lap holding my waist in her legs and we were kissing each other. My tongue explored her sweet mouth while my hands squeezed her buttocks. She then lifted her kameez and pulled my face to her breasts. I moved my hands inside and unhooked her bra. She pulled my head with sheer force to her nipples. God those were the sweetest tits I had ever tasted. kaçak iddaa My tongue moved in circular motions around her nipples while my teeth played with the circumference of her areolas. She moaned as I licked her boobs. My other hand caressed her other breast, pinching her nipples softly. She pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me softly as our tongues exchanged fluids. We looked around to see if we are being watched but could not see anyone close by. There was another couple at some distance who was seated and had their backs towards us. We continued what we were doing.

I moved my head lower again licking her navel and softly biting it. She let out a gasp. My hands moved towards her inner thighs and I spread them softly. She looked at me like she wanted me between her legs. I loosened the knot of her salwar and lowered it from her waist to her knees. She was wearing silk clad panties and the moistness was pretty evident on the tip near her crotch. I could smell her juices right away. I slowly inserted my index finger at first. It slid in with utmost ease with the amount of lubrication her juices had brought to her love hole. She moaned loudly. By now we didn’t care if we were being watched or not. The darkness was beginning to set in. I slid her panties down and looked at her pussy with utmost awe. It was smooth, wet and clean. The moistness was making it glow in the light of the setting sun. I moved up and softly kissed her lips while my two fingers entered her. She let out a soft moan in my mouth. Her saliva was beginning to flow inside my mouth now. She gripped my arms tightly while I finger fucked her slowly. She whispered in my ears to fuck her.

Instead I now started moving my fingers faster in a clockwise motion and then again changing it to anti clockwise. My fingers explored her vagina exploring her velvety depths which were moist and warm with her love juices. I moved down from her lips stopping at her breasts, taking each nipple in my mouth and biting them softly. I continued my descent downwards and bit her navel and kissed it lovingly licking around her abdomen area. Now I was facing her sex lips. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, spreading them to gain more access to her sex. I looked up at her and she had the look of desperation. She motioned me to dive in. I wanted to tease her further now. I started licking her inner thighs moving very close to her pussy but making sure there was no contact between my lips and hers. Her hands gripped head to pull me in but I resisted. I couldn’t help but smile. The smell of her juices was intoxicating me at the same time. It was difficult to stay away from tasting them for so long.

I continued kissing her thighs and then softly and slowly licked her clit kaçak bahis briefly. She let out a huge gasp and her juices were steadily flowing to her thighs by now. I loved the taste of them. I did a few more flicks to raise her anticipation further. I brought her to the brink of orgasm with my teasing game and when the iron was at its hottest, I hit the hammer. Our lips met and I moved my tongue all over her mound. It all tasted like heaven. She came instantly trying her best to suppress her moan but I was too lost to care how loud she screamed. I have been blessed with two long assets, the other one is my tongue. I penetrated her and stretched it as far as it could go inside her like I was going to be awarded some prize for it. She pulled my hair as I took her to ultimate levels of ecstasy. She told me to fuck her instantly. I unzipped my jeans and turned her around with her hands resting on the rock she was earlier seated on. I pushed my other ‘long’ asset inside her. I didn’t need to push much actually. The moment I brought it close to her hole, there was some kind of warm wet gravitational force which took me in with utmost ease. She let out a huge moan and now it was my turn to moan as well.

I started entering her slowly as my manhood reached her depths. I moved my hand ahead and started rubbing her clit while my cock ventured into her back and forth. The tension inside was beginning to build up and I was about to explode soon. I told her that I was going to cum. She immediately turned and bent and took my cock in her mouth and looked up at me as if giving the sign to go ahead. I held her face as I mouth fucked her letting out a huge groan while I spurted my thick gooey cum inside her soft wet mouth. I groaned like a wild animal while I ejected jets of fluid in her mouth. She drank it all in like it were some sweet drink. We both immediately collapsed onto each other. It was pretty dark by now and reality dawned upon us that we could be caught by the local police or something. We quickly cleaned ourselves up and drank some water and moved out of there. I dropped her to the railway station and went my way. I will never forget that evening in my entire life.

Priya was a mystery. She had also never given me her contact number. All I knew was her full name. Also those were the days when even orkut was not launched so forget facebook. As much as she enjoyed that evening, she did not want to meet me after that. I realized she had a boyfriend or something like that and was just looking for some fun on the sides and nothing serious. Maybe at some point during our chats I did give her the feeling that I am getting serious about her and maybe that put her on the back foot. Honestly, I was beginning to like her. I was naïve back then but this was going to be the first chapters of many in my life which were going to turn my journey from a saint to a sinner.

PS: I did manage to meet Priya again. More details on that in later stories.

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