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1st Time I had sex! – True Story

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1st Time I had sex! – True StoryI thought I would give another story for everyone. It’s kinda a short story but I enjoyed every minute of it. Once again, THIS IS TRUE! I love reading true encounters and I love telling you about mine…My high school sweetheart and I came back from a party at her friends house. Since there was some alcohol at the party she decided to partake in a beverage or two. As we entered her house she stops me and starts stroking me in the foyer. Mind you, it’s around 11:30pm – her curfew – and usually her parents kinda keep a keen ear to her coming home. So I am nervous because all her parents had to do was walk quietly down the stairs to find thier baby girl with her hands down the pants of her boyfriend. After letting her do her thing for a lil bit, I got us some waters and we proceeded to the basement as usual. When we got to the basement, I asked if she was a little bit or alot drunk and she said she was tipsy. It didn’t matter to me, I was sober since I drove. As I turned on the t.v. I felt her hand slide around my waist again to find it’s way to my cock. I turned and mentioned I got to get her wasted more often if she is gonna be this frisky. She laughed and then ordered me to take my pants off. I slide my pants and grandbetting yeni giriş underwear off and sat on the couch. She then got on her knees and gave me a world traveled blowjob. I don’t know if the alcohol made her try more or open her throat more or fuel her tongue, but it was awesome. At this point in our relationship, we had been together for 2.5 years in high school. All we had ever done was Bj’s and Hj’s and me eating her juicy wet pussy. It was always shaven since she swam. Anyways, I am enjoying the view when I hear a sound. Just like a movie we looked up and found her little b*o standing at the bottom of the steps. We are frozen. He is frozen. He then justs turns around and goes upstairs quietly and never to be heard from again. So there I am with my glory all shrunken in her hand. I felt horrible and so did she… for a moment and then the alcohol kicked in and she could care less. She asked me how I could get hard again. I thought since she was a more eager than usual I would ask her to dry hump me. She looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said tat was a fantastic idea. So here I am bottomless, laying on the carpet and she pulls her pants off and straddles my hips. I am soft but very steadily grandbetting giriş getting harder. She laughs at me and told me that was too easy to get me hard. What can I say? I am a high schooler with a chick who just sat on my cock with a little string of silk between us! So I started to rock her back and let her grind my cock. As she gets into it I keep doing that porn thing where you spread the girls ass cheeks and it lets the underwear slide right into the valley. At this moment I realized my cock is rubbing up against her bare wet pussy. My cock couldnt go in because of the g-string but she was doing a pussy slide on me. I start to grind harder and faster and she starts to make the signs of her cumming. I keep it up for all its worth and she finally cums and shudders on me. I can feel how wet she is on my cock. I am suprised that I haven’t cum yet with her pussy lips wrapping themselves around my throbbing cock. She was if I want to cum, of fucking course. She told me, that was the best that she has ever cum before and she needs to have my cum. So I let her suck my dick for a good while when I got a thought. I asked if she would get on all fours so I can pretend I am fucking her like she did me. She obliged and grandbetting güvenilirmi ( with the g-string still on ) tells me to push my dickhead into her. She didn’t want the whole thing. She thought the tip would keep her virgin. So I jam my tip into her hole with the panty over my head and thrust in again and again. She was getting into it so much that at one point she looks back at me and stares into my eyes and pushes back harder and harder. I am about to lose it when my cock from the force of her pushing and me thrusting, slipped off the panty and right into her pussy. We both stopped, suprised and addicted to the sensation that we stared at eachother for a moment as my dick is completely drenched inside her pussy. I asked if she wanted it and she figured might as well since its in. Needless to say, between the dampness, my prolong erection, and being the first time getting some, I did not last long. Ha ha. I came so fast that I squirted a lil inside as I was pulling out. She was horny that she turned around and slurped up my cock right there. After a minute or two, I was rock hard from her sucking again (always a quick turn around when you are younger) and we fucked again. This time I lasted more than 5 minutes and when I was ready to blow, she would whip her head to my cock and drink my cum. I will never forget that night. It was very special (I know, sappy son of a bitch moment) but it was my first and it was so cool at the time. Thanks for reading and remember, sometimes the TRUTH is better than fiction. Until next time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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345 thoughts on “1st Time I had sex! – True Story

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