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A Bachelor’s Night to Remember

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At this point of the night, I barely felt the tequila as it sloshed past my lips and into the back of my throat. In my inebriated state, I felt on top of the world, invincible. My friends had made sure I was the king of the night with surprises like upgrading my Vegas hotel room to a suite a few floors up, renting a limo for dinner and stashing LED shot glasses around the room.

Oh, and the strippers. The two beautiful , buxom, bodacious strippers that showed up in skintight, strapless dresses and super heels.

I giggled. Not just any shoes, super stripper heels.

A thought popped into my head as I turned around to face Jeremy and ask, “Jeremy, hey, hey, do you think I could walk…”

Jeremy had been face deep in some titties but when I said his name, he popped his head up with a stupid grin on his face. He interrupted me by shouting, “I have a surprise for you!”

“Another one?”

I could see the other guys watching us, little smirks on their faces, and wondered what else Jeremy could possibly have up his sleeves.

Excited, Jeremy got up from the couch and enthusiastically grabbed my arm, pulling me into the bedroom, saying, “Yyess! It’s only supposed to be once in a lifetime that your best friend gets hitched, which means I only have this one shot at the best bachelor party a best friend can give. So I’m giving you something I know Clarissa will never give in to. Look, look look!”

Jeremy pointed to the bed but in my dazed mind, I didn’t see anything there.

By the time I looked back at Jeremy, he was gone from his spot and sneaking out of the room. Candy was standing a few feet from the door. She had pulled her strapless dress back up over her nipples, but I couldn’t stop my gaze from roving over her hourglass figure. She took a step toward me and stood for a moment with one foot in front of the other, the stance accentuating the curve of her hips.

I swallowed, unsure of any protocols or proper etiquette for when one was alone in a bedroom with a stripper.

She smiled at me and purred in a soft accent, “It seems you get me all to yourself. You don’t have to worry. I will take good care of you.”

She closed the distance between us and I was momentarily lost in the smell of her perfume and the sight of her breasts as she stopped centimeters away from me. Looking down into the dark bahis firmaları crevice between her two beautiful titties, I barely noticed as she undid the top button of my pants. I heard the zipper as she pulled it down and the sound snapped me back into a hazy reality.

Apparently, I wasn’t in here to get just a private showing and I suddenly wanted to know what exactly Jeremy had set me up for.

My fiancée Clarissa was in my head so I opened my mouth to say something, anything, but I wasn’t sure what to say. I stood in silence as she looked up at me with soft, reassuring eyes, a slight smile in them. She put her finger to my open lips and said, “You know, I really don’t do this. But you, you are very handsome. Your friend kept nagging on me about how nice you are, how much you deserve a good time, but it’s ultimately my decision to come in here with you.”

She traced her nail around my lower lip, down my chin, and unbuttoned the top button of my shirt. She kept speaking, “Let’s be honest, I’m paid to be in here with you. But…”

She paused and pushed me onto the bed. Clarissa was still in my head somewhere, so as she placed one knee on either side of me on the bed, I scooted back.

“I am in here with you…”

She followed me on the bed so I scooted back again.

“Because I want to do some very naughty things with you before you get sent off to your pretty little lady back home.”

She followed me again, but this time as I scooted back, I hit the headboard. I could still see down into the dark crevice of her breasts as she climbed on top of me and sat in my lap with a knee on either side of me. Facing me, she undid a second button of my shirt and brought her mouth down to softly blow her warm breath down the side of my face and down my neck. The warm sensation sent a shiver of arousal down my spine and I took a deep breath to focus the last shreds of my thoughts.

Pulling her strapless dress down, she pulled my head in between her breasts. My face nuzzled in between their weight and her soft skin pressed against my nose and cheeks. She had a scented glitter lotion on her skin and as the scent infiltrated my nostrils and relaxed the tension I had been holding in my muscles, I gave over to her.

