Nisan 13, 2024

A Black Princess in Canada

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I love Black men. They’re so amazing. And they come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. I like them all because I’ve tried them all. Tall, lean and athletic, dark-skinned Brothers. Short, stocky and hairy Brothers. Chubby Brothers with strong bodies and cute faces. Light-skinned and pale-eyed Brothers. Brothers with dreadlocks and beards. Bald Brothers. Brothers in suits. Brothers in overalls. Brothers in their birthday suits. Oh, yeah. They’re all mighty fine and I like them all. I gotta have myself a roll in the hay with a good-looking Black stud at least twice a week, seriously. If I don’t, then I experience a kind of withdrawal. It makes me extra bitchy and you really don’t want to see that. Trust me.

The name is Lilith Auvergne and I am a Black woman of Haitian descent who is slowly recovering from H.B.A.S. or Hot Brothers Addiction Syndrome. One in three Black women is afflicted with this Syndrome and there is currently no cure. I’m always prowling around for a hot Brother. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, though. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, curvy and sexy, with dark brown skin and long, neatly braided Black hair that’s all mine, thank you very much. I wear thick nerdy glasses but I’m still hot. My big, heart-shaped booty has all the boys licking their lips, folks. However, in spite of my sex appeal, I’ve got this geeky, sort of gal-next-door quality that makes most people, especially men, see me as harmless.

I am a first-year student at the University of Ottawa Law School by day and a Church freak in the weekends and evenings. That’s right. I’m a Deaconess at The True Gospel Church in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I simply love the Black Church. It’s the best place to find good-looking and well-hung sexy Black men. More reliable than the gym or the night club. It’s like shooting fish in a damn barrel. I wish Black guys knew this so more of them would come to church. There are more horny sluts in a Church than in a night club on any given weekend, folks. You heard it here first.

I met this sexy Brother named Adam Mercier while attending late night service three Sundays ago in Church. And he was fine as hell. He works as a Constable with the Ottawa Police Service. Hmm. Impressive. We don’t have a lot of Black police officers in the City of Ottawa. Most of the Black cops in the Confederation of Canada work in bigger cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary or Hamilton. I could just picture Adam looking all sexy in his police uniform. He stood over six feet tall, lean and muscular. Just the way I like them. I definitely wanted some of him. The problem is that he came into the Church with this annoying White chick named Eve Hampton or something. You know the type. She has a thousand questions about Black folks and Black things and Black customs and she’ll corner you until you answer them. I hate it when I see these type of White women with our finest Black men. Why can’t White sluts leave our Black men alone? The world is full of White guys so White chicks got plenty of choices. They don’t need to come into our community and steal what we have. Damn it.

I approached Adam, making myself all friendly like. One big mistake most of us Black women make is that we’re seen as a loud, bossy and angry bunch. Lately, our anger and bossiness has driven many of our Black men into the arms of those fake-smiling, giggly White chicks. And the sight of them together makes most of us simmer with anger. Sisters, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t lie. Well, I wanted to take Adam from Eve canlı bahis şirketleri and would stop at nothing to get my hooks into him. I don’t feel that way about every Brother I see with a White chick but lately, these White bitches have been stealing the cream of the crop. I did my homework on Adam. He has a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from York University. He’s good-looking, educated, smart and gainfully employed. That’s more than most Sisters can hope for when they meet a good-looking Black man. Yeah, I wanted him. Badly.

Adam was a Church guy. I could tell that just by looking at him. When I found out he used to attend Montclair Catholic Academy in the City of Toronto, I wasn’t a bit surprised. Like I said, I could smell the Church guy on him. Not all guys you see in Church are Church guys. Some are just prowling the Church for pussy. Real Church guys are rare. They’re usually kind of hot but also timid, which makes them fun to chase. Adam definitely fit into that category. He recently moved to the City of Ottawa from the town of Brampton near Toronto and he’s still getting used to the boring little capital of Canada. Ottawa is one of the Whitest towns in the Province of Ontario. I bet it’s making poor little Adam feel weird at times. The Black Church seemed like a safe haven for him. Too bad he got snagged by that White slut, Eve. I did my homework on Eve. She was an English national, and moved to Canada from the town of Galway two years ago. She was studying business at Carleton University. I found her annoying as hell. Just another one of those dumb White sluts with a case of Jungle Fever. I wish all White chicks on the planet would stick to White guys and leave our Black men alone, seriously. However, since my wish isn’t coming true anytime soon, I had to take matters into my own hands.

