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178 Spring service

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178 Spring service178 Spring service.It was a sunny summer Sunday afternoon, warm sultry with a threat of a storm, Spring lay on her bed looking at her favourite scene from her open window up here on the hill-side, below her was a scene she never tired of, the whole of the Romney marsh made famous by the infamous Dr Syn. She could see looking out over the marshland, the tiny but distant pair of lighthouses at Dungeness, near 20 miles away at the tip of the shingle spit, dwarfed now by the great solid block of the disused power station, now mothballed. Church spires marked out a host of towns and villages, Lydd, New-Romney, Burmarsh, and Dymchurch with its golden sands so beloved of the c***dren, the sea, flat calm today, sparkling in the sunlight, a train on the miniature railway glittering as it caught the sun on its way to Hythe as the tiny trains have done since the1920`s. She knew her client, ‘John’ would be here in a while, every first Sunday, he left his home at precisely the same time. His little car, an old morris traveller, kept in show condition, buzzing along the Kentish lanes past the old, World War airfield of Lympne, and up to her to her home, this old cottage, perched on these grassy cliffs, high above the marsh, the military canal and the longest miniature railway in the country, not remote, but detached enough for privacy, and restored enough for comfort.Each month he would appear, a man in his 30`s now, tall, bearded, prematurely white haired, with a deceptive boyish grin, and his inherited bag of whip`s, canes, crops and clamps. He had been her chastiser for half a year now, she looked forward to his visits, not only for the money, though that was the icing on the cake, but as she had always secretly loved the feeling of being used, she knew he wanted to try bondage, but only knowing him for six visits she always was wary of bondage on a 1 to 1 basis .Visitor`s to her cottage were fewer nowadays, most of her lovers had married, got old, become past it, or had simply died, she admitted to being 50 herself but her real age was over 65! In her prime she had had a flat in London`s west end, a different paying lover in her bed most nights and a life of high living. Until one night realising the goodtime was coming near to a close, realising her age was going against her and that her `blonde babe’ looks were fading a little, coupled with the inflated cost of living in the capital she had realised it was becoming time to quietly go, knowing instinctively that it would be retirement while she still could or work on and eventually become a street walker like a lot of her contemporaries. So, while the finance was still easy to obtain, she had bought this little cottage some years ago now, for her old mother, and as her occasional bolt hole and as her nest-egg. Her mother had died 2 years ago, So, she had sold up, moved to this, her tiny haven of peace. Though retired as such, she kept her hand in still, by having kept the odd few `special` clients, and taking on a few new ones, such as the one she knew was soon to arrive, though He was the only one she now had that used her as his victim, she had spread his visits out, her body needing more time as it took longer nowadays to recover, though she still loved her work and enjoyed all her visitors. Of the others there was `the colonel’, a military man who had lost his wife two years ago, he would ring, and arrange a time, travel from his home, easily 40 miles away up near Guildford, for him she would leave the door open at the appointed time d**** herself semi-naked over the old kitchen table end, and he would just walk in, use her with hard but straight sex where she lay awaiting him, before once satisfied, without a word spoken, he would silently leave on the sideboard his ready written cheque and drive away! The cheques had always been honoured, and generous, and they only spoke on the telephone There was also `Pedro’, the millionaire Mexican, who would collect her in his limozine take her out, wine and dine her at a nice restaurant, fetch her home usually in the early hours then tenderly make love to her out on the hard fixed benches, in the old log summer house in her garden never once setting foot indoors, , at his Insistence they had to use the leaky old ivy clad summer sun house both naked, in the draughty old open fronted shelter regardless of the weather even in a snow-storm or a howling gale,! And then of course there was Kenny, her beloved big black Kenny, who she knew would have married her if she so much as snapped her fingers, time and again he had asked her, regardless of her sex life. but each time she had refused. His gambling was not for her, she had worked just too hard over the years to lose this all on some horse, or cards or the turn of a dice. His huge penis though, she was deeply in love with, he was the only one of her clients who really could satisfy her fully in straight vanilla sex, and he always had to come and celebrate a win with her, splashing his money about like water, luckily for her, he won quite frequently, but he also lost big time as well.Today though, it was John, solid, reliable, sadistic, a local chap John, who lives with his mother in Folkestone and lies with her too as a lover regardless of her age or the i****t! He has a thing about using Spring as a stand-in, for his mother who, he yearns to chastise, although mother has always refused his pleas to at least