Nisan 24, 2024

A Cemetery Affair Pt. 01

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I pulled into the cemetery at dawn. Shaking from nerves, I looked over and saw him. He was tall, 6’4″ at least, covered in tattoos, and built like a professional wrestler. We met online two weeks prior over a shared interest in photography, cemeteries, and abandoned places.

As I drove up behind his truck, he began walking toward me. I got out, camera bag slung across my back, and a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Instead of a hug or a handshake, he slid my gear off my arm, placing it gently on the ground, and lifted me onto the hood of my SUV. My 5′, 130-pound body could not have stopped it if I tried. Without saying a word, he grabbed a handful of my long, loose hair, pulled my head back, and kissed my neck.

We had been together in person for less than a minute, and I could already feel myself getting wet from the feel of his mouth and cheeks on my skin. After what felt like hours, his lips touched mine, and I felt his massive hands slide under the back of my shirt. He pulled me closer to him, all the while kissing my neck and chest.

Without thinking, my hands made their way to his belt. Soon, I had his quickly hardening cock wrapped between my fingers. His hands were now inside of my leggings, pushing their way into the warmth of my pussy. It was slippery, I could feel that much, canlı bahis and his fingers were so large that I could feel each knuckle as they entered me.

We were alone in the oldest and most isolated part of the cemetery. Angel statues and weather-worn headstones were all we could see. I finally wiggled my way between the hood of my vehicle and his giant body. As my feet hit the gravel driveway, I pushed his pants down. His dick was hard, huge, and now in my mouth. I could hear him let out a moan, and I knew he enjoyed having a stranger’s tongue caressing his bare flesh. I sucked his dick for just a few moments before he picked me up, spun me around, and guided me to my knees on the ground a few feet away.

I heard his belt buckle clink on itself as he also made his way to the grass. I pushed my leggings to my knees and bent over in anticipation. There was no teasing and no romance when he shoved himself in me from behind. I know I let out a little squeal. With one hand holding my hips, his other made its way to my clit. His fingers were soon dripping in my juices. I felt my head jerk back suddenly, and then his wet fingers were in my mouth. He bent down and whispered, “Can you taste yourself on me?”

We fucked for a good 10 minutes before I felt one final thrust and, then the throbbing that could bahis siteleri only mean that he came. He bent forward, pressing his chest against my back. I felt a small kiss on the head before the pressure eased. He was standing up, and I followed suit.

Once we had our clothing back into place, he said, “So you’re Danielle? I’m Mark. That was so fucking hot.” “Yes, it was, ” I replied, “and the most excitement I’ve ever had.”

We spent the next hour shooting pictures of gravestones and crypts in the light of the rising sun. He was the most talented person I had ever met, and I clung onto every word when he spoke of composition, lighting, and artistry. As the sun got too harsh to get a good image, we put our gear away, locked our vehicles, and walked hand in hand through the shadows of the graves and the old growth of the canopy above. He was nearly 15 inches taller than me and clearly outweighed me by 200 pounds. Physically, he was everything I ever wanted a man, everything my husband was not.

We found a hidden corner and sat down in the still dew-covered grass. He laid back to watch the clouds wisp by. I took that as the perfect opportunity to get him hard once again. I rubbed my hand on his pants and then felt his bulge get bigger and bigger. His belt was still unbuckled from before, so I unbuttoned bahis şirketleri his pants and took the entirety of his manhood into my mouth. I felt it choking me at the back of my throat.

I could not take it much longer, he could tell. He told me to ride him, so I took off one flip-flop and one side of my leggings and climbed on top of him. I took his dick even deeper this time, and it felt like pain and ecstasy all at the same time. At first, I thought I would be in control. I was wrong. He sat up unexpectedly as I was moving my hips back and forth, and then he flipped me over onto my back. I felt a rock bury itself into my ass as he pushed himself into me. He was the largest man I had ever met in every way, and he had my legs open. I was completely exposed.

He pulled himself out of me before he came. As I wondered what, exactly, he was up to, I closed my eyes, just for a second. It was then that I felt his tongue on my clit. He slowly licked my pussy until my back was arched in climax. I told him to stop, and half-heartedly tried to move my legs over to one side, but he wasn’t done with me. He ate me until I felt the flood of warmth and endorphins of a second orgasm, which had never happened in my bedroom at home.

He finally returned to his back, and I sat on top of his still pulsing dick. It did not take long for him to cum inside of me again. When he did, I could feel my nerves lessening, and knew then that this was not a one-off fuck. We were meant to meet, and I was meant to let him know all of my secrets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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