I decided to get to know Adam. As Deaconess of the Church, it was part of my job to make all newcomers feel welcome. You got no idea how much I want to make Adam feel welcome. I just want to rip his clothes off, kiss his sugary lips and suck his cock. However, I can’t do that just yet. I had to prepare the terrain, so to speak. Over the next week, I got to know Adam. Like me, he was of Haitian descent. He grew up in the City of Toronto. And he liked our church. Well, thank God for small favors. When I asked him about his parents, he proudly told me that his folks, Leonard and Alice Mercier, were retired and living in the Caribbean after decades spent working as Social Workers for the Canadian government. Well, that’s interesting.

I wanted to know him better. Most specifically, I wanted to know what he saw in Eve. She’s around five-foot-six, rail-thin, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her English accent is quite thick and she asks the most annoying questions about Black folks and Black culture. What the fuck is Black culture supposed to be? I’m of Haitian descent. I’ve got friends who are South African, Somalians, Afro-Cubans, Senegalese, Congolese, Afro-Brazilians and Kenyans. There is no universal Black culture. We’re a diverse bunch. We’re a melting pot. Adam was friendly and comfortable when talking to me. I took that as a good sign. See, Sisters? It pays to be nice to a Brother sometimes! Adam and I exchanged cell phone numbers and I added him on Facebook and Twitter. Slowly but surely, I inserted myself into his life. I told him he could come to me with anything. I became his confidante, his best friend and his ally. And he never suspected a thing. Am I good or what?

Before long, Adam was calling me all canlı kaçak iddaa the time. I guess he liked the sound of my voice. He often called me when he had some issues with Eve and wanted some advice from a feminine perspective. Naturally, I tried my best to be helpful…psych! Yeah, I am sorry to tell you this but my advice often landed Adam in hot water with Eve. And he was never the wiser. He was in pain and I hated to put him through that but if he is to be mine, there is no other way. I’ve got to break up his relationship with Eve. My plan seemed to be working because one day, Adam called me out of the blue and asked me to meet him inside the Food Court of Saint Laurent Mall, near downtown Ottawa.

I went there, wearing my red silk blouse and dark gray Capri pants, sans heels. I wore flats, not because I want to but I’m already five-foot-eleven. Adam is six-foot-one, and I really don’t want any uncomfortable moments. I went to the mall and searched for Adam. He wasn’t exactly hard to find. He’s the only hot Black guy sitting alone. All the other hot Black guys have ugly-looking White, Indian and Hispanic chicks with them. See what a Sister has to deal with in Ottawa? I greeted Adam with a hug and a smile. He hugged me, then we sat down to talk. He looked so sad that my heart nearly broke. We ordered some tea then I asked him what was wrong. He told me that he had a big fight with Eve. Upon hearing that, I tried hard not to smile.

Adam told me how Eve had gotten really abusive with him lately, accusing him of having an affair and of hiding things from her. Adam told me of his innocence, begging me to believe him. Gently I touched his arm. Of course I believed him. I’m the one who texted dear old Eve some really nasty things and also emailed her some even nastier things on her Yahoo and Facebook accounts. Yeah, I’m manipulative. So what? Don’t tell Adam! Pain stabbed through my heart, followed by intense anger when Adam told me that Eve smacked him during their last argument. I bristled with anger. What the hell? Who does this White slut think she is? She’s got no right to put her hands on a fine, decent Black man like Adam. If she does it again, she’s going to catch an old-fashioned beat-down from this Black woman!