spank her and would say to his earnest begging; that she would have him as her lover and that was all! It was she who instead would give him the money to pay for using Spring`s body for bondage, and `gentle’ pain, sending him here with her blessing. John had met her at a dance in the lease cliff hall, and after finding she “did a turn” he had become her client.She had recently met his mother for the first time, it was a chance meeting just two months ago, John, his mother and Spring during a shopping trip to Folkestone, her nearest town. John had introduced his mother as “Madelaine,” still an imposing woman, though in her 70`s a tall thin woman, with glasses and an upright stance, still good looking and sandy haired. To Springs surprise she had been invited at Madelaine`s suggestion, to have a coffee, and the woman who very obviously wanting to talk to her alone, sent John to fetch something from another shop. Madelaine explained that “her son was her lover”, something Spring already knew, but didn’t let on about knowing. She explained that her husband had been an out and out sadist, and he had tried it on with a lady from the town without her OK and in a Dover shopping mall! Hubby had now been in a mental hospital this last fifteen years, classed as unstable and she had taken her son, who looked the image of the father, as her lover shortly after his father`s committal.She was an impressive and realistic woman, not mincing her words, not speaking samsun escort down to Spring, as some would with an escort or a whore, respecting the fact Spring supplied a service that she herself would not, or could not supply, for whatever reason. She explained that “she couldn’t bring herself to be used in what she termed, “that way” again, until she was mentally sure and had told ‘the boy’ everything, despite in some ways missing the old times and the joy of being used that she had come to revel in. That was why in reality she was happy to pay Spring for her services, though it had meant her losing out, but still craving some of the action. She worried that her son would not be able to resist the temptation to go down the same route as his father and over-do the pain. She said that “I have long wanted to explain it all to John, but on my own I find it a trial, and I am terrified of allowing him to try bondage when there`s just me and him until I knew he could control the tendencies, as I would be unable to stop him.”Most folk would have had difficulty with the whole concept and would not have understood her fears, but Spring instantly did, she herself had ‘enjoyed’ the joys of being used by a very dominant master and had badly missed his sadistic but ‘without permanent marking’ type games. When her masterful punter had been taken ill and subsequently died it had been a very real wrench. It was a mental need, but the gap could only be filled she knew, by the right man the perfect master. John, filled just a little of that void for Spring, but she still could not let him totally loose even as she had with her old lover. She also knew that to talk would help the poor woman, clear the decks and help John understand. But with a third person present, well…Spring, had offered Madelaine the chance to come and visit her home, the next time she sent her son to “visit” saying “she could explain it all, play an active part, or be the one used, with her to make sure she wasn’t overly misused if she so wanted, alternately she could always watch if that was her wish or, while she and John were “getting rid of his angst” go and sit out in the garden or the conservatory if she found it all too much, but, if she did she must promise not to take John away, as she too, needed to feel used sometimes!” John then reappeared, finding, to his deep relief the two women laughing together, Madelaine thanking her new friend and saying; “she would perhaps love to visit, if you are not going to be embarrassed by her presence,” and that “she would enjoy it she was sure but would think it over seriously.” they parted as friends fully understanding one another.A blue bottle buzzed around the bedroom, waking her from her thoughts, then departed through the open window, she glanced at the clock he would be here in a few moments, she rose straightened the big bed, checked herself in the big mirrored wardrobe and set off down the stairs, she put on the kettle and sat at the solid old table to await the arrival. Soon the little pale blue car pulled into her front yard, she heard the door close and then the second, she knew then that Madelaine had decided to join him. She opened the back door, and with her free hand collected another mug from under the cupboard, where it was hung.There were the usual greetings, then soon coffee in hand they went and sat in the garden to chat over the drink. They chatted for a while, Spring, coaxing her guest`s by asking questions now that Johns mother was opening the mental door so to speak. John too soon got the idea, she never having told him a single thing over the years he realised his mother was opening whatever closed doors she had, asking questions the ultimate and biggest being about what, his father had been like at home to live with? Madelaine now started being quite forthcoming, with this second neutral woman being present life was becoming easier. The jist was that his dad had been a fine normal man when they first met, it started small, a little rough play, before they were wed, nothing that would lead her to not marry what had seemed a loving and patient husband to be, after the wedding subtly