Her hands were braced on the headboard and, pressing her titties into my face, I could feel her start kaçak iddaa a slow circular motion with her hips against my groin. She leaned in and whispered, her lips brushing against my ear, “Can we take off your pants now?”

Skimming her lips down my body, I felt a growing arousal as her mouth slowly inched closer to my cock. Grasping the tops of my jeans and pulling them off for me, she knelt on her knees and worked her way up my chest, unbuttoning my shirt as she went along. As each button popped open, freeing my bare skin, she applied light, feathery kisses up my chest.

Straddling me, she rocked her hips around in a circle against my groin until she felt what she had been working for. Pulling my head back into her breasts, she used her waist to roll herself against my erection. She was in complete charge of my body. My face was happily enveloped by breasts and her manipulation of my erection while she straddled my body eased my mind into giving her total control.

Sensing my acceptance, she turned around over me and straightened her legs, bending over with her ass in my face. She jiggled her ass cheeks, showing off as she flexed one cheek, then the other, letting one drop and jiggle at a time. She giggled and instructed, “Pull my thong down.”

I reached my hand up but she slapped at it, saying, “No, with your mouth.”

She scooted closer to my face. I licked my lips and leaned forward, biting the strap around her hip and pulling at it with my teeth. My mouth skimmed over the smooth skin of her ass cheek as I dragged the strap down. Switching to the other hip to pull down the strap on the other side, I purposely let my lips slide over her skin, enjoying her scent. I pulled down the other side and paused as my nose passed over her now exposed pussy. I let the panties drop down her legs as I pressed my mouth against the inside of her thigh. She giggled again and jiggled her ass cheeks against my face.

Reaching down, she slid her hand over the length of my dick. I let out a heavy breath at the contact as she expertly slid her hand up and down. I leaned back against the headboard, my hand knocking against something next to me.

Lube. Jeremy had left a bottle of lubricant on the bed.

She turned back around to face me and took the bottle of lube. Her hand, now slippery with lube, slid over my dick with kaçak bahis ease. Straddling me, she held my dick in her hand and slowly sat all the way down.

She paused for a moment to monitor me. She felt tight, tighter than I was used to. Slowly, my expression lightened and turned a little surprised as I realized I was in her ass.

This was clearly the look she had been waiting for. Now that my expression showed I understood, she started to move up and down. Inside, my dick felt pressure all around as her ass seemed to hold my whole length and clamp onto me. The combined sensation of the soft inside and the extra tightness around me was a new level of ecstasy I had never felt with my fiancée.

So lost was I in the new sensation I didn’t realize I had my eyes closed until I opened them. She had her hands cupping her breasts but I felt the need to hold those for her. I rubbed my finger over her nipples. She leaned forward and I sucked one into my mouth. Once again, I was completely helpless to everything she could give me. Her titties were back in my face, her nipple was happily settled in my mouth, and the pulsing in her ass as she rocked back and forth on my dick was a sensation that had robbed me of all other thought.

She moved off of me and I immediately felt the loss of her contact. Getting up to stay close to her, I followed on the bed as she moved over on all fours, doggy-style.

Sliding back in to her ass, she relaxed her elbows and rested her cheek against the blanket. A spent some time reveling in the taut, restricted feeling again as I pushed past her tight muscles. As I picked up momentum, I realized I was now in control. Something about being behind her, in her ass, snapped a primal part of me as my one and only thought shoved its way to the forefront of my mind: Fuck her!

She had her eyes closed and was sucking on her finger but as I picked up the intensity of my movements, she took out her finger, scrunched her brows and moaned out loud as I thrust into her.

I felt a pressure start to build inside me and as I thrust into her, it slowly grew until I knew I couldn’t hold it off anymore. Pulling out, she understood I was close to a climax so she turned around and pumped my cock in her fist.

Holding it close to her face, the pressure built and released as my orgasm pulsed through me and I tried to watch as I sent my load onto her smooth cheek, onto her forehead and dripping down her full lips onto her chin.

Collapsing back down onto the bed, I closed my eyes for some very satisfying after-sex sleep.

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