I took Adam’s hands in mine and looked into his eyes. My own feelings surprised me. I felt remorse that my covert actions drove Eve to hurt Adam. I also felt anger at Eve for daring to hurt the man I considered to be rightfully mine. She’ll get hers, and soon, don’t worry. First, I had to mend Adam’s wounds, both psychologically and physically. He looked so wonderfully vulnerable. In a sullen voice, he told me that I was the only woman he trusted. My heart ached when I heard this, and guilt shot through me like lightning. I promised myself I’d make things right. Adam continued, telling me how his previous girlfriend, a Jamaican chick named Denise, left him for an African-American lawyer from Boston. This, three days after their engagement!

I bit my lips. Ouch. Adam’s last Black girlfriend stomped all over his heart and ran off with some Black guy from the States. Wow. Small wonder he ended up dating Eve. Black men usually start dating White women out of curiosity or because something went really wrong in a relationship with a Black woman. Well, I knew how to get Adam back on our side. I took his hand and brought it to my lips. Gently, I kissed his hand. Adam stared at me, stunned. I smiled and told him I had something to confess. And confess I did.

Now, don’t get it twisted. I told canlı kaçak bahis the truth but I didn’t confess anything incriminating. I told Adam that I wanted him from the moment I saw him walk into the church. Hell, my pussy gets moist just thinking about it. I’m just dying to give him some booty. Oh, yeah. One taste of my fine, heart-shaped bubble butt and he’ll forget all about Eve. I guarantee it. I didn’t tell him all that. Not yet. However, I told him that I cared for him deeply and wanted him. And truthfully I did. I think I might be in love with this guy. Adam listened to my confessions with wonder written all over his handsome face. I looked at him. He looked at me. He shook his head. My heart skipped a beat. Lord, I sure hope he doesn’t start laughing otherwise I might…Adam leaned over and kissed me.

And that’s how it all began. Folks, I happily helped Adam get over Eve. All he needed was a little bit of me, Lilith. The brother has a lot of passion in him, folks. He’d been in the Land of Vanilla land too long and Eve hadn’t known how to handle his truly Haitian passion. Well, this Chocolate Goddess of Haitian descent reminded him of what he’d been missing. That night, I took Adam home. And we didn’t leave my apartment for the next three days. We spent it hooking up, watching TV, making pottery, and hooking up. I’m happy to say that he’s all that and then some.

This brother has one of them truly gigantic pricks and he knows what to do with it, believe me. I’ve had that nine-inch, uncut and super thick dick of his in my mouth, pussy and ass. Oh yeah. I knelt before him and sucked his cock while stroking his balls until he came. Then I put a condom on his rod before riding him. He put me face down and ass up, fucking me from behind. I absolutely frigging loved it. While in that position, he took my ass. I spread my big butt cheeks wide open and waited patiently for him to lubricate me before sticking his rod up my ass. I’ve rarely done anal and I don’t do it with everyone. However, I really liked Adam and I wanted to please him. Plus his innocent-looking face just makes me want to do naughty things. Holding my hips tightly, he rams his cock into my ass. I fingered my pussy as he fucked me, loving this intense session we were having. We humped like sex was going out of style, folks. When all was said and done, we lay exhausted on my bed, tired as hell but feeling more alive than ever before.

And that’s how I got my groove back. I won Adam back for our side, my Sisters. He’s a good Black man with a hot and feisty Black woman by his side. We’re a couple now. The way it should be. A few days after we first hooked up, Eve came back to Adam’s place to apologize for being a ditz. I smacked the hell out of that annoying English bitch. For many reasons. Mainly because of what she did to Adam ( even though I was indirectly responsible, it’s still her fault) and also because of her annoying questions at Church. She ran off sobbing. I think she’s still got my handprint on her left cheek, I’m not sure. Adam and I are very happy together, folks.

His parents visited us from the Caribbean, and they were very pleasantly surprised to see me with him. Especially his doting mother, Alice Mercier. We have a lot in common. She’s a Haitian immigrant, and a University of Ottawa alumnus who fiercely loves her family. Alice never much cared for Eve, and I don’t blame her. I sense she’s a tough old witch who would do anything for the son she loves. That’s okay because I love Adam and I would do anything for him. We’re going to get along famously. Folks, I am getting my Law degree from the University of Ottawa in a year, I have job offers from Law firms in Toronto and I’ve got myself a good-looking, educated and hard-working Black man who loves me. Yep, I’ve got it all. Don’t hate!

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