the attitude changed, first it was the usual games, a little light bondage, that sort of dominance, then came pregnancy, after which he became steadily more hard to please, one of his tricks was hanging weights from her, having her breasts and sex-lips pierced, and rings inserted so it was easier to hang the weight, pee games, a favourite was hanging a small bucket from her sex lips so the weight got progressively heavier if she relieved herself, during long hours of bondage, then there was riding a wooden horse, hot wax, nettles the whole gambit, each weekend, when his mother had the his son and there was just the two of them, he slowly got worse, always finding another game to play, each just a bit more bizarre. After a year or two he joined a club, but even that was not enough, he, suspecting her of cheating, which she was not, placing her in the painful bondage and bucket game where he would leave her stood tied while he went out to visit the club, sometimes for an entire day. On one occasion for 36 hours she stood bound while he went to find some lady at the club, explaining to Madelaine on his return how he had abused the poor woman, before finally having sex with her before he let her loose.By now John was muttering about his dad being over the top, and Spring no novice in the pain scene herself was wincing at the last sentence, sadly there was more, and Madelaine took a deep breath then as she started on the next revelation, she said that she put up with the situation slowly getting more hard to bear, at first it had been fun, then bearable but by the time John was 14 things had got to near breaking point, her breasts by now were able to support about a couple of pounds, her sex lips now had a set of eyelets in each lip, which he would padlock together before he went from the house, her back had some scarring and she had been frightened to go to his bed at night. Apparently, he didn’t care that much what happened and he had forced her to use a broom pole as a didoe which with his sadistic help, had caused such damage that she had been forced to have a hysterectomy, That, to him was perfect though he hated the time it took for her to heal. With her now unable to breed it was then he turned his attention to sharing her with his friends and later with some of his club women, usually in bondage as he was afraid she would enjoy it otherwise! Tears began to form as she explained that she had been shared with ten men in one gang bang, later in the same month, pulling a train of five till she blacked out and he had also begun making her turn tricks with his drinking cronies, to keep him in beer money. She turned to John, saying “It all changed just after christmas, siirt escort when you were 15 ½ John, he was in a shopping mall in Dover, and very drunk, he grabbed a lady in full daylight, dragged her into a loading bay, and subjected her to just some of his tricks. Sadly, for him, she had a sister who was an off-duty police woman and who missing the woman began searching for her, calling in her colleagues for help, so he was soon captured and quickly sectioned, luckily the woman survived, but it was sheer luck. Since then he has been a registered patient at a mental institution and we have been free.”The pair sat spellbound, John, asking “he had known a little of that bit of the story but, why she hadn’t just left him?” Her reply that “he would have turned on you if I had, he was always threatening you and I couldn’t let that happen.” That stunned them both, . Madelaine turned to John and asked; “if, now he understood why he had never been allowed to have more than strictly vanilla sex, since they had been lovers?” He through damp eye`s, nodded and kissed her. “Can that change now?” he asked assuring her that “he was not like father”. And she smiled, “perhaps, but it will all depend on you John and our friend Spring here. Let`s just wait and see! ”Spring fetched more coffee, and they sat, a little stunned perhaps, silently absorbing the revelations. The sun lay hot, the weather heavy and oppressive, Distant thunder and a wall of rain now in the distance, advancing across the open marshland, so forewarned they took their coffee and the cushions indoors.Together they sat in the stuffy conservatory, watching the advancing storm approaching, each wrapped in their own thoughts, the sky darkened, lightening flashed, thunder cracked and the rain began to stream down the glazed panels. John picked up the binoculars, to watch the last train of the day from Hythe on its journey, picking its way across the wet marshland, the sun following the clouds and highlighting the tiny train, he was a train buff, just by the colour of the locomotive he told them the locomotives name and number, they laughed at his knowledge as the last of the rain passed.The rain soon stopped completely, the storm had past, the air cooler now, the sun returning, warming the ground, steam rising from wet grass on the lawn and his mind returned to the job in hand; he turned to the two women, “This is not what I came for, Spring, I have had a desire to cane you all week, but I`ve wanted to cane my mother for so very much longer, what should I do, I don’t want ignore either of you, but I do want to enjoy myself and not frighten off my beautiful mother, though I know she would enjoy being used , once we can overcome her understandable fears.”She replied in a near whisper, that she,” had wished to enjoy both bondage and being a little used once more,” but she was fearful and” perhaps it was a possibility, to start gently, to build up over the visits and if it was his wish and he could perhaps convince her to give herself to him if the lovely Spring was to demonstrate first”. Spring smiled, then explained that “she had never tried bondage with John, it takes a lot of trust and if Madelaine would be present, she would be more than happy to try it!”John, 0n hearing that, began to grin, exclaiming; “Wonderful, we will explore the game together!”They were soon up in Springs spare bedroom, Madelaine still dressed sat on a chair near the window, John, naked to the waist, and Spring, in her silky cream underclothes, awaiting his instructions. However, John, now he had her permission to tie her, seemed at a loss as to how to begin. Spring pulled from the wardrobe a box of cuffs, ropes, gags, straps and the like saying; “here see what you can find to use in this!” she then sat on the bed leaving him to select some items, and casually slipped her bra straps from her shoulders, knowing that once secure straps can cause problems.He selected a set of cuffs, black leather and at one time well used, he attached them round her proffered wrists, then with her lifting each foot, he tenderly placed one round each ankle, he seemed a little bemused, amazed at her compliance, however knowing he was dragging his feet her patience suddenly snapped, “look in the past you’ve strapped my arse, you’ve had me over the table end, and you have played with my tits, you have me at your mercy, you want to bind me and use cane and whip, so get on with it if you want me and your mother this afternoon or we will women will enjoy one another and you can wait downstairs till we have finished!” he gulped and apologised, then galvanised to action, he laced a thin rope to each ‘D’ ring and after gently removing her knickers and bra, , he had her lay face down on the soft mattress, making her lift her hips for a pillow. It took little time securing her to the four bed posts and standing back to savour his total control of his target.He collected from his bag his dads old crop, showed her the implement and asked; “how many?”Spring was not amused, still annoyed at his reticence, snapping “You’re the bloody master, grow some, it`s up to you!”He grinned, and said, “NO, Silly, I was asking how many you had had in one go before, I don’t want to overdo it but I do want to enjoy it, and I want desperately to hear your noise, not knowing your threshold it could be difficult, it being our first time…!”She apologised then explained that “her old master had given her about a dozen, strokes, but he then used the cane and a strap as well so it was hard to answer” Madelaine, cut in that “perhaps a dozen would suffice this first time, and perhaps another ten for me later, but did he think to ask Spring if she wanted a gag, or was she comfortable, No, so she perhaps would take a strap to him later herself!” to which he smiled and answered to Springs surprise “yes mummy.”, “now get on and give the nice lady whatever it is you think she deserves, and we will talk about this later John.” Again, the contrite “yes mummy!” and without hesitation catching Spring unawares, the crop flew swiftly through the air and landed with a smack across the naked pale flesh of her backside, leaving a single red line. Her body instantly lifted, her back arched and she let out a sharp `OOH,’ he waited, for her to thank him, which at Madelaine`s prompt she did. “One thank-you Sir” she intoned, the second followed, this time with her not being prompted she replied and by the sixth her arse looked much pinker, her groans louder, and tears were in the offing, and whether she liked it or not, her sex was beginning to enjoy the process, and she was holding off her replies to allow her the opportunity of collecting herself before the next stroke was triggered.Whack he had shifted his aim so this stroke landed diagonally across the other stripes, again the sound, more of a scream now than a groan, then a wait, escort bayan “Seven Sir, thank you!” the next stroke instantly landed, splat and the scream, louder now, came the echoing sound. Unknown to her the pattern was neat, orderly and precise, to her it was just red-hot pain and she knew there was four more yet to come.” Eight…Sir…” then there was a pause, “Thank you sir “The next struck instantly, again the whole pantomime the stressed body the scream and accompanied by, “nine sir, and a sob,… thank you sir” she was obviously trying to speed things up, get the whole business over, thwack, the next arrived, her back arched, hips raised as much as she could strapped as she was, her scream was more, and she climaxed hugely, though she gabbled the usual words and waited, hopeful of the next lash extending the fantastic high she was experiencing Madelaine however stopped the proceedings, making him wait, telling him that he needed to take his time, knowing the fantastic effect it was having on the secured woman in front of her. The tenth and eleventh strokes were at Madelaine`s timing, long seconds between each, Spring finding each a trial, her emotions in a real turmoil, and though she managed to thank him, and not howl excessively, it was fantastic a high she couldn’t explain. The last hit John laid on lighter than the others, he had at last seen her face and could see the spots of blood where each of the stripes he knew he had administered crossed each other. Till now he had been on auto pilot, just as Spring had perhaps anticipated and Madelaine had feared, though she noted his easing of power and felt confident now, that he was in full control of himself…Spring was soon untied and stood without sitting, swinging her legs over-side, by swivelling on her tummy and pushing herself up fearful of marking the cover perhaps. In the wardrobe mirror she craned to see the 12 neat lines almost glowing on her warm pink backside. She had a strange feeling of pride. As she stood, John removed the cuffs from her ankles, She, was so distracted she hardly noticed, then catching either arm in his big hand`s and thanking her he removed the cuffs from her wrists throwing them on the bed. From her bag Madelaine produced a spray and cooled the hot area of her compatriot`s butt, it instantly eased the pain.Madelaine kissed her son and asked, “if he had enjoyed that?” which he said he had, in fact “the surge of power had had him filling his trousers with his seed more than anything over the last few years!” Chuckling she asked him “if he had had enough!” He grinned saying” it was entirely up to her, if she wanted some he would be happy to oblige her as he had wanted to do so for many years now but he didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t wish to do!” It was the right answer, she began to smile, “alright” she said “I do miss the feeling of being used, and to be honest I have looked forward to an orgasm in that way all week. But You must be guided by Spring, she understands my needs!” He nodded, and she went on “before you do though it`s our turn, we will give you just one stroke each so you have an idea what it`s like do you agree? He reluctantly nodded, then without a word, he dropped his sticky trousers and bent forward over the side of the bed, Madelaine took the crop and gave him a single but full-bodied swipe, which effected-him to the point of a grunt of pain. She passed the crop to Spring who told him to “thank his mother then, you made us thank you”, both women sharing a smile as he struggled with the words “thank you mum.” Immediately the second swipe arrived, with a resounding TWAK, his body jumped as the stroke stuck, and he gasped, desperately trying to be manly, then steadied himself gasping, “thank you miss Spring.” He replaced his trousers, while Madelaine removed her frock and tights, she stood now in a thin pale pink shift. She turned to Spring explaining that; “in all the time she had been with her John, she had always either if it had been in the dark never allowed light, or if it had been day-light had sex without ever undressing, so this would be the first time that John had ever been able to examine her body in all this time. She turned to her son and slid the shift slowly up over her head, her pink silky knicker came in view, then the belly taught and smooth, before finally braless, the pierced nipples, small silver rings glinting in the light, multiple scars across the top side of each sagging breast. The shift came off with a flourish off it flew, to land gently like a leaf from a tree in autumn on the floor. Conscious of their intense interest, she turned her back, partly to hide her blushes not having been the centre of attention like this in many a long year, the move revealing a terrible pattern of criss-cross livid ruts, not scars, they were way beyond that, about a dozen deep furrows came into view, Spring thinking to herself, that it was no wonder this poor woman had not wanted her son to see her ravaged body.Slowly the soft pink panties slid from her, the two onlookers’ eyes, fixed on the once pert rump, scar stipes, still marked the soft cheeks of her buttocks, visible 10 long years since they had been placed on her, they must have been horrendous when they were fresh, the leg backs too marked, her body by any standards a wreck. Madelaine ignored their looks and collected the cuffs from the bed, slowly and very deliberately she placed them around her own wrists, then deliberately took the place Spring had so recently vacated and they knew it was time.She whispered in a voice that knew exactly what it was offering; “secure me please and just ten. Then she buried her face into the mattress and awaited their swift but reluctant fingers to secure her. It was soon done. The old scarred body awaited the inevitable strokes. John with tears in his eyes, began at the top of her legs, perhaps a lot softer than he had used on spring, but his mentor quickly told him with a shake of her head, “she wants it hard and she won`t thank you for sparing her.” He reluctantly began again, 9 more hard strokes, one after another, not waiting for thanks and with only a second between each. From under her head there came sounds, not of pain, but the joyous sounds of a climax, and they knew it was a final mental release, a door in the rest of her life opening, she was being liberated, set free.The job over John stepped back, Springs willing hands released the older woman, and she rose un effected by his hard ministrations, to what she had endured at his father`s hands it was but a flee-bite. She smiled, rolled over to lay on her back and called him to her, he dropped his trousers once more and mounted this wonderful woman, her hand reached out to Spring, a token of her thanks just a simple hold of her hand that meant so much. The ride was short and intense, and soon over, his seed filling her, knowing she was his now and forever, trust in his ability to control himself had been totally established, and never again would there be secrets between them. Spring smiled, she had supplied her service, worked her magic, and she was happy in the knowledge they would be